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Swap In Farmhouse – Part 2

Please read Swap in Farmhouse Part 1 before reading this one.

The phone was ringing by the bedside table but it was left ignored there as Jai was busy making most of his little remaining time with Anjali. They were in the doggy position and Jai was fucking her with great speed and Anjali on the other end was holding the front of the bed while moaning hysterically. The phone stopped ringing and Jai continued with some relaxation. But in no time it started ringing again which caused him to increase his speed and he literally rammed her ass before depositing all his semen inside her. He stepped out of the bed as Anjali dropped on the bed sleepily and picked up the phone.

Jai: Yeah, give me two minutes to dress up and go.

He put the phone down and started dressing up fast.

Anjali: Who was it?

Jai: Ramesh was just reminding me that it was twelve o clock and my time with you, was up.

Anjali watched him as he went to the washroom to refresh himself and he came out completely dressed. He looked at her and moved closer. He bent over to kiss her and she kissed him back.

Jai: That was the best experience I ever had.

Anjali: We’ll have more.

Jai: Sure.

With one touch on her breasts and a kiss he departed closing the door behind him. Anjali was about to get up and walk to the bathroom when Ramesh came inside. Surprised she waited for him to come to bed. Apparently he had been waiting outside the door for Jai to leave.

Ramesh: arey bhabhi, I thought I’ll get to undress you.

Anjali: Jai never let me dress up for that ha-ha

Ramesh laughed and sat down on the bed and his hand touched her breasts. Anjali smiled at him and caressed the back of the hand that was touching her breasts. The hunger in his eyes to devour her was too obvious and Anjali was excited to have him as well so she tried to pull him closer but he stopped her.

Ramesh: I can smell that idiot here…why don’t you get a bath?

Anjali: Sure.

Anjali crept out of the bed and on the way Ramesh fondly touched her back and ass. Smiling, she went to the bathroom and turned on the shower. Her eyes were closed and she was just letting each drop of cold water run through her body which was taking down the heat from her body and also all the semen Jai had ejected on her that morning. She heard the door open and saw Ramesh, completely naked, enter the bathroom with a smile.

Ramesh: Sorry, couldn’t resist

Ramesh came closer to her and hugged her tight. Her breasts crushed against his chest and water clogged there for seconds before flowing down. With one hand he held the back of her head and pulled her into a long and passionate kiss. Anjali was too excited to kiss him and in the process was more active than him. She was literally eating his lips ignoring the rubbery feeling that was coming due to the ever flowing water. Ramesh’s hands moved down to touch her breasts which were filled with goose-bumps and her nipples were hard due the cold water from the shower. He squeezed them hard making me gasp for a second and they continued kissing.

Then he picked soap and applied it gently on her breasts. Then he scrubbed them and it got washed down by the shower. Now that her breasts were clean he grabbed one and started licking the nipple while squeezing the other. He switched from one breast to another and did the fondling for some time before resuming the kiss again.

When the broke the long kiss he beckoned her downwards and she knew what he wanted. She kneeled on the bathroom floor and held the base of his penis with her tiny hand. She applied soap on it and spread it properly with both her hands covering the entire groin including the testicles. Finally his entire groin was covered in foamy white soap and she washed it down making it clean. Then she opened her mouth and put his penis in she again felt the same rubbery feeling from his skin due to the water from the shower. But it didn’t matter as long as he was enjoying it, Anjali loved making her partner enjoy.

Ramesh: Oh you’re so good….ah

Ramesh had one hand on the wall supporting his weight as if the pleasure due to Anjali’s sucking was making him vulnerable to weakness. Anjali stuck her tongue out and felt the water from shower on it but ignoring that she licked the penis head making Ramesh grunt in pleasure. She expertly simulated his penis with her tongue to give him maximum pleasure. She licked his skin from the base to the head at the front end then from the right side and then from the left and then she put half of his cock in her mouth again.
Ramesh: oooh….this is so good Anjali

With his penis in her mouth she circled it with her tongue inside and Ramesh was licking it so much that in pleasure he kept flinching and nearly pulled his penis out but she was holding the base so it didn’t budge and also he was muttering a lot encouraging her by saying how good it was. She continued doing that, circling the cold penis with her hot tongue inside her mouth and then gave a mighty suck from the base to the penis head. Ramesh stopped saying whatever he was saying and was breathing heavily and Anjali started doing it fast hoping he would cum soon since her mouth muscles were aching.

