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Tales Of The Old Age Home

My experience at the Old Age Home

The stone mansion looked huge and stunning when I first saw it after getting down from the auto. What was more stunning was the lush green garden surrounding the mansion. I paid the auto driver and looked at the huge gates made of wrought iron with the name of the old age home embossed on it with golden color in bold letters. The name seemed old fashioned but my doubts were cleared when the security checked my name against the computer confirming my appointment and gave me a swipe card to reach the main entrance. Not so old fashioned after all.

I made my way towards the reception through the pathway in between the most beautiful lawn I had ever seen. There were swings, round tables with chairs, many trees and beautiful street lamps along the pathway. I did not see a single elderly man or woman anywhere there. Suddenly I became nervous. I reached the reception after swiping my card on the electronic main door, where a lady with a very beautiful smile greeted me with a Namaste. I told her that I had come for the interview for the post of Assistant Manager – Operations by showing her my interview confirmation letter. She looked at my face again which made me more nervous and told me to wait in the visitors room onto my left. She said she will get back to me soon.

“Shirley” a voice echoed from nowhere. I was startled after hearing my name. I regained my composure and said it’s me and stood up from the chair I was comfortably sitting. It was a different woman this time, tall, slim and elegantly dressed. She also had a beautiful smile on her face. She told me to follow her and lead me to another room. There were already an old woman and a man in his late 40’s sitting on the other side of a table. The lady who took me till there, joined them on the third chair besides them. They told me to take my seat opposite to them. I fiddled with the folder I was carrying and took out my resume and passed it across to them. They took it from me and without looking at it kept it down. I was even more nervous. The old lady who had a bob cut hair and wearing small specs adjusted it and spoke. So you have 2 years of experience in hospital management. Without giving me a gap to respond she continued. ”And you are a graduate in BCom and have a MBA in hospital and healthcare management

“. I nodded. Why did you quit your job at the hospital? I told them that I was looking for a better prospect and career growth like any other MBA grads would say without even thinking when asked this question. What makes you think that working in an old age home would help you achieve career growth? The late 40’s looking man asked me. That was a really good question. The main and the only reason for me applying for this post was not for the job title as Asst manager but the pay part of it which said 9.75 lakhs with additional perks.

I was getting only 4.5 lakhs at the hospital doing night shifts and listening to patients crying and cribbing and getting myself screamed at by manager for no apparent reason, who had high BP himself but took no medication. But I very confidently replied saying that I was very much interested in NGO related work and like social welfare work and had taken up hospital management as a major in MBA when all others took marketing and finance. Anyways those marketing guys ended up selling credit cards and insurance or begging US and UK corporates to buy their company’s IT solutions at 2 in the morning. The finance guys ended up approving home loans and bike loans in a basement of some banks. I thought in my head.

The elegantly dressed lady asked me what my job description was at the hospital. I told them that I have done everything possible at the hospital including admission of a patient to settling his bills, taking care of insurance works, consoling the patients before operations (which was not in my job description) to taking care of cremation work as well, ensuring hygienic conditions prevail at all the time and coordinating the nurses working times to ensure availability of the nurses at all times etc etc. I went on for 2 more minutes about my achievements and highlighting situations where I was appreciated by the management blah blah (which was a made up story on the fly). I ended my adventurous stories with a smile and pride on my face.

Seems she knows everything about everything, commented the old women in the panel. A smile spread out on the other two faces. I wondered if that was a sarcastic statement. “Shirley”, spoke the elegantly dressed woman again. Your resume is impressive but what we expect from someone in this post is modesty along with the ability to achieve the goals set forth to them every single day. I did not know what expression I could make to show modesty sparkle on my face so I remained still.

“Our old age home” started the old woman “is the home for hundreds of men and women who have come here from various parts of India and also abroad”. They are people who did not live a simple life but are highly influential people. They are paying hell of lot of money to be taken care of every single minute of the day and it is our duty that we ensure that they are happy and remain with us. It will be your duty if given this job to ensure that they remain with us happily. She stressed on the word happily. I nodded. Your roles and responsibilities will not limit within the job description we have written here but much more than that. But if you can prove that you have the ability to deliver then we ensure that your career may not just grow but fly.

