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Shy girl with a secret

This is a POV story of BDSM.

First, I like that you’re uncertain because that gives me a chance to show you on your journey. Now coming to your story.

Safeword – red (it can be used to stop the act, and any other word will not be accepted)

Just imagine that this covid shit has calmed down. We came close and decided to meet. But you said you wouldn’t be able to come anywhere except Chandigarh. So I decided that I’d come there and spend time with you.

The date was the 11th of August, and I arrived in Chandigarh. As per schedule, we met in one of your favourite cafes. We talk and talk just like any two normal people would. From the eyes of a stranger, they couldn’t see what we do behind closed doors.

Let’s assume your parents have permitted you to be out for the next two days. (I know it’s very hard to imagine. But for the story, why don’t we?)

We walk out of the cafe and head toward my car. I put a hand on your shoulder and tell you how amazing you are. Then I open up the door for you like a gentleman.

When we get inside the car, I tell you to open the glove compartment. You obey, you see a black leather collar and your eyes gleam, I tell you to wear it, and you hesitate but obey and wear it.

After a long drive, we reached a hotel and not the Oyo kind and good on. I already booked a room and picked up the keys beforehand. So instead of the usual formality in a hotel, we directly go to our room.

When we get to our room and open it up, I tell you to strip in the hallway. There’s no one there, no camera, and no danger. But a thrill that someone might come out and see you in all your nakedness.

You slowly remove all your clothes and stand in front of me. Confused, aroused, and terrified at the same time, with just a black collar to your neck. Then I attach a leash to the collar and order you to crawl on the floor.

You enter the room with me, closing the door behind you. I lift you from your neck and kiss you all over your body, going downwards. First, your neck, then your chest, then your navel, then your pussy. I stop there and lick it like there’s no tomorrow.

I eat it like it’s the best meal of my life. Just when you’re close to cumming I stop. With the leash, I lead you into the bathroom. It has a full-size horizontal mirror allowing you to gaze at yourself.

I look at you in the mirror, straight into your eyes. I whisper that you are owned and have only one purpose: to serve. Breaking you from your daydream, I drag you out of the bathroom and throw you onto the bed.

Without giving you time to settle down, I hold your hands down and tie your left hand to the left bedpost. Your right hand to the right bedpost, and the same for your legs. Now you’re naked, vulnerable, ready to be teased.

For the cherry on top, I cover your eyes with a blindfold which heightens your other senses. Now you’re finally where I want you to be. I tease you first and finally bring out the toys of pleasure.

First is a vibrator I place directly on your clit and kiss you. Then I’ll place nipple clamps on your nipple and leave you for 20 minutes for pure orgasmic bliss. I know when I come back, you’ll be exhausted from the orgasm.

But at the moment, I’ll whisper, this the just the starting. Even after the starting session, I’ll leave you tied up. Just when you thought this was over, you heard the door open.

You know that I’m sitting beside you, and because of the blindfold, you can’t see. You ask me, “Who’s there, sir?” I reply, “Audience for the show.” They sit far from the bed, observing and watching you as you want to be watched.

After the warming up and some last touches, your pussy becomes wet. Welcoming and ready to be fucked is exactly what it’ll get. With that, I insert inside you slowly, then pick up the pace as you get comfortable.

I even untie you to switch you from your position. We try doggy style, face-off, cowgirl, stand and deliver, Missionary and many more. You still have your blindfold on, which goes on for 40 minutes with multiple orgasms they leave.

I take you in my arms, and we cuddle. I remove your blindfold, and then you fall asleep. In sleep, you notice that you start to feel good like you’ve never felt before. When you open your eyes, you see the reason.

I am between your legs licking your pussy, inner and outer labia, sticking down my tongue as far as I can, and making you cum. After we’re done with that, you say, “I want to be fucked again, sir.” I reply only if you dance for me.

You think about it, agree to the offer, and dance for me in the most erotic way possible. As per the deal, I fuck you exactly how you want it and spank you in between.

After we’re done with the session, you ask who those guys were. I reply, “Kinky people who could be trusted and only interested in watching. I can introduce you to them if you want, but that will kill the mystery.”

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