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Surprise Birthday Party – Part 2

The young Indian maid Munni who was now sitting up and watching us started talking to me-

Munni: Vicky baba, come on, fuck her fast! Ram her cunt deeper and make her scream. I can see her juices being churned and hear the lachak-lachak of the fucking. Hey Ria, spread your legs for Vicky baba and get fucked properly.

Hearing all this crazy talk was making me go even wild and the other maid Ria was practically bucking like a horse. Then Munni bent down and started sucking Ria’s small breasts. And in between, she kept saying –

Munni: Come on, fuck her, fuck her.

Soon Ria started cumming and started moaning loudly. And with a loud “ohhh”, she started squirming. Then she came and I could not hold on any longer and also started to cum inside her. Munni could see that I was also cumming and started saying –

Munni: Come on Vicky baba, cum inside Ria. Cum for us. Fill her cunt with your juice. Yeahhh, cum like that. Don’t stop fucking now. Keep fucking her, Vicky baba. Let Ria’s cunt suck all your juice fully.

Then I finally collapsed on the young servant Ria, almost dead and both were breathing heavily now. I turned and slept on the bed tired and spent. Then Munni came to me and said –

Munni: Tired, dear? Don’t worry, I will make you feel better. Remember, I need to be fucked too.

Boy! Munni was good at talking even though she looked like the quiet type. Here in bed, she was really talkative. Then she rubbed and caressed me all over and made me relax. My cock was limp and dead after that blowjob and that fantastic fucking of Ria’s pussy.

Then Munni massaged me and kissed me all over and Ria was lying there, looking at us. Ria was also tired and spent.

Munni slowly worked her way to between my legs and started licking and sucking my limp cock. It felt funny but she was an expert. She played with it sufficiently to keep the interest going and made me relax even more. Her soft sucking of my cock made me feel better soon and I could feel my cock getting harder slowly.

Then Munni came on top of me and started rubbing my chest with her huge breasts. She rubbed my face with the breasts. As she rubbed my face with her breasts, she told Ria –

Munni: Take Vicky baba’s cock in your mouth and start sucking it slowly. You have had a good fuck and I need one too, don’t forget.

Ria obeyed her and while Munni caressed my face with her breasts, Ria started sucking my cock. My hands went around Munni and held her even as she kissed me on my lips and played with my tongue. Ria also played with my cock.

Then I caressed Munni’s bottom and squeezed them even as we kissed. Munni’s tongue was probing my mouth while Ria was sucking my semi-erected cock. Then Munni moved forward and gave me her breasts to suckle. Hanging down like the tits of a cow, I took the horny maid’s big nipple into my mouth. I held them in both my hands and started sucking hungrily.

Then I pulled and sucked her nipples, playing my tongue all around her nipples. I squeezed her breast as I suckled like a baby. Munni kept pulling herself up so I had to lift my head and search for her breast with my mouth to suck. It was so nice that it felt like she was fucking my mouth with her breast.

Munni kept talking even as I suckled –

Munni: Come Vicky baba, drink my milk, dear. Tasty, isn’t it? Don’t you want to fuck Munni, Vicky baba? Do you like my tits? They are big and juicy, no? Come dear, suck me like a child. Squeeze those mangoes Vicky baba, they are yours to play and drink milk from. Arre Ria, hope you are sucking Vicky baba properly. Take his cock deep inside and suck hard. Don’t bite and hurt him. Is he hard yet, Ria? I have waited for a long and you better get him hard, so I can get a good fuck, ok?

While all this, Ria was quiet and trying to get my cock as hard as possible, sucking me like a lollipop. She was licking my cockhead, kissing my balls, stroking my cock with her hands and so on. Boy! Ria was the quiet type when in real life she was always going, buk buk buk.

By then, my cock was again hard and erected and I could feel the desire to fuck. Ria sensed this and for the first time spoke out saying –

Ria: Munni, Vicky baba is ready to fuck you now. Turn around and I want to see you get fucked.

Then Munni immediately flopped down on the bed next to me. She spread her legs and said –

Munni: Vicky baba, I have waited enough. Come now and fuck me. Take me as hard as you can. I am so wet that I don’t know if I will even feel you. But never mind, just fuck me.

Then I went on top of Munni and before I could position myself, Ria got hold of my cock and guided me expertly into Munni’s pussy. I entered her and it was like getting into warm butter just melting. I knew that after having cum twice already, I could hold on and so I started stroking her slowly at first to get the rhythm and movement right.

