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Surprise Birthday Party – Part 1 (Sex With 2 Young Maids)

I was in my mid-twenties and was friendly with a couple, Asha and Rajat. They were rich and really enjoyed life. We shared a very open relationship and spoke openly about a lot of things. But I had never intruded between them. Even though I guessed that if I hinted, I could probably share a bed with them.

This actually helped keep our friendship stronger I always felt. I was turning 26 and Asha and Rajat invited me home on that day. They said that it was to be a special dinner for me with a surprise.

Asha and Rajat had twin babies aged about 2. And since they both worked hard, they had 2 girls who helped at home. One was Ria and the other Munni. They were 21 and 29 respectively. I had never noticed these two much, except in a casual manner. Both were not so attractive to look at and had average looks.

Ria was a bit slim and had fairly small breasts since whenever she wore any dress, one did not notice her breasts much. But she had a curvy body like an hourglass.

Munni on the other hand was more heavily built and had quite large breasts. And she was somewhat even called fat. She did not have an hourglass body. But with large breasts and an equally big bottom, she had her own curvy body.

I reached their home by the evening and we had the usual cake cutting, some wine and then dinner. As luck would have it, it was also raining heavily.

So Asha and Rajat insisted that I should stay back with them that night. I was wondering what the surprise they had mentioned since I had no hint till then. I reluctantly agreed to stay back and they said that I could use the guest room.

Then I finally said good night and when I entered the room I found it to be dark with no lights on. Keeping the door open, I started to look for the switch when Asha closed the door behind me and I was in total darkness. I was surprised and stood there so I could adjust to the darkness and find the light.

Then I suddenly felt that there was someone else in the room! And before I could react, I found a pair of hands hugging me from behind in a caressing way. Immediately, another pair of hands came from the front and wrapped themselves around my neck and held me even as a pair of lips started kissing my cheeks.

I could only mumble, “Who is this??” when one of the women said –

Woman: Relax and enjoy the surprise.

The voice seemed familiar and I guessed that it must be the young maids Ria and Munni. It was a surprise, I can tell you.

From the size, I realised that Munni was in front of me and Ria was behind me. Munni had now started to undress my shirt even as she kissed me. Ria was unbuckling my pants. Then I said –

Me: This is unfair.

And Munni said that: You better listen to what we say. Because the surprise must be complete.

So I kept quiet and soon the young maid Munni pulled my shirt off, even as Ria dropped my pants down and started to pull my underwear down. Soon, I was stark naked and suddenly the two left me and I was feeling foolish in the dark.

Munni: You must locate us by the sound of our voice and undress us.

I could hear one small voice and slowly walked towards it with my hands outstretched. Then I suddenly felt an arm and held it. Groping around, I realise it was Ria who was now giggling. My hands groped and searched and found her cute breasts and realised that she was wearing a salwar.

So hugging her, I searched for and found her zipper at the back. I quickly opened it and pulled her top off her. Again hugging her, I struggled with her bra strap and finally managed to open that too. Then my hands went to young maid’s breasts to hold them and play with them. She pushed them away and toward her pant.

Then I undid the thread and dropped it, held her panty and pulled that down in a flash. The moment I removed her legs from her pant and panty, she walked away.

Ria: You must now find Munni.

By then, I had a huge erection and I was mad with desire, but I enjoying the game also. My eyes were now accustomed to the darkness and so I could see better. I could notice Munni near the bed and walking as if I were going away from her. Then I suddenly lunged at her and held her.

She was wearing a saree and catching hold of the pallu. I started pulling it off a bit rough since I was quite overcome with desire. She turned around like a Draupadi and soon her saree was off. I fumbled around to find the clasp of her blouse and then realised it was in the front and not back. Then my hands went to her breasts.

The temptation was to undo the blouse. But the greater temptation was to play with young servant’s breasts. I somehow managed to get her blouse off and simply lifted the bra, so I could get at her breasts. And before she realised my mouth was down and I started sucking hungrily and making slurping noises.

By then, they were also in the mood and Munni removed her petticoat herself. Then I slid my hand down to push her panty down, only to find she was not wearing any panty. My hands found her hairy bush and I could feel the slight wetness and stickiness of her juices already flowing.

Now my hands were caressing and squeezing her ample bottom. I was still bent down as I continued to suckle her breasts and so there was a gap between the two of us. By this time Ria had managed to put on a small light which gave us enough light to glimpse, what we were doing.

Then she sat down and getting between us took my cock in her mouth. I gasped since that was unexpected. So even as I suckled Munni and played with her bottom, Ria was busy sucking, my cock and playing with my balls and this was feeling wonderful.

I was too hot to hold on and the two women were driving me crazy. And before I could realise, I had started cumming. And even as I groaned and started pumping into Ria’s mouth, I found her holding me steady and she sucked me dry, drinking up every drop of my cum. I almost went deep into her throat as I fucked her mouth.

I was a bit relaxed now and the initial fire had died down. Now I could start to enjoy myself. Ria and Munni said that they needed to be taken care of also. And I said I would do so without fail. Both were wet and ready and hungry. Then I made them sleep next to each other on the bed.

I used my mouth and tongue on Ria. She had a smaller pussy that could be licked with a tongue. Simultaneously, I used my fingers to play with Munni’s pussy. My licking and fingering were having their effect and Ria was soon writhing and squirming moaning softly and that was turning me on.

Munni on the other hand seemed a quiet sort except for slight moans. She was enjoying the finger fucking. Then I found myself hard again soon as I kept licking and fingering both.

The young maid Ria was now ready to cum I could feel it and she said in between her moaning-

Ria: Oh god, please put it in now!!

Munni even the older girl, managed to tell me in between –

Munni: Go ahead; fuck her now. I can wait a while it’s ok.

Taking my finger out and tongue, I quickly moved up Ria’s body and my cock found her dripping cunt easily. With one smooth movement, I entered her. Ria gasped and her mouth was now open with tongue peeping out. Her eyes were wide open and I started stroking her fast and furious.

Having already cum earlier, I could hold on and even as Ria arched her head back and gave her cunt up to me.

What happened next, you’ll get to know in the next part.

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