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Taking my naughty student’s virginity

Hi all, I hope you are doing well. I am Chetan, 24 years old. I have written many such stories for those who don’t know about me. If you want, you can go through them as well. I will tell you about an incident during my tutoring days in this story. So let’s begin.

During my college days, I gave private tuition classes. So this is about a junior college student. I used to teach her mathematics. Her name was Arya.

She was very cute, fair, and so lovable. She had a very sweet smile, and she always smiled whenever she saw me. She was not very tall, maybe around 5 feet. But she had a decent body. Firm, moderate size boobs and her ass was round and squishy.

When I used to teach her, I always maintained the decorum between a teacher and a student. Though we used to joke a lot and laugh most of the time, I still never thought of her in any other way. Until one day, she was wearing a top with a deep neck and bent down.

Her top hung loose in front, and I could see part of her boobs. Though I couldn’t see much, it was enough to play with my brain. She had milky white boobs, and her cleavage looked awesome. I also noticed a part of her bra which covered most of her boobs.

After that day, I started seeing her differently. I had to control myself not to check her out. Whenever she wore shorts, I couldn’t take my eyes away from her thighs. I wanted to touch them feel them with my bare hands. But I always tried not to look at her in that way.

One day we two were alone at her home as her mother had gone somewhere. She was wearing a long skirt that covered her legs totally and a kurti. The kurta length was till her waist. She opened the door and greeted me with a smile as always. Then we went inside.

We used to sit on the mattress on the floor. She sat down, kept the study table in front of her, got on her knees, and stretched to reach her school bag. I walked past her to get to my usual seating place. But as I passed by her by mistake, I stepped on her skirt.

As she stretched forward, her skirt slid down her waist to her thighs. I was shocked. I could see her ass covered by her little panty, revealing most of her ass. We both paused for a few seconds as we both were shocked. She was on her fours, and her ass looked so amazing I got an instant hard-on.

A bulge could be seen over my jeans. I immediately stepped back. She pulled her skirt up and sat down there. I was afraid as I didn’t know how she would react to it, as for a girl, it was a very embarrassing situation. I sat down in front of her and said, “Sorry.”

She kept looking down and didn’t say a word. I said, “Hey, it’s okay, it was an accident. I didn’t see anything. I closed my eyes immediately.” (which was a lie)

A tear rolled down her eye. I didn’t know how to console her. I just went beside her and told her that it was fine, I would never say or think about this incident again and that she too forgets about it. She then suddenly hugged me and started crying.

I caressed her back to calm her. After a while, she stopped crying and got up and went to wash her face. She came back after a while with a plain face. She stoops there in front of me, and then suddenly, she pulls down her skirt and throws it away.

She was there standing in front of me wearing a kurti and panty. I was shocked.

Chetan: Arya, what are you doing?

Arya: Sir, you have already seen it. What’s the point of keeping it on now?

Chetan: Have you gone mad?

She didn’t say anything and sat down.

Arya: Let’s study.

Chetan: What are you saying? Go wear a skirt. I cannot allow it.

She didn’t say anything. She opened the book and started practicing the problems.

Chetan: Are you even hearing me? What if your mom comes back? What will she think seeing you like this?

Arya: She is not coming back for another couple of hours. We are fine.

I got up, took her skirt, went beside her, and ordered her to wear it.

Arya: No, I won’t.

Chetan: What is your problem? Why are you doing this? Please wear it.

Arya: No, I won’t.

I then covered her legs with the skirt and went back to my place. She threw away the skirt again.

Chetan: This is ridiculous. What are you trying to do here?

Arya: You want me to wear the skirt?

Chetan: Yes, please.

Arya: Then we will have to be on the same page.

Chetan: What do you mean?

Arya: Since you saw me without my skirt, I want to see you without your pants too. If you do so, I will wear my skirt back.

Chetan: Never. I am not falling for that. Just wear it right now.

Arya: Okay, as you wish.

And she continued solving problems. I snatched her notebook and told her I won’t let her do anything until she wore the skirt.

Arya: No problem, I can sit all day looking at you.

She seemed confident about her motives. I thought for a couple of minutes, and finally, I gave in. I thought I had to do it once, atleast she will wear the skirt back. So I got up and unbuttoned my jeans, and she straight away looked towards me.

