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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 6 (Ch 5)

Thank you for all your feedback. Please read the previous parts for continuity. I will try to post the following parts as soon as possible. This part will have her first exploits in detail.

This part will also be a full narration from Aaesha. So please bear with the details and the length.

The story continues…

I slept nicely that night and woke up at around 5:00 am and left home. I didn’t want to knock on the door and wake Ali up. So I called my friend’s sexy wife Aaesha and asked her to open the door.

Then I looked around and found no one. So I pulled her out and held her hands above her head with one hand and started to kiss her and press her boobs over her nighty. She started to kiss me back.

After a few minutes, she stopped me by saying –

Aaesha: Ali might wake up.

So I asked her to make tea and go to the terrace. Then I changed to my shorts and t-shirt and went up. And then I started to smoke.

My friend’s wife came with the tea. I placed the plate on the wall and hugged her and started to kiss her neck. Her hands went down to my cock inside the shorts in an instant and started stroking it.

I looked at the stairs and made her kneel and continued smoking. My friend’s wife started to lick my dick and its balls and started sucking with full force. I held her hair and started fucking her mouth. Then she took the dick out and said –

Aaesha: You smoking with one hand and mouth-fucking me on the other hand. I feel like a roadside prostitute, baby!

Raj: You’re a roadside prostitute with a high-class prostitute’s body and skills, baby.

And I spat in her mouth. She smirked and started to bite and lick my thighs sucked and made me cum. Then she drank all of it and we went for the tea. The climate was cold. I lit another cigarette and hugged her from behind and lifted her nighty in the front and put his finger inside her pussy.

She leaned on me and put her head on my shoulder and arched her back started to enjoy my finger skills. We suddenly felt somebody was coming up the stairs. We adjusted ourselves immediately and saw it was Ali.

Ali: Hey, macha, I came looking for Aaesha.

Raj: Yeah dude, I just came and she offered me tea. Then I came up for a smoke and she brought it here itself. Come, join us.

Ali started to talk about work and all. Aaesha left saying –

Aaesha: Let me go and sleep for some time before the kid wakes up.

After she went, Ali grabbed the cigarette from Raj’s hand and started smoking.

Ali: She doesn’t like smoking. I couldn’t smoke and come home too. She finds it and fights with me.

Raj: Ohh! Ok, so how is everything with you guys?

Ali: What do you mean?

Raj: I don’t know, last time when we drank, you said you’ve family issues and you’re not happy like before.

Ali: Yea, macha. All is good now. From the day you came, everything turned out good and she is always smiling. She just needed a fresh face to keep talking to. She loves talking.

I thought to myself, that It was not just a fresh face, it was a fresh dick she wanted and she didn’t just love to talk, but to lick, suck and fuck as well.

Raj: You can always talk to me, all you had to do is tell me. We’ll book a room and drink like old times and talk. We can tell Aaesha we have a meeting. (and I winked.)

Ali: Sure macha, will do it one day.

And then we went down. Then we both slept and when he was leaving to office, he came to my room to wake me up.

Raj: What?

Ali: Wake up, you didn’t wake up for breakfast yesterday. Eat and sleep.

And he left. Then I came out of the room. Aaesha was in the kitchen working. I locked the main door and came silently and hugged her from behind.

Aaesha: Ahh baby! You scared me. Good morning, sleepy head.

Raj: My good morning started the moment I kissed you, baby.

And I started kissing My friend’s wife’s neck.

Aaesha: Go brush and come, we will have breakfast.

Raj: Did you brush?

She turned around put one arm around my shoulder and one on my dick and said –

Aaesha: Yes, the morning I brushed my whole mouth with this brush and even had white thick tasty paste which I swallowed (and kissed me). Now, go brush and come.

She kept the food ready and we both ate. I went out for a quick smoke and came back and knocked on the door. She opened the door with a hijab. I was surprised and then I remembered her phone call with The Bull.

I went in and closed the door and grabbed her neck with one hand boobs with the other. Yes, my friend’s hot wife was naked underneath! I pressed her hard and she was moaning and she said –

Aaesha: Not here baby, my kid might wake up, we will go inside.

I lifted her and took her to the room, hugging her. She put her legs around me. Her hijab went up and her milky thighs were around me. Then she removed my t-shirt and I unbuttoned 3 and took her boobs out and started to press them hard. I sucked her tongue and she sucked mine.

Aaesha: Ahhh baby, press them harder ahhh..

I dropped her down and bent her and lifted her hijab and started to spank her ass. She started to lick her pussy and pushed my dick without a warning.

Aaesha: Ahhh baby, you are being rough.

Raj: Don’t you like being rough, bitch?

And I took my dick out and pushed it again fully in one go.

Aaesha: Ahhh baby, yes I do and I love this side of you baby. Ahhhhhhh..

