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Seducing Muslim Friend’s Sexy Wife – Part 6 (Ch 9)

Thank you for all your feedback, please read the previous parts for continuity. I will try to post the following parts as soon as possible. This part will have her first exploits in detail. This part will also be a full narration from Aaesha, so please bear with the details and the length.

Story continues..

We finished our lunch and arranged all the dishes. Then she gave milk to her baby and he started to sleep again. So, we rushed into the bedroom as we only had a few more hours and I didn’t know how long this story would go. And I didn’t want to go to the office with a cliffhanger.

I removed my dress and lay on the bed. She removed her dress and fell on me and started to narrate.

I was lying on her hand and her boobs were on my face. Then I started to kiss her boob as I was listening to her.

After marriage, I got bored so I opened one account on Facebook and the photo there was with him and my kid. Even for that, he asked, “Why do you need Facebook?” Bla bla bla, and caused a huge fight. So I deleted it.

I licked her boob from the bottom to the top.

Aaesha: Ahhhhhh baby..But I was so bored all the time couldn’t watch TV. So, I reopened my fake account from college in a common name called Sophie. So that even the college guy won’t follow me. And it was with a normal photo of Hansika and used to go through videos and gossip and so. Suddenly, I started getting many friend requests.

Whenever I opened any request, the names would be weird. Like, Mr. Big Cock or Mr. Monster Dick, bla bla. It was all funny. I won’t accept them except I go their profile once in a while and see the porn videos they had shared.

One day, I found I had liked 100+ message requests. Then I opened them one by one. Mostly it’d say, “I will lick your feet, I will be your slave, just reply to me” and all. It was boring.

One day at the time I was online, I got a message request. When I opened it, it was a dick’s picture and it reminded me of the random guy’s dick. And those days came flooding into my mind and how all I enjoyed and if not for my friend’s shitty messages how all I could have enjoyed my youth.

Also, I was glad. I found that out rather than becoming a sex slave to him and his friend.

After a week, I started getting various angles of dick’s pics, his balls pics, and all from him. Whenever I felt horny and unsatisfied with Ali, I used to open his messages, see his dick, and finger myself.

It was going on like that for a month. Then, one day, I got a call from him in messenger. I was hesitating for a long time. And then I thought it’s just FB messenger and there won’t be any trace in my call log or he wouldn’t have my number. So, I picked up the call.

Aaesha: Hello.

The Bull: Wow! You’re actually a girl.

Aaesha: So, you doubted whether am a girl or a boy and still you were sending me dick’s pics huh?

The Bull: Well I don’t care if it’s a boy or a girl. Anyone who sees my cock will like it.

Aaesha: You praise your cock too much yourself.

The Bull: Tell me honestly, you don’t like my cock?

Aaesha: I didn’t say that.

The Bull: So, you like my cock?

Aaesha: I didn’t say that either.

The Bull: What’s that supposed to mean?

It was Ali’s return time.

Aaesha: Listen, don’t call me ever again. I don’t want anybody in my house to see your name coming up or it’d be trouble for me.

The Bull: Then, you’ve to ping me on your own. Deal?

Aaesha: Hello, I don’t owe you anything.

The Bull: Hey I didn’t say that, but that’s the only way to talk to, darling.

Aaesha: Darling? Excuse me. (It’s been years since someone called me like that.)

The Bull: Ok, how do you want me to call you?

Aaesha: I don’t know.

The Bull: Will ‘baby’ work for you?

Aaesha: I don’t want any babies (and laughed).

The Bull: No problem, I can pull it out and put it in your mouth or your boobs.

Aaesha: Oh! Do you think I’d take your dick in my mouth?

The Bull: So, you won’t?

Aaesha: I didn’t say that.

The Bull: So, you’ll take my dick in your mouth?

Aaesha: I didn’t say that either.

And laughed again. It was fun to talk to someone like that and tease them.

The Bull: Can I see the beautiful mouth that is making this cute laughing sound?

Aaesha: Do you want to see my lips just for that?

The Bull: I also want to see the beautiful lips and mouth that’s going to kiss and suck my cock.

These words sent me a chill in my spine, awakening the sleeping slut in me.

Aaesha: How are you so confident that I’ll suck your cock?

The Bull: Because I have a feeling that you love to suck cocks.

Aaesha: I may love to suck cocks, but what makes you think I’d suck yours?

The Bull: If you love cocks then you can’t ignore this.

And he sent me another dick pic.

The tip was wet with his precum and I was getting wet. And the first time after that hotel incident I wanted to suck someone else’s cock other than Ali’s. Since I was not a virgin anymore, I could easily accommodate his cock in my pussy and enjoy it. But the stakes were higher, so I didn’t want to make any rash decisions.

Now it was almost time for Ali to come home.

Aaesha: Listen, I am very serious about this. I’ll call you tomorrow myself and you can’t call me first. If you ever do that, I will block you without second thoughts.

And I disconnected the call. It felt hot. I realized I was sweating and my pussy was moist.

Slowly, I moved my nighty up and started to finger myself for some time. Just then, I heard Ali’s bike. I adjusted my dress and opened the door.

That night after Ali slept, I opened his messages and was seeing his dick and was imagining how it’d feel in my hands and my mouth and my pussy. I even fingered myself lying next to Ali thinking of his dick and slept.

