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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 6 (Ch 7)

Thank you for all your feedback. Please read the previous parts for continuity. I’ll try to post the following parts as soon as possible. This part will have her first exploits in detail.

This part will also be a full narration from Aaesha, so please bear with the details and the length.

Story continues…

The next day, I left home at 8 am like I go to college and he asked me to take an auto. I was going to the place where he asked me to come. When I went there, he was waiting on the road and got into the auto. He put his arms around me and instructed the auto driver to go to that hotel.

He started talking to me normally and handed me a gift from his bag. When I opened it, I was shocked as it was a vibrator dildo, but it was his size. The size of that random guy could have been better.

But I immediately closed the box as we were still in the auto.

College guy: This is to help you, baby.

Aaesha: How?

College guy: It’ll vibrate and it’ll relax your muscles and open it up and you can enjoy the complete pleasure.

I started to feel wet. He slowly put his hands on my thighs and caressed it slowly. I stopped his hand from moving further to my pussy.

We reached the hotel at around 9. I thought to myself that I had to go home only after 5 or 6. So, I had an entire day to lose my virginity, use the vibrator and get completely naked. All these thoughts made my pussy wet!

As soon as we entered the room, he pushed me onto the wall, hugged me, and started kissing me. He then removed my veil and threw it away.

We had both been waiting for this moment since the time he awakened my inner slut! To me, it was much more as I wanted my pussy to be opened. So that I could get the random guy’s cock in my pussy.

We both wanted to get naked so badly. He removed my hijab and I removed his shirt. He removed my top and started to kiss my neck. He kissed and sucked my boobs over the bra and was trying to undo my bra.

I removed the knot on my pant and let it down. The guy then removed my bra and started to maul my boobs and press them harder. I was surprised by his wild side. (Maybe in the Zoo he was gentle because he was trying to seduce me or he was wild here due to the location – I don’t know. But I liked this side of him.)

I was waiting for this chance to get into a closed room, where I can be a slut without fearing anyone might see. And I gave myself completely into the situation. I was only in my panties now.

I pushed him onto the bed and pulled his pant down. I got in between his legs and started to lick my way up to his thighs. He rubbed my back.

Then I started to lick and bite his cock over his undies and slowly licked his belly. I put my tongue in his navel and started to lick it. He was moaning and caressing my cheeks. Soon, his dick was fully hard. I felt it on my boobs pressing on it. It felt bigger than in the zoo. Maybe he was not fully hard just like me, as it was an open place.

I was looking in his eye and licking his navel and removed his undies and threw it away. And yes, I was right, it was bigger! I liked to suck it even more and I started to lick it and stroke it. He was moaning. I moved to his balls and his thighs. I kept licking everywhere my face moved.

Aaesha: Your dick is bigger than last time, baby.

College guy: Maybe I was nervous and couldn’t get it to become fully hard, as it was our first time and it was an open place.

Aaesha: I like it even more now, baby. (But still, a little smaller than the random guy’s dick.)

Since this college guy was the one who introduced me to this world of pleasure, I wanted to show him how grateful I was. So, I moved up and started to rub my boobs on his dick. He held both my boobs around his dick and started to fuck boobs.

College guy: Ahhh… Your boobs are so soft, baby.

And he pulled me up to him and started to kiss me wildly. We were exchanging saliva and I spat in his mouth. We were kissing each other’s lips and tongues while moving our hands around each other’s bodies for a long time. It was so passionate like that of lovers meeting after a long time.

Then he moved me to his head and now I was sitting on his face. He started to eat my pussy over my panty. He then moved it a little bit and pushed one finger. I was irritated. I stood up, removed my panty and threw it away and again sat on his face.

The college guy started to finger-fuck me and suck at the same time. With his other hand, he started pressing my boobs and pinching my nipples. I was moving my head up with pleasure and I moved my pussy up and down like I was fucking his mouth. He started to press my ass harder and I pressed my hands on him to press it even harder.

