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The Muslim bombshell

Thank you for responding to my previous story involving gangbang sex with my friend. This story is a continuation of the events after the gangbang.

First, let me introduce this Muslim beauty. Her name is Nina. She is my friend’s roommate. We were all part of the same college. She used to wear loose clothes, so she looked normal to us. I never sexually saw her because of her loose clothes for college.

After the gangbang, I often hook up with Devika as a casual fling. Sometimes I bang her alone or with Arjun, mostly at my apartment. So, one day when I went to pick up Devika, she had forgotten her earphones. Nina brought them down.

It was the first time I saw her in a tight t-shirt and shorts that ended just below her buns. I took a few photos without her noticing. We left. But during our session, all I could think about was fucking Nina like I was fucking Devika. I wanted to trap that girl somehow and turn her into my sex slave, like Devika.

I went through Devika’s phone to see if I could get anything. I got a few photos in tight dresses and nothing else. I was thinking for a long time about how to trap and fuck her.

She was not the partying type or roaming around type. So, one day I asked Devika whether her roommate would like to come with us anywhere. Devika turned to me and asked, “Why suddenly?” I said, “She always comes to send you off, so I just asked whether she would want to join us.”

Devika said she would ask her the next time, but she won’t mostly come. I asked her, “Why?” She said she was married and didn’t go out with any guy other than her husband. I couldn’t believe she was married. Since she was married, I had second thoughts.

But her photos and assets made me want to fuck her married pussy more. I had no idea how to trap her. So, I called Arjun because he was the one who trapped Devika last time, and we gangbanged her for 3 days. He told me that if she agreed to come out, he would take care of the rest.

So afterwards, I kept pressuring Devika without being direct and asking about her. One day, she said that Nina had agreed to go out with us. Devika said that we couldn’t hook up in front of her. I caught her throat and asked her, “Who owns this Pussy?”

She was silent. I slapped her, and then she said, “You do.” I said, “Sluts don’t get to tell when they can be fucked and when they can’t. You are a slut. You will open your legs even if I want to fuck you in front of your parents.”

For a second, the beast within me said all these things. I let her go and apologized to her. She was in shock, but after some time became normal. Later, I told Arjun that she said Yes. Arjun said to meet up with him.

He gave me two tablets. I asked, “What was it?” He said, “Viagra.” He told me to give one to Devika and one to Nina. I asked, “Why ?” He said, “Just do it.” He gave me another sleeping pill tablet, which he wanted me to give to Nina.

Whenever we went out, Devika sent me a photo in front of the mirror with the caption “Outfit of the day.” That day, I asked for one along with Nina. She sent me a photo. Nina was in a pink kameez with white leggings, light pink lipstick and sneakers.

Devika was in a cream-coloured T-shirt with a zipper, light blue denim jeans, red lipstick and heels. I went to pick them up. Nina wore a hijab and burka before she met me. We greeted each other, and we left for the mall. We had a great time, we had lunch and went to the beach in the evening.

They wanted Boba tea, which was the right time to give the pills. I did just as Arjun said, and the pills started working as we started for the beach. Nina passed out in the back, and Devika was getting horny. I started rubbing her pussy.

She said, “No, stop it. Nina might see.” I told her, “Look back.” Nina had passed out. Devika asked me, ” What did you do?” I said, “You were scared to make out since Nina was there, so I made her sleep so I could enjoy you.”

I started kissing her. I broke the kiss and said let’s go to my apartment. There I carried Nina with me. As I went in and placed Nina on the couch, Arjun called me and told me what to do. He told me first to make out a little with Devika, bind her to the bed, and put a blindfold on her.

Then he told me to bind Nina to the chair facing the side of Devika and put on a mouth gag. He said that he was on his way to my apartment. I did what he said. He came and started his session with Devika. I woke Nina up, and she was horrified to see Arjun deep throat Devika.

She couldn’t scream because of the mouth gag. Then I placed a vibrator on her pussy. She was resisting, but the viagra gave way. I held her head straight so she could see the view of her friend. She was getting turned on. I pressed her boobs over her burka, and she moaned.

Arjun then fucked Devika in all positions before he cum inside her. She was very horny. When Arjun was fucking her doggy style in front of Nina, he removed her blindfold. She didn’t care whether Nina was seeing or not. She had an eye-rolling back orgasm in front of Nina.

I moved Nina close to Devika’s cum filled pussy. Devika put her hand into her pussy, licked her cum drenched finger, and lay down tired. I saw Nina’s crotch. She was so horny that her burka itself had become wet over there. I untied her, and she fell.

I removed her burka, kameez and her leggings. She was in a red bra with her boobs ready to pop out. To my surprise, she wasn’t wearing any panties. That’s why her legging was drenched. She was in her bra and hijab. I threw her on the bed and started eating her pussy. She held the bedsheet and moaned loudly.

After some time, I fingered her, and she had an orgasm. After that, she was tired. I got on top of her and started fucking her face. She started to gag. I left her face and moved to her boob. She was similar to Devika in stats, and her breasts were firm. I started sucking on them like there was no tomorrow.

I was getting in the mood. I spread her legs and pushed my dick into her pussy. She was tight, and she loosened up with a few slow to and fro motions. We started in missionary, followed by doggy-style. I made her lie on her front, removed her hijab and smelled her hair as I fucked her deep.

She rode me, and her boobs bouncing was just a joy. Back to doggy style, this time, I pulled her hair as I fucked her. She orgasmed about 3 times. On the third time, I also came into her pussy. She just dropped on the bed, and her pussy leaked my cum.

I took photos as it was a pleasant view. I couldn’t believe I got to fuck a married pussy, which was a tight one. The entire night, I went for a few more sessions without a condom and filled her up well. Devika and Arjun had fun and slept in another room.

Arjun dropped Devika off the next day. I dropped Nina off a day after. Her pussy was swollen and red. I recorded her and made her pose for some photos with her wearing a dog collar and sucking my dick, a peace sign with an overflowing pussy.

While recording, she said, “Use me like a slut.” It was a fun day. She learned a proper blowjob and even drank my cum. During the last few sessions, I didn’t let her clean up. She had dried cum from inside her pussy to her knees. I kept her clothes and bra.

She wore her burka and hijab over the dried cum, went to her room, and cleaned herself. I finally made that married pussy, my own.

That’s all, guys. I hope you like it.

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