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Sissy boy caught wearing panties by his girl bestie

Hello to all ISS readers. Thank you for your amazing response to my previous story. This is your Erotibot here again with another episode of my life that I will always cherish.

I am Shri, a sissy boy from Chennai. If you have read my previous stories, you might have an idea about me. I am a slutty sissy boy who loves to crossdress, wear makeup, and be a proper girl.

I have a feminine body with nice titties with extra sensitive nipples, a pear-shaped bottom, and a sissy clit that leaks like a woman.

It was in April 2020. The country was on a lockdown. Cases were rising, and the whole city had come to an abrupt halt. So did everything in my life. My parents were paranoid about me moving out. I was stuck at home. I was starving for some alcohol, a joint, and some action.

I was getting depressed at home. I connected with my friends only virtually, and it was getting boring. The only friend I was allowed to meet was my girl best friend Priya, who lived a few houses away from mine.

We have been friends since our childhood. We share everything between us. I’ve told her that I was bi after my first experience. We have discussed all topics from cartoons to porn. But I never told her about my feminine side. It’s been my dirty secret always.

Since it was a lockdown and I had nothing useful to do, I engaged in many sissy Hypnos. I was at the peak of my sissy mode. Sadly I couldn’t meet anyone. This was frustrating. I was always wearing panties at home under my boy tracks. I was fully smooth.

I always wore a bra when I was locked in my room. My clitty was leaking precum continuously. One afternoon my friend Priya called me home. She said that she’s managed to get some booze from a bootlegger. She asked me to score a joint somehow. She said we were going to party all night.

I was excited as it’s been quite some time since I got high on anything. I told my parents that I was staying over at Priya’s place. I left for her place at around 9. We ordered some Chinese and settled in. We poured ourselves two large pegs of double black on the rocks.

We started sipping with some mellow trance in the background. We were ranting about our situation, locked down with nothing to do. A few more rounds in, we lit our joint and passed it on while she dropped it down. I bent down to pick it up, so my t-shirt rose slightly.

While I got up after picking the joint, she gave me a mischievous smile. I was curious as I didn’t know what had happened. When I pushed her to tell me why she was smiling like that, she said, “Nice panties, girl!” I was shocked to hear that.

I forgot I was wearing my bright pink satin lace panties under my track pants. My face flushed red, and I knew I was caught.

Priya: So Miss, Do you want to explain that to me?

I put my head down and was shying off like a girl.

Priya: Go ahead. I’d love to hear the story behind this.

I was high and drunk, and she pushed the right words toward me. I opened up. I told her everything about being a sissy boy and my love for dressing up and girly things.

How I love to please men dressed up like a sissy and how much I love sucking cock and making a man moan. She was kind of shocked and intimidated by everything she heard.

Priya: You are one dirty slut, man. How come you never showed any hints of this all these years?

Me: I have been this way since my school. I’ve been very careful about people not knowing it.

Priya: But why didn’t you tell me? You have had a secret from me for all this while. Don’t talk to me. I’m pissed at you.

Me: Sorry, di. I was shy so I couldn’t tell you. I didn’t want you to judge me.

Priya: I never judged you when you told me you got fucked by two guys. Why am I going to judge you now?

I was guilt-tripping, and I was feeling bad. I was doing all I could to console her, but she was playing hard.

Me: Ok, I’m sorry it was wrong to keep this a secret. I do anything you ask me to do to get even.

She kept thinking for a while and stubbed the joint. She kept looking at me and said, “Ok, miss, let’s get even. Take your sissy ass off the couch and follow me to my room.”

I was stunned by her words and followed her obediently to her room. Her room was always a girl’s paradise. Pale purple walls with pink butterflies painted all over. A nice comfy bed and all girlie stuff were thrown around the room. It was messy, but it was cute.

Once inside the room, she sat on her bed facing me and said, “Strip.” I was confused, though. Being such close friends, we have never had anything sexual between us or not have we seen each other undressed. I looked at her, and she smiled and said again, “Strip! you bitch.”

I was also in a trance and following her orders. This was a dream come true for me after weeks of sissy Hypnos. My clit got hard under the panties as I threw my t-shirt and tracks away. I was now standing in front of my girl best friend in only my bright pink satin lace panties. I was embarrassed as well as excited.

Priya: Oh, what’s that poking out? It looks like someone is excited.

I smiled sheepishly at her as she got out of her bed and came close to me. She pulled the pantie uptight, causing a wedgie. I felt the fabric pulling in my erection, and I got soft.

Priya: Much better now!

She got to her dresser, rummaged through her clothes, and returned with a matching bra.

Priya: This might be tight for you but will hold your tittles nicely.

She helped me clasp the bra from the back and adjust the cups. The bra was a bit tight, and I had difficulty breathing. But it held my tits nice and gave them an amazing shape and a deep cleavage.

Priya: Wow, they serve you better. This bra never gave me such a cleavage. You got such a nice feminine body. Now I understand why guys come behind you.

She then gave me a black spandex dress, which hugged my body in the right places. She then did some simple makeup on me. I couldn’t believe how slutty I looked when I saw myself in the mirror.

Priya: I guess tonight is going to be a girl’s night.

Me: Why don’t you also dress up? Let’s party.

Priya: If you say so, babe.

