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Swap In Farmhouse – Part 1

Anjali was introduced to the concept of wife swap by her husband who wanted to do it two years ago. Their close friends, that is, two married couples, had started doing it and had invited them through Amit but Anjali had refused. Amit was crazy about it during the first few months when he learned that Ramesh and Jai were swapping wives and enjoying while he was stuck because Anjali refused. The craziness took time to die down and now after two years when Anjali asked Amit the plan for weekend he replied that Ramesh and Jai were going to farm house so no plans.

Ramesh and Jai going to farmhouse was an indirect way of saying they were doing the swapping there again.

Anjali: Do they still do it?

Amit: Of course, that’s why they are so happy, because they have adventurous sex lives.

Anjali wondered what was so adventurous about it after two years but she felt guilty when she heard his sad tone but how could she just sleep with his friends, and let him sleep with their wives? It was wrong in some way. But then they were enjoying, Anjali wondered whether Seema, who was Ramesh’s wife would tell her how exactly they enjoy.

It was this decision that changed everything. It was in Seema’s home when she took up the topic and she was shocked to see her talking about it with so much happiness. She told her about few experiences with Jai during the trips to Farmhouse and Anjali felt her vagina moistening with every word.

Seema: He does things to me that Ramesh never did. But I like them both.

Anjali: What exactly?

Seema: He licks me like a dog.

She had lowered her voice and whispered this and started laughing. Seema seemed so happy and content with her experience.

Anjali: hmm…. you’ve certainly enjoyed.

Seema: If only you had agreed we could have had so much fun.

Anjali: How can you say that to me? I don’t want to do it….

Seema: Oh C’mon Anjali, don’t pretend it won’t work. If you didn’t want to do it then you would not have asked any if this to me today.

Anjali: I… it’s not like that…I

Seema: Ah leave it, we are not forcing you. You asked how much I enjoyed and I told you. I won’t tell this to anyone. I also know you might never do it but in case you ever change your mind… then just tell your husband.
Anjali left her house with a smile and all her day was filled with day dreams of Seema and Jai in bed exactly the way she had narrated. For the first time in months she had fingered herself and had an orgasm like never before. It took another week, but in the end as she was having sex with her husband at night she told him.

Anjali: If you still want to do it… I-I don’t mind doing this wife swap.

Amit: What did you say?

He was so excited that he turned her over and over in joy and smooched her all over. By and by he drilled into her with full enthusiasm and Anjali could not help moaning too loud that night.

Three weeks later.

Anjali and Amit were in the car with Seema and Ramesh whereas Jai and his wife Mamta were already in the farmhouse. It had taken time to do it finally but now the day had come and Anjali couldn’t control her excitement. They reached there in two hours and walked inside the beautiful house. They sat on the sofa inside. Ramesh opened a bottle of beer and poured some for Amit and Jai. Amit drank it gladly and they started chatting for some time.

Anjali was meanwhile eyeing Ramesh. He was slightly dark but that only added to his good looks. He was a healthy looking man as well and she seemed attracted to him more than Jai who was too thin but Seema had called him better than her own husband. Ramesh caught her staring at him and Anjali’s face reddened. He smiled at her and somehow she managed to do so as well.

Seema and Mamta stood up and beckoned Anjali to follow. She stood up and followed them inside. There they showed her the rooms. There were four, each with a room number marked on it. Seema said their husbands would come to whichever room number they pick up from the chits. Anjali was told to occupy room number 3, refresh herself wait for whoever gets lucky to be with her tonight.

Smiling at her nervous look they went in their respective rooms and closed the door. Anjali was feeling too nervous and wondered who would come in and sleep with her tonight. The idea was exciting and frightening at the same time. She slowly went inside and closed the door but did not bolt it. There the bed was a normal double bed and the mattress was pure white. The walls were painted blue and there was a window right next to the bed. She dropped her handbag on the bed side table and walked to the attached bathroom to wash her face.