I didn’t have to be bother about my moans anymore, I started to moan hard. He then put his hand on my face and I took his finger and started to suck it. Then he got the idea and he pushed me onto the bed. After that, he climbed onto my face and sat on my breast.

My boobs were completely crushed by his ass. I took it in my mouth and started to suck it hard, making him moan. I was holding his ass with both hands and started to push his cock in and out of my mouth. The saliva and precum started to flow down my chin. He then took my fingers and started to suck them, and pressed my breast hard.

He also lifted his ass a little for me to suck his balls. I licked it for some time and then moved my face to his ass and licked there too. He stopped sucking my fingers and lifted his ass more and gave me full access to his balls. I understood that he liked it so much and wanted it more. So, I started to move my head up and down his balls and ass. He was making his cumming face. I took his cock and started to suck it.

Suddenly, he stopped me and got down. I was so mad and I yelled at him!

College guy: Hey baby, wait, relax!

He took the box from my handbag and switched it on. I immediately held his dick and pulled him closer to the bed, got on all fours, and started to suck it again. He was enjoying it. Then, he pushed me back and asked –

College guy: What do you want?

Aaesha: What? Are you fucking serious right now?!

College guy: You’ve to ask what you want. Only then, I’ll give it to you.

Aaesha: I want your DICK, baby. Please come here.

He kept the small vibrator dildo. Now the dildo seemed smaller compared to his cock.

College guy: This is my cock. This is your boyfriend’s cock (pointing at the dildo). Which one do you want?

I was shocked and at the same time, I was so horny. I couldn’t think of anything else other than his hard dick.

Aaesha: I want YOUR dick, baby. Please give it to me.

College guy: I can’t hear you (he teased me by waving his dick).

Then I went crouching again, reaching for his dick. He held my face, spat in my mouth and asked again.

Aaesha (I lost my temper): I want your dick! And if you don’t come here, I am leaving right now!!

And I started to get up.

College guy: Hey-hey, relax, baby.

And he pushed me again into the bed and this time, he knelt by my side and gave his dick. I turned towards him and started to suck it again. He moved his dick and put the dildo in my mouth. He kept it near his dick. So, I was actually sucking his cock and the dildo simultaneously. It was like sucking two cocks. My pussy was leaking.

Once the dildo was wet, he slowly kept the vibrating dildo on my boobs and it felt so good. He kept it over my nipples and pressed it down on my boob deeper. I was twitching and I put my hand on his ass and pushed him closer to my mouth.

He was deep throating me and slowly put the vibrator in my navel. It was so good! I couldn’t suck his cock properly. His dick was just there in my mouth. He then kept it on my thighs and moved slowly closer to my pussy. Oh, God! I loved it and started to suck him.

Then he stopped me, as he didn’t want to cum yet. He laid down next to me and started to kiss me. His dick was rubbing my thighs and the vibrator was on my pussy entrance. Slowly, he pushed the tip inside and it started to go in smoothly, as it was already opened in the entrance by the random guy.

He pushed it a little inside. I held his head and pushed it to my boobs. He was sucking it and I put my leg around him to go inside fully.

Then he slowly pushed it inside and I started to moan louder as it was entering me. He was right, the vibration was loosening my muscles and making them wide open for the vibrator to go inside. Slowly, he pushed it inside and I was rolling on the bed with pleasure.

At last, my virginity was taken by that vibrator!

I was experiencing the core of the pleasure. He got up again, knelt near my head and moved his dick closer to my face, and started to tap it in my face. I tried to catch it and finally, I did it. I caught it with my mouth, and started to suck it. He was pushing the vibrator in and out of my pussy and fucking me slowly. Then he asked again –

College guy: Whose dick do you want, baby?

I took the dick out only to breathe and answered him. He started to ask all kinds of kinky questions and made me even and even horny.

Aaesha: I want your dick, baby.

College guy: When do you want my dick?

Aaesha: Always, baby.

College guy: What if your boyfriend finds out?

