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The Passionate Family – Part 2 (The live sex show!)

Welcome back to the second part of Sai and Soundarya’s tale of a dark tragedy that befalls them and their family.

Sai and Soundarya were in the room, with the door locked. Sai’s dick stuck between Soundarya’s boobs! Sai was getting a titfuck from his sister.
Soundarya then took her brother’s dick in her mouth to suck.

Her phone suddenly rang. It was the two guys calling her. Soundarya put the call on speaker while sucking her brother.

Guy 1 – Hi sexy! We are waiting for you in my place come over. The whole night we will be fucking you on my bed!

Sai – Fuck off, morons!

Guy 1 – Where is your sexy sister? Give her the phone if you know what’s good for you.

Soundarya – Stop calling, you got what you wanted now, leave us alone!

Guy 1 – Your sexy body needs our touch, baby. Come on over!

Soundarya cussed the guys, dropped the call and switched off her phone. She resumed her actions, sucking her brother till he came in her mouth.

Soundarya (licking her lips) – It’s delicious.

Sai – that’s enough, stop now, sis!

Soundarya – Why? You don’t like getting sucked? You cum twice in my mouth today!

Sai – I am sorry. Let’s not do this again. We are siblings! Let’s stop this here. Today was a very bad day in our lives.

Soundarya – I saw how you looked at me when the guys were doing. I know what you want. (spreading her legs) Don’t you want to taste?

Sai – I… um… no, that is not true.

Soundarya – Shut up and dig in between my legs.

Soundarya pulled Sai between her legs and pushed his face on her pussy

Soundarya – Eat!

Soundarya’s pussy was dripping, and the intoxicating aroma hypnotized Sai. He was in a trance and jumped into her pussy and started licking and sucking. Sai’s hands reached her boobs.

He pressed and fondled them hard, making Soundarya moan. Sucking her and making her wet, Sai got his rejuvenated dick positioned to enter his sister.

Soundarya – I knew this is what you wanted. Do it.

Sai – This is my first time. I hope you like a virgin.

Soundarya winked at him and helped his dick to enter her pussy. Sai started slowly and picked up speed very soon. Though it was a very short session, Soundarya enjoyed it as long as it lasted.

Soundarya – Good work! I will train you more tomorrow. You need practice.

Sai – Are you sure we should be doing this again?

Soundarya – Shut up and go to sleep now

Day 2

Morning at the breakfast table.

The siblings and their mother are having breakfast. The doorbell rings, and Sai answers the door.

Voice – We are looking for Sai.

Sai – (in a trembling voice) I am Sai.

Few people enter their house in uniform. It was clear what was happening. The police turned up at the door. Both Sai and Soundarya knew what had happened.
Their mother is scared to know the police are looking for her son.

The police took Sai to the police station. Their mother was shocked and was requesting the police for details.

Annapurna – What happened, sir? Why are you taking my son?

Officer – He was caught using illegal stuff. So, 2 guys filed a complaint. Come to the police station for details.

Annapurna was very scared. She called her husband, who for work is outstation at the moment. Her husband told her to visit the police and get all the details, and he will come as soon as he could.

Annapurna got ready and left for the police station. Soundarya was dead scared and could not express it in front of her mother. No sooner did her mother leave than she called the 2 guys.

Soundarya – Why are you doing this? You got what you wanted yesterday. Why did you guys put up a complaint with the police?

Guy 1 – Shut up, bitch! Come to our place. We are naked and waiting to fuck you like a good whore.

Soundarya – (sobbing and crying) Please don’t do this with us. What have we done to you?

Guy 1 – Be a good bitch and get fucked, else it will be much worse than the police.

Soundarya – (crying) Please don’t do this.

Guy 1 – We are waiting for you and your ass. The more you delay, the more problem you will face.

Soundarya had no other choice and left for their place. The guys welcomed her inside with open arms in their birthday suits. Soundarya pleaded with them to take the case back and free her brother.

They made her kneel in front of the door so she could worship their dicks with her mouth. She was mouth fucked by both the guys and swallowed their cum.

Guy 2 – Remember all the abusive words you told us last night on the call?

Soundarya – I am sorry, please.

Guy 1 – Now there will be an audience watching you getting fucked by us.

Soundarya was shell-shocked. She thought more people would join the 2 guys and fuck her. The guys dragged her to the bedroom and tore her dress off.

Soundarya – Don’t! Please! How will I go home?

Guy 2 – (grinning) In your birthday suit. Now let’s fuck in front of a live audience.

He laid her down on the bed and started sucking her pussy. She was more concerned about the audience and was looking around to see no one was there.

