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Selena fucked hard & rough by Daniel

Hello readers, this is Selena here. This is a continuation of the previous part of these BDSM stories. As per my husband, Daniel’s instruction, I closed the door and was going to sit next to him. But just before I could sit, he held me tightly.

He tied my hands to the rod on the upper seat with handcuffs. I was now facing the seats tied up, and my husband was behind my back. He then took a kerchief and blindfolded me. He then came close to me and started roughly mauling my soft boobs over my T-shirt.

This made my nipples hard, which he found out and started pinching them, making me shriek out loud. As I let out a shriek, I heard some footsteps outside our cabin as if they were going to come inside.

Just as I was about to warn my husband, he turned my head and started kissing me hard and squeezing my boobs and nipples hard. My husband’s actions were starting to get me hot and my pussy dripping wet.

His hands were roaming around my hips just above my skirt. He was pinching and squeezing all around my hips now. His roughness was turning me into a wild slut.

Then in one swift move, he put his hands inside my skirt and ripped apart my panties. I wasn’t expecting this from my husband. His roughness was new to me. When his fingers touched my bare pussy underneath the skirt, I immediately had an orgasm.

My legs were trembling, and my pussy was discharging cum in full flow. It was a heavenly feeling. My husband was rubbing my already wet pussy. I was now craving for his dick to be shoved right into my pussy. But he didn’t do that.

Instead, he put his hands underneath my t-shirt and ripped apart the t-shirt first and then also my bra. I was now tied up, blindfolded and topless, standing there on public transport. He then came in front and sat on the seat.

He was seated in such a way that my boobs were hanging on his face, ready to be sucked. First, he pinched them one by one and then started sucking them. While doing so, he started fingering my pussy which was still wet and dripping like a slut.

I was moaning so loud like a fucking whore that my voice could be heard till miles. After this, he held his dick near my pussy entrance. It slid inside easily as it was dripping wet. I was riding him like a slut with my tied hands.

He held my hips tight and was making me ride faster and faster. I was still hearing some footsteps outside our cabin. But I was still moaning so loud in ecstasy that I didn’t care about that. My sex pleasure was at its peak.

He then moved over now to my back again and raised my ass. He now kept his hard dick at the entrance of my ass hole and started drilling it like a piston at full speed. Since my ass was not as lubricated as my pussy, initially, I was screaming in pain. It later turned into pleasure.

After an eternity of being fucked roughly by my husband, he finally came in my ass. While doing so, he squeezed my boobs and pinched my nipples hard, making me shriek again. This was the wildest fuck that I had ever had.

And that too, I was fucked while I was dressed. My husband left me in that position and left the cabin. I was alone in the cabin, still tied and blindfolded. As soon as he left, I heard movement outside my cabin other than my husband. But luckily, no one came in.

After some time, my husband returned to our cabin, untied me, and removed the blindfold. He then asked me to go and get freshened up. I first hugged him tight and smooched him, in a way thanking him for the super fuck that I just had with him. So I left my cabin to go and freshen up in the bathroom.

As I came out, the cabin next to us were two youngsters whose cabin door was open. They were playing some slutty music and enjoying drinks and snacks. As soon as they saw me, all of their eyes were stuck on me. I quickly moved towards the bathroom, ignoring them.

After entering the bathroom and viewing myself in the mirror, I realized how messy I was. Any novice could tell that I was fucked like a slut just moments before. I freshened up and went back towards my cabin.

I just tried to peep inside the other cabin, which I surprisingly found was empty. So I just entered our cabin and found ours was empty too. So I just went and sat on my seat and looked outside the window and enjoyed the view.

After some time, my husband entered the cabin and came and sat opposite me. We started discussing the visit we would do with his business clients at the resort. My husband told me that I had to make the two clients, Ritesh and Sahil, sign the business deal.

I had to be ready to do anything to get this work done. I told my husband that I was willing to do anything for him. Our eventful train journey finally ended, and we had to get down for our stop. I was going to take out my bag to put on my lingerie. My hubby had torn the one that I was wearing.

My husband asked me to stay the way I was. He told me to behave like a complete slut for the rest of the trip. He said that there were two boys in the next compartment. I had to bend to pick up something and show them that I was pantyless to be a cock teaser. I just nodded and did what my husband told me to.

I dropped my kerchief and bent to pick it up. The 2 guys must have got a clear view of my pussy. We then got down at our stop. A car was waiting at the station exit to pick us up.

To be continued.

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