Meanwhile the men outside had enjoyed the drinks and finally decided to have fun with each other’s wife. Ramesh put the 3 chits in a bowl. Amit picked one and so did the other two. He opened the chit to find his own wife’s name in it. Therefore the chits were folded again and they picked once more. This time Ramesh got his own wife. This happened two more times until each one had someone else’s wife. With a mad glee Jai sped off to the rooms.
Amit: Why did he run away?

Ramesh: Because he got your wife.

There was a slight disappointment in his voice as if he envied Jai for getting Anjali. Amit walked with him to the rooms and watched Ramesh go into room number two where Jai’s wife was sleeping and he himself walked inside the first room where Seema was waiting.

Anjali was tying her hair when she heard the door open and Jai walked in. She swore inside her mind with disappointment, she had expected Ramesh to come to her for her first time; he was the perfect gentleman whereas Jai was young and wild. Seema had said he was crazy in bed and pure joy. She didn’t know what to expect from him. Jai walked in with a smile and hugged her from behind. Anjali looked at him through the mirror.

Jai: Let’s start baby.

Anjali: So soon?

Jai: Every second that I spend with you without doing it is a waste Anju darling.

Jai who had been hugging her from behind with his hands around her hips now moved his hands upwards and cupped her breasts over the Maxi. For the first time in her life, somebody other than her husband was feeling her breasts. She closed her eyes and let him do what he liked.

Jai: Ah… These feel so good Anju; I was dying to get hold of these for so long.

He was whispering these in her ears and his wet lips were brushing her cheeks and ear lobes. Anjali felt her vagina moistening due to this and Jai felt her nipples now over the dress with his thumb and index finger. He pinched them gently.

Jai: Come let’s go to bed.

Jai dragged her to the bed and made her lie on her back. He climbed the bed and lay upon her with his hands holding hers and face very close to her hers. Anjali noticed how thin and nice his lips looked from so close. Jai bent down and kissed her lips hard. Anjali reciprocated and kissed him back. His lips munched hers with great urgency and they kept kissing each other for a long time before parting.

Jai: You liked that na?

Anjali just smiled in reply and Jai gave her another kiss.

Jai: Do you like me?

Anjali: Yes

He kissed her again. His hand went inside her dress through the slit of her maxi and he groped her breasts above the bra. He struggled for some time to get inside the bra but in a matter of seconds he just pulled it down and her breasts popped out. The bra went down to the stomach but Jai was just too happy feeling the now naked breasts. His fingers pinched her nipples and she gave a soft moan.

Jai: I still can’t believe I am doing this… I wish you were my wife.

Anjali: Don’t let Mamta hear that.

Jai: Ha-ha, she is probably hearing the same from Ramesh.

Anjali laughed and he bent down to kiss her again. This time she held the back of his head and kissed him passionately. Jai was simultaneously feeling and squeezing her breasts and pinching nipples, her moans were muffled under his mouth and her eyes were looking deep into his. Her lips were feeling numb in some time due to non stop work and she stopped it with a smile. Jai kissed her stretched lips once and went down to her breasts.

Jai: Aha….

He bent down and played with her breasts by keeping his face on them and fondling them from the side. Her husband used to do this during the earlier stages of married life and I used to love it. Jai was acting the same way, like a child that receives a gift. She was his gift today and he was going to make most of it. She smiled and caressed his head and ran her fingers through his hair as he started licking her breasts.

Jai was too enthusiastic; he sucked her too hard and fast. He kept switching his mouth from one breast to another and kept moving from one nipple to the other while biting them. He kept squeezing her breasts as if it was an air horn and kneaded them occasionally under his weight. In some time he finished playing and crept higher towards her face to kiss her again. They were lost in the smooch and his chest crushed her breasts. It was not possible to control the emotions surging through me. Sucking his lips and drinking the sweet saliva was the only real thing.