Aaesha: I don’t care, baby. I want this cock.

College guy: Do you like my cock so much, baby?

Aaesha: I love your cock so much, baby.

College guy: What if you marry him?

Aaesha: I don’t care whom I marry. I always want this cock, baby.

College guy: What if he is fucking you and I put my dick in your mouth?

Aaesha: I don’t mind. I’ll still suck your cock, baby.

College guy: What if I try to fuck your ass at the same time he is fucking your pussy?

Aaesha: I’m all yours, baby. I’ll let you fuck any hole any time.

And I was cumming the second time because of the vibrator. He was about to cum too.

College guy: I’m going to cum, baby. Where do you want it?

Aaesha: Where do you like to cum?

College guy: On your boobs and your face, baby.

Aaesha: You can cum there next time. This time, you cum in my mouth.

Then I held his ass and pushed his dick into my mouth and he started to cum. I didn’t leave a single drop. Then his dick started to shrink, but the vibrator was still on and I was spasming down there.

He was all tired and sat on the bed with his legs folded. I sat on his lap and put my legs around him. I removed the vibrator and switched it off and put it in his mouth. He sucked it well and hugged me tightly.

We were breathing heavily. It was better than the first day, as I got complete pleasure in my pussy. But I still was thinking about the random guy’s dick. I was thinking about how it would feel in my pussy. I wanted to lose my virginity that day and called him straight away and wanted to get his dick inside me.

I was feeling nasty and guilty for thinking about his cock when I was actually sitting on my friend naked whose cock I just sucked and licked. And my boyfriend had no idea about all my slutiness!

Then I got down and went to the restroom and came out naked. He did the same. I just saw the time. It was only 10.30 am. All that guilt flew away thinking I’d have enough time to enjoy this pleasure for another 4-5 hours. But he needed time to juice up his dick. So, we decided to rest.

We lied naked, hugging each other and slept for some time. After some time, I started to feel wet in my pussy and I woke up. And I found my friend was between my legs and was licking there.

Before I could get into my senses, he pushed the vibrator again and it started to grind my pussy. He slowly removed it and again pushed it. I was flying. Then he removed it and slowly put his dick in my pussy and started to rub it.

I wide opened my legs and he started to push it in slowly. It was opening up and I could feel his dick entering me. I held the pillow and started to moan. The pain was still there, but bearable.

Suddenly, he tried to push the wet vibrator in my ass and I pushed him in pain. Just then my pussy was opened and before I could enjoy feeling it, an actual dick in my pussy started entering. He tried to open my ass and I was in dead pain! I started to cry and threw the vibrator away.

Raj: Ahhh..such an idiot. (taking his mouth from her boobs.)

Aaesha: Yes baby, the first decent penetration in my pussy was so hot, and suddenly he ruined the entire thing.

Raj: Fucking amateur! Why would he even bring the ass into the picture?

Aaesha: I know, right?

She started to rub her boobs on my chest and kissed me deeply. She was holding my cock and stroking it slowly.

Raj: And what’s with all those questions?

Aaesha: It was a total mood killer, but I just wanted to get done with it. So that I could peacefully suck his cock.

Raj: Such a cock hungry slut you’re, baby.

Aaesha: I don’t know why, but I got addicted to sucking cocks from the first time. I saw a video and saw how the guy enjoyed it. And I wanted to give my boyfriend or my husband that pleasure in bed. But I never thought I’d get cocks to practice that.

Raj: Even I never thought I’d be this down in the line of guys to have explored this body.

Aaesha: Aayii, stop teasing me!

Raj: Just kidding, baby.

Aaesha: But nobody has ever explored my body as you’ve. Not even your friend.

Raj: Because you’ve never met the proper guy for you and the proper dick for your pussy, baby.

Aaesha: Yeah, baby.

And she kissed me again and sucked my lips and started to stroke my cock again.

Raj: Don’t make me cum before you finish this story.

Aaesha: Ok, baby.

To be continued.

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