I paused and asked, “Do you really want me to?”

She nodded, and I pulled down my jeans.

Chetan: Happy now

And I was about to pull my jeans up, and she stopped me.

Arya: What are you doing? Don’t wear it. Today you will teach me in your undies.

Nothing was making sense anymore. I did what she asked for. I don’t know why I did it. Was it to make her wear the skirt back, or was I enjoying the naughtiness. But anyway, we were both in our underwear, sitting a foot apart with the study table in between.

Now the smile on her face was back. She started behaving normally, and so did I. We studied for a while, then she asked for a 5 minutes break.

She started stretching, and then she spread her legs apart and stretched them. Her panty was just big enough to cover her pussy. I couldn’t resist. My cock flinched, and its movement was visible. A thin piece of cloth just covered it.

I tried to think of something else. She then wrapped her legs back, and I took a deep breath.

Then suddenly she removed the table and said she didn’t want to use it. I didn’t say anything as I tried to get out of the situation as soon as possible. She then bent, even more, to write on the notebook, and I got a glimpse of her cleavage.

As she was writing, her hands pressed her boobs against each other, making it bulge out from the neck of her kurti. My cock was getting harder seeing all this. I tried to cover it with my hands, as her face was almost at the same level as my cock.

She may have noticed it. She then told me that she couldn’t understand how to solve the problem and told me to solve it. I had to remove my hands. I started writing in the notebook.

But her eyes were fixed on my cock. I told her to look towards the notebook. She did it for a couple of seconds, but she again went back to my cock.

Arya: Sir, what’s that? (pointing towards the tent formed in my underwear)

Chetan: Nothing, focus here now.

Arya: Sir, I know what it is. Don’t be shy. I am an adult; I am 19. I know everything.

I didn’t reply to it and kept looking towards the notebook.

Arya: Sir, I want to see it.

Chetan: What? No never.

Arya: Please, just once, I beg.

Chetan: No, Arya, behave yourself.

Arya: Tell that to your dick. He is not behaving. I will tell my mom that you pulled down my skirt. You are a pervert if you don’t show it to me.

Chetan: It was not intentional. You know it too.

Arya: But my mom doesn’t. She will believe what I say.

I had no option. I was stuck. I pulled down my underwear a bit, showing her half of my shaft.

Arya: Sir, pull down more. I want to see it all.

I pulled down my underwear to my thighs. Revealing my erect dick.

Arya: Wow, it’s soo big. And look at all the nerves.

Chetan: Are you done? Can I wear it back?

Arya: No, sir. Keep it like this. It won’t be fair if I only saw your private part and you didn’t see me.

And before I could analyze what she said, she quickly pulled down her panties and spread her leg. I could see her shaven pussy. It seemed so nice. My cock got fully erect seeing it. She had a cunning smile on her face. She then kept a hand on her pussy and spread its lips apart.

Arya: How is it, sir?

I couldn’t say anything. I just kept looking at it. I had never imagined it.

Arya: No words. But your dick is saying enough. I think he likes it.

She then got up and came close to me. She looked very closely at my dick. I bent back a bit as she was too close.

Arya: Can I touch it?

Chetan: No, please…don’t…

Before I could complete my sentence, she touched it with her fingers. Her touch gave a shiver to my whole body. I closed my eyes and tried to control myself.

Arya: It feels so hard. Is it hard all the time?

Chetan: No. It’s hard because of what you are doing now.

Arya: Oh, is it…

Saying this, she grabbed my cock in her hands and moved her hands along my shaft slowly.

Arya: Do you feel anything?

Chetan: Yes. Please don’t do it.

Arya: Oh, it’s hurting you. Sorry.

Chetan: No, it’s not hurting, but please don’t.

Arya: Then why stop…

Saying this, she kept moving her hands over my cock. As my cock flinched in her hands.

Arya: Wow, you have seen it only in those movies, and I am experiencing it now.

Chetan: (with deep breathing) What, you have never seen one before?

Arya: No, never, how can I… I go to a girls’ college… No bf…

She kept moving her hand, and then she suddenly licked it.

Chetan: What are you doing?