The next day after Ali left for the office, I arranged everything and opened messenger. As soon as I was online, he messaged me –

The Bull: Good morning, baby.

Aaesha: Good morning.

The Bull: Can I call you now?

Aaesha: For what?

The Bull: To hear your voice.

Aaesha: Why do you want to hear my voice?

The Bull: So that I can stroke my cock listening to your voice.

Aaesha: It’s morning 10 and you want to stroke your cock?

The Bull: If I was with you now, either my dick will be inside your pussy or inside your mouth all the time. Doesn’t matter if it’s morning or night.

Aaesha: Oh, really?

The Bull: Yeah, baby.

Aaesha: Are you a virgin?

The Bull: I don’t think any virgin can handle you, baby. Don’t worry, I have enough experience to make you scream in pleasure.

Aaesha: All the guys say that to me in messages.

Suddenly, he video called me. I disconnected it, because it would be heard outside. Immediately, I ran into the room and got my headset and came out.

The Bull: You switch off your camera and just attend the call.

I did the same.

Then he came in the video call and he was naked. His dick was dangling.

The Bull: All those guys have a dick like this?

And he started to move it closer to the camera. It was big and hard than Ali’s and the veins popping out made it sexier. I wanted to taste it. I was getting wet. My inner slut was waking up again.

Aaesha: Not this size, but they send me pics.

The Bull: Now, do you doubt whether I can make you scream?

Aaesha: Having a big cock is not enough. You’ve to know your way around a woman’s body to make her moan and scream Mr.

The Bull: Ok, let’s imagine and role play, shall we?

Aaesha: What’s roleplay? (I knew what roleplay is, but I wanted to hear from him.)

The Bull: I’ll tell a scenario and you’ve to talk like that character and behave like that character, ok?

Aaesha: Ok, that’s new.

The Bull: Are you married?

Aaesha: Why?

The Bull: To create a scenario, baby.

Aaesha: Like what?

The Bull: If you’re a husband or boyfriend, we can create a scenario where I’ll seduce you and fuck you when you’re alone.

Aaesha: Why do I have to have any of that? Can’t I be single?

The Bull: I can tell that you’re not single. And this is kinkier, baby.

Aaesha: Ok, I am married. Now what?

The Bull: Knock-knock.

Aaesha: What’s a knock-knock? (I laughed to myself.)

The Bull: OMG! That’s the sound of your door being knocked. You’re such a beginner. Wait, I’ll send you a comic. Since you’re new to this, read that fully and we will do the same scenario. But with our dialogues.

And he gave me 10 minutes. It was Savitha Bhabhi’s – Special Tailor PDF. I read it all in like 2 minutes, it was hot. Then I started to leak. I wore nightwear and lay in bed waiting for his call.

He again audio called me. He told me that and also said that he was wearing a t-shirt and tracks. Then he sent me a brief plot about how I got to his store and his wife wasn’t there to take measurements.

I went to him in a sexy saree and my husband is a businessman who is always away and not taking care of my needs and all.

The Bull: Hello bhabhi, welcome.

Aaesha: Hello ji, how are you? I am here to stitch a blouse for my anniversary. And where is your wife?

The Bull: She is not feeling well, so she has gone home. You can tell me, I do the stitching here.

Aaesha: Yeah, but your wife takes the measurement and she shows me samples of blouses and tells me how it fits and all.

The Bull: I can show you sample blouses and tell you how it fits. A man can tell how good the blouse is for a woman better than any women Bhabhi ji. (And laughed.)

Aaesha: Yeah, but what about the measurement?

The Bull: That will take less than 2 minutes bhabhi, don’t worry. I am extremely professional. Or else I wouldn’t be the famous tailor around here.

Aaesha: Ok, but what if someone comes in?

The Bull: No worries ji, it’s my lunchtime. I will close my shutter in half and will take measurements and show you the blouse in the room inside.

Aaesha: Ok, I have to get this blouse within 2 days since it’s my anniversary.

The Bull: Don’t worry ji, I’ll stitch the blouse so good not just your husband, no man can take his eyes off you.

Aaesha: You talk nice that’s why you’re so famous around here.

The Bull: I’m taking you to the room with a big mirror and asking you to remove your pallu.

Aaesha: It’s ok to remove my pallu in front of your wife. But I don’t know I’m shy to do that in front of you.

The Bull: I can’t measure properly without removing that ma’am, I’m sorry. Don’t worry, it’s just a professional thing. I’ve also closed the door, so no one would see.

Then I dropped my pallu. I started thinking about how it’d be in real life.

The Bull: Wow ma’am, no wonder all the shopkeepers wait for you to come to the market.

Aaesha: What? They do? Why?

The Bull: I turn you around holding your hands in front of the mirror and say, “See ma’am, how beautiful and sexy you are. Everything is right in all the right places. Your husband is so lucky ma’am.”

Aaesha: Stop it ji, you are making me blush.

The Bull: You look even sexier when you blush, bhabhi.

Aaesha: You are a sweet talker. Is this how you talk to all your clients?

The Bull: All my clients are not hot as you, bhabhi.

Aaesha: Enough flattering me and looking at me, ji. Start taking measurements.

What happened next, you will get to know in the next part.

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