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The Passionate Family – Part 1 (Sister Fucks To Save Her Brother)

Howdy, hello, namaskar. Hope everyone is healthy and safe. Be aware and keep your family safe. One of my readers approached me with something and you can read that in my new story. So, I just penned down the incest sex story here!

Day 1

It was late evening time. The sun has just set. Darkness is spread across the face of planet Earth! In one of the city’s alleys, a young guy was smoking weed and other things with a few friends from college.

Many people have access to such things from a very early age in many parts of the world, though illegal. Our story revolves around such a boy. How he gets himself in trouble then, unfortunately, gets his family involved. It’s really a dark event that everyone wishes to avoid.

The darkness in the world doesn’t come by only ‘The Sun’ setting. It’s also a part of the darkness that human life is dwindling with illegal activities and the love and habit for illegal intake of such stuff.

The young boy was lost in his action. So much so that he didn’t notice when his friends fled. They left him helpless when a couple of guys passed by the alley and caught him.

Well, another darkness as we all face today ‘Trust’! Who can you trust? Well, not his so-called friends in this situation.

Guy 1 – What the hell are you smoking?

Guy 2 – It’s obvious what he is smoking!

Guy 1 – What’s your name?

“I … I am… Sai.”

Guy 2 – Ok Sai, do you want to go to the police station with us?

Guy 1 – Yes, let’s take him to the police!

The situation turned cold fast, and furious for Sai. He started begging and pleading with the guys to let him leave.

Sai – Please just let me go! I was just trying it one time because of friends.

Guy 2 – I believe you need to go to the police or bribe us to save your ass!

Guy 1 – Why don’t you pay us the money which your spending buying this stuff? We will let you off the hook!

Sai – I don’t have much with me. I have only ₹500/- on me now.

Guy 2 – You need at least 4 times than that to convince us to leave you!

Guy 1 – Decide now or let’s go to the police

Sai – Ok please wait. I will bring money. Please don’t take me to the police.

Sai called his sister and told her he needs money and to bring it to him.
His sister arrives with the money and searches for him. Sai saw his sister and called out to her.

Sai – Soundarya, here!

A beautiful young girl walks up to Sai. She is 22 years, with a figure of 32-30-32 and standing at 5’4″.

The two guys saw the girl and immediately came running and ogling at her from head to toe. They were running their thirsty eyes all around her neck, shoulder and waist.

Guy 2 – Wow nice gf you have!

Sai – She is my sister!

Soundarya – What happened, Sai? What is going on? And who are those guys?

Guy 1 – Baby your brother is about to go to the police if you don’t help him out!

Soundarya – Sai what is going on? What are they saying?

Guy 2 – We caught him smoking weed.

Soundarya – What?

Sai – Sorry, sis, I will explain it later. Can you give them the money? Then we can leave and talk about it.

Soundarya – You should have a good explanation to give, Sai.

Soundarya gives the money to the guys. The second guy on the pretext of receiving the money holds her hands.

Soundarya – What are you doing? Leave my hand.

Guy 2 – Do you want to see your brother go to jail?

Guy 1 – Why don’t you co-operate so we can sort this out?

Sai – Leave her, take your money and get out!

Guy 1 – We don’t need the money!

Guy 2 – We will love to eat her as payment to let you go!

While saying this the second guy grabbed her ass and pulled her closure and tried to kiss her. Sai immediately came rushing to help his sister. But the other guy held him, gave him a punch and threw him to the floor.

Guy 1 – Lie down there while we finish the meal properly. Else there will be more trouble brewing for you.

Guy 2 – Co-operate, baby, or we can also force you! Nice ass you have on you!

Soundarya – Please let me go! Please just take the money.

The first guy came from behind and grabbed her ass.

Guy 1 – Yes nice ass she has!

Guy 2 – Just fuck with us or your brother is going to jail.

Without even finishing the sentence he started to suck on her luscious lips.

Guy 1 – Let’s bring her to my place. It’s empty and we can enjoy ourselves more comfortably on the bed!

Soundarya crying and sobbing, followed them to their place. Sai also had no option but to do as they say! They all reached the place. All got inside the first guy’s home. The door was locked.

The second guy immediately resumed where they stopped by sucking on her lips.

Guy 1 – Watch how real men take care of your sister.

Soundarya was naked in moments. Her top was opened by the second guy, while the first guy pulled down her jeans. The bra and panty went flying away following that.

The first guy started his meal on her boobs. While the second guy kneeled down from behind to lick her ass and play with her pussy.

