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Tales of Kiara’s Adventures – Part 2 (Extra Lessons of Extra class)

Hi guys, I’m Kiara. I’m a 44 years old single mother. I have 18 children of my own. I am a mixed-race woman. My father was an American diplomat, and my mother was Indian. I was born and raised in India. It wasn’t until I completed my education I moved to Australia.

This story is the continuation of my previous part. So, without wasting any more words, let’s get on with it.

We packed our books, our notebooks, and a few clothes that we would have needed for the next 11 days. We had altered the other sets of our uniforms the way Sir had altered the ones we were wearing the day before. Every head on the street turned towards us.

Every eye stared at us as we rode out to our school on our bicycles. With the benefit of hindsight, I can now realize why they were all staring at us. But back then, we had no idea. As I mentioned in the previous part, my sisters and I were naïve.

We had no idea about sex or sexuality. Our parents were no more, so our teachers became the elderly figure in our lives. And as Sir had told us, that was how girls were supposed to dress up. We rode through the gates. There was no guard posted outside this time.

We entered the parking lot and locked our bicycles. Our class was once again set up on the third floor. As we entered the room, the boys whistled and cheered as if we were some celebrities.

This time, the strength of the boys was more than the day before. Although they still weren’t to their full numbers, there were still 21 of them in attendance.

“Nice uniform,” one of the boys shouted as we took our seats. We blushed and smiled.

The Principal walked into the room soon after, and the class commenced. He started with physics lessons and later switched to biology. Our class began at 9 in the morning and lasted till noon.

We had our break after that. It wasn’t until 4 in the evening that our other classes would have taken place. 4 to 7 was our evening schedule.

Just as the Principal had finished his lecture, one of the boys (named Gaurav) stood up and said, “Sir, most of us didn’t attend the lecture yesterday. We have heard that you explained reproduction in the class. Could you please explain it again to us as we missed the lessons?”

“I need to arrange food for you all. So, I’m in a bit of a hurry. But I’m certain that the girls would love to explain that chapter to you all,” Sir replied. The boys giggled.

“Kiara, Freya, and Ryan,” Sir addressed us three, “you three have to make sure that these boys understand reproduction properly. Explain it to them in detail and clear all their doubts. You three will be responsible for that,” he said firmly and left.

“We will take care of it, sir,” I responded affirmatively.

I got out of my seat and went up to the teacher’s desk. As I stood facing the class, Kuldeep said, “Hey, Kiara.”

“Yes?” I replied.

“Can we have this class out in the playfield? It’s a nice day outside. Neither hot nor cold,” he requested.

I looked through the window. It was indeed a fine day. There was a bit of cloud cover in the sky, but nothing suggested that it would rain. “Ok – we can do that,” I said, shrugging my shoulders.

We went to the playground as the boys requested. It was just us in the school. There was no staff or guard there. The weather was pleasant. The cloud cover had kept the heat from the sun at bay. The boys settled down on the lush green grass. My sisters and I stood facing them.

“Shall we begin?” I addressed.

“Yes,” they replied in unison.

“Ok,” I gave out a long sigh and began with the explanation, “reproduction is a process that involves copulation of male and female bodies. So, before explaining the reproduction process, let us first understand the male and female bodies. We shall first begin with the female body.”

“Ryan didi, could you take your clothes off,” I requested my elder sister. She did it without any hesitation. I did the same and asked Freya to strip as well. The boys googled us with lust-filled eyes.

“These are called breasts,” I held Ryan didi’s tits in my hands and juggled them to draw everyone’s attention. “Around here are mammary glands,” I pointed at the area, “they produce milk. The size of the breasts has no bearing on the milk production capacity of a woman.”

I asked my sisters to lay down on the grass and spread their legs, “This is a vagina,” I pointed at the cunts of my sisters, “these are called clits. These are clitorises. And behind the clitoris is the vagina. This is the most important part of a woman’s body when it comes to reproduction. This is where the penis goes.”