My eyes widened on hearing that statement. How difficult is to take care of old people. Anyways they have one leg inside the grave and the other on quick sand. I replied that I will do everything to ensure that I will do my duties to the best of my capabilities. Cliché. I was waiting for the next question but there were none; instead the man dialed an extension on the phone and called for someone named Shweta. As he kept the phone he told me to accompany Shweta and discuss the roles and responsibilities and also take a look at the building and come back and meet them again in half an hour. I again nodded. Did that mean I got the job, I wondered.

There was a knock and an even more beautiful lady entered. I looked at her from head to toe. The way she wore her saree amazed me. It had no wrinkle, every pleat measured, blouse stitched to perfect measurements. What was most striking for me was that the saree was tucked deep down way below the navel, almost around the hip bone. It did not look sexy unless you stand outside and a powerful wind blows, it might reveal a lot of skin from just below her bosom till her waist. But currently the pallu was in place and covered her perfectly without revealing any skin. Shweta smiled at me when she was asked to take me around. Does the motto of this institution says “Smile no matter what” or something I wondered.

I followed her silently as she walked in brisk pace across the hall to another room. She told me that the old age home was spread across 20 acres of land and has 3 buildings in total. Before she went ahead with the architecture of these buildings I interrupted her by asking I don’t see a single resident anywhere. She smiled again and told me that it was 11:30 am now and it time for afternoon meditations before lunch so everyone is gathered at the main hall now.

She told me that there is timing for everything here and people take things seriously if something is late. I swallowed hard. I had no respect for time and I run around everywhere like a headless chicken to get things done at the last minute.

She then continued nonstop about the history of the place, heritage etc etc. I did not care less but I learnt that the old women on the interview panel was the chairman of the place and elegantly dressed woman was her daughter and the late 40’s man was elegantly dressed woman’s husband. They are very important people that I should worry about she told me. What was more interesting was that Shweta had resigned as she was getting married and I was her probable replacement. The tour ended and she took me back to the interview room. Before letting me in she told me to think very carefully before I accept the offer as satisfying the residents requires extra skills.

I was very happy with everything I saw. Everything was so modern here in terms of electronics and other facilities. Just like a 5 star hotel. The 3 smiling faces greeted me again. For some reason even I had a stupid smile on my face which I don’t know how it appeared. Before they asked something, I replied that I love the place. Good, replied the late 40’s man. Would you want to work for us? I replied yes even without negotiating the package. Don’t you want to know your remuneration? Asked the elegantly dressed lady? I nodded embarrassed. They extended a paper which looked like the breakup of my salary. I quickly scanned the numbers to the bottom of the page which had a magic number after adding up some other numbers. My jaw dropped. 11,42,091. More than what they had mentioned on job portal. From 4.5 lakhs to 11.5 lakhs. I had the biggest hike in the history of my college. I quickly divided it by 12 to know what could be my take home every month which is the most stupidest thing to do as I have realized over time that the final take home is far far less than that of the magic number we get after we divide total salary by 12. Nevertheless 4.5 divided by 12 is less that 11.5 divided by 12. So I nodded happily.

When can you join? I told them that I will join next week. The elegantly dressed lady asked me if I knew that there was a dress code. I nodded. They told me to go take the measurements before leaving as they will only provide the saree and the blouse which was the uniform here. Shweta will guide me on the required formalities with the HR. After signing on various forms even without looking I was eager to go home and shop. I had a credit card with a credit limit of 45 K. I had reached 38 K on it already. I decided to max it today.

