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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 6 (Ch 8)

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Story continues..

I then went into the restroom and sat in the shower and tried to apply some oil and reduce the pain. When I came out, he was sitting silently all sorry. Once she came out, he came to her, hugged her and started talking.

College guy: I am so sorry, baby. I didn’t mean to hurt you. I just wanted you to enjoy it. I never thought it would hurt you this much.

Now I was standing there silently when he hugged me. It was still paining, so I tried to move away and sit for some time, but he didn’t leave me.

Aaesha: If it was my boyfriend, he wouldn’t have done anything like this without my consent. Just because I have got a boyfriend and I’m doing this all with you, do you think you can treat me like a prostitute?

College guy: Hey baby, what the hell! I’d never think of you like that or treat you like that. I am so sorry. It was my fault. I should’ve known better. Just now we opened your pussy and how tighter your ass should’ve been. I am sorry baby.

Aaesha: Fine! Just leave me for some time. My ass hurts. I just want to relax.

College guy: It’s all my fault. You bent over, I’ll apply some oil and soothe your pain.

Aaesha: You’ve already done enough.

College guy: It’s my fault and I’ve to correct it. Please let me, baby.

I was happy to make him beg like that then I said ok.

He then removed my towel and made me lay on the bed with my back up. He got on me and slowly started to massage my ass. He became all gentle again, slowly pressing my ass and moving his hands up and down.

The college guy also applied some oil and gently pressed it. The oil dripped a little till my pussy. He now slowly used his finger to caress it and I was slowly moaning.

He now applied little oil on him too and laid down on me and started to kiss my neck and licked my earlobes. I wanted to be mad, but his tongue felt good, so I let him.

Slowly, he moved down my back, licking and reaching my ass. He started licking my asshole for some time and it felt good. I was leaking heavily. He then started licking both my ass hole and pussy up and down. I started to hold his head closer to my ass and made him lick it more.

I turned around and put his face on my pussy again and wrapped my legs around his shoulder and locked him.

He started to press my ass again harder. Then I slapped his hands and moved them to my boobs and started pressing them harder. I came in his mouth and only then did I release him. He was breathing heavily with my cum all over his face.

Aaesha: This is the punishment for causing my pain.

College guy: This is the best punishment I’ve ever experienced!

And he fell on me, he started to kiss me. I wrapped my legs around him and we started to kiss wildly. He slowly held his dick with one hand and started rubbing it. I understood he wanted to fuck me and take my virginity and I wanted the same, but it felt odd.

He then inserted another inch and slowly moved it in and out. I was moaning heavily and the pain and pleasure felt awesome. I even thought I would push him in one go and deal with the pain. But the pain in my ass stopped me from doing it.

I enjoyed his rubbing and inserted the two inches inside me. Now, the crown was moving in and out smoothly. Suddenly, he got a call. He got up from me and I was irritated why should this always happen.

Then he spoke on phone and said-

College guy: It’s the lunch I have ordered. And I have to go down and collect it or they’ll come to knock on the door.

I said: Go, get it and come.

He dressed up and went leaving the phone on the bed. It was pinging again and again. I opened the message and saw.

Friend: What happened, macha? Did you fuck her? Did you take her virginity?

I was shocked. And I went through the whole message and exported the whole WhatsApp conversation to my mail. It was unbelievable, so I went into FB messenger and WhatsApp and deleted all the chats he had with me.

Then I checked his mail if he had any backup so that he wouldn’t have anything to blackmail me and left his phone on the bed. I took my phone and went into the restroom to read it without him seeing me read it.

I closed the door and started reading it. With utmost disbelief, it all went long back from the time we were chatting and going out normally. He had even shared the sex talks that we had at night with him.

In the beginning, my friend had talked all good about me or defended me. But after I told him I was committed, he didn’t defend me. And his friend was the one who had given me the idea to fuck me and that was why he came back again after a month and took me to the zoo.

My head was heavy and I couldn’t breathe. His friend was all excited about how I was in the zoo and even asked my friend to share me with him. My friend shared how all I sucked him in the zoo that too in front of a couple and they were even shagging texting about what all we did.

