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Tales of Kiara’s Adventures – Part 3 (Teachers’ Feast)

Hi guys, I’m Kiara. I’m a 44 years old single mother. I have 18 children of my own. I am a mixed-race woman. My father was an American diplomat, and my mother was Indian. I was born and raised in India. It wasn’t until I completed my education I moved to Australia.

It was 9:30 at night. Our dinner was made, and boys were sent to the room where they were supposed to sleep. But for my sisters and me, there was no room. Principal sir held us back. The other 5 teachers who taught us other subjects decided to spend the night at the school with us.

Once the boys had settled in their room (the prayer hall) on the fourth floor, the teachers led us, girls, to the staff room on the ground floor. It was a big room with cabinets and lockers everywhere. There was a long table in the center. It ran nearly half the length of the room. There were 20 chairs around the table.

“What are you girls wearing?” said Principal sir disappointingly.

“This is our nightdress, sir,” Freya answered cautiously. “This is our shirt and our pajamas.”

“You know, girls aren’t supposed to wear anything when they sleep,” he suggested. “They are supposed to sleep naked. Didn’t anyone ever tell you that?”

“No – sir. We don’t have anyone to tell us that,” said Ryan didi.

“That’s sad. But you have us now. We’ll guide you on mannerism of girls,” he said as he walked closer to us,

He began unbuttoning Ryan didi’s shirt. Once it was opened up, she let it drop to the floor. He undid the lace of her pajamas, and they dropped down immediately. He came over to me and did the same and repeated it with Freya as well. All 3 of us were now standing, in front of them 6, completely naked.

The other teachers were mesmerized by our bare bodies. One by one, they all came closer to us. They ran their fingers across our naked bodies. They kissed our lips, grabbed our breasts, and fingered our cunts to check the wetness down there.

“What a fine specimen these girls are,” said Vishnu sir admiringly

“It will be fun to use them,” added Raza sir.

“They are at our disposal,” Principal sir said, smiling sadistically. “Aren’t you, girls?”

“Getting fucked is the greatest honor a girl could ask for,” I repeated what Principal sir had told us the day before.

“That is correct, Kiara,” Principal sir appreciatively.

“How about you 3 show your teachers how well you have improved on your blowjob skills,” he suggested.

Raza sir, Vishnu sir, and Ramesh sir were the first 3 to come forth. Raza sir had the biggest dick among the three, while Ramesh sir had the thickest one. Raza sir held his cock in his hand and slapped it across my face. He laughed as he whacked his dick left and right before putting it into my mouth.

I moved my tongue around the tip to create more sensation for him. My hand moved back and forth on his dick as I moved it in and out of my mouth. They seemed to be pros at this and took their time to cum.

Once they were done, Principal sir, Sudhanshu sir, and D’Souza sir switched places with them. They, too, took a while to release themselves. By the time they were done, my mouth was hurting from sucking cocks for well over an hour.

After making us swallow their cum, they picked us up off the floor and took us to the table. I laid on the wooden furniture, flat on my back. I bent my knees and spread my thighs to open my pussy for Raza sir.

He buried his face between my legs and rolled his tongue around my pussy-lips. He knew what he was doing. He caressed my clit with his thumb while he ate my cunt. Oh, it was so good. It got me aroused instantly.

“Ahhh…ahhh,” I moaned.

“Enjoying it, Kiara,” he asked.

“Yes, sir,” I breathed.

“Do you want me to fuck you, dear?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Not like that say, ‘Fuck me, sir,’ ” he urged.

“Please, sir, fuck me,” I pleaded.

He smiled and rubbed the tip of his cock on my pussy-lips. It was teasing me hard. I was going mad. I couldn’t take it anymore. I lifted my head and begged him once more.

He was enjoying it a lot. Rather than heeding my plea, he teased me further. When he realized that I couldn’t take it anymore, he shoved his cock into my vagina. I gasped and gripped the side of the table.

“Oh yes, that’s it, do me, ahhh,” I cried.

“Oh, Kiara, your pussy feels so good. It feels so nice to be inside you.”

“I like it, sir. I like you inside me.”

“You have always been my favorite student, Kiara,” he claimed as he rammed my cunt.

“Do me, sir, do your favorite student. Fuck me, do me harder, do it, sir.”

He picked up the pace. His balls slapped against my butt. I looked around. My sisters were getting drilled by Vishnu sir and Ramesh sir on the other sides of the table. Raza sir bent over and began sucking my boobs. I moved my fingers through his hair.

“Ahhh, sir, yes,” I moaned.

He rammed my pussy for a good 50 minutes before shooting his load up. He kissed my tits and then my face before pulling his cock out and moving away. I laid flat on my back, catching my breath before round 2 began. In those 50 minutes, I had cum twice while he only cummed once.

Sudhanshu sir came over. He pulled me up and flipped me over into the doggy style. My hands rested on the polished wooden top. He spat on my pussy and then on his cock and pushed it inside.

“Oh, yes,” I gave out a long cry.

“You like it, Kiara?”

“Yes, sir, yes.”

He grabbed my butt and thumped me hard.

“Fuck me, fuck me,” I repeated again and again.

He was only able to last for about 25 minutes, but they were some good 25 minutes. His thick cock stretched my pussy. It rubbed against the walls of my vagina, making me hornier with every stroke.

They fucked us for about 3 hours before we all fell asleep on the floor. The next morning, they fucked us in the staff room while the boys had their breakfast downstairs.

For 11 days, the boys and the teachers did us well all the time. And it even continued after our extra classes were over and our regular classes resumed. About 2 months later, my sisters and I discovered that we were pregnant.

Again, with no elder in our home, we didn’t understand the whole meaning and the seriousness of being pregnant. With our teachers being the only elders in our lives, we went to them for advice. Our principal told us that being pregnant and getting bred is what women should do in life.

He presented it in a way that made us think that we were doing something great. We took it as our achievement.

Later, we told our elder brother, Sam, about this. He was pretty mad about it but never explained the whole reason for his anger. But he couldn’t do much. His job made it impossible for him to come over to India for at least the next 6 years.

By the time those 6 years passed, it didn’t matter. By then, many things had happened, and the situation was completely different and irreversible.

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