After signing about 40 forms I was tired. Shweta then took me to the tailors department where a woman was sitting stitching something. Before she smiled at me I smiled at her. Her smile was even wider than mine. Shweta mentioned the word blouse. So she took the tape to start measuring me. I was wearing a slightly loose salwar. She told me to come inside and take it off as she wanted perfect measurements. I then remembered about Shweta’s perfectly tailored blouse. I wondered if I could tell this tailor to stitch some other blouses of mine also if I made friends with her. I was taken inside a well lit room. Shweta followed us. Since the tailor was also a lady, I swiftly removed by salwar top. The tailor looked at me in amazement, so did Shweta. I was suddenly conscious of myself. I did not look all that bad myself. I had taken care of myself well. I also had perfectly sized breasts and had a flat stomach. The tailor lady took all the measurements and I saw her writing 34 for the size of my breasts. She asked me if I wear cupped bra’s.

I told her that I don’t need to. It was done and I wore my salwar top again. Shweta told me that she was here for another 2 more weeks and I will need to learn everything that she was doing here. I told her bye and started for the gates. As I reached the hall, I saw a crowd now. There were some 200 people gathering around and standing in line for lunch. The men were not as told as I thought they would be. Some were still well built. I wondered if they crossed 60 or something. They were eying me as I passed by them as I felt that feeling of something piercing on my backbone when you know someone is staring at your back. I was again nervous.

I stopped worrying now as I reached home. Forget about it till next week which was by the way only 3 days away. I shopped lavishly for 5 K (highest I have spent on a single day for my clothes), saw a stupid Hollywood 3D movie with my friends. Popcorn and Pepsi along with a burger cost me a fortune. But thanks to the wonderful job that I had now, 450 Rs for a popcorn tub combo did not bother me anymore. Yippee! No more guilty feeling inside that I could buy tastier popcorn for 15 rs and 10 rs pepsi from the roadside shops as I am worth more now. I reached home and tried to get some sleep. I had nightmares instead of dreams for reasons I cannot fathom. The weekend passed at the same speed at which I spend my remaining savings lavishly.

The day came and I was nervous instead of excited. Butterflies were doing drunk driving inside my stomach. I got down from the auto. The security identified me and handed me a new ID with my photo on it. I had submitted my photo to HR before. I walked to the reception and was asked to wait. Shweta came in from somewhere and told me to follow her. I was taken to the same tailor lady. She was ready with my blouse. She then handed me my blouse and saree and a petticoat. This saree looked different than what Shweta was wearing. This saree was of thinner material. I was not an expert in draping sari’s. I asked them for help. They took me inside the same room.

I was asked to remove the salwar I was wearing. I gladly removed it. I was happy as I was wearing new lingerie now. I stood in my bra and panty now. I then wore my petticoat. I wore it above my navel. Shweta immediately came forward and told me to stop. I had a feeling why it was for. She told me that we tie it below and untied the knot. She then lowered it to the level which I had earlier noticed she had tied up to. It would be called obscene if I wear it like that in my parents’ house. Meanwhile the tailor lady came forward and slightly pulled down my panty a bit. I decided not to create a scene. Shweta then tied the petticoat which was just above my private part. I wore the blouse and it was actually tight or stitched in a way to bring out the exact shape of my breasts. The blouse ended just below my breasts and there was a lot of exposed skin between my blouse and my petticoat.

They then starting draping the sari around me so that only one layer of pallu was left to cover my entire front part. I was looking at myself in a full length mirror and I realized that this sari was a bit transparent. I asked why I was wearing a different sari than Shweta and she replied that the management was changing the uniform now. That was believable. I asked her if there are other ladies here who would wear this. She told me everybody had different sari’s as per their role. After they were done I realized that I looked sexy in this saree. In the sun light everyone could see my stomach. I was scared to create a fuss on the first day itself. Once they were done with my makeup, I followed Shweta to another room. She asked me to sit and listen to her carefully as she was going to explain my daily responsibilities to me.