Jai pulled her out of the bed and pulled her maxi off her. She opened his pant with a smile and pushed it down. Jai stepped out of it, then she pushed his underwear down and his penis popped out as erect as it could be. He stepped out of it as well. Now he was stark naked and Anjali noticed how hairy he was. Jai removed her panty in similar fashion and on the way down playfully smelled her vagina and laughed when she jumped back. Now naked, they went back to bed kissing and fondling each other.

Later Anjali got familiar with his licking ability. Seema was right to call him a dog as he licked her rapidly and rubbed her clit simultaneously. That was something Amit had not done for her with so much enthusiasm. He was literally eating her vagina and pulling the skin folds with his lips. Anjali was almost jumping with pleasure at this and laughter of pure joy was coming out of her mouth. There was this constant smile on her face while he licked her and now she was finally glad that Jai had entered the room.

In some time he was ready with his hard cock at the entrance of her vagina. He held the base to guide it through and Anjali gasped when he entered her. Her eyes closed and she bit her lips as all the pleasure spots of her vagina welcomed his meat inside stretching to accommodate the rather thick one. She felt him start moving in and out slowly at first and then he was ramming his way into her and slow and low moans were escaping her lips every now and then.

Anjali grabbed his neck and pulled him down for a deep kiss. That only caused a momentary pause and in no time he was fucking with a speed that shook the entire bed. She grabbed the pillow under her head and moaned continuously. Jai occasionally fondled her breasts or licked them or just bent over to kiss her to relax himself and then resumed his great work.

Jai slowly pulled his hard cock out of her and turned her over. Now she was lying on her stomach and he was upon her back ready to ram her in another position. He took time to enter but when he did she couldn’t control moaning out loud and encouraged by her moans he rammed his member as deep as possible. His groin was hitting her ass and she could feel his sack slamming on her ass cheeks. All these touches were just adding to the pleasure.

After a couple more position changes Jai sat on her tummy and placed his cock between her breasts. He pressed her breasts from either side, thereby squashing his penis in between and started moving up and down. Several times his penis gently hit her mouth and in a playful mood she stuck her tongue out to touch it. He increased his speed rapidly and she understood what was coming. I tried to put him off but he insisted on cumming there and she had to turn her face away to avoid the drops of semen that ejected with great force from his penis. It hit her chin and neck and the last few drops glistened on her breasts. He rubbed his shrinking penis on her nipple and was groaning with a smile on his face.

They went to the washroom and cleaned themselves and came back to sleep where he didn’t want her to put on her clothes. They slept naked and several times at night he woke her up for a quickie. Next morning Anjali woke up to find him awake right next to her smoking a cigarette. He smiled when he realized she was awake.

Anjali: Good Morning

Jai: Good morning. From me and junior Jai.

He said that pointing at his fully erect penis. Anjali was accustomed to the morning erections of men having seen it every morning on her husband. She smiled at his greeting and was creeping out of the bed when he stopped her.

Jai: What? You can’t leave this! I didn’t ask for it last night since it was our first time.

Anjali: Forget it Jai, I need to bath.

Jai: It won’t take long.

Anjali: OK

Jai was delighted and kissed her full on mouth. She hoped his penis didn’t smell like his mouth. So Anjali bent over, brushing aside the strands of her hair and tucking them behind her ear. Her wet mouth enveloped his tool and her tongue caressed the gentle skin. She started sucking hard and moving up and down his penis. Her ass was facing him and he took no time to touch it and put his finger inside her vagina. That made her pause for a second and she resumed giving and receiving pleasure. There was a thick vein pulsating she held the base of his cock hard and it was glistening in her saliva.

Jai: We have time till afternoon.

Anjali: Why?

Jai: Till afternoon you’re with me. Then from afternoon Ramesh will come here, I’ll go to Seema and your husband will go to Mamta.

Just then she heard the door open. She turned and saw her husband with a smile on his face and about to say something. But then he saw his friend’s cock completely inside his wife’s mouth and his smile vanished. Before Anjali could take it out of her mouth he mumbled something that sounded like a sorry and went out closing the door behind him.

Neither do I support nor do I recommend adultery.

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