Soundarya was looking at her brother, who was watching her get devoured between the two men. She suddenly screamed. She didn’t notice when the first guy became naked. He inserted his dick in her pussy from behind and started fucking her.

The second guy also got naked and put his dick in her mouth. Her moans and screams all got stuck inside her mouth.

Guy 1 – Wow she is tight! It’s awesome.

Guy 2 – Let me try her pussy before you make it lose.

The guys exchanged positions. Now the first guy put his dick in her mouth and the second guy entered her from behind.

Guy 2 – Fuck! She is the best catch ever! I would love to fuck this girl every day!

Guy 1 – Definitely! She will come to us every day!

Guy 2 – Mmmm, yea! Very tight pussy!

The guys had a good time fucking her, licking her boobs and pussy in between. It went around for around 30-40 minutes. Soundarya was tired with 2 dicks constantly fucking her the whole time. One in mouth and one in pussy without any break for her.

Both the guys cummed on her face and boobs and recorded it.

Guy 2 – You’re really sexy baby! I would love to eat your ass tomorrow!

Guy 1 – Yes, come tomorrow when we will call. Will teach you more!

Sai – No! We are done and leaving! It’s enough!

Soundarya – (while trying to catch her breath) If you try anything else we will now call the cops on you guys! You had your fill. Now never try to bother us again.

Guy 2 – Young guys like you need to be taught a lesson. You run your mouth at the wrong things.

The second guy jumped back on Soundarya and started licking her pussy and fingering her. She started moaning and pleading for him to stop.

Guy 1 – (laughing) That’s how you use your mouth, baby! Moan and shout while we give you pleasure!

Soundarya – Aah, please stop!

Guy 2 – Sai, come here help your sister to stop screaming.

Sai – What do you mean?

Guy 2 – Put your dick inside her mouth. Show her you are a man.

Sai – Fuck off, moron!

Guy 2 – I don’t think you understand your position and situation. I will fuck her ass now and not wait for tomorrow. If you don’t stop her moans the neighbours might come to see what is happening. And we can share her with them too.

Guy 1 – Then I will take her pussy and double penetrate her. Sai will mouthfuck his own sister. Your lucky boy! Now come join because we will start fucking her hard now.

The first guy lay down, pulled Soundarya on him, and entered her pussy! The second guy followed by trying to enter her ass. She was a virgin in the back. It took him well over some time to enter her ass.

Soundarya actually started screaming very loudly and tried to escape the guys.
The first guy held her tightly and both of them started pounding her very hard and rough. Sai was now actually scared that people from the surrounding might be able to hear her screaming.

Guy 2 – The neighbours will join soon.

Hearing that, Sai was really afraid and came rushing. And he actually put his dick in her mouth in a very swift motion. Both the guys started laughing and enjoying the scene.

Guy 1 – How does your brother taste?

Guy 2 – That’s her 3rd dick tonight, lucky girl.

Sai held his sister’s face on his dick. Soundarya, however, tried to throw out his dick from her mouth, but Sai held her face in position. The guys hammered both her holes hard and she was moaning even with a dick in her mouth. Slowly she started sucking her brother’s dick.

Guy 2 – Enjoying your brother’s meat baby! Want him to fuck you too?

Sai – Shut up asshole and finish what you are doing!

After a good fuck of around 20 minutes or so. Both the guys cum one after the other. Soundarya was still sucking her brother’s dick until he had cum. They also recorded the whole thing.

Soundarya looked dead tired after the session. The guys also took pictures of her with them and also her sucking her brother’s meat. The guys took Sai and Soundarya’s number from their phones and told her to come the next day in the evening.

Soundarya ignored them, dressed and left with her brother. The siblings were dead silent without talking to each other after the incident. They were greeted by their mother while they reached home.

After dinner Sai went to talk to his sister and broke down crying. They sorted things out between them and what had transpired that day. Sai was very sorry and requested his sister to forgive her. She had to endure all this because of his mistake.

Soundarya – I will forgive you, but those guys have my video. They will not stop haunting us. Also, they made me even suck my brother.

Sai – I am very sorry, sis!

Soundarya – Drop your pants and close the door.

Sai – What are you saying?

Well, darkness lies in many forms! How the brother had to put his dick in his sister’s mouth just to stop her screams from being heard. How Soundarya now wants her brother to lock the door and get naked.

More in the next part. What will happen and how will things unfold for Soundarya and Sai?

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