He wanted to fuck me with him. The idea of a threesome made me think it was ok, but without my consent, they were planning to do that. And they were planning to make me their slut and blackmail me to fuck whenever they want. All that shit made me lose it.

Then I decided to end this with this loser. Though I was disappointed that I couldn’t feel a cock inside fully, I was glad that his cock didn’t take my virginity.

I wanted to call the random guy and make him come here and fuck me in front of my friend to teach him a lesson. But, something stopped me from doing that.

My slutiness is what put me in this situation. So I decided to end my escapades. Then I blocked the random guy and I decided I would be true to Ali and lose my virginity to him. Even if it had to be after my marriage, or to the guy I’m going to marry.

I wanted to shout at him and leave. But me in a closed hotel room and creating any scene could cause a lot of trouble. Ali and my family would get to know this and my life would be ruined forever. So I decided to play it safe and leave soon.

So, I called my close friend from school saying call me in 30 minutes and told her that-

Me: I’m with Ali and I need to leave soon. But he is not leaving me.

And I gave her a script to tell as she’d be in speaker. Then I washed my face and came out. He was there with the food.

College guy: How is your pain, baby?

Aaesha: Whenever I try to sit on the toilet, it is hurting me very much. I can’t sit and pee properly.

And I acted like I was in pain. So, he pulled me and made me sit in his lap and started to feed me with one hand, and started to press my ass as if he was massaging me.

I wanted to end this once and for all. He was always a good friend, but me talking to him that much and suddenly getting committed to someone else and the influence of his friend was the mistake, the fault was mine too. So, I let him have his final chance to touch my body.

Once we finished eating, he made me sit on the bed and slowly removed my towel and his dress, and became completely naked.

He then put his dick near me and waved it. Since I was going to go full saint mode after today, I decided to suck a cock one last time, till I get Ali’s cock in my mouth.

Then I held his ass and brought him closer to me and moved his dick all over my face and smelled the aroma of his pre cum. I kissed his tummy and licked it and his cock was rubbing on my boobs.

I started to suck his cock again with full force, playing with his balls, and started to bite his cock and thighs now and then.

He moaned in pain and tried to push me into bed, but I made him sit in the bed and put my one leg on his thighs. He started to lick and kiss my thighs, slowly moved up and fingered my pussy, and started to lick it. He slowly put two fingers and started to fuck my pussy.

College guy: My fingers and the vibrator have fucked you, baby. When can my dick get that?

Aaesha: Soon, baby…

He was excited by that and started to maul my pussy and press my ass. I pushed him down In the bed and got on all fours, got in between his legs, and started to lick his dick nicely. I was waiting for my friend to call. But I didn’t want her to call soon as I’d have to finish my final cock sucking soon.

I was taking it deep, licking his balls and his thighs. Suddenly, my friend called me. Then I got up and put the phone on speaker and kept it in his thighs and continued to suck his dick, so that he can hear it, and won’t suspect. Then I signaled him to be quiet.

My friend: Hey where are you?

Aaesha: I came out with my friend. Why?

My friend: Your parents called me and said they got a phone call from your college and you were on leave today.

Aaesha: What?

I acted shocked and took my mouth out of his dick. Even he was shocked at what to do next.

My friend: Yes, and they tried calling you and your number was not reachable. So they called me.

Aaesha: OMG!

And I started to act like I was scared, laying on his thighs.

My friend: Wherever you’re going home soon, prepare a good reason to escape. Or else you’re done. If you want any help call me, I’ll come too.

And she disconnected the call.

Then I sat there silently with my hand on his dick. He got up and hugged me

College guy: Relax baby, everything will be alright. you can just tell them you bunked college and went to a movie with your friends. Or say that you went to another college for some symposium or something.

Aaesha: Yea they’ll believe me that simply. They’ll come to my college and I am screwed.

I cursed my friend for calling me before I could make him cum in my mouth. But I had to go along with it.

Aaesha: I’m leaving, will continue some other day.

And I got up.

He got up and hugged me and said- Baby please, will finish what we started.

And started kissing me.

I felt he was right. At least suck it properly and leave.

