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Sister’s Indian Lesbian Sex Experience

Hello guys, I’m back with my younger sister’s lesbian sex encounter this time.

My younger sister Shaila was 5”7 in height, weighed about 50 kilos and had a great body. Though she had lost her muscles, her body had become thicker now. She had become a little chubby, but she was cute as hell and hot as fire.

Shaila loved to experiment and was a fun-loving whore. She was a freelancer and free soul and often had sex with different boys every week. She was studying at Delhi University and was pursuing a degree in commerce.

She used to stay in a hostel with a girl called Anisha. They both were great friends and often called boys over the weekend to their room and used to have sex with them. They even had threesomes and foursomes. Life was lit for them.

But due to some unfortunate events, Anisha was forced to shift to Mumbai as her college had ended. She had gotten an offer from NIFT in Mumbai to teach there.

Shaila got upset on hearing this news, and she was filled with emotions. She was quite overwhelmed. She was her only friend, and now she was leaving too.
After Anisha moved out, Shaila stopped calling boys for sex to her room as she felt unsafe.

It had been 2 months since Shaila lived alone. Then a girl from PEARL University called Anushka moved in with her. As time passed, Anushka and Shaila became good friends and often partied. Once again, Shaila’s life was full of colour.

One night after a day and night full of partying, they both returned to their room. They were exhausted and very drunk. Shaila went straight to bed after changing her dress. She wore a mini shorts without panties and a loose men’s t-shirt.

She slept instantly. But Anushka was very high. She undressed took off her heels and her black viscose dress. She became naked and jumped over Shaila.
This woke Shaila up, and she saw Anushka naked. She saw that she had small boobs and a big muscular ass while her body was well built.

Shaila, at first, thought of going back to sleep. So she did, but she was interrupted by Anushka. She came over to Shaila and started forcing Shaila to take her clothes off. She ripped her loose t-shirt apart only to find the most perfect and beautiful pair of big boobs with erect nipples.

She was in awe, and she complimented Shaila for her sexy upper body. Then she moved on to remove her shorts. She came across Shaila’s pussy which was trimmed, but a lot of hair could still be seen on her pussy. She and Anushka were both quite sweaty, and their bodies smelt of alcohol.

Anushka pushed Shaila on the bed and then sprang over her. She intimately began kissing her lovely and soft pink lips. Shaila tried to get her off her body. But she was quite strong and resisted this.

Anushka then started to French kiss Shaila, and lo! She was all seduced and horny by Anushka, and she got lost in kissing her. They both spat in each other’s mouths and on their faces and licked off the saliva from their faces. It was all very messy and dirty. But they both enjoyed it thoroughly.

As the night passed, they both slept naked on each other. They woke up naked on top of each other in the morning and remembered nothing about the night before. They were quite surprised on seeing each other naked and that too in bed together.

So they both woke up, hung up and confused and dazed with no memories of anything. It was quite awkward, but Shaila quickly got up, went to the shower, took a bath, and left for college after. Anushka didn’t bathe, and she went and checked her phone.

She found a picture of Shaila and her having sex with each other. This aroused her. She masturbated and then left for college too. They both returned home late, around 9 pm.

On returning home, Anushka told Shaila about their sex the night before. She even showed Shaila the pics on her phone as she didn’t believe this. This made both of them horny. Shaila touched Anushka’s face and began caressing her body.

She said, let us do it once again. They both undressed each other and straight away went in 69 position. They started to lick each other’s pussies madly, just like a dog eats a bone. Loud moans began. Their pussies were very wet, and they both enjoyed themselves to the fullest.

Anushka got up and began pressing Shaila’s soft orange like boobs. She slowly began licking them like an ice lollipop. Shaila was overjoyed. When Anushka finally began sucking her hard nipples, she screamed. While she ate her nipples and bit them, she slowly inserted her left hand into her wet pussy.