“Kiara – what’s a penis?” Atif inquired.

“I was about to get to that part,” I said politely. “You know – come up. I need a boy for this part anyway. Why don’t you be that boy!”

The rest of the boys made a weird sound as Atif walked up to us. He appeared to be way too delighted. “Would you take your clothes off,” I requested?

He was naked in an instance and appeared happy while doing so. As it turned out, he was already erect. His cock was big. Even the other boys were shocked by that.

What surprised me a lot was the missing foreskin. When I asked him about it, he said it had always been like that. I held his dick in my hand and continued with the lesson.

“So, this is a penis. Over here are testicles,” I held his ball sack in-between my fingers. “This is where semen is made. Semen contains sperms. Sperms are what is required for reproduction.”

“How does sperm get released from penis?” Rishabh asked.

“Let me show you,” I said, “you hold the penis in your hand and move it back and forth like this.”

I began to jerk Atif off. I made sure I was gentle with his tool. It didn’t take him long to lose control of himself. He pulled my hair as he neared ejaculation. He looked towards the heavens as his cock exploded.

“This is how semen comes out of a penis,” I said, pointing at Atif’s load on the grass.

“What about the other way, Kiara?” Kuldeep said. “The one that sir showed us yesterday.”

“I need 3 boys for that,” I said.

Just as I asked, 3 boys came up. Each stood in front of 1 girl. We made them stand at such an angle that the rest of the class had a side view of our activities. The other began to take their clothes off while my sisters and I got down to their knees before the 3 volunteers.

We licked their dicks slowly and sucked their balls. Slowly moved our hands up and down their shaft while we licked. Then, we put it into our mouths. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the rest of the boys massaging their dicks while we sucked those 3 off.

Once they shot their loads inside our mouths, they rejoined their friends in the group.

“Now, for the next part,” I said, getting back to my feet and wiping the drops of cum off my face, “I want 2 boys to volunteer.”

Kuldeep and Gaurav came forward. I asked them to position themselves in front of my sisters, lying flat on their backs with their legs spread wide. I helped them guide their cocks into my sisters’ vaginas.

They started slow. My sisters were quiet at the beginning. It took them some time to get excited. But once they were aroused, they began to moan.

“Oh yes, oh yes, Gaurav, like that,” Freya moaned.

“Yes, fuck,” Ryan didi cried in pleasure.

The boys appeared to be on cloud 9 as they drilled the cunts of my sisters. They squeezed and sucked their big boobs while their dicks stuffed my sisters’ cunts. Once they were done, they took their places among the rest.

I asked my sisters to spread open their pussies so that everyone could see the cum inside their cunts.

“This semen that is ejaculated inside a vagina is what gets a girl pregnant,” I explained, pointing at the cum coming out of Freya’s pussy. “I guess you guys would understand better once you practice it enough. So, come up and let’s have practice,” I added and invited them up.

Atif came up to me and showed his desire to fuck me. I lay on the grass and spread my legs. He buried his face in-between my legs and did something I hadn’t expected. He began licking my cunt. It was different and wonderful. Sir hadn’t done that to me the day before.

It got me excited quicker. My pussy grew wet. The sensation was becoming unbearable for me. I couldn’t hold on any longer and begged him to fuck me.

He took his circumcised cock and pushed it inside my cunt. His dick felt so good inside me. I grabbed the blades of the grass as he moved his stick in and out of my hole.

“Ahhh,” I moaned.

“Wow, Kiara, I like reproduction,” Atif exclaimed.

“Do it, do it harder,” I cried. He smiled and picked up his speed. “Yes, yes,” my moans grew louder, “fuck me, fuck me.”

“Harder, harder,” cried Ryan didi. She was enjoying herself way too much.

One by one, all the boys fucked us 3. They all shot their load inside our vaginas. It continued for an hour and a half until Principal Sir returned with boxes that had our lunch in them. While the boys ate their food, Principal Sir satisfied his lust with my two sisters.

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