I took out a book and pen from my handbag to note it. She told me it’s not required. She told me that she was in charge of managing the needs of 20 elderly people. Some of them are highly qualified and served in very high posts before retiring. For e.g one guy was an IAS officer, another guy was a minister, army general, painter so on and so forth. She told me that they all have different likings and it was my duty to ensure that these people are all happy in here. There will be nurses to take care of personal needs for them but I ll be the main point of contact for any grievance they are having. I have to ensure that they lead a healthy life style and don’t fall sick ever. She told me that I might have to do night duty in case of need and I ll be paid extra for it. She told me that she will introduce me to everyone later on.

She told me to be cheerful and not to be angry even if they are rude to you. In case of issues directly report to the chairman. I have handled a lot of rude people in my life at the hospital before. Educated people can be reasoned with, I thought to myself. There are lots of other things also that we have to adjust to, she continued. She told me that she will let me know about it as the day progresses. It was 10 am now and she told me that she will call all of them and introduce them to me. I waited. Finally when she gathered all of them I had the first look at them. There was a mixture of men and women. Some were on the wheel chair others looked old, some still looked young. The women were worn out. There were 8 or so. They looked mostly like those kitty party obsessed women in their prime. Probably they married rich men who left them a fortune or something. Shweta introduced me by saying that I ll be replacing her soon. Everyone welcomed me with hi and stuff. I gave a brief intro about myself. They cheered and suddenly I felt welcomed. She told me that she will make me meet them individually after sometime for a personal introduction.

I and Shweta had a private lunch. She asked me if I liked it here. I nodded. She told me that some men in the group were really hard to handle. Some were really cheerful. She told me that she had a hard time adjusting to things here when she joined. I could not understand why. She told me that now she will take me around and take me to the rooms of these people and let me talk to them. She told me whatever happens I should smile and talk back politely as this is why we are paid so much. I remembered my credit card bills. I also wanted a car. But that was later.

First few rooms I visited were of women who spoke to me nicely. Some even kissed me on my cheek. Some hugged me. When we were finished with the ladies, Shweta told me that hugging and kissing the cheeks were common here and I ll get used to it. Before she took me to the men’s rooms, she reminded me to smile and have a cheerful face. The first room we went to was that of an Army general who was busy watching television. He was a Punjabi guy and immediately got up and shook hands with me and Shweta. He was a pleasant guy and touched my forehead as a mark of blessing from him. I did not bother to fall on his feet. The next room we visited had a corporate guy in it. He was about to take a nap.

Shweta sat next to him on the bed. He sat up on the bed and looked at me. Shweta praised him by telling me about his position etc. He put his hand on Shweta’s thighs and told her to stop. He told me that he will miss Shweta a lot and ran his hand on her thighs. He then held my hand and told me that it might be really difficult to fill in Shweta’s place. I said I will try my best. The next room we entered was empty but there were paintings hung on every inch of the wall. They were really good. There was sound of a flush and the guy who looked as if he was in his 60’s or something emerged. He was happy to see us. He was a painter by profession. He came near us kissed Shweta on her cheeks. Shweta kissed him back.

He then turned her around and hugged her from behind. Shweta smiled. His hand then pulled aside her pallu near her stomach and he placed his hand on her navel. Shweta jumped as she felt ticklish. He then looked at me. I was frozen in horror. He told me that he was drawing a picture of Shweta’s navel as he felt that she had the most amazing looking navel he had seen. He then motioned me look at the canvas where I was stunned to see the pencil drawing of only the stomach of a lady. He told me that Shweta had posed for him as his gift before she left. I admired the pencil drawing. It was really good. He then brought the canvas and brought it near her. Without permission, he removed her pallu and it fell on the floor below. Shweta was a bombshell. He then held the canvas side by side to her navel and asked me for my comments. I smiled and said that I was spellbound. He then bend down and kissed Shweta’s navel. It was long wet kiss on the belly button. I stood in silence. We left the room and before I could ask her what was going on, we reached the next room. This room was of some movie producer turned health freak now. He was drinking milk as we came in. He had exercise equipment’s inside his room also.