Guy 1 – Here, we are now connected with the audience.

Soundarya turned to find a webcam connected to a desktop. It was a webcam show, and many viewers waited in a queue for the show to begin.

Guy 1 – Let the world see how hot and sexy you are, baby.

Soundarya (crying) – Please don’t do this with me.

The second guy started fingering her, and her pleading converted to moaning instantly.

Guy 1 – Let’s make the show hotter.

The first guy jumped on the bed and started feasting on her breasts! Soundarya started moaning harder and louder. Then the second guy, unable to wait any longer, thrust his dick inside her pussy with full force.

Soundarya screamed but was pinned down by the first guy. He put his dick in her mouth. She was gagging on his dick while getting fucked hard live on webcam, while the audience across the globe was enjoying the show.

They fucked her alternatively the whole day from morning to evening with small breaks. The show ended with double penetrating Soundarya in the pussy and ass. She was screaming while the audience enjoyed and applauded the performance.

One guy was lying down sucking her juicy melons fucking her pussy. Another guy pulled her hair from behind and took her ass. She had her eyes closed and moaned throughout the session. The audience wanted more and requested another show the next day.

Guy 1 – Guys, you will see her every day from now. Just keep tuning in and enjoying.

Soundarya (moaning) – Please stop, aah, I can’t… please.

Guy 2 – Then drink our cum on live show and show your slutty side.

Soundarya sat with one guy dick in front of her another behind her. They cummed all over her face, boobs, shoulder, back and ass. Made her shower in their cum and piss. Soundarya sat quietly sobbing and letting them humiliate her in front of so many people watching her.

Guy 1 – Today’s show is over. We will meet tomorrow.

Audience – We want a young guy next time to fuck her.

Guy 1 – Sure, you will get your request fulfilled, being such an awesome audience.

Webcam disconnects. Soundarya starts sobbing and runs to the washroom to get fresh! She comes out after an hour, taking a full bath.

Guy 2 – Suck my dick

Soundarya slowly walks up to the second guy and starts sucking him. The first guy comes from behind and starts fucking her again. After fucking her, he cums all over her ass. Her mouth was still busy tending to the other guys’ dick.

Guy 1 – Let’s go. We will drop you home.

The second guy picks up Soundarya and carries her to the car in the garage. He enters the back seat with her. The first guy takes the driver’s seat. The car moves towards her home. She was naked without any clothes to cover her. She was afraid of what would happen when she entered her home.

While lost in her thoughts, the second guy grabbed her boobs and started sucking, pulling her on his lap. His dick entered her pussy as she sat on her lap. A slight moan escaped her mouth.

She was fucked the whole time till she reached her home, which was around a 20-25 minutes drive. The car stopped in front of her home. She was still getting fucked by the second guy who didn’t want to stop.

Soundarya – We reached my house.

Guy 2 – 5 more minutes, baby, 5 more minutes! Your very wet, keep enjoying it!

Soundarya – Hmmm.

Finally, he pulls out and gives her a facial with cum.

Guy 2 – See you tomorrow, sexy.

Suddenly, he opened the car door and pushed her out. The car started, sped and fled the scene immediately. Soundarya landed naked on her butt in front of her home. She panicked and ran inside her compound. She saw the house was locked and felt a sigh of relief.

She took the spare key, which they kept in the mailbox. She went inside, hiding from the neighbor’s view!

Meantime at the police station :

Sai’s mother, Annapurna, reached the station in the morning. She got all the details from the police. She spoke with her husband over the phone. He was due to arrive in 2 days.

Annapurna – Sir, please let my son go! I promise we will be more strict and vigilant with my children. They won’t ever be involved in this type of case again.

Annapurna pleaded with the officer-in-charge to release her son, stating his career, future life, etc.

Officer – See, madam! We also don’t want to arrest or investigate and harass anyone unnecessarily. You have seen proof of what your son was doing.

Annapurna – Sir, I understand everything. But please consider, it’s his first time doing this, because of his friends. Though we will be more aware of his every action, I promise. His father will also arrive in 2 days. He is out of town.

Officer thinking for a while.

Officer – Madam, you know all cases do not require going to court. Many are decided outside court also if all party agrees to some mutual decision. So, if you don’t mind, we can see if this can solve outside court and police station. I can come to your house.

Officer – We can arrange it there if you are willing to co-operate for your son. And I promise it will be strictly a private matter, and no one else will know anything about it.

Well, what will Annapurna decide? What is waiting for in Sai’s future? How will the future of the family play out from here on?

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