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Sukhpreet Becomes Sally

Hi, my name is Sally. Actually, it’s Sukhpreet Kaur. I am from Chandigarh. 5.5 ft tall with 34DD-32-36. This story is about my changeover from Sukhpreet to Sally.

To begin with, let me introduce myself. I am a 23-year-old married pious female from Chandigarh. Me and my husband planned on moving abroad. So we got married, and I moved to Gold Coast on a study visa. He followed as a spouse.

Being new to the country, I initially had challenges settling in. I was cheated by a landlord, etc. I had a friend Rakesh who came to my rescue. He was 9 years older than me, and we moved in together. He rented a small house close to the beaches, where he worked part-time.

We 4 stayed together, Rakesh (30), Avneet (25), my husband and me. Avneet was another girl from HP with 32DD-26-32 figure. Rakesh is also from India but Mumbai.

Things went well for a couple of months with tiffs between Avneet and me. We didn’t get along well. Since I shifted, I always saw her spend a lot of time with Rakesh. We had a terrible fight, and I shifted from them, only to shift 3 more houses in the next three months.

I also fought with my husband as he was pissed with my constant shifting. That night I was removed from the last place. I was on the street park with my luggage, looking for a place. I found a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Rakesh standing there.

I told him what had happened and begged him to let me stay. He was not agreeing. He said things are not the same. He first cursed me and then agreed. He picked up my luggage and brought me home. When I entered the house, it felt different.

I saw Avneet was wearing hot shorts and a deep neck top. She was smoking. Rakesh told her I was moving in again, and she did not heed. I went to my room and dozed off. I woke up in the middle of the night with some moaning noises.

They were coming from the living room area. I peeped out only to get the shock of my life. Avneet and Rakesh were having sex, she was riding him very hard, and her boobs were bouncing.

Rakesh: Aaah, fuck baby, you are so wild today. Your pussy is so drenched!

Avneet: Your hard cock makes me so wet. I was naked and was waiting for you to come and fuck me, but she came in. I was so mad at you. Now fuck me harder, suck my boobs.

Rakesh: My bitch always ready for my cock,

He turned her. She quickly gave him a blowjob. That’s when I saw Rakesh’s big boner. He must be at least 7.5 inches long and 2 inches thick. He turned her around and started pounding her from behind. He held her boobs and licked her neck.

I was too aroused. I had not had sex since months. I lowered my pyjamas and panty and started fingering myself. Rakesh fucked Avneet for a good 30 minutes in different positions and came on her. I had come three times by then. They both cleaned themselves and went and slept naked.

The next morning I woke up and had a bath. I went out to have breakfast only to see Avneet was sitting in Rakesh’s lap in her bra and short skirt. I could see she hadn’t worn any panties. When I came out, she got up and came close to me.

Avneet: What? Why are you taken aback? You enjoyed our action very well last night. Then what’s so surprising in this? (Pointing to her clothes)

I was speechless, but I lied,

Me: I was asleep. What are you talking about?

Just then, Rakesh switched on the TV and showed me the footage of me fingering myself.

Rakesh: Somebody enjoyed the live porn session three times, huh! And they both started laughing

I was embarrassed and shocked. Just then, Avneet broke the ice,

Avneet: There’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It’s okay everyone needs sex.
(She had that seductive look in her ) And looking at his cock anyone can get horny. We record our fuck sessions, so there are cameras in the house.

And I saw a list of thumbnails of their sex videos. My eyes gazed at one particular video and where the thumbnail showed Avneet being double penetrated. Rakesh caught me looking at that video and played that video.

Avneet was in a see-through cover, drinking and smoking. Rakesh made her naked in front of his friend first and then fucking her with him. She was getting fucked by Rakesh and sucking his friend Ritesh’ cock. And then they both fucked her sandwiched between them.

The video was so intense I was super horny then. Avneet started licking my neck and pressing my boobs. I was giving a feeble resistance, but she put her hand in my pyjamas to find me wet. She signalled Rakesh, and he stood there with his naked cock right in front of me

Avneet: (speaking in my ear) See how hard it is, like a hot rod. Which will melt your hot and wet pussy.

She started fingering me. He held my hand and led it to his cock, and I started stroking it. Rakesh leaned forwards and gave me a smooch, and I also started responding to his. Meanwhile, Avneet removed my clothes and made me naked.

We all were naked. Avneet made me lie on the sofa and started licking my pussy. Rakesh brought his hard cock near my mouth. I started sucking his hard cock, and he was pushing it down my throat in a minute.

Avneet had fingered and licked me to arouse me to the hilt. She got up, made me lie on the couch, spread my legs, and guided her boyfriends cock in my pussy. It hurt at first, but it felt great in a few minutes with the wetness. Rakesh kept pounding me and cursing me

Rakesh: What a tight pussy you have, so wet! So tight! Avneet was licking my boobs and fingering my clitoris.

Me: Aaahh fuck me, harder, push harder. This feels so good. Lick my boobs

Rakesh: Yes, I will, from now on every day. I am going to fuck you never like before. I will make you my cock sucking bitch.

He pounded me for 10 minutes, and I came bard on his cock and was exhausted. Avneet sucked his cock and came to cover me, and kissed me to give me a taste of my juices. Her boobs were rubbing with mine.

Rakesh positioned himself. He put it in her ass and started pounding her.

Avneet: Slowly, you son of bitch.

She looked at me and gave me a smooch. We both were moving with his strokes, and our boobs and pussies rubbed against each other. He pounded ber for 15 minutes. She moaned loudly, and I felt wet on my pussy. She came. But he was still hard.

I pushed him on the sofa and forgot everything about being married and having a husband. My phone rang, and I could hear it call my husband’s name. But I wanted sex. I pushed Rakesh on the sofa, started riding him, and pushed my boobs in his mouth.

Me: Bite them. Harder… yes… yes…You were right. You cannot let his cock go. He sucks like an experienced fucker. Fuck me. I am also your bitch from today. I will spread my legs for you whenever you want.

He fucked me for 15 minutes and came inside me. I felt the cum in me after so many months and felt so satiated. Avneet got up and licked the cum off my pussy, and kissed me to share it with me.

We three slept naked after that, together with Rakesh in between. When I woke up, my boob was in Rakesh’ mouth. I saw his cock. I went forward and kissed his prick and licked it some. I was in love with this man. He fucked me so well.

I saw my phone only to find 20 missed calls and messages from my husband. I texted him back that I was busy. I kept the phone aside to get fucked again

I will tell what happened next and how my life changed to Sally in the next part.

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