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Seducing My Muslim Friends Wife – Part 3

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The next day at the office, I could not look at my friend and avoided him.

Ali: Macha, sorry da I got sloshed yesterday.

Me: Dei, that’s the only reason we drink, da. Chill buddy, no worries

He still remembered his invitation to stay at his place. The next day came to my room, helped me pack all my clothes, and took me to his home. I met Aaesha, but we didn’t speak much for the first two days. I was avoiding her.

She used to breastfeed the baby in the bedroom. Ali and I arrange the dinner table and talk about office stuff. But whenever he gets a call and goes to the balcony, I peek inside the bedroom and steal glances of her half exposed boobs.

On the third day, I came home earlier, before Ali. She opened the door (wearing a t-shirt, track pants, and veil over her head). I directly went inside my room. I could see she was waiting near the door to talk to me.

Me: You want to say something?

Aaesha: And you don’t?

I said, No, and locked my room to make her think of me.

I was working till Ali came back. After that, we had dinner, and we all sat together. We were chatting for some time with him, avoiding any direct conversation or eye contact with her.

After some time, Ali was lying next to his kid and was making him sleep, but he slept too. I checked him and went into the kitchen for some romantic action that night.

Aaesha: I know you’re standing there (with a serious face)

Me: But how? I didn’t even make a sound.

Aaesha: I can you feel you standing there.

Me: Yea, you can feel me anytime.

Aaesha was trying to keep a serious face but gave in and smiled.

Aaesha: You’re such an ass.

Me: Oh, is that a compliment?

I went closer to her. She hit me playfully, but I held her hand

Aaesha: What’re you doing? Ali is sleeping outside, and he is not even high today. He might get up any time

Me: I know. (and pulled her closer)

Aaesha: Yeah, you avoid talking to me, say you don’t have anything to say to me. And now you do this?

There was no gap between us, and we both looked into each other’s eyes. I made a move. I slowly placed my lips on her and held her waist, and hugged her. Initially, she was not responding. But slowly, she opened her mouth and started responding.

She put her arms around my neck and started kissing me with passion for five minutes. I slowly placed my hand on her ass and started to grind my dick on her pussy region. She lifted her leg and accommodated me, but suddenly she stopped me

Aaesha: This is wrong, and we should stop this before it gets out of hand.

Me: Then hold it in your hand.

I took her hand and made her hold my cock over my track pant. Aaesha gasped and said, “That is definitely big, and it’s hungry.”

Me: Can you cook me something? Since we’re already in the kitchen?

Aaesha: No, I can’t. I am sorry.

Me: At least a little snack.

I moved my dick up and down in her hand. I took my other hand, started moving it from her belly to her boob, circled it over her nighty, and took it to her neck. She started breathing heavily, and her boobs started going up and down. It was a sight to see.

I moved my lips to her neck and started kissing and licking her neck. I suddenly felt more greedy and moved my track a little down and let my cock free. She was shocked. But I kept kissing and biting her collar bone, which made her horny. She started stroking my bare cock slowly.

I moved and looked at her eye. It was filled with pure lust, and she licked her lip with her tongue, and I lost it. I pounced on her lips and started sucking her tongue and saliva. I started rolling down on our cheeks, and we were kissing wildly. She started to stroke my cock faster. I was about to enjoy passionate sex with this married woman.

I slowly unzipped her nighty and started to press her boob. It was so soft as I was touching it for the first time. I was pressing slowly and was about to take it out. We heard a little sound, and we stopped our action for a minute to check if something is happening.

After confirming that it is nothing, I put my hand again and started pressing it and kissing her. I started to feel a few drops of milk on my hand. I licked it from my hand, looking at her. She bit her lips and realized that her boob was almost out. She tried to put it back in.

Me: Don’t. I like to drink milk before going to bed. (and started to kiss her bare boob and suck on it. I was about to reach her nipple)

Aaesha: (stopped me) I can’t give you here, go to your room. I’ll bring you there.

I went in and waited for some time, but no sign of her. I came out to check and found she was lying next to her husband. As soon as she saw me, she smirked at me, pulled the bedsheet over her head, and pretended to sleep. I figured out that it was her revenge for avoiding her today.

The next whole week, nothing happened. Ali also stayed awake helping his wife with the dishes and said, “You don’t have to do that, I’ll do it.”

Later I planned to add sleeping pills in Ali’s milk on Sunday night. I planned to make a move on Sunday night itself. So that I can try and seduce her on Monday morning as well.

Since I was a Senior Manager, I can rotate my shifts. So I planned to change my shifts into night shifts from Monday. I planned to seduce her during the day when Ali isn’t there.