She quickly removed her t-shirt in a flash In front of me. I was shocked to see her in just her bra for the first time. She had amazing tits that were held tight by her comfy bra. She turned around, went to her dresser and unclasped her bra.

I was getting turned on looking at her back. She turned her head at me and saw the bulge in the dress.

Priya: Girls don’t get hard, babe. We change like this all the time.

Me: But this is my first time seeing you like this, babe. You are hot!

Priya: (blushes) Stop staring and help me clasp this bra.

I went close to her as she struggled to pull it along. I helped her put on her bra. She now turned around, and I almost fainted. She wore a black push up bra, which was made of lace. I was staring at her melons, drooling as she snapped me back to reality.

Priya: I guess you are getting too high. Why don’t you go down and fix us a drink? I’ll be there in a few minutes.

I followed her orders and went down. It felt so good to walk down in the dress. I was in my sissy mode now. I walked like a girl and handled the glass and bottles. I set the table, opened our food, and waited for Priya.

She came down dressed in a short dress that came mid-thigh. She was wearing minimal makeup and let her hair loose. She looked stunning, and I was envious of her hourglass structure. For comparison, she looks like Tamil actress Divya Bharati.

We both smiled at each other, cheered, and started drinking again. We chatted like girls. We were gossiping and discussing all things dirty. It was very clear that we were both horny with the lockdown. We were getting high, and we lit the second joint.

After a few puffs, I asked Priya.

Me: So tell me, do you have any secrets you haven’t shared.

Priya thought for a while and denied it. I felt she was lying, and I pushed her to open up. It wasn’t hard as she was also high.

Priya: Actually, I have one. It’s not a secret, but it’s a fantasy. I’ve always wanted to try it out with a girl. It’s been a fantasy since I watched lesbian porn for the first time.

Me: Ok, that’s news to hear. But why haven’t you tried it yet? I’m sure women of all ages will want to do it with you with a body like that.

Priya: Ha ha ha, stop pulling my leg. I’ve been very paranoid about it. So I haven’t given it a try. Sometimes I imagine a girl rubbing me or eating me out while masturbating.

Me: Mmmm, ok, so leave this to me. I’ll find someone as sexy as you to help you out on your fantasy.

Priya: Seriously? Why find someone when I find you as sexy as a hot girl! Do you want to be my lesbian slut?

I was stunned. She came close to me and kissed my lips, looking directly at me. I was not responding as I didn’t know what was happening. Her hands went behind me, held my butt cheeks and pulled me closer to her.

Our bodies were rubbing, our bra-clad boobs rubbing against each other. I came out of my shock and slowly started responding to her kiss. We were smooching, eating our tounges out. It was wet and sloppy. We were both at the peak of our high, which felt amazing.

We didn’t know how long we were making out. Our hands were moving around and squeezing around each other. She pulled out of the kiss and pulled up my dress to my neck to remove my right boob from the cup. She started slowly darting her tongue around my nipple.

I was in heaven. I started moaning loudly. After a while, she took the other nipple. She directly attacked me by sucking my left boob into her mouth this time. She was looking at me while doing this. I was so fucking turned on but felt strange.

I was not hard, but I could feel my clit making my panty sticky and wet. This was a new feeling for me. She kept playing with my boobies for quite some time, and we were both panting. We both went for another drink, and now it was my turn.

I pulled her dress off her, threw it away, and pushed her on the couch. She was not wearing any panties and was lying on the couch in just her black lace bra. It was a sight that I screenshot in my memory.

Being the sissy girl I am, I knew how to please a woman. I took her feet and started eating out her fingers one by one. This was the first time someone had ever done this to her. She was lost in ecstasy. I slowly made my way up, licking her toes, eating her calves and kissing her thighs. She was moaning in pleasure.

I kissed and licked all around her abdomen, leaving her pussy alone. She was high as fuck and in pleasure moaning. I now went up, playing with her navel and midriff, eating her hips and now came to her boobs. She looked at me with those eyes full of lust, panting hard and pleading to give her a break.

Me: It’s just the beginning, babe. Girls’ night is going to be fun.

I undid her bra and removed it to reveal her soft boobs, which felt like marshmallows. I gave her a taste of her teasing. I went slow and erotic on one side and rough and wild. She was so turned on that she was leaking, and her juices were flowing.

She put two fingers in her pussy scooped her juices, and directly pushed them into my mouth. I sucked her fingers clean like I’d suck any dick. This was turning her on even more.

Priya: Now be a good girl and do what you are meant to do, you sissy girl.

I got her cue and knew she wanted it. I went down between her legs. I positioned myself like a doggy and looked right at her eyes. Without breaking eye contact, I started licking off all that she had leaked. Her juices were yummy. I started playing with her clit making her leak more and more.

While doing so, she started playing with her nipples and was moaning hard. I kept licking and tongue fucking her. I varied my rhythm and pattern giving her utmost pleasure. I took her to the edge and suddenly stopped to see her orgasm. Her eyes rolled up, her body shivered, and she pinched her nipples.

While she was getting down, I started making out with her pussy lips again. I was flicking her clit this time. She orgasmed over my mouth, holding my head tight with her hands and locking me in place with her thighs.

She released me once her double orgasm subsided and made me lick her clean. We both were damn tired, and we just passed out just like that. She is naked on the couch with her legs wide open. I am between her legs with her juices all over my face.

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