Arya: I have seen in those movies they do it like this. It must feel good to you.

Chetan: Yes, it does.

Arya: So you want more…

Now I was not in a state to thinking morally anymore. I didn’t know what was right and what was not. So I didn’t say anything and let her do what she was doing.

She kept licking my cock while she stroked it. My eyes were closed. Then she took my hand and placed it on her pussy. I opened my eyes she was smiling again.

Arya: You know what to do… Do it…

So I started rubbing her pussy with my fingers. She clinched and moaned a bit.

Chetan: Now, do you get what I feel from the past few minutes?

Arya: Yes, sir. It feels so different from when I do it. Oh, sir.

She called me sir in her seductive voice, and moaning felt erotic. I was now not restraining myself from anything. I started enjoying it. My fingers were rubbing her pussy lips and clit, and her hands were stroking my cock with occasional licks.

Chetan: I am cumming…

As I said that, she took the whole cock in her mouth. This was enough for my cock to release its tension. I released all my cum inside her mouth. It was a lot, but she didn’t pull it out till I stopped cumming.

She then got up, looked towards me, wiped the cum on her lips and smiled.

Arya: I always wanted to taste how it was.

I thought it was over. I was about to wear my underwear when she approached me and sat on my lap.

Arya: It is not over yet, sir. In the movies, it doesn’t stop here. Her sitting on my lap and her pussy rubbing against my cock, was more than enough for my cock to get hard again.

Arya: See, he wants it too.

Chetan: Are you sure?

Arya: Yes, more than 100%.

Chetan: Is this your first time?

Arya: Don’t embarrass me, please. And yes.

Chetan: Okay, I will be gentle.

Arya: No, don’t be. I want it like in the movies. Rough.

I smiled, grabbed her by the waist, placed my cock over her pussy and pushed it inside. She gave a short scream of pain.

Chetan: Do you still want me to be rough?

Arya: Yes, please, sir…

It was as if she knew calling me sir seductively would do the trick. I started moving my dick slowly inside her. As it was her first time, even though she wanted me to be rough, I had to take it slow initially. She was there on my lap, my dick moving inside her pussy. Her eyes were closed, and she kept moaning.

I then removed her kurti, opened her bra, and removed my t-shirt too. When I saw her boobs in kurti, they seemed a bit small, but now they were marvelous when I saw them. I started sucking and licking them. Arya’s s hands were on my head, grabbing me by my hair. She was getting the pleasure of her life.

She started bouncing on my cock, matching my rhythm. Now the pain had subsided, and pleasure was taking over. She wrapped her legs around me hugged me tightly. She told me to fuck her harder, and so I did. I grabbed her by her waist and started fucking her with increased speed.

Her ass was twerking on my legs. I could see the reflection of her bareback and naked ass on the mirror of the almirah beside the entrance gate. I pulled her by the hair. Looked at her face. Her mouth was open, gasping for breath and a few tears rolled down her eyes.

I then kissed her on the lips, and she kissed me back. Her kiss was passionate. Her tongue was entangled with mine, and we were there fucking each other. A teacher was giving his student her first sexual lesson.

I was near the climax, so I began to push harder inside her. With my every thrust, she would moan louder. I hugged her tightly as I was about to cum, but then I realized that I could not cum inside her. So I immediately pushed her away.

But I can’t cum outside, too, as it will create a mess all around. So I held my dick grabbed her mouth, squeezed it open, and mouth fucked her. Holding her hair, pushing my dick as deep as I can. She reciprocated and sucked my dick very well.

I released my cum deep inside her mouth, making her cough. A few drops fell on the mattress, which we immediately cleaned. I laid down for a while after finishing. After a few seconds, she came and laid on top of me and hugged me.

Arya: Thank you, sir. It felt so great. You are my best teacher.

I didn’t say anything. I just hugged her back, kissed her on the cheeks and lay there for a while. We then wore our clothes back as her mother could come back and continue studying. But the whole time, she sat on my lap as I taught her.

After that day, whenever we were alone at her home, we would have sex. And for the other times, she would tease me by not wearing a bra and purposely bending to show off her boobs. Sometimes she would even wear short skirts and no panty inside and occasionally flash her pussy or ass, making me horny.

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