Ramesh didn’t take much longer. He came inside her mouth unannounced and Anjali had to spit it all out on the bathroom floor. That flowed down the drain along with the water and they dried themselves before stepping out of the bathroom to the bed. Anjali straightaway dropped on the bed and lay on her back waiting for him to come over and give her as much pleasure as possible.

Ramesh lay over her and his face was close to hers.

Ramesh: you like doing this don’t you?

Anjali: Yes

Ramesh kissed her, at first it was just a peck on her lips then he tilted his head to one side and enveloped my lips with his entire mouth. His tongue licked the lips all over and he broke the kiss.

Ramesh: You’re the most beautiful woman I have kissed.

Anjali blushed at the compliment and Ramesh bent down to kiss her again. This time his lips were caressing hers with love. The wet lips were satisfying the thirst and the sound made by the kisses made her more excited. Their eyes were open and they were staring deep into each other as they kissed. His hand started caressing her naked body by first fondling her breasts and then moving down her curves while hers were caressing and scratching his back. He reached her ass and squeezed it gently and then went further down to touch her moistened vagina. He started rubbing her clit and Anjali gave muffled moans under his lips

When the kiss broke she kissed his cheeks and neck and caressed his chest feeling the masculine body. He was indeed a sexy person and she could not control herself from kissing and caressing his body. Her palm caressed his chest while the other palm was at the back of his head going through his hair. She was looking at him with love, he was so good looking: the small eyes, straight nose and those thin and hard lips were too appealing to her.

The foreplay went on for some time and ended with Anjali having an orgasm due to his fingering. Then he lay on his back and asked her to sit on him. She sat on his lap carefully avoiding the rock hard penis to avoid giving him injury. Then she held his penis with her fingers and slowly guided it to the opening of her vagina. Her eyes closed automatically and a moaned escaped her lips as she felt the meat going inside.

Anjali’s vagina accepted his penis in no time and he started giving steady strokes upwards and Anjali just sat there feeling his penis move up and down her womanhood and rubbing the fold of the skin there sending all the pleasure throughout her body. The pleasure was too much and her mind was lost in it. She mumbled something and was saying something due to the immense pleasure but she did not know what exactly she was muttering.

She bent down and kissed all over his face and he was also kissing her. Their tongues met out of nowhere and he sucked and sucked before she turned to bite his cheeks and kiss his neck and chest. All the while his strokes were getting stronger by the second and he was saying I love you Anjali and she also said those sorts of things to him but she was so lost in pleasure that she didn’t register exactly what she was saying.

Ramesh started banging harder and he grabbed her breasts each with one hand and pressed them hard. Anjali had her hands over her head going through her own hair and she now started moving up and down on his lap like a frog. A couple of time his penis slipped out of her but that only gave him relaxation to continue for a longer period. But finally his penis sprayed her with all the cum his testicles could possibly generate and she fell on top of him, completely exhausted.

Ramesh grabbed her check and pulled her lips with his lips. Then he gently bit her and smiled. He said things like this the best sex he had and she was the most beautiful woman he had the fortune to sleep with. Anjali thought that he didn’t need to do that flattering as he was handsome himself and she liked him. Then they spent most of the time in bed kissing and caressing each other when he wasn’t erect and when he did become erect he made sure he lasted way too long by relaxing whenever he felt like ejaculating. The time was well spent and she was more than happy for agreeing with the wife swap.

Finally with the weekend done they had to leave at midnight. Anjali had finished packing and was walking to the vehicle when Jai pulled her to a corner without anybody noticing. He kissed her a lot and left her only when she promised to continue meeting him over the coming days. Anjali and Amit went with Ramesh and Seema and arrived home at 2 AM. Saying hurried goodbyes they went inside and slept straightaway without much talk. They were too tired after two days of continuous sex and needed rest to resume normal life by the following morning.

A week later: Amit was in office writing a report when he realized that he would not reach home at time that evening so he decided to inform Anjali about it. He called her cell phone and she answered on the fifth ring.

Anjali: Hello

Amit: Hi Anju just wanted to tell you that I would come home late today; I have a report to finish.

Anjali: It’s alright; I’ll keep your dinner on the table and go to sleep…aah…muah

Amit: What was that?

Anjali: Nothing…I was just…um…eating snacks.

Amit: ok

He kept his phone down and frowned. He knew that was one of the lamest excuses of Anjali. That was definitely not a sound if her eating…it sounded more like a kiss, was Jai or Ramesh with her? Was she continuing her relation with them behind his back? Bubbling with anger he decided to find out himself and if she was doing what he suspected…then he knew how to make her pay for it.

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