On seeing us he acted as if fired a bullet towards Shweta and Shweta acted as if she was hit and acted as if she was going to fall down and die. The producer guy came forward and took Shweta in his arms and said some lines which blamed god on taking her away from him or something. It was pathetic acting but I still smiled. After the scene was done he looked at me and shook hands. He looked at Shweta and told her that she is becoming fat. Even he took the liberty of touching her on her shoulders and telling her that her blouse was tight. Shweta acted concerned but told him that she feels she is not fat. He then looked at me and said that she was fatter than me. I smiled. He did not stop there. He accused Shweta by saying she does not have a flat belly anymore.

He slowly pulled Shweta to his side and started stroking her belly. She let him feel her up a bit before pushing him away. He was in no way to give up and pushed Shweta on his bed. All this was happening right in front of me. It was unreal. Shweta fell on the bed. He sat on top of her and pulled her pallu aside. She looked so sexy. Her breasts rising and falling slowly. Her stomach was flat. I guess that was not his concern. He asked her to accept that she was getting fat but when she did not he started tickling her. She laughed madly and pushed him and started to get up. He then pushed her back and told me to hold her hands. I was shocked, I did not move. Common fast partner, he commanded.

Shweta told me not to do anything. I stood still unable to believe what was happening. The producer now looked at me. He let go of Shweta and told her to hold me as a punishment for not helping him. I could not believe what was happening. Shweta immediately got up and came towards me. I wanted to run away but my legs failed me. The producer lifted me and threw me on the bed. My head hit slightly on the edge of the coat and it hurt me. Suddenly everyone got serious and Shweta started rubbing my head. The producer apologized for his act. I smiled and told him that it was ok.

We left the room and went to the cafeteria. I wanted to cry. I could not believe what had happened out there today. Was I hired as a prostitute? I did not know. Shweta told me to relax and told me that these people were good and I had to understand their character before dealing with them. She told me that the painter guy will take every opportunity to paint a picture of me preferably nude. The Producer guy was slightly horny and will take every opportunity to be feel me up.

There was also a politician who is very horny and will feel me up every time he will get a chance with me alone. I just had to handle these three guys. The corporate guy was ok and he will be satisfied with me touching him or giving him a kiss now and then. But he liked to kiss a lot and will shower me with kisses for no particular reason. Rest no one was a problem as per her. She told me that her entire job depended on her ability to compromise and make sure they are happy and don’t leave this old age home to their rivals. My legs were giving upon me as I heard it.

I was emotionally drained. I did not know what I had gotten into. For the time I work here I will have to blindly and happily cater to the wishes of some real horny men in their dying days. Instead of going spiritual and submitting themselves to god and charity they have enrolled themselves in legal brothel in the name of this old age home. Shweta told me not to get tensed as she went through the same dilemma I was going through now and submitted herself to them. She told me to avoid the politician as he had once tried to molest her. She told me that if I was smart I could limit them to just some hugging, kissing and touching. She told me there were other lady’s here who had gone to the extent of having sex with in other groups. She told me that I was lucky to be with this group.

I went home. I was awake all night. Popcorn combo came at a huge price. It was the price of my modesty. I went again the next day. My enthu levels down to near zero. Earlier that sleepless night, I had decided that when I made enough savings, I will run away from this place. I was greeted by the same smile. There were morning activities which were planned for them. The politician looked sad as we did not visit him last day. The painter, producer, corporate guy would have filled him about my details.

After some laughter therapy and some games they all retired to their rooms. It was time for the rest of the tour. Shweta held my hand as we went to the politician’s room.

She told me not to worry as she will handle it today. The politician was in his room without a shirt. He had a hair all over his chest. I was surprised to see the producer was also there with him. I started by apologizing that I did not find time to meet him yesterday. The producer immediately jumped in by apologizing to me for the damage he had done to my head. My head was damaged already for accepting this job, I thought in my head. I smiled and told him that I was ok now. The politician first kissed Shweta on her forehead and hugged her. His hand was on her butt. He ensured that his naked chest was pressed against her breasts for a long time.

