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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 6 (Ch 2)

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Aaesha: Since I lied that it was a sports event, I was in my sports t-shirt, track and a button-type Hijab over that. I could feel my boobs crushing on his chest. Sometimes, I felt it was just a hug and I had d known him longer and shared more with him than Ali. So what harm could one hug do? And I didn’t move away.

Aaesha: But I was getting aroused from his tight hug. I closed my eyes started to breathe hard and he took that as a green signal. He slowly held my cheeks and rubbed his thumb finger on my lips and slowly placed his lips on my lips. That was my first kiss as well!

Aaesha: For some time, I didn’t react. But after that, my burning desire took over me and I started to open my lips, kissing him back. I put my arms around his neck and he lifted me and kissed me and sucked my lips. We both didn’t care if others might see and we became the couple whom we used to spy on before.

Aaesha: We stopped only when we couldn’t breathe. And he let me down and we were standing silently. Then we both looked at each other again and both equally caught hold of each other’s faces and started kissing again passionately. We kissed for almost 5 minutes without breaking it and licking each other’s tongues. Then we broke the kiss and stood silently.

Aaesha: He then held my hip and started walking me to a bench, which was hidden behind a bush and made me sit on his lap. I sat on his lap with my head down. Then he lifted my head and started talking.

College guy: I always liked you, Aaesha. But I couldn’t gather the courage to tell that to you. I thought I had time to say that. But suddenly, when you told me that you got committed, I lost it. I am sorry, baby. I missed you so much.

Aaesha: And he hugged me tighter. I felt so bad and in the mood, I hugged him back. He then moved my veil over my head, started to kiss my neck and bit my earlobes. I then realised that he was starting to do exactly what he had narrated to me before, during our late night chats.

Aaesha: Since I got to know about sex only through him, I knew what all he was going to do. I was allowing him to do it to me.

Raj (stopped drinking her milk and asked): Wow! Such a romantic story. Then why didn’t you break up with Ali and get into a relationship with this guy?

Aaesha: Even I thought of it. But if I had, then you wouldn’t be here sucking my boobs and fucking me.

And she winked at me.

Raj: I am so glad that you didn’t break up with Ali. Continue, baby.

And I started sucking her next boob.

Aaesha: He then removed the veil, put it on the bench and started to kiss all over my face. I was so turned on. I hugged him tighter and loved my boobs crunching on his chest. He suddenly put his hand on my breast and started to press it.

Aaesha: I started to get wet and he slowly started to remove the buttons of my hijab. 2-3 buttons down, he got access to my t-shirt. He pressed my boob over that. Before I could realise, his hand was inside my t-shirt. He started caressing my tummy and it felt heavenly.

Raj: Like this?

And I started to run my hands through her tummy.

Aaesha: Ahhhh..Yes baby, your touch is the best.

And she continued

Aaesha: Then he slowly moved up and started to press my boobs over my bra. I was burning inside. He slowly moved my bra, took one boob out and started to pinch my nipple. All that was happening while we were still kissing. And I couldn’t stop him.

Aaesha: Slowly, he left my lips. But I was so in the mood that I put my head on his shoulder and was breathing heavily. Then he slowly moved me and started to suck my nipple and started to eat my boob. I started to moan not thinking about my surroundings!

Aaesha: He put his hands behind me, undid my bra and let me free of my bra.

College guy: They are amazing, Aaesha. I can’t believe I missed these beauties this long.

Aaesha: And he started to suck one and press the other one. Then I lifted myself to accommodate his sucking. I even pressed my boobs and pouted for him to suck nicely. He licked both of them one by one and pressed them.

Aaesha: He was also in his t-shirt and tracks. Suddenly, he took my hand and put it on his dick. It was hard and I was shocked. But he did that while sucking my boob, so in the mood, I started to press it over his tracks.

Aaesha: Then slowly he moved his track and revealed his dick. I touched his bare dick and he let out a gasp. He guided my hand slowly up and down. It was the first cock I’ve seen in my life in real, let alone touch one. He started to groan slightly and started to move his hips up and down.

Aaesha: I started doing it faster. He suddenly made me sit on the bench and stood before me. I was shocked to see it hard. Then he asked me to kiss him there. Since he had told me everything he’d make his girlfriend do, I had a fair idea about what to do next. I slowly held his dick and planted a kiss on his cock.

Aaesha: It was oozing with precum. Suddenly, I licked the wet part and slowly started kissing it again and again. Then he started to move his hip and I was slowly stroking it and kissing it. He was looking around to see if anyone is coming. He then moved my hands to his balls and I started to fondle. He started to moan a bit more and moved his hip faster.

Aaesha: It suddenly hit my lips and went inside a little bit and touched my tongue. I kind of liked the taste and the next time, I gave a small lick to his tip. The smell was good and I was in my trance, so started to lick it again and again.

