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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 6 (Ch 6)

Thank you for all your feedback. Please read the previous parts for continuity. I’ll try to post the following parts as soon as possible. This part will have my friend’s wife’s first exploits in detail.

This part will also be a full narration from my friend’s wife Aaesha. So, please bear with the details and the length.

Story continues…

Random guy: Why is your hand not doing anything? Ask it to do what it came here for!

And he winked.

I smiled at him and put my hand on his track. It was rock hard. He was not wearing any inners too. Then he immediately moved his tracks and I started to stroke his naked cock.

He laid on my side facing me and made me face him. And he was kissing me hard and I was stroking him. Slowly, he inserted one finger and then added another finger. I couldn’t control my moan, as it started to stretch my pussy and it started to pain. Even his fingers were bigger than my friends.

Aaesha: Please stop baby, it’s hurting me.

Random guy: Relax baby, then when will you open your pussy? I will do it slowly.

And started to move two fingers up and down slowly. My whole body was twitching and started to lift my back to accommodate him. And, in a few minutes, he put the third finger and made me almost scream. Then he put his mouth on mine to stop me from making any noise.

I started to hit his shoulder, but he didn’t care. Then he started to move it slowly and increased the pace. I started to enjoy it and then came hard and hugged him tighter holding his dick.

Then he removed my hand moved closer to me and started to rub his dick in my pussy. I started to gasp and he was trying to put it in. He was sucking my lips and our tongues started to play.

I put one hand around his head and another hand on his ass and pushed him closer to me. It was too big to enter even after he used 3 fingers to warm my pussy up. Only his tip entered my pussy and it was so much pain. I guess I needed a few more days of 3 finger fucking practice to get his dick inside me.

I was scared if I would have tried to stop him, he would be harsh with me. But the pain over took me and I stopped him.

He said: Ok, baby.

And just started to move the tip inside my pussy up and down. It was heavenly and the crown was big and it was stretching me good.

I put my leg around him and he suddenly stood up. I was naked in the bottom as my hijab was up to my ass and my boobs were dangling out in the open. He stood and tried to move my dick inside. But I couldn’t stand the pain. So he just did the same rubbing again and again for some time.

He got tired and made me sit on the same bench where this all started and stood in front of me. I removed my veil and tied my hair behind in a hurry and started to stroke his cock with one hand caressing his balls with another and sucking his cock.

Then he started to moan and he held my cheeks and took the dick out and spit on his dick and asked me to suck again. I licked the saliva from his dick and started to suck again. He started to give me some small slaps on my cheeks and my boobs.

Then he took the dick out of my mouth again, which I didn’t want to leave, and he spit in my mouth and pushed it again inside. Then again he took his dick out and spit in my mouth and pushed his cock.

He did that for some time and even I liked being treated like that. I swallowed all his saliva and his precum and his cock again and again like a complete slut.

He then made me sit doggy-style on the bench. Then he put one leg on the bench and started to mouth fuck me and he reached and pressed my ass and spanked it harder.

I felt like a complete slut. If someone walked in the first thing they would see was my naked ass and my mouth sucking a cock in the open.

Then he started to deep throat me and I started to gag and struggled to breathe. He held my hair and fucked my mouth so well. Then he released my head and I started to lick his balls and sucked it. He started to finally moan and I was happy that I was able to make him moan with my skills and felt proud.

Then he held my hair and controlled my head and moved it wherever he wanted to get licked. He moved my head to his balls, then his dick, then his thighs, and then he made me lay on the bench on my back. He stood above my face and put his balls on my face and I started to lick them.

While I opened my legs in full view to the public and started to rub them. He started to move his body to and fro. In this, I started to lick his asshole too. He was twitching and he made me kneel on the grass and started to shag his dick on my face.

Then I knelt on the ground with my mouth open and my tongue out waiting for him to release his hot cum in my face and mouth. I felt like a proper slut.

He shagged and during that I was caressing his balls and he shot all his cum in my face and my mouth. Then finally he rubbed his dick in my boobs and smeared the remaining cum there.

I pulled his dick and started to suck again and licked all the cum on my face and my boobs. He sat next to me on the bench and asked me to wash my face and mouth. I asked him to wait and took the cum on my face with my finger and licked it looking at him.

Then I washed my face and he took me to the grass again and laid down and made me lay on his chest. My head was in his arms. My ass and my boobs were still open for public display.

Random guy: Wow Bitch, no one has ever made me moan this much. You’re amazing.

And he kissed me.

Aaesha: Then you’ve not met the correct bitch till now baby. (I just realized that I admitted to him that am a bitch openly.)

Random guy: You’re right. Where is your boyfriend?

Aaesha: I got pissed off, why do you have to ask that now? And tried to get up.

Random guy: Sorry-sorry, you know what makes you and me this horny?

Aaesha: What?

Random guy: The fact that you’re cheating on someone is what is making you this horny. Cheating sex is the best kind of sex. It gives you more pleasure.

I realized what he said was actually true. The thought of being with my friend, cheating on Ali, and cheating on this guy with both Ali and My friend made me wetter down there.

Aaesha: Maybe.

Random guy: It is a true, baby.

Aaesha: Where is your neighbor, aunty? She won’t open her legs today for you?

