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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 6 (Ch 4)

Thank you all for your feedback. Please read the previous parts for continuity. I will try to post the following parts as soon as possible.

Now, let’s start the story.

College friend: When did they leave?

Aaesha: Right after you left.

College friend: That couple was fucking right in front of us without any shame!

Aaesha (it was all fun but his question made me feel guilty and I frowned upon him): I was sucking your cock in front of them without any shame. He saw my boobs and my ass and probably even my pussy, when you tried to fuck me. So we’re just as shameless as they were.

College friend: Hey, relax baby, I’m sorry. He only hugged. And compared to him, I am much lucky.

Aaesha: Oh really? Why?

College friend: Did you see that girl? Compared to you, she is nothing.

Aaesha: Oh, really?

College friend: For that girl itself, he was fucking her like crazy. If he had a girlfriend as you, he would have made you naked completely and fucked you.

And he laughed.

Aaesha (I should feel angry for his comments but that’s what had happened): Maybe.

College friend: I like you, baby. I love you, baby. Please be with me and hug me.

After all the fucking and my hormonal peak in a single day, I hugged him and thought I should leave my boyfriend Ali since I cheated on him.

I was silently listening and he made me sit in a cowgirl position and started to rub his dick in her pussy and asked her to continue.

Aaesha: Aahhh baby… mmmmmmm…

Then Ali called me saying he will come to that college and pick me up after the classes are over.

Then I told my friend that we had to leave. My friend was disappointed but said ok. But before that, he wanted to suck my boobs one more time. Then I looked around to see if anybody was there.

I removed my hijab and pulled my t-shirt along with my bra and released both of them together. My college friend started to suck them both and press them both.

He took me again to the grass and made me lay down, in the same place where the stranger guy almost fucked me. Then he started to suck and move his dick up and down. His dick slowly started to become hard and I slowly moved my hand and put it inside his track and started to rub.

It was becoming harder than before and bigger also. I was surprised and started to stroke him. He was moving his dick up and down and kissing me wildly. We were licking each other’s tongues and were pressing my boobs harder than before. Now I understood he has a wild side too.

He was kissing me and suddenly bit my lips and I realized that I had to leave. Though I didn’t want to, I had no other option. We kissed for some more time. I stroked his cock for some time and we left.

We got onto the bus in the last seat as usual and it started to rain and became dark at around 2 pm itself. So, we closed the window and the bus wasn’t stopping anywhere. It was only a handful of people seated in front.

Then he put his arm around my shoulder and I was still in the mood.

College guy: Shall we finish what we started, baby?

Aaesha: Didn’t you cum?

College guy: No.

Then the second time we started.

Aaesha: Here?

I was looking up to see if anybody can see us.

Suddenly, my college friend turned my face and slowly kissed me, caressing my cheeks and biting my lips. He took my tongue out and started to suck it. Saliva was flowing on our cheeks. He started to press my boobs and since he had already done everything, he put his hand straight away inside my t-shirt and started to press them.

Then he looked up and found no one else was bothered about us. He made me sit on his lap and started to suck my boobs. I pressed his head on my boobs and he put his hand in my pussy.

I was unable to control my moan, so he rolled my veil and put it in my mouth. Anyways, the sound of the rain reduced my bitch moan on a moving bus. He was fingering me and he put two fingers and it went inside, he was confused.

College guy: I tried to put my dick in and it didn’t go. Now two fingers are going in, how?

It was because of that stranger guy’s finger fucking. Then I replied –

Aaesha: It might be because of the seating position and you rubbed your dick and made it bigger.

College guy: Ok, so can I fuck you now?

And I said: No.

My college friend made me lay my head on his lap and I started to suck his dick but it was not comfortable. He made me kneel on the floor and asked me to suck his dick. By the end of the day, I took a crash course in blowjobs as I have sucked two dicks and became an expert!

College guy: Ahhh baby..You have become an expert from the first time you sucked me.

And he started to fuck my mouth. Then I started to caress his balls and licked his balls and thighs and he was twitching in pleasure. He was about to cum and said that to me.

Then I removed my veil and started to shag his cock on my face, as that was the last thing he had said that he would do to his girlfriend in a zoo during our earlier chats. He smiled at me and came all over my face. I licked the cum that fell on my lips and later I took the remaining cum from my face with my finger and licked it.

He froze from what he saw. But I was not done yet. So I again took his limp cock and started to squeeze the last drop of it. Then I sat in the seat and made him kneel and opened my legs for him.

My college friend started to lick it with one finger at first and then used two fingers to fuck me. He increased the speed and went all the way inside, his fingers were bigger than his cock. Then I came and he licked my pussy and I pushed his head and guided his face to lick my thighs too.

