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Tales of Kiara’s Sex Adventures (Lesson from The Teacher)

Hi guys, I’m Kiara. I’m a 44 years old single mother. I have 18 children of my own. I am a mixed-race woman. My father was an American diplomat, and my mother was Indian. I was born and raised in India. It wasn’t until I completed my education I moved to Australia.

The incident I’m going to share with you guys occurred when I was still a junior college student. After my parents passed away, my siblings and I switched college to a less expensive one.

My older brother became the breadwinner of our family. He could get a job through Dad’s friends, but it meant that he had to leave India for work. It was just the rest of my siblings and me. I have a twin sister named Freya, and we are 3rd in order amongst our siblings.

An older sister named Ryan is 2nd in line and is 2 years older than us. Sam, my brother, is 5 years older than us and is the eldest. The rest of my 7 siblings are younger than me. After Sam bhai left India, Ryan didi became the eldest in the house.

Even though Ryan didi was 2 years older than us, she failed twice (once in 5th standard and once in 7th). That meant that from 7th grade onwards, the 3 of us studied in the same class. The following incident occurred when I was in the final years of my schooling.

The school I was in at that time had just turned co-ed that year. Before that, it was an all-boys school. Due to this, my sisters and I were the only girls in that junior college.

Our exams were nearing, and we were entering our Dussehra holidays. We were given 15 days off for Dussehra. We were to have our exams. Considering this, our Principal, who was also our Biology and Physics teacher, decided to conduct extra classes during the holidays.

Our course was no way near completion. Hence, extra classes were our only option. Freya, Ryan didi and I reported for the class on the first day. We three were the only girls in our class. The remaining were all boys. Even our teachers were all male.

But, on that day, only 9 of the boys turned up. Principal sir arrived shortly after, and he led us inside the college. Apart from us 13, just a security guard was stationed outside the gates. Sir led us up the stairs and to the 3rd floor.

The whole college was deserted. We went into a classroom that faced the football field at the back of the college. The class commenced. It was to be 3 hours long. We started with Biology. Sir explained the reproduction chapter to us when he suddenly called out my name.

“Yes, sir,” I said reluctantly.

“Come over here,” he waved.

I went up to him. He asked me to turn around and face the class. He handed me the book and asked me to read the section on the penis. As I did, all the boys began giggling. I didn’t know what they were giggling about, and neither did my sisters.

“Kiara,” sir said at last, “have you ever seen a penis?”

“No, sir,” I answered with a shake of my head.

“What about you two?” he asked my sisters.

They, too, denied having ever seen one. We weren’t lying. We had never seen a penis until that day. Neither of us knew anything about sex. Yes, we were adults back then, but we did not have our parents anymore. So, there was no one to educate us on the topic.

“Looks like you need more detailed lessons on this topic,” sir muttered and got up from his seat. He undid his zipper and dropped his pants. He stood before the whole class, naked from the waist down. His big and fat black tool swung like a pendulum.

“This, Kiara, is a penis,” he said, whacking his penis at me. “Why don’t you touch it! feel it between your fingers.”

He took my hand and wrapped my fingers around his cock. As I held it in my hand, I felt it getting hard. Boys giggled even more as he moved onto my sisters and asked each of them to hold his penis in their hands. First, it was Freya and then Ryan didi.

It looked weird when Ryan didi held his penis. It was like a chocolate bar inserted into a vanilla ice cream. While Freya and I took our mother’s complexion, Ryan didi took after dad. She’s white as snow and blonde. She looks completely American.

“Follow me,” sir said.

He picked up his pants and the bag he was carrying with him and walked out of the classroom. He led us up the stairs to the fourth floor, where the library was. We were made to sit on the library floor while sir set up the TV and the VCR player.

He pulled a tape out of his bag and played it. It opened with a woman getting out of the shower, wrapping a towel around her and answering the door. With the benefit of hindsight, I now know that it was porn. But we had no clue what that movie was about to back then.

After he made us watch it twice, sir turned the TV off, put the tape back into his bag, and turned to us and said, “Did you all watch it carefully?”

“Yes, sir,” we all answered in unison.

“Sir, what was that?” Ryan didi asked innocently.

“That, Ryan, was a documentary about the process of reproduction,” sir answered.

“Sir, are we supposed to take the penis in our mouths?” inquired Freya.

“Yes, Freya, you are. That’s a part of the process,” he replied. “Now, Kiara, come over and continue reading.”

I resumed reading the chapter. As I read out about the female genitalia, one of the boys shouted, “Sir, we have never seen a breast or a pussy.” The rest of the boys repeated his words in unison and laughed.

“Is that so?” sir said and approached me.

He pulled at my tie and undid the knot. My tie dropped on the floor. He proceeded to unbutton my shirt. I protested mildly. But he brushed it away, saying, “I took my clothes off in front of you all to show you what a penis looks like. Can’t you do the same for the boys?”

His words made me feel guilty of sorts. I thought, “He is right. He did take his clothes off to show my sisters and me what a penis looks like. And, when it’s my turn to do the same, I am refusing.”

I did not protest any further and allowed him to do his thing. As I mentioned earlier, I did not know about sex or things like these. There was no one at home to teach us girls about all this stuff. With our parents dead, our teachers were the elderly figures in our lives.

