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Swap In Farmhouse – Part 3

Please read Swap in Farmhouse Part 1 and 2 before this as it is an immediate sequel to the second part.

Anjali was lying on top of Jai in her bedroom kissing him with passion. Both of them were completely naked and Jai’s penis was touching the tip of her vagina ready to enter. Her mouth was open and her tongue was moving in and out of his mouth, occasionally licking his tongue and lips. She tilted her head sideways and took his lower lip in between hers lips and gently sucked on to it while his hands were caressing her back. The way his hands kept touching her sent waves of excitement to her and goose-bumps rose all over her back. The foreplay went on for some time and just when they were about to start the intercourse, the phone rang.

It was he husband Amit who wanted to inform her that he would be late that day. Just when the conversation was about to end, Jai pulled her face towards him and kissed her loudly. Amit heard that noise and asked her what it was. Anjali gave him an excuse, kept the phone down and hit Jai on his hand that was caressing her cheek.
Anjali: You idiot! He heard you kissing me.

Jai: Doesn’t matter. He knows I have slept with you. So what’s wrong with it?

Anjali: Not telling him is wrong. You don’t know Amit. If I hide something from him he gets mad. I have lived these many years with him and I know him. He used to turn mad for small things that I hid from him. Imagine what he would do if he found out that behind his back we’re having sex?

Jai: All right I’ll go then.

Jai used his hands to support his body and get out of bed. His penis started slipping out of her vagina and she was so anxious that she locked her legs around his hips.
Anjali: You can’t go until I cum.

Jai laughed at her and started banging so hard that she started moaning louder than she had ever done. The bed shook along with them making creaking sounds due to their sexual motion and finally Anjali had an orgasm. She absent mindedly scratched his back at that and lay limp on the bed waiting for him to cum which did not take long. He dropped next to her when he did and rested some time before getting up.

Jai: Ok listen, Ramesh is free tomorrow and wants us to come to the Farmhouse. Just the three of us…a grand planned threesome.

Anjali was shocked with delight when she heard this. For the first time in her life she was going to do a threesome. Two men together loving her. She wondered how much more enjoyment she was going to have.

Anjali: Ok but we have to return in less than five hours. I don’t have time since my husband would return by evening.

Jai: Done

That night she was so lost in her imaginations about the coming threesome that she forgot to respond to her husband who was talking about his day at office. She remembered her time with Ramesh in the bathroom. It was so sensual and sexy that she smiled absent-mindedly and her husband, who was lying next to her in bed, asked her what was she smiling for and Anjali said another lame excuse and slept.

The next day they she went to the farmhouse along with Jai and Ramesh in a car. They drove fast, eating and drinking during the drive since they had less than few hours to return and they wanted to efficiently utilize their time with her. Once they reached, they didn’t even bother to freshen up; instead Jai dragged her to the bedroom and started undressing. Anjali pulled her salwar off and stepped out of her kameez.

Then she lay on the bed for the two of them to come and have sex with her. Ramesh was the first one to lay on her since it was his first time with her since their last meet in the same farmhouse. He immediately took her lips in his mouth and started sucking while one of his hands was squeezing her breasts hard over the bra. He opened his mouth and poked his tongue into her mouth. Jai in the meanwhile smoked for some time, watching Ramesh and Anjali loving each other.

Ramesh: Looking at the way bhabhi is kissing me, it seems she was missing me a lot.

Jai: oh yes, every day I visited her and all she did was miss you. We didn’t even have sex when her husband was out and we were in bed just because she missed you. Haha haha

Jai laughed at him so much that he started coughing and Anjali smiled at the shocked expression on Ramesh’s face.
Ramesh: You had her every day and you never invited me?

Jai: Sorry Ramesh, bhabhi loved me so much that she couldn’t resist.

Anjali: Don’t listen to him; it was him who kept coming to my home whenever my husband left.

Anjali stuck her tongue out at Jai and he laughed. Ramesh sat up straight and pulled her panty off, then he tore open the condom packet with his teeth. He wore the yellow condom and adjusted his penis’s position in front of her vagina. He rubbed his penis head up and down making her vagina lips swell temporarily and whenever it touched her clit she closed her eyes and waited for him to enter but he continued teasing her. Finally he guided his penis inside her and Anjali let out a gasp. In the meanwhile Jai finished smoking and climbed the bed. He knelt close to her face and placed his penis on her lips. Anjali did not open her mouth.

Jai: oh bhabhi, please open your mouth.

Anjali: Promise to lick me if I suck you. I remember last time when I sucked you first you just went out without licking me.

Jai: See Ramesh how much they love my licking? I told you Seema liked it.