He then put his hands on her navel and kissed her cheeks. It is sad to see you go he exclaimed. She told him that she was training me and will need his co-operation to make me comfortable. He again pulled her close to him, but this time his right hand was slowly feeling up her navel. He finally released her and came up to me. I was waiting for him to kiss me or hug me, but he just shook hands with me.

I was relieved as I got out of that room. The fact that Shweta will leave soon got me panic attacks. Shweta told me get to know people here. First familiarize yourself with the painter or the corporate guy. They are harmless. So I decided to go the painter alone. He was in his room painting. He was happy to see me again. He was also surprised to see me alone. I told him Shweta left early. I looked around, there were pics drawn on many body parts of women. Shweta’s navel was also one among them. There were also breasts, bum, eyes etc. He told me he enjoys drawing them. He looked at me and said that I have very beautiful neck. He told me he wants to draw my neck someday. I acted flattered.

I asked him what was so special about them. He said there were so many contours in them and it would be a challenge to get them right. I looked at myself in his mirror. I did not find anything interesting there. Suddenly the painter was right behind me, his finger touched my chin and slowly he brought it down till he reached my neck and stopped there. I closed my eyes. His fingers slowly came down till the dip near the collar bone. His right hand slowly continued its travel down till it reached the pendent I was wearing on my neck on the chain. He held it for some time. He turned me around. I looked at him. I was shy. He leaned forward to kiss me. I pushed him back. I left without saying another word. I went home that day. I was doing it wrong. I had to make money but not this way.

Next day Shweta told me about the routine tasks that had to be done, the medicines that these people were taking etc. It is difficult to remember so much in one go. I told her about my encounter with the painter. She confessed to me that he had made her topless one day and kissed her nonstop for hours. I was stunned. I told her that I was never in a relation before and nobody has touched me like the way he had touched me before.

Shweta told me that the only way I can survive here is to adapt. She told me to just go with the flow and stop worrying. All I had to do was to break the ice. Let someone make me feel things I had never felt before. In other words, let those old men feel me up and do nothing about it. She told me that I can make quick money very fast this way. I was quiet. I told her that I need time to think about it. That night I could not sleep. The feeling of compromising my body was unacceptable for me. I just did not understand how I could get a career growth here. I could make money fast though. At around 3.30 am the feeling sunk in. I decided to go with the flow.

That day Shweta got excited on hearing this. She told me that she will accompany me everywhere today. We thought we will go to the corporate again. The ex-ceo was happy to see us in the afternoon together. He jumped with joy and as he came and hugged Shweta. He kissed her. Shweta kissed him back. I could see a small tent rise up his pyjama. I laughed inside smiled outside. He came near me. He wanted a piece of me as well. I let him hug me. I gave him a kiss which surprised him. I asked him if he was hungry.

He lifted his shirt and showed his wrinkled tummy and told me it was full. He asked us if we had lunch. We told him that we still had too. He told me that taking food on time is necessary. He complained that the girls nowadays were obsessed with size zero figure and don’t eat food at all. Shweta asked him if he thought she was size zero. He had a twinkle in his eyes. He looked at her from head to toe and finally told her to come in a swim suit so that he can judge her properly. She teased him for being naughty. He in turn spanked her butt. When we came out, Shweta told me that it was that simple to keep people happy here.

Next we went to the women. They were all in one room playing rummy or something. They greeted us and we hugged and kissed as usual. Everyone seemed happy here by default. We moved to the painter’s room and painter was reading some magazine. He looked at me and winked. I winked back. Shweta teased him by calling him a porn painter. The painter had an evil grin on his face. I went around admiring his paintings. He had done some miniature drawing on canvas which I imagined can look good if drawn as a tattoo. I told him that.