She began massaging her swollen clit and went deeper and deeper until she reached her G spot. Shaila’s moans grew stronger. She began losing consciousness, Anushka now started fingering her vigorously, and the extreme pleasure could be seen on Shaila’s face.

Her features became tensed, and her thighs began trembling. She couldn’t stop the urge to orgasm. Finally, her pussy exploded out gushed her squirt straight on Anushka’s face.

Anushka couldn’t believe it that she made a girl squirt. Instantly, Shaila inserted her fingers into her pussy and one in her ass. She began drinking the squirt off her face, and French kissed. It was Anushka’s turn now. Shaila took her ass finger and forced it into Anushka’s mouth.

It tasted like shit, but she enjoyed it. Shaila then took a big mouthful of spit in her hand and put it into her pussy and ass. Then she inserted a dildo which she took out from underneath her bedside table. The dildo was big, and Anushka couldn’t handle the pain. But she kept pulling it in and out of her pussy.

Anushka’s face became red and flushed with pain and pleasure. She screamed, “Yeah, baby.” Suddenly, Shaila went into her washroom, got her vibrating toothbrush and stuck it inside her like a real-life vibrator. Anushka was about to reach her climax and was moaning like a wolf.

She screamed, “Fuck,” and a warm squirt hurried out of her pussy and came on Shaila’s body. She could feel the warmth of the cum on her body, and she began licking it and then made Anushka open her mouth. She dumped the squirt into her mouth.

Their bed was half wet from all the squirt and the sweat and saliva. So they both cuddled together and slept with their hands in each other’s pussies and went off into deep slumber.

The next morning, they both woke up fresh and kissed each other hard. They went into the shower together applied soap to each other’s bodies. They fingered their pussies inside in cool water from the tap.

They were madly in love with each other’s bodies. Soon they realized maybe they were lesbians. But they didn’t ponder over this as they were getting late for their classes.

At night they both came home together and celebrated that they both had been placed at a company called ‘Fit hit.’ They opened a bottle of Champagne and began talking about the future and the past.

They both took off each other’s tops. Anushka wore a linen shirt while Shaila wore a blue shirt with a jacket. Slowly Shaila took off Anushka’s panties and found that she was wearing a pair of Victoria’s Secret thongs.

Shaila put her thongs into her mouth. She took in the juices from her pussy and could smell the aroma of her sweat and cum. Anushka took off Shaila’s bra and her crotchless panties. She sat over her legs on top of her. They could feel each other’s warm breaths and the precipitation on their faces.

Shaila said to her, “Baby, I think I love you, and I want to stay with you forever.” Anushka threw Shaila off her body and said, “Let’s have some fun.” Anushka held her hand and took her into the balcony, where a strong and cool wind was blowing.

She lifted Shaila’s leg. It was quite muscular for a woman of 26 years of age. She began moving her hand up and down her spine. She felt a shiver down her spine, making her even more excited. Then she started spanking Anushka’s soft ass, and she licked her body from top to bottom.

Then Anushka said to her, “Let’s try something new. She told her to try scissoring. Shaila was apprehensive at first as she didn’t know if it was the right thing to do. But Anushka convinced her, and soon their pussies began touching each other.

They began at a slow pace and kissed each other while doing it. They increased the pace. They began enjoying more and more. Their moans got louder. Their movement became tense. Soon they began scissoring so fast that their mattress on the floor began shaking.

Both screamed, but they didn’t stop until they both reached their orgasm and squirted on each other’s bodies. They were not worried about anything and were very carefree. They both fell in each other’s loveable arms kissed each other good night. They went off to sleep outside on the balcony on their mat.

At night, Shaila woke up. She fingered herself and masturbated. She took her phone and called me. She told me all about her encounter with a woman and told me she felt she was a lesbian.

I listened to her tale patiently. Her story was so hot that it made me hard. I began masturbating, trying to imagine the scene in my head while I was talking to her. I disconnected the phone. As soon I did, I cum, and there was cum all over my chest. Then I slept naked.

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