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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 6 (Ch 3)

Thank you all for your feedback. Please read the previous parts for continuity. I will try to post the following parts as soon as possible. This part will have her first exploits in detail.

This part will be a full narration from my friend’s sexy wife Aaesha about her slutiness and her exploits. So, please bear with the length and the details.

He slowly walked toward me with his dick open and he was stroking it slowly. I couldn’t move my eyes from his dick as my friend had awakened a cock hungry slut in me.

Then he stood in front of me, with his dick hanging out and I was looking at it with my head down.

Random guy: Do you like it?

I simply nodded my head.

Random guy: You want to touch it?

I turned and saw the direction in which my friend went.

Random guy: Don’t worry, I’ll look out for your boyfriend. If he comes, I’ll tell you.

Then he slowly took my hand and placed it on his dick. It started to get hard. It was bigger than my friend’s. I started slowly stroking it looking around if anybody was coming.

The stranger slowly put his hands on my cheeks and caressed them and moved his thumb finger to my lips and rubbed it slowly. He bent down held my cheeks, kissed me on my lips and I started to kiss him back.

He was well-built, so he lifted me almost naked and started to kiss me and press my bare ass so hard. His pressings were so hard that I’d have had his fingerprints imprinted on my ass. His dick was rubbing in my tummy and my thighs. Our tongues were playing and exchanging saliva.

The stranger made me sit on the bench again and placed his limp cock near my chin and started to rub it all over my face. He had cummed recently. I was already intoxicated with the smell of precum and the little bit of cum from my friend’s dick. So, this cum smell made me lose it and I held it and started to suck his cock.

The stranger started to press my boobs hard and made them red, while I was sucking his big cock. It felt better as my friend was enjoying himself but this guy was making me horny as well. And I liked his rough handling.

Soon, his cock became hard again and this time, he made me lie down on the grass and we were kissing violently. He removed my tracks and threw them away. I moved his pants even further and started to rub his dick in my pussy.

The feel of the grass on my naked ass was amazing. The stranger’s dick was bigger and I couldn’t even let my friend do it because of the pain. So I stopped him from entering. He rubbed it for some time and made me sit on all fours. He knelt in front of me and put his dick in my mouth.

I started to suck again faster while he held my hair and started to mouth-fuck me. With this, the well-built stranger guy went below me and started to finger my pussy and lick it and bite my pussy and my ass and pressed it so hard. I was twitching in pain and pleasure.

We were in 69 at an open place, where the stranger just fucked his girlfriend and my friend almost fucked me! And, on top of this, I had a boyfriend!

My world changed in a matter of hours and I was wide open in the world of lust. I couldn’t suck his cock properly, because of the pleasure I was experiencing. This was the first time when someone fingered, I or their tongue was in my pussy!

This stranger guy was amazing at licking and suddenly, he started to cum heavily even though he had just came inside his girlfriend. He didn’t care whether his girlfriend might come and see us. And I didn’t care if my friend would come and see us. We both were filled with lust and sucking each other.

Then I tried to move but he held my head and came a lot inside my mouth! It filled my mouth and I swallowed it. It was too much and it started to flow out of my mouth to his dick and thighs. I wanted it all, so I started to lick it from his dick and his thighs. And his dick started to shrink, I still didn’t release his cock.

He was amazed by my sucking skills and for the first time, he started talking –

Random guy: Even after I came, you are not letting go of my dick. You are such a slut.

He made me rinse my mouth with water. Then he brought my track pants and started to kiss me again. Suddenly, I got a call. I came to my senses and tried to pull my t-shirt down. But he didn’t let me! It was my friend.

College guy: Hey, I am near the cafeteria. Do you want something to eat or drink?

Aaesha: No, I am full (looking at the random guy’s cock).

College guy: Ok, I’m so hungry because I came so much, I’ll get something to drink and come please wait for a few minutes. Or you can come here.

I didn’t want to go and I said –

Aaesha: No, I’m tired. I’ll sit here, you come here.

College guy: Ok, then don’t leave the place or else someone might come and we can’t find another place for the rest of the day.

I was surprised that he left me at that place where a couple was fucking nearby so that no one would take that place and he still wanted to do things with me. Then I thought it was all heat of the moment stuff, but it looked kind of planned to me.

But I didn’t think much into that and left it. I was next to the stranger’s dick. Then I said –

Aaesha: Ok, I won’t leave the place (and hung up the call).

Random guy: Your boyfriend is an idiot, leaving a sexy girl like you in the open. I wish my gf sucked me as you do.

I couldn’t say that he was not my boyfriend. I was just confused with everything, so I sat silently. Still, my boobs were out and naked below. Only my hijab covered it as a nighty.

A cool breeze was going in and out of my sensitive pussy.

Aaesha (me): She don’t suck your cock?

Random guy: She doesn’t like blowjobs.

Aayesha: Oh, no.

Random guy: But you’re awesome. Your boyfriend is lucky.

And he started to kiss me. He put his hand around my shoulder and started to fondle my left breast. (I thought for a below-average girl, she was doing too much and if she wasn’t willing to suck this dick, she was such a loser.)

I’ve been killed with sexual pleasure which I’ve not experienced in my life in the last few hours. Then he called his girlfriend –

Random guy: Hey, I got a call.

And I started walking, came near the bike and kept the phone.

Aaesha: That’s rude. She just slept with you in public and you won’t even walk with her? Instead, sit here with me?

Random guy: Well, you almost fucked that guy and you didn’t go to the canteen just to sit here with me.

And he started to rub my thighs and kiss my neck and slowly inserted one finger in my pussy again. My hand automatically went to his dick and started to stroke it.

Aaesha: Hmmhhh.

Random guy: Isn’t that rude too?

Aaesha: Ahhh yesss hmm..

Random guy: Then why didn’t you go?

Aaesha: I wanted to be here.

Random guy: With me?

And he put one finger inside me and started to move it slowly inside.

Aaesha: Yes, with you.

Random guy: With me or my dick?

Aaesha: With you and your dick.

And then I turned towards him, pulled his face and started to kiss him. We were kissing passionately and the stranger was finger fucking me and made me cum again. This time, I moaned loudly and I could feel that I was being a total slut out in the open.

After that, he asked for my number and my name. I was so shocked by how one day can turn a conservative college girl into a slut. He was still sitting next to me, pressing my boobs. Then he started to suck it again hard, pressing it and even left a few love bites on my neck and my boobs.

Random guy: I wish we could leave somewhere alone.

Aesha: Deep down even I wanted that. But I can’t manage my friend.

Then he stood up, kissed me again for a few minutes and asked me to suck him goodbye and I did. I didn’t want to leave his dick. But he saw my friend was coming back from a distance and said –

Random guy: Hey, your boyfriend is coming.

Then I turned my head in that direction and was calculating the distance and how long I could suck his cock.

Random guy: Even after I told you your boyfriend is coming, you’re still sucking my cock seeing him walk toward you. Wow-what a cock hungry slut you’re baby!

He continued..

Random guy: I don’t care if he sees us. But will that be ok for you?

That was when I removed my lips with the precum flowing down my chin. I just wanted to say that he was not my boyfriend and kept sucking his dick. But after that, he might use that as leverage or my friend might see me like a bitch so I left him.

Then he adjusted his pants and spanked my ass and said –

Random guy (hugged me and said): I’ll call you baby. For your sucking skills alone, I’ll leave my cock in your mouth the entire day.

Then he pressed my cheeks and spat in my mouth and gave a small bite on my lips and left. I adjusted my dress, wore my track pant and sat silently. Then my friend came and sat next to me and started talking.

What happened next, you’ll get to know in next part!

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