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Son Fucked His Housewife Mom On Vacation

Hi friends, my name is Vicky and I am from Hyderabad. This story is about me and my mom that happened 1 year ago.

We are a family of 3; me, my mom and dad and we are living in Hyderabad. My father’s name is Harish and his age is 48. He works as a marketing agent, so most of the time he is living outside. My sexy mom’s name is Geetha and her age is 40. She is a housewife.

This started when I was of 23 years. I was doing my post-graduation at that time and I used to go to college once in a while. Mostly, I used to stay at home watching porn and masturbating in my room.

As usual, my dad went for marketing to Delhi and he was going to be back in 2 weeks. As I had holidays, so I planned for an outing. Then I asked my mother for the same. She replied –

Mom: Let’s go, I am also bored.

Then I planned to visit Vizag to which my mom also agreed. Soon, we planned everything. We started our journey from Hyderabad by car. I really had no plans and the courage to seduce my mom.

So, everything was going smoothly. We reached our hotel in Vizag by late night. As we were tired, we went to freshen up. Soon, I completed my bath and then my mom went into the bathroom. After she went into the bathroom, I came to know that the door was not properly closed.

Suddenly, a wind blew and the door was opened by the wind. Now I could clearly see my naked mom. When she saw me looking at her, she immediately closed the door. But I couldn’t believe what I saw.

My dick was fully erected and my intention to fuck my mom started. When she came out of the bathroom, she didn’t say anything. I also acted as nothing happened and both of us went to sleep.

As there was only one bed and I and my mom were sleeping together. She turned to the other side and now I was having only her back shape. I was thinking of her nude body, which I have just seen. I was getting hard erections and this was something I had never seen. Now I couldn’t handle it anymore.

I was wearing small shorts, so I pulled my dick out and started masturbating. It was her nude body which made me do this. I was enjoying every stroke now. Suddenly, my mom shook me and said –

Mom: Beta, what are you doing?

Me: Nothing, mom.

Then she removed the blanket and she was shocked to see my 7 inches dick.

Mom: What’s going on?

Me: Mom, I am a boy. At this age, it is common. Seeing you naked made me so hard. Now I don’t know what to do, so I am pleasuring myself.

Mom: This is not at all acceptable. So, please go to sleep. We’ll talk tomorrow.

Me: Ok.

And then we both went to sleep without any further talk.

The next day morning, I saw my mom dressed sexily. Soon, we took bath and then we started to our next location which was nearby. It was a valley. While driving, my mom said –

Mom: Look, what happened yesterday is common. But you should not do it in front of your mom.

I didn’t say anything. Then slowly she asked –

Mom: How often do you masturbate?

Me: Whenever I feel horny.

Mom: Do you have a girlfriend?

I said: No, mom.

Mom: So, are you still a virgin?

Me: Yes.

Then there was silence as we reached the valley. It was too cold, so we immediately went to our rooms. There was nothing to do as it was too cold. So, we started talking. This time, I asked her –

Me: Mom, how often dad fucks you?

At first, she hesitated, but then she said –

Mom: Once in a month or two.

I was shocked to hear this. Then I asked her –

Me: Why?

Mom: You know your dad is busy and when he is free, he drinks. So, he doesn’t have time to pleasure me.

Me: Then how do you get satisfied?

Mom: Nothing, I sacrifice my desires whenever I feel low.

Then I grabbed some courage and asked her –

Me: Can I satisfy you?

She said: If anyone comes to know, then it will be shameful.

On this, I said, “Who will say this to others? I am your son and I am always here to protect you.”

She thought for a while and said –

Mom: We can, but only once. That too because I want to teach you as a mother.

Soon I undressed and stood in front of her. She smiled and then we both started to foreplay. Then I undressed her and said –

Me: This is my first experience.

Mom: Don’t worry.

Then she made me lay on the bed. She held my dick and sucked like a pro. I was going mad and I wanted to start immediately. But I waited to take every part.

Then I unhooked my mom’s bra and pressed her boobs. Her boobs were like sponges. Then I made her lie on the bed and licked her pussy.

Mom: This is my first time. Your dad doesn’t do anything and he just fucks and leaves.

I said: Don’t worry, mom. I will apply my porn knowledge and satisfy you.

Then I took some oil and massaged my mom’s boobs and pussy. She applied it on my dick. I couldn’t wait so I started entering in her pussy. The first time was awesome. She just screamed, “Ahhh..”

Then I slowly took out my penis and started fucking my mother’s pussy. She was still like a virgin, I think my dad didn’t use her pussy much.

When I was fucking her, I was literally feeling it. Seeing this, I asked her –

Me: How long are you waiting for this?

Mom: Since my marriage, your dad has only a 5-inch long penis, which ejaculates within 5 minutes. I really never enjoyed it. This is what I was waiting for. Now please don’t stop. Come on beta, fuck me hard! I am totally yours today.

Hearing that, I changed to doggy which I like and fucked her. After about 25 minutes, I cummed in her pussy. She also cummed a lot. Then I went to the washroom to pee. After that, I came back and started our second session.

That session lasted almost 30 minutes. Like this, we made 4 rounds till morning. The next day, we were exhausted, so we slept nicely.

The next day we were about to leave, but my mom said –

Mom: Let’s not break honeymoon in the middle.

So we stayed back to get some more pleasure.

I hope you people enjoyed my experience. This is only the beginning, so be ready for the next story. Please do write your valuable feedback, so it will help me in my next story.

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