On hearing this he asked if I wanted a tattoo drawn of a beautiful ballet girl doing a spin on me. I always wanted a tattoo. I told him that I loved it too without thinking. Shweta was smiling now. The painters told me that he could not do tattoo but draw a temporary one which could last at least 2 months. I told him I would love to get it done. He asked me where I wanted it. I told him that I wanted it on my arm. He told me that would fade away very soon.

Shweta told me that she had one on her back. He had drawn it on the lower back. Considering the fact that she wore her sari on her hips, it could very well be on her butt. I told him its ok and I don’t need one. The painter seemed more disappointed than me. He told me that he could draw one near my navel. I was not sure. He said he will draw it in half an hour max. I looked at Shweta and she said it was ok. I slowly nodded my head in consent. Great! The painter was already ready. He asked me lie on his bed. I slowly did as told. You cannot wear your saree, the painter pointed out. If the colours touch my saree it will be unusable.

Shweta came to me and told me she will hold my saree for me. I closed my eyes in a silent prayer and removed my pallu off my shoulder. The painter’s eyes glowed. I removed the tuck and within seconds I was in my blouse and petticoat. The painter came near me and made my lie on the bed. He brought a cold liquid and rubbed it on my navel with cotton and I shivered in cold. With a cloth he wiped it away.

He then for no reason started to feel the skin from my breasts till my petticoat. His hands were caressing me softly. I closed my eyes. He left me in that state and went for the colors. I looked for Shweta and she was not to be seen. The door was open. Did she leave to give the painter some privacy? Without Shweta, the painter will rape me. In the meanwhile, the painter was back with a brush and some colors. The painter told me to relax and breathe normally. The painter slowly touched the tip of his brush just below my belly button. Why was he drawing it so low? I did not know. The feeling of the brush touching my navel was amazing. I liked that feeling.

The painter had his hands running all over stomach and I stopped worrying about it. It was already ten mins and I slowly opened my eyes to look at the painter. I was shocked. There was the politician, producer, ex CEO standing around the bed. Shweta was also there. She had invited them to see painter’s work. I was now embarrassed being in such state in front of them. The painter was now drawings dangerously close to the area were my petticoat started. I wanted to get up and see what was being drawn. But the painter told me not to bring wrinkles on my stomach. I lay helplessly. I could see lust in producers face.

My heart skipped several beats as I felt like a lamb in front of these retired lions. But Lions nevertheless. The painter looked at Shweta and told him to untie the petticoat. Shweta came forward and without asking for my consent untied the knot. The producer and the politician were bending over to get a glimpse of my panty. The painter came and told me that he has to pull it down as he wanted to complete the dancing girl’s legs. I did not response. With silence as acceptance, he asked producer to raise my hips gently so as to pull my petticoat. The producer was more than happy. His hands clutched my waist from both sides very gently and gently raised my hips.

The painter was asked Shweta to pull down my petticoat till he says stop. Shweta slowly pulled down my petticoat revealing my hips bones. She continued pulling it down. I could not see but I looked at the politician and saw a bulge in his pyjamas. He was not wearing underwear for sure. Shweta continued pulling. The producer swallowed hard and I guess he could see my panty or something. I was wearing a white panty and it was big enough to cover my private parts. I looked at the producer. His hold was firm on my bare waist. Shweta pulled the entire petticoat down till my knees and winked at me.

The producer slowly released me and I was again lying on the bed. A wave of nausea hit me. Some kind of paralysis. The painter started with his work. His brush came dangerously close to my panty. His fingers were touching me on top of my panty. I shifted a bit. He told me to relax. I closed my eyes. The wonderful strokes of brush brought a unexplainable sensation inside me. The painter finished with his work in some time. Everyone was praising the painter over and over. I wanted to desperately see how it turned out to be. The politician took this opportunity to take out his iphone and without any permission started clicking pics of me. I was scared. I screamed at him and begged him to not take any pics. He showed me the picture and I was stunned. It was a very beautiful picture of a girl doing a ballet dance move. There were 6 colors used and had a professional touch to it.