So, I thought, maybe what he’s doing is right. I withdrew my protest and allowed him to do his thing. He removed my shirt and moved his hands down towards my waist. Click, and my belt was off. He unbuckled my skirt and let it drop to the floor.

My bra was the next to come off and was quickly followed by my panties. With that, I was standing buck-ass naked before the boys and my sisters.

“This is what a breast looks like,” he addressed the class, flaunting my boobs and juggling them in his palms.

“Now, lay down, Kiara,” he asked politely. I did as he asked. He then asked me to pull my legs close to my chest and spread them. I did. “This, boys, is a pussy,” he said, spreading my pussy lips.

The boys stared at my spread out cunt. “Now, Kiara, would you like to do the practice of reproduction.”

“As you say, sir,” I replied curtly.

He asked me to get up and get on my knees. I did that. He made me open my mouth and thrust his cock in. I tried to replicate what the actress in the movie did to my best abilities. I licked it, jerked it, took it as deep as I could.

I sucked his cock for a good 15 minutes. He cummed in my mouth. He pulled his cock out and asked me to swallow his load.

“How was it, Kiara?” he asked.

“Warm, salty, and a bit sticky, sir,” I replied.

“It’s supposed to be like that. It’s vitamin C. Now lay down again.”

I was back on my back once more. He pushed my legs back and buried his face in my pussy. As his tongue moved around my clitoris, it felt different. It felt really good. It was a feeling I had never felt before like an electric current had passed through my entire body.

“Ah, sir,” I moaned.

He pulled his face up and proceeded to the next stage. He slapped his cock on my thighs and moved it onto my pussy. He rubbed it against my clit to tease me further and get me even more excited. And then, when I was wet enough for his liking, he gently pushed it inside.

I gasped. My eyes rolled back. It was a bit painful at first. But the pain only lasted for a few minutes. He started slowly. His dick moved in and out of my pussy.

“Ahh,” I moaned.

“Do you like it, Kiara?”

“Yes, I like it. It’s really good, aah,” I cried excitedly. He picked up the pace, and my moans got louder and faster.

“Not ‘ahh,’ say, ‘fuck me, sir.’ Say it, Kiara.”

“Ah, fuck me, sir,” I moaned.

He grabbed my boobs and began pumping my pussy even harder. He squeezed my tits tighter as he neared climax. I felt his cock stiffening up inside my cunt. He gave out a loud grunt as he shot his load inside me. He pulled his cock out and made me lick it clean. I did it with great pride.

After 20 minutes, he asked my sisters to get naked and have sex with the boys. My sisters, who were as innocent as me, did exactly that. They, too, thought that this was a class assignment. One by one, boys came over us. They inserted their cocks in our cunts and fucked us until they were satisfied.

“Ah, yeah, yes. Fuck me, fuck me,” were the words that echoed in the library for the next 1 hour or so.

Once all the boys had fucked us, our teacher dismissed the class. He asked everyone to inform at home that he’ll be making our stay at college for studies for the remainder of the holidays. We were to live within the college premises for the next 11 days.

Of course, we had no elders at home to inform, so we weren’t subjected to it. He let all the boys go but hold us back. When the boys had left, he told us why we were asked to stay back. It was to alter our dresses.

Our uniforms consisted of a white shirt, a navy blue skirt, and a tie. Our skirts ran the lengths of our thighs and down to our knees. He didn’t like that. Nor did he like the lengths of our shirts. He pulled a pair of scissors out of his bag and began altering our uniforms. He cut the length of our skirts.

Rather than going all the way down to our knees, they ended just below our hips. Our shirts, too, were cut short. They no longer went past our breasts. He removed all the buttons from it, barring one and asked us to ditch our bras. We did as he asked.

Our shirts were so short that whenever we lifted our arms, our underboobs became visible. Sometimes, it even rolled further up and exposed our nipples. Only a single button kept it together from thereon. And our tie was to pass through our cleavage.

That, according to him, was how girls were supposed to dress up. Once he was done tailoring, he was horny again. This time, he decided to enjoy Ryan didi. He made her bend over the table. Didi did exactly that.

The short skirts that we now wore exposed her butt instantly. He pushed her panty down and shoved his big fat black cock inside her. He was in no mood of going slow and drilled Didi’s pussy hard from the get-go.

With three tight thrusts, he exploded inside her juicy white cunt. Once he withdrew, Didi pulled her panty up, smoothened her hair, picked up her bag and led us out of the library and out of the college building. But before we left, the principal sir told us something.

He said, “Always remember girls, getting fucked is the duty of a woman. Your pussy is the best gift you can give a man. Having sex and birthing babies is your holy duty. Always perform it well.”

On our way back home, we talked about this incident. It was a new experience for all three of us, and we bloody enjoyed it. We talked about the advice he gave us before leaving.

As I mentioned, we were ignorant about sex. And after that day, for a long time, we took his words as absolute truth. We thought them to be words of wisdom. By the time we learned the truth, it was too late for us.

We talked about the pleasure we got from sex. But we were unaware that it would become the rest of our junior college life. Hell, it became the rest of our lives.

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