That night I was talking to them in the living room. I told them that I have to talk to US clients tomorrow. So I’ll work night shifts.

Ali: Macha, I will miss this after office conversations.

Me: Fine, I’ll sleep here tonight. We can talk till you sleep, and we can catch up after a week when my shift gets normal.

I was lying next to Ali to make a move on Aaesha. So even if she sees another person sleeping, she’ll think it’s me and let me play with her a bit more. We switched off the lights and were talking for some time. I felt Ali has already slept. I Shook him to confirm and found him in a deep sleep.

Now I slowly went near Aaesha and lifted her blanket. I went and lay behind her and slowly put my hands around her. She thought it was her husband and asked

Aaesha: Ali, what are you doing?

I didn’t respond to her but just started to press her boobs over her nighty.

Aaesha: All these days, your friend was sleeping inside, and you didn’t do anything. Now he is sleeping next to us, and you do all this?

I was glad that she thought it’s Ali. I was glad because she told me that she hasn’t had any action from the day I moved in. It made me confident that I’m going to enjoy it more than what I planned for.

She understood that I’m not leaving her. So she started cooperating by pushing her body back towards me. I rubbed my dick over her ass. I lifted her nighty till her thighs and was pressing her thighs slowly.

She moaned a little bit and turned her head. She started to kiss me and held my cock over my tracks and pressing it hard. I was slowly rubbing my hand on her inner thighs. She started to get more aroused and held my dick, and started pressing it harder.

I used my other hand to unzip her nighty and started sucking her boobs. She started moaning. I was happily drinking her breast milk for some time. Now she was lying on my left hand. I rubbed my dick on her ass from behind with her nighty up till her boobs. My left hand was pressing her boob.

My right hand playing deep in her wet pussy. Her soft hand was over my ass, going up and down. She pushed me towards her to rub my dick hard on her ass, and we were kissing passionately like lovers.

Suddenly there was a little moment from her one-year-old baby lying next to her on her left. We froze for a second. Still, our lips were together, and I gently started rubbing her pussy. She moaned a bit, and we saw a movement from Ali, sleeping next to her baby.

We stopped, and our hearts were jumping, and we both can feel it. She tried to push my hands from her pussy. But I kept rubbing it. She opened her legs apart to give me full access and kissing me passionately.

Ali rolled over again in his sleep and scared the shit out of us. She pulled the blanket over her head to her eyes to check what’s going on.

We halted for a second and started kissing again. Suddenly she moved her hand from my ass to my dick. I felt a current running through me as this was the first time she touched my bare cock. She was playing with it over my tracks, but this was the first time.

Aaesha: Baby, did you take any pills today? Your dick is so hard and so thick and bigger too. Are you excited about doing this next to your friend?

I was licking my tongue with hers, and she was pressing my dick. She went from the balls and rubbed her hand till my tip. She suddenly held the tip of my dick, held the foreskin for a second, and stopped moving her hand.

She stopped kissing me and said, “Stop it, it’s enough.”

I asked her in a husky tone, “What happened? Don’t you like it?” Still rubbing her pussy.

Aaesha: I love it, but I’m a little bit tired. Can we continue this tomorrow?

Me: I can’t control myself till that Aaesha, please (still fingering)

Aaesha: ( moaning from pleasure with the rubbing and moving her ass up and down on my dick ) I like it too, ahhh, but I am tired. It’s been a long day, baby. I want to enjoy this fully tomorrow without any disturbance.

She started sucking my lips so hard and slowly tried to remove my fingers from her pussy. I slowly removed my finger and kept it on her belly for some time. We were breathing so hard and were sweating like pigs.

We both didn’t move an inch, and my dick was still fully hard and was between her ass.

Aaesha: (in a soft and sexy tone) Can I pull my nighty down and go to sleep?

Me: No. (and kissed her neck)

Aaesha: Please, baby. I’ll make it up for this tomorrow

I was excited to know more. So I kissed and nibbled her ear lobes with my lips and one hand on her tummy and the other on her boobs.

“How will you exactly make it up to me?”

Aaesha: By kissing and licking all over you, baby.

Me: And? pinching her nipples

Aaesha: And suck your big cock and drain every single drop of it.

I didn’t want to force her, so I left her. I missed an awesome opportunity to fuck Aesha. I was thinking, when will I ever get a better chance like this, as her husband’s friend, to fuck a sexy Indian wife?

But I was glad all this was happening of her thinking that it’s her husband’s doing. I wanted to use that night to the fullest.

To be continued.

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