The painter asked me not to move and told me to lie still for half an hour. The producer and politician were not taking their eye off me. They then asked Shweta to show them her tattoo. Shweta refused and told them that she will show them some other day. They refused to listen. Shweta stood up and told them that they should catch her first. Before she could take a step, the painter sprang from behind and wrapped his hands around her waist. She struggled hard but without any success. I was looking at her with my petticoat pulled down till my knees. I was not in a position to pull that up let alone help her. The politician came forward and pulled her pallu off her.

The producer came and pulled her saree tuck and undraped her saree from her body. Shweta was laughing. The painter undid the knot of her petticoat and it fell down on the floor. She had the stunning body, soft and fair. The painter grabbed her ass and made her turn around. She was in a black panty. Lot of her ass was visible as her panty was not the one which covered her ass fully. I looked at her ass and there was some portion of some beautiful peacock feather was visible. The rest of the design was inside her panty. She actually let the painter draw a peacock feather on her right ass. The painter prided himself for the work and slowly pulled down her panty more and more revealing the feather. The politician and producer were dumbstruck. The painter pulled her panty between her legs and out of her legs. She stood there in a blouse and lower naked body.

The guys went near her and touched the design. She did not resist. The politician was uncontrollable now. His face was close to her and he sniffed her ass. He slowly licked the entire length of her tattoo. Shweta shivered. The producer went near her and started kissing her other ass. Both of them were literally licking her ass. Their hands were now all over her. They turned her around. She had the most clean shaved pussy I had seen. She gave out a moan. They made her lie next to me. The three guys now were staring at us. The painter came near me and pulled my petticoat from my legs. I was ready. They knew it too.

My heart beat echoed in my ears. The producer came near me and started stroking my hair. His other hand was stoking my thighs. I let his hand run over my wet panty. There was a hunger inside him when he brought his lips onto mine and started sucking on to it. His saliva mixed onto mine and his tongue sucking onto mine. I felt some soft hands on my breasts trying to unhook my blouse. I could feel my blouse giving away. I closed my eyes with pleasure. I felt wetness on my breasts and someone trying to pull away by bra straps. At this time only feeling matters. I felt my bra being separated from my body.

The producer was all over my face. He was licking me, kissing me, eating my lips. I felt tongue on my nipples and realized that someone was sucking it vigorously. I felt my panty sliding from my legs out of my legs and sudden wetness on my vagina. The producer let go off my lips. I looked down and was surprised to see that it was Shweta who was sucking on my breasts. She was really good at it. She was pressing my other breasts with her hands. I looked at the politician. He was capturing it on his phone. I did not care what he was doing. I pulled Shweta closed to me and started kissing her lips. She was so soft. She hugged me. She was naked by now.

We were rolling on the bed kissing each other like mad lovers. She then moved her face towards my vagina and she brought her vagina towards me. I understood what she wanted. The guys were now just filming us making out. They were enjoying it. I licked her pussy. She was doing the same to me. She pushed her tongue deep inside and I felt powerless. I lay still as her tongue worked magic inside me. She was not stopping and increased the strokes. Seeing me in the state of bliss, the painter came near me started sucking my breasts.

The producer was quick to suck on my other. This was unbearable. I shuddered as the first wave of orgasm burst through me. Shweta did not stop she continued to lick me more. In no time, I got my second orgasm spreading inside me. My whole body shivered and I lay powerless on the bed, naked, shameless.

I closed my eyes and let the feeling control me. I don’t know for how long I lay like that. When I woke up I was still naked. Shweta was fully dressed and drinking coffee. The politician and producer were not to be seen anywhere. The painter helped me get up. Shweta came to me gave some strong coffee from her cup. I drank it. I felt better. The scenes of what happened before flashed before me . I tried to cover my modesty. The painter laughed. No pint now I guess. Shweta helped me get dressed. I looked at the mirror, the tattoo was beautiful it will go away in sometime but the scars it will leave, can it ever go away. I was trapped now. I left home not knowing what tomorrow will bring.

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