Jai promised to lick her and Anjali held the base of his penis and put it in her mouth. The rubbery skin around his penis met her tongue and she circled it completely which made Jai smile in ecstasy. He caressed her forehead while she sucked his penis and Ramesh continued ramming her. While she was busy with it he pulled her bra off and threw it aside to squeeze them hard. His fingers rubbed her nipples and bounced her gentle breasts. The entire penis was now wet with her saliva and her saliva leaked down back on to her lips and she sucked him with much care and love. She had to raise her head to suck his penis and the continuous rocking from Ramesh was making it difficult for her as her neck started aching.
Anjali: Please you move it

Jai understood and knelt with each knee on either side of her face. His groin was directly above her face and he slowly put it in her mouth. Then he started moving it in and out and Anjali had to be careful not to scratch it with her teeth. Now at both the ends, up and down she had penises moving in and out of her and she was thoroughly enjoying it. Jai was holding her head with his hands and moving his penis in and out of her mouth with brute force which in some time made her mouth feel numb. And down there Ramesh had increased his speed and due to the double force the entire bed shook.

Ramesh finally ejaculated and leapt out of the bed to go and wash himself. Anjali saw him drop the leaking condom into the dustbin and in the meanwhile Jai wore another to occupy the area left by Ramesh. He wore the pink one and entered inside her, making Anjali gasp and kiss him. She started a whispered conversation.

Anjali: Why these condoms today? You never wore one when you visited me.

Jai: I don’t want to feel his semen while I enjoy you. But it is rude if I ask him to wear and don’t wear it myself.

Ramesh: What are you two talking?

Anjali hadn’t noticed him coming out but Jai handled the situation well.

Jai: Bhabhi was just telling me how better we are than her husband

Ramesh: oh really?

Ramesh dropped close to her and lay on his stomach. He asked her to tell him exactly how they were better than her husband. Anjali said they were better in everything but he wanted an exact answer. Seeing that she was shy he started asking questions.

“Does he kiss you like this?” he took her pouty lower lips in his mouth and sucked it. Anjali shook her head to say no and he was delighted. “Does he French kiss you like me?” he put in tongue in her mouth and stroked her tongue. Their tongues wrestled with each other while they stared into each other’s, drinking each other’s saliva. Anjali said no again. “And does he give you love bites?” even before she could say no and stop him, Ramesh started biting her. First he bit her lips then he cheeks and then her neck. Anjali could not see it but the way her skin was burning, she deduced that there were angry red marks wherever he bit.

Anjali: And does your wife bite you?

Ramesh smiled at that and Anjali bit his lips like a cat. She bit his cheeks and his ear lobe. Then she bit his neck and when she saw those red marks on his skin she was satisfied. She gently kissed wherever she had bit him and when she reached his lips they lost track of time and kissed each other with great passion. Meanwhile Jai ejaculated and dropped right next to her. He started sucking and biting her breasts but Ramesh stopped him.

Ramesh: Bhabhi’s biting has made me hard again. We’ll go to the bathroom and come back, by that time even you’ll be hard.

Anjali and Ramesh got out of the bed and walked to the bathroom. Ramesh bolted the door from inside. Anjali asked him why and he replied that he doesn’t want to get disturbed. He turned on the shower and the cold water made goose bumps erupt all over her skin. Her nipples hardened and Ramesh pinched them, he kissed her under the shower and then picked her up with ease and made her back rest on the wall for support. He slowly inserted his penis inside and started moving in and out of her.

Meanwhile outside the farmhouse, a man tucked his camera back inside his jacket and walked away from the bedroom window from where he had recorded the threesome. He pulled his phone out and called up his customer.

Detective: Mr. Amit, I have sad news. Your wife is having sex with two men here in the farmhouse. I followed them all the way here and recorded everything through the window. Where should I deliver this evidence?

The detective kept the phone back in and drove away. In some time, inside the farmhouse, the threesome was nearing an end. Jai was having sex with her and their lips were on each other. His gold chain was coming in between but their lips didn’t mind it and they kept kissing while he humped with all his might. Suddenly the phone rang. Anjali panicked when she saw her husband’s name on it. With her hands shaking she picked it up.

Anjali: h-hello

Amit: Hello Anju where are you? I just came home and you’re not here.

Anjali: I-I am at my friend’s home. I’ll be back in an hour or two.

Soon they were rushing out of the house as they did not have much time. Ramesh drove it as fast as possible and finally they reached in time. Anjali kissed them both and went back to her house.

That night Amit told her to go to her parent’s home as he was renovating the house. She agreed and he had great sex with her that night. While she did not know it but he knew it was the last time they were having sex. He was particularly rough that night and entered her ass refusing to hear her protests. He fucked her ass mercilessly ignoring her screams and finally ejaculated. Anjali wiped sweat and tears and slept with a sore butt.

Amit executed his plan that week. Every single relative and neighbor of Anjali received a CD or mail containing the threesome video and in no time the video got circulated on the net. She started receiving calls from strangers asking for sex, Amit sent her divorce application and called her to insult her throughout the conversation and all her family members had insulted her so much that she reached a breaking point. Finally out of depression she committed suicide. Amit was arrested in few days after the police had done some investigation. Now their child was with her grandparents, a life she now must spend without her parents.

I write such stories getting inspiration from real life stories. I read news and write as well and such cases appear rarely but when they do they leave me shocked. People have a cheerful and colorful idea about wife swapping and extra martial affair since they have never done it but the reality is far from what they expect. In most cases jealousy and hatred replaces fun and what happens next is clear from the story. So I request you to be happy with whatever life gives you. So neither do I support nor do I recommend adultery.

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