I started fucking her fast and furious and would suddenly slow down. Then I entered her slowly, feeling the parting of her pussy lips as I almost pulled my cock out fully. In between, I would pull my cock fully out and with one quick fast thrust enter her deep and full.

Now I could feel her pussy lips opening and closing around my cock and her pussy sucking me deep inside. Every time I did that, Munni would gasp and in between her moaning and groaning with pleasure she spoke –

Munni: Vicky baba, that feels so nice. Oh god! What a good fuck this is. You are good Vicky baba. Put him in deeper, feel my cunt and fuck her, please. Fill me up Vicky baba. Fuck me, please don’t stop.

Soon, I could feel Munni’s pussy start pulsating and her body was trembling. I knew she was ready to cum. Then I told Ria –

Me: Come on, suck her breasts.

And Ria started suckling her breasts even as fucked Munni faster and faster, thrusting deep into her pussy and slamming myself against her. Soon Munni started cumming and her eyes wide open. Her tongue was peeping and mouth wide open. Then she clutched at the pillow and was writhing and raising herself to meet my every thrust.

Moaning and groaning, she kept cumming and soon she went limp and breathing heavily. Then she just slept arms wide open and just tried to speak. I wasn’t still done and was still hard. I could not believe that I could still be hard and in control after that fantastic fucking. It was amazing.

Then I said: Munni I am still hard and ready and you are already over?

She said in a tired office: Vicky baba, why do you think I’ll let you fuck Ria first? I knew that after two fucks you would be able to hold on for long. And I could then enjoy you better. But I didn’t expect that you would still be active.

I was now sleeping over her and my cock was still hard and inside her. I was kissing her gently as Ria kept looking on next to us. Then Munni opened her eyes and said-

Munni: Take him out and make Ria bend down on me and fuck her from behind and cum inside her. And before that, take that condom out, so you can get the best feel of Ria and her pussy.

Then I gasped and said: No way, what if she gets pregnant?

Munni said: Ria is on tablets unlike me. So she can take give you her pussy safely. And Vicky baba “Happy Birthday”. And now take Ria.

Me: Ria come over here on top of me so I can suck your breasts.

Ria bent down over Munni and I went on my knees behind her. Then I found her cunt from behind and entered her without the condom. The feeling was sensational and whoever said that a condom does not reduce the feeling, is bluffing. It does make a difference.

I gasped since the feeling of my cockhead skin against her pussy skin was exhilarating and sensational. Then I grasped her bottom and even as I squeezed it, I started stroking her slowly. The feeling was simply fantastic and I could feel all my control till that time simply fading away and holding and squeezing her bare ass, I started fucking her madly.

Then I slapped her bottom now and held her tight. The feeling of her ass cheeks apart from her pussy was out of this world. It was like fucking a hugely tight pussy. My eyes started rolling, my mouth opened and my saliva was dripping, as the pleasure was intense and out of this world.

My tongue hanging out, I was almost in another world as I fucked her fast and I could feel my saliva dripping on her lower back as I fucked. Soon, I started cumming. Then I groaned and moaned loudly in pleasure and thrusting deeper and deeper. But slower and slower I collapsed on Ria even as she collapsed on Munni.

Then I realised that I had not tried to make Ria cum and felt bad.

I mumbled: Ria, sorry you did not cum.

She said: Vicky baba, it’s ok. There is always another day and before I forget, “Happy birthday.” Hope you liked the present.

I said that: I loved the surprise and this was the most fantastic birthday I had ever had and would ever have in my life.

Then I rolled over to one side and Ria came over on my other side. And soon I slept like a dead guy between the two women. I was exhausted beyond words and I did not even wake up till 8 in the morning.

When I woke up, I found myself alone and both had gone away. I thought it was all a dream. After getting up, I cleaned up and freshened. I had a bath and suddenly felt shy to get out and face the rest of the folks. But there was no choice and so I somehow managed to walk out of the room.

Then I saw Asha and Rajat having coffee and they both grinned at me and said-

Asha and Rajat: Hmmm, looks like you slept.

And they laughed loudly. Then I joined in and the ice was broken. Then Asha said-

Asha: Vicky, I think you should get Munni and Ria some really good gifts for all the fun they gave you and thank them properly. And hey, anytime you feel like it, you can take one of them out on a date. But no more the both of them, since I have a house to manage and 2 kids.

I said: Ok.

And then I went to the kitchen, gave Munni and Ria a hug together and a gentle thank you kiss.

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