Random guy: That bitch will always open her legs to me. She will never say no.

Aaesha: Why?

Random guy: Because she is addicted to my cock, just like you’re.

Aaesha: Ohhh!

And I punched him playfully and hugged him again. My head was on his chest and my legs on him and my ass were open in the open.

Random guy: Maybe I should’ve brought her along today so that she’d have learned how to suck from you. And you have learned how to take a cock in your pussy from her.

And he kissed me. Then I turned towards him and slowly put my legs around him and we started to kiss. He started to rub my naked ass slowly and put his tongue into mine.

We were sucking each other’s tongues, and behind that bush, we could hear people walking by. But we both didn’t care about the world. We were in our world of lust.

In fact, I didn’t want to go home but to be there in the zoo in the open and keep sucking him and kissing him every day. And I so badly wanted him to fuck me and opened my pussy. But the pain was too much and I couldn’t control the sound in the open.

I wanted to ask him to book a room and fuck me. But I couldn’t. It was already 2 pm, as the travel takes more than 2 hours. So I had to leave now to go home in time. Then I said-

Aaesha: We’ll leave now.

Random guy: Let’s be here for someone’s time, baby.

Aaesha: If I get home late, then I may not be able to come out again. So, please…

Random guy: Then, when will we meet again?

Aaesha: Hello! I have a boyfriend. I can’t come here frequently.

Random guy: Then bring him with you, like last time. Suck him for a few minutes and he’ll cum. Then he’ll go to buy some drinks and we can enjoy ourselves after that.

I liked the idea of having to taste two cocks on the same day back to back. But I don’t know how to manage Ali. So I said-

Aaesha: I’ll decide and let you know.

And I just realized I had been naked from below from the time I reached this spot. I looked for my tracks and my veil. I tried to pull my t-shirt and hijab down to hide my body. But he didn’t let me for some time.

He was kissing me, pressing my boobs and rubbing my ass and thighs and pressing them. I didn’t want to stop him but I had to. Then I went to the washroom and wore my inners as well and came out. He walked with me and spoke-

Random guy: You don’t have to travel this far. You tell me where you live. I can change my room and shift there and we can enjoy whenever we want and for more time.

And he pressed my ass. The thought of being naked and hugging naked sent a chill thru my spine.

Aaesha: Then what about that neighbor aunty? Won’t she miss you?

Random guy: She might, but I’d choose this slut over her anytime.

And he held my cheeks and started to kiss me in the pathway itself. I tried to stop him, but he overpowered me and put his tongue into my mouth.

Then he released me after he heard some sound.

Aaesha: First I’ll sort things out with my boyfriend. Then we’ll see this.

And we started walking. When we almost reached the entrance, he took me to a near bamboo bush and kissed me. We were kissing for a few minutes, in that time he groped my boobs, slapped my ass bite my lips, and even sucked my tongue.

We moved and saw a lot of couples seeing us and I bent down and walked. Then I got into the bus and thought to myself that the whole time his lips and hands were in touch with my body.

I wished that he was with me on the bus so that it’d have been better than with my friend the other day, and started to imagine what all we would’ve done.

Then I got a message from my friend that he had booked a room for me and had a surprise as well and for us to enjoy tomorrow. I was shocked and thought ok, maybe being in a closed room would get me to get a dick inside me and lose my virginity.

And I was ok with losing it to him, as he was my close friend and he would handle me gently too and I could bear the pain. I thought after that I could take this random guy’s big dick in my pussy and say ok to my friend for going to the room with him.

Then I informed at my college that I would be on leave the next day as well. I informed Ali that my relatives were only leaving the next day, and I wouldn’t be able to come to college or talk to him. And since he wasn’t much of a talker he didn’t care.

The whole night, my friend kept calling me. I told him-

Aaesha: We had the entire day tomorrow to enjoy.

And I cut his call just to talk to the random guy and finger my pussy.

Random guy: Hello, my sweet slut.

Aaesha: Hello, baby.

Random guy: Are you naked for me baby!?

Aaesha: I’ll always be naked for you, baby.

Random guy: That’s my slutty girl. If I could, I’d just come into your room and tear that virgin slut’s pussy.

Aaesha: Even I want to, baby. I came today deciding to lose my virginity to you.

Random guy: If you had allowed me I would have fulfilled your wish, baby.

Aaesha: I know, but the pain was too much to take. And in the open, I couldn’t moan and it was too risky. Maybe because of the fear my pussy was not opening up.

Random guy: Oh, really?

Aaesha: Yea, why?

Random guy: You don’t fear when it comes to a dick, baby.

Aaesha: What?

Random guy: Yes, you were sucking your boyfriend’s dick in the open when I saw you. A few minutes later, you were sucking mine. A few days later, you were sucking mine again and all that time, you were almost naked except for your t-shirt and hijab.

He was right.

Random guy: So, my slut don’t act that you’re scared. All you need is a cock in your hand and you’ll forget this world and start to suck it.

Aaesha: Yes baby, I’m a cock hungry slut and started to finger myself.

And the conversation started to go about how he’d enter my house and fuck my brains out. I ended up fingering myself to sleep, expecting what my friend has planned tomorrow. And I was preparing myself to lose my virginity to my friend cheating on my boyfriend.

To be continued.

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