He got up and sat next to me, we opened the window and used the rain to wash our faces. I adjusted my dress and I was so tired. I leaned on his shoulder for some time till we reach his college. Before that stop, he hugged me tighter and kissed my lips and said –

College guy: This was the best day of my life baby. I love you so much!

Aaesha (it was far better for me): Same here.

And we got down and in some time Ali came to pick me up. He dropped me and I was silent sitting with him till that. Then I told him I was tired and that’s why I look dull.

After I reached home, I went for a shower and I could see bite marks from that stranger guy. I felt like a complete slut. Then I came out of the shower and stood naked in front of the mirror and was reliving the dream that I had today.

Suddenly, I got a call, It was an unknown number. I picked it up.

Stranger guy: Hey, my cock hungry slut!

The sound of his voice made me wet instantly, as my pussy was all sealed and it functioned a lot today! It was like a flood gate open and there was no closing it.

Aaesha: Hello.

Stranger guy: What are you doing, baby?

Aaesha: Just came out of the shower.

Stranger guy: Then you must be naked. Can you send me a pic?

Then without hesitation, I sent him a picture without my face.

Stranger guy: I love this baby. But the most tempting part is that beautiful lips and that slutty face.

Aaesha: I can’t send it with my face sorry. Please don’t mistake me.

Stranger guy: You sucked my cock and we almost had sex and you’re still hesitating with me, baby?

Aaesha: It’s not that. I am scared to send pictures, I am sorry.

I lay on my bed naked.

Stranger guy: Ok baby, I won’t force you to do something which you won’t like.

Aaesha: Thank you, baby.

Stranger guy: When can we meet again?

Aaesha (I badly wanted to but I hesitated): I’m sorry, baby. I have a boyfriend and today was a mistake it happened at the moment.

Stranger guy: What loser? Left his girlfriend next to a couple fucking? Oh, please!

Aaesha: You were with your girlfriend. So, he left me.

Stranger guy: She is not my girlfriend.

Aaesha: What? Who was she?

Stranger guy: It was my neighbour, her husband doesn’t fuck her. So she seduced me into fucking and we wanted to try something new today, so we came to the zoo. But I tried something very new today.

Aaesha (I got instant wet, now I knew why he was so careless about his girlfriend returning or why he treated her like that): OMG, really?

Stranger guy: Yes, she even has a kid. Her husband is abroad and she was starving for sex. But after today I could say you were starving for sex than her. You’re a virgin slut, baby.

I slowly started to rub my pussy.

Stranger guy: I know you liked it with me better than with your boyfriend.

I didn’t say anything and I was rubbing my pussy.

Stranger guy: Yes or No?

Aaesha: Yes, I do.

Stranger guy: Give me one chance, I’ll show you, heaven baby. I’ll eat your pussy and lick your entire body.

I was getting insanely horny.

Stranger guy: You don’t even have to come to my room or anywhere close. We’ll meet at the same place today. A location of our first meeting.

I felt it was kind of romantic. But I asked him for a few days to think and he said he will wait for how many years I wanted for me.

Then I said I’ll call him when I am ready. And I disconnected the call.

After some time, my friend called me to talk about it. I just said being tired will talk to him later and slept off.

Raj: I can’t hold anymore, come lay down baby.

And started to push his dick into her.

Aaesha: Ahhhhh Raj…

Raj: You’ve always been a cock hungry slut, baby. If I had known about you, I’d have fucked you roughly.

And started to ram her pussy and she started to like it. He held her boobs and pressed them hard and milk started to drip from her nipples. Then he bit her right boob and pressed the left one.

He rammed her hard for a few minutes and came inside her again. It was almost time for Ali to come back home and for Raj to leave for his office. So he went to take a shower again and got ready for the office and left before Ali came home.

Before he left, he all dressed up. Aaesha came with just a towel tied across her body.

Raj: How can I leave if I see you like this?

Aaesha dropped the towel and stood naked in front of him. Then she jumped on him, put her legs around her and started to kiss him

Aaesha: Who asked you to leave?

Raj: Even I don’t want to. But I’ve to and even if I don’t go Ali will be her baby.

Then we kissed like a newlywed couple and I started to press her ass and kiss her neck and boobs and slowly left her on the ground and gave a light spank on her ass left for the office.

I went out, had smoke and was processing what she said. And that was the one story from college. He had a lot of questions about the stranger guy and then why Ali asked her to delete the account? And how she ended up with The Bull.

I couldn’t control my curiosity but with Ali, I can’t listen to that. So left my work and decided to continue the next day.

I went to the office and had a room. So I finished my meeting and slept nicely on my sofa the whole night so that I’d be fresh tomorrow.

To be continued.

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