Aaesha: No I can’t, it’s already hurting me and I can’t even open my legs properly because of you. If you hadn’t done that, we could’ve finished it, idiot.

And I hit his chest.

College guy: I am sorry baby. I didn’t think this all would happen. Please be with me for some more time.

And he hugged me. Then I decided to finish the sucking I started.

Aaesha: Ok, you can fuck me later. But maybe I can suck you and leave. Deal?

College guy: Ok baby. But at least let me rub my dick in this pussy.

And I said ok. Then he readily started to kiss and suck my lips. He played with my whole body with his hands and lift my legs and put one on the bed. I acted like it was paining.

He then slowly started to rub his dick and put the two inches inside again. He moved his hip up in and out. I started to enjoy myself and suddenly realized he was trying to go further and I stopped him and asked him to lay down.

I again went between his legs and continued from where I left. I sucked him well to my heart’s content and he was about to Cum.

College guy: Baby, you said I can come on your boobs next time?

Aaesha: I’m sorry, baby. I can’t clean and leave. I’ve no time. If you don’t want to cum in my mouth, I’ll leave and you can shag your dick and cum on the restroom floor (The desperation for me to leave. And that he spoiled the entire day again. And me not able to lose my virginity, and made me block the random guy whose dick I loved so much, and made me decide to stay virgin or not to even kiss a guy for many years, made me talk like that.)

College guy: Ok baby, I’ll cum in your mouth.

Then he came so hard and I drank all of it and immediately ran into the restroom with all my clothes. He was also dressed up and said he’ll come to drop me in an auto.

I said: I don’t want anybody to see you.

Actually I didn’t want him to see my house. So I lied and left.

He suddenly held me and turned me around and started to kiss me deeply. Since this would be my last kiss, I kissed him deeply and he pressed my boobs and ass. I started to lose control again and held his dick over his pant and he let out a moan.

At that moment, I decided that this fucker shouldn’t get any pleasure from me ever again. Then I stopped him and went out.

I took an auto and on the way, he called me. I decided to break up with him over call so that he won’t have any evidence.

College guy: Hey baby, did you call your mom? Is everything all right?

Aaesha: Yeah, alright for now. Only when I go home, I’ll know what will happen.

College guy: I’m in the bed where I was naked with you baby. I am missing you already. I don’t want to be alone in bed ever again.

Aaesha: You’ll never be in bed with me again.

College guy: What?

Aaesha: I saw all your messages with your friend. What all you’ve planned to do with me? And what all you’ve spoken about me.

College guy: Baby let me explain.

Aaesha: Shut up and listen ok. There is nothing to explain. I have got the chat of you and your friend with me. I wanted to kick you and leave, but I didn’t want to create a scene and spoil my life. But If you ever come into my life again, I won’t care what happens next. I’ll share this chat with the police and ruin your life. So stay away from me.

And I cut the call. Then I blocked him everywhere. But he kept messaging me from different fake IDs.

He used to say: Sorry baby, it was my fault. I love you, I miss you, please come back, bla bla bla.

One day when I was with Ali, he saw these kinds of messages in the messenger. I told him he proposed to me and I blocked him everywhere, so he was trying this. So, Ali asked me to remove my FB account since he had told his family about me and they’ll talk to my family once college was over.

Aaesha: That’s the end of my college time stories and how I was a 50% virgin.

Raj: Bullshit! It was going all good. This loser wasted everything.

Aaesha: Yea I know. The only thing I regret is that because of him I threw away that SIM card with that random guy’s number.

And I winked.

Raj: I knew that. I’ve deleted many girls’ numbers only to regret it later. And one thing, your friend didn’t know is that if he had fucked you properly first and asked you, you’d have yourself asked for two dicks at the same time.

And he laughed.

Aaesha: Raj! But yeah for the force, I was back in that time I’d have said yes.

Raj: Oh please, even now you have got the same force baby. I can tell you want two dicks at the same time.

And I hugged her.

We started to kiss again and I saw it was almost lunchtime. We went for lunch and after lunch, we return to bed to finish the final part of Aaesha’s slutiness, before me.

To be continued.

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