Raj: (wanted to continue the story and finish the fuck)

So I fucked my friend’s sexy muslim wife for a few minutes and lay on the bed and made her lay next to me. I asked her to continue the story.

Aaesha: Aaayyi, you’re enjoying my story. Is it making you horny, baby?

And she started to caress my dick.

Raj: Yes baby, if it was just a normal boring fuck, I wouldn’t care. But your exploits are of the next level. So I want to hear them all.

I was naked, she was in her hijab lifted till her pussy and her boobs were out.

She continued…

After that night, my college was normal. I wanted to be true to Ali but every night either the random guy or my friend used to call me. Suddenly I felt that I was a slut in demand. Two guys wanted to take me wherever I want, just for me to suck their cock which I’d love to. And I couldn’t decide whom to go out with.

Since my friend was always an option, I wanted to try the random guy. And his dick was big, so I even chose to lose my virginity to him. But I was scared to go to a room with him not knowing what he might do!

Both of them made me wet over every call saying what all they might do. And in the end, the random guy won with his rough handling methods and his bigger dick.

My friend always said he would move my bra and suck my boobs or move my pant and finger my pussy. But the random guy always said he would remove my t-shirt or remove my pant from the open and make me naked and suck my boobs or lick my pussy.

My inner slut self chose the random guy, as my mind and body wanted to do that in the open. I agreed to meet him, he said he will come to pick me up. But I didn’t agree. Then I went by bus to the zoo alone.

I applied leave to college saying that I was not feeling well. I told Ali and my friend that I was having a family work and I couldn’t talk. I got on the bus and sat on the last seat. It brought back all the memories. And I already started to get wet.

When I reached the zoo, that guy was waiting at the entrance itself. As soon I went near him, he put his hand on my shoulder and walked as if I was his girlfriend or wife. I liked that.

We walked and that place was a little bit deeper inside the zoo. And before we could reach that place, he pushed me behind a bush and started to kiss me hard. I instantly kissed him back. We were kissing wildly and he started to press my boobs.

Then he started to move his pelvic area up and down mine over the dress and started to dry hump me. I started to enjoy it. But this area was wide open from all three sides and saw people staring at us even families, so I stopped him.

Random guy: What happened, baby?

Aaesha: We’ll go there and do this, not here.

Random guy: Why?

Aaesha: People are seeing.

Random guy: That’s what I want. For them to see what a beautiful bitch I am going to fuck. And they’ll all imagine how all we’d have fucked.

Aaesha: I don’t want that, either we go there or I’ll leave. Please let’s go there, baby.

He said ok and we walked there.

As soon as we reached there, he pushed me on the grass, took my handbag and threw that in a hurry. I was enjoying his act and started to giggle. Then he lay down on me in missionary style and started to kiss me and press my boobs over my hijab. I put my legs around him. He started to move his dick up and down and started to dry hump me.

He specifically instructed me to wear a t-shirt and tracks and no inners. So I carried them in my handbag. Then he asked me to remove my hijab. But I knew he’d remove my t-shirt or pant. And that time, I at least needed the hijab to cover if someone walks in.

Then he opened a few buttons and lifted my t-shirt to my neck and released my boobs. He started to press one hard and suck the other one. He was very rough and it was pain and pleasure at the same time.

Aaesha: Ahhh baby!

Random guy: Yes baby, you like it?

Aaesha: Yes baby, I like your hands on my boobs.

He then unbuttoned my hijab till my waist and slowly went down and started to lick my boobs and bit my perky nipples. He made it all wet with his saliva.

Then he moved down and started to bite and kiss my navel and put his tongue inside and tongue fucked me there. It was the first time my navel was licked and I was arching my back in the ground.

He slowly moved my hijab up and removed my track and kept it nearby this time. He started to rub my thighs. I opened my legs without any instruction and gave him access. Then he went down between my legs and slowly started kissing my thighs and then started to bite them and lick them.

My whole body smelt of his saliva. He then started to lick my pussy and started using one finger and sucking and finger-fucking at the same time. I was shamelessly laying down on the floor with my legs wide apart and he was pressing my ass and thighs equally and eating my pussy.

I was about to cum, but I was still so horny. So I pulled him up and started eating his lips like he was my boyfriend. Then we stopped in between only for breathing.

His dick was hitting my pussy over his track and I held his ass and pushed him closer to me and he started to dry hump me. Then he tried to take his dick out. But if he would have taken his dick out, then he would fuck my pussy.

And I was so in the trance of pleasure and I would allow him to fuck my pussy and I’d lose this pleasure in that pain. So I asked him to just dry hump me now.

He started to move slowly up and down and kissed me vigorously. He started to hump faster and faster. I came so hard on the grass itself and my ass started to get wet. I was losing my consciousness in pleasure and I came hard. Then I released his ass and hugged him tightly with my breast crushed on his chest and was breathing heavily.

I completely forgot I was from a conservative family and was laying there wide open with a guy between my legs.

To be continued…

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