Aaesha: He held my cheeks and slowly moved his dick into my mouth. I was looking at his eyes while he pushed his dick into my mouth. I was lost there. I started to fondle his balls and slowly started to suck his cock. He then closed his eyes started moaning

College guy: Aaahh Aaesha baby..You are a natural sucker, keep doing it!

Aaesha: I was doing it and suddenly, a couple came into the bush, expecting it to be empty. But they were shocked to see us and stood there. I didn’t know what to do and how to react. But my friend was holding my cheeks and was moving his hip and mouth fucking me. I didn’t want to take his dick out, so I was sucking and was looking at them silently. And they weren’t shocked.

Aaesha: It was because they had come behind that bush for the same reason. That girl was in Hijab too. But she was a little dark and the guy was well-built. They didn’t hesitate. They stood at a distance and the guy started to kiss the girl looking at me.

Raj: What did you do?

Aaesha: It was weird and hot at the moment seeing that guy in his eyes while I was sucking my friend. I couldn’t release his dick as I liked to suck it.

Raj: OMG! You we’re such a slut even in college.

Aaesha: See, I told you that you shouldn’t tease me.

Raj: When I think that was all, you give me new reasons to be shocked and surprised baby. Anyways, continue.

Aaesha: Ok. And then that guy turned his girlfriend’s back to me and started to press her ass hard. He was eating her lips not even moving his eyes from me. I felt very nasty and horny even by his look. I sucked faster, like a bitch. I got kinky and wanted to tease that guy and I sucked my friend’s cock faster.

Aaesha: I even licked his cock from the top to the bottom with the video knowledge I had gained. Then I licked his balls and made his knees weak with my sucking, looking at that guy.

Aaesha: That guy got turned on by that and pressed his gf’s boobs harder. Then suddenly, that girl let out a moan and my friend realised them just now and stopped me.

That guy casually said: You continue boss and started his work again groping his bitch.

Aaesha: Now my friend also was too in the mood to stop it. So he pushed my face into his balls standing and I started to lick his balls. Then he groaned again.

College guy: Aahhhhhh Aaesha, you’re awesome, baby..

Aaesha: Now he got full turned on and so was I. My hijab was open and my boobs were out. That guy was seeing my boobs. Then he sat on the grass behind the bush and opened that girl’s hijab. He lifted her t-shirt and started to suck and bite her boobs directly looking at me.

Aaesha: I was turned on like hell. He was licking her nipples and biting them, looking at my boobs. And my nipples now got erected. At that time, I realised I was a complete slut inside.

Aaesha: He removed that girl’s pants and kept them in her bag. Since she was in her hijab, it was easy to hide if someone comes by. Then he made her lay down on the grass and started to rub his dick on her pussy. She was moaning and begging him to fuck her.

Aaesha: He wasn’t teasing her. He was teasing me in the name of adjusting his position. He showed me his dick and then I realised, it was bigger than my friend’s dick.

Aaesha: Now he started to fuck her hard. Now my friend sat on the bench and made me stand. And before I could say anything, he pulled my track and panty down till my knees and made me squat on him in cowgirl style. He rubbed his dick on my pussy. I saw the random guy looking at my ass, licking his tongue and giving a kiss in the air. It sent a chill down my spine.

Aaesha: The random guy made her sit on all fours and started to fuck her in doggy. He was also pressing her ass and pressing her boobs from below. Both the guy and the girl were looking at me. But I was looking at the guy.

Aaesha: Since I was a virgin, it started to hurt me and I stopped my friend from entering. But I was so wet by his rubbing and the whole time, I was looking at him. I didn’t want my friend to see where I was looking. So I pressed him closer to my breast. He was sucking my boob and was rubbing his dick on my pussy. And that guy was looking at me dead in my eyes.

Aaesha: Then my friend rubbed his dick on my pussy for some time. And when he was about to cum, he asked me to get down and he leaked everything in the grass. And at the same time, that guy came in her pussy and laid on her back. Her boobs were crushed below her in the grass.

Aaesha: After cumming, he turned toward me. A single drop of cum was hanging. I pulled him by his cock and started to suck and lick it without any instruction, looking at that random guy.

Aaesha: My friend was shocked at this. Then after a few minutes, I stopped and took his dick out of my mouth. My saliva and his cum was forming a small thread from his dick to my lips.

College guy: Please wait here baby, I’ll go get the restroom and come.

Aaesha: And he left. That girl also left to clean her up. That guy was standing there with his pant to his knees and his dick hanging out looking at me. I was shamelessly looking at him and my track pant was down to my knees and my boobs were still out in the open with my nipples being hard and pointy.

Raj: OMG! it’s getting interesting.

And I put her hand in my dick. She started to rub it while continuing the story.


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