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The Passionate Family – Part 3 (Mom fucks a cop to get her son out of jail)

Welcome back. Please read the previous parts to understand the story of Sai and Soundarya better.

Day 2 continue :

Soundarya somehow managed to get inside her home without being spotted by her neighbors lurking naked, hiding around the garden. She took a warm bath, had some snacks and went to the police station to visit her brother. She was unaware that her mother was on her way home.

She arrived at the police station and went to meet her brother. The stand-in in charge mentioned that the officer went out for some work and would return soon. She wanted to have some words with him. So, she thought of waiting for him at the police station.

In the meantime, the police arrived with Annapurna at her home. They came and sat on the sofa. Annapurna is still hesitant and undecided.

Annapurna – Sir, is there no other way? I promise I will take care of my children.

The officer slowly placed his hands on Annapurna’s thighs and started rubbing.

Annapurna – Sir…

The officer didn’t say anything. Instead, his one hand reached for her and pulled her closer by her waist while his other hand still played with her thighs. She slowly started opening her legs when she felt his strong hands pressing her breast. She closed her eyes and kept her hands on his leg.

Officer – So, what is your decision, madam?

Annapurna – Sir, you have good strong hands. Umm!

Officer – Madam, that is not what I asked you. I enquired about your decision.

Annapurna – Is there no other option, Sir?

Officer – It’s about your son’s safe return. His crime is big. I hope you understand that. So, to cover it up, I will have to do a lot of work. So, accordingly, I need to be paid for all this extra work by you.

Annapurna – No one will know about this, na Sir?

Officer licked her neck, ran his tongue around her neck and reached her ears. He bit her ears and said in a soft voice.

Officer – No one will ever know that you decided to become my bitch for today. You only need to lie down on your butt, naked on your bed and spread your legs for me. I will take you on a pleasurable journey.

Annapurna – Please don’t say like that

Officer – Your husband stays outside, and you don’t get proper satisfaction. You need to feel a man in your pussy. I am sure you’re craving it right now, and you’re already wet imagining it.

Annapurna – This one time only, Sir. For my son.

Officer – No, not for your son. For your satisfaction, right?

Annapurna was silent and didn’t say anything. The officer stood up, untied his belt, pulled down his pants and underwear. His black cobra was ready to play. He held Annapurna’s face, pushed his dick inside and told her to suck him well.

Annapurna was not experienced in giving blowjobs. She never sucked her husband that much either. She thought of puking the moment the dick entered her mouth. But, she somehow held on to the urge to puke to try and give the officer what he wanted.

She tried sucking it hard and slow. She somehow managed to do a decent job when she felt his cream flowing inside her mouth. She now couldn’t hold on any longer and spat out the cum and almost puked at it. The officer pulled her up and started licking and kissing her neck and ears.

Officer – Good job, my slut. Your upper hole has satisfied me. Now time for your other hole to follow suit.

The officer started removing her saree. He turned her around and removed her blouse, and began kissing her shoulder and neck from behind. His hands found their resting place on her boobs while his dick kept rubbing her ass from behind.

Annapurna – Officer, yes!

Officer – Take me to your bed.

Annapurna took him to his bedroom and turned off the lights.

Officer – You do not like to do it with the light, madam?

Annapurna – Please, Sir, keep the light off.

Officer – Ok, instead, I will open the windows. So, your neighbors will know that you’re being satisfied in your bed by a man!

Before Annapurna could say anything, the officer quickly opened the windows along with the verandah door attached to the bedroom. He removed his shirt and became completely naked.

Officer – Now it’s your turn, my bitch!

He went near her stripped her down to her skin. He started licking her skin all over, from her face to her neck, shoulder and down to her navel. She was standing and enjoying him doing magic on her, which she had never felt in her life.

Her hands pulled his ears and hair. Her eyes closed, her skin feeling the tongue and the wind blowing from outside. She was getting turned on like crazy at the moment. The heat in her ignited and blasted like a volcano. Her nipples turned hard, and pussy became wet like never before.

He pressed her ass, and she moaned. He finally stopped playing around and jumped on the boobs squeezing with both hands and sucking the nipples. It was too much for her to handle. Annapurna started moaning, and water started flowing from her pussy and down her thighs.

The officer kept sucking on her melons while his hands reached her pussy. Immediately 2 fingers entered her love hole, already filled with too much juice. He started fingering very roughly. She couldn’t handle all the pleasure and had an orgasm within a minute. The officer then threw her on the bed.

Officer – Had a good orgasm?

Annapurna was trying to catch her breath while looking at him. The officer was taking in the view of the beautiful hidden gem he could acquire and make his bitch. Annapurna had a great body and curves at the perfect places. Her figure of 34-32-35 looked amazing and perfect!

Being 5’2″ tall, she looked like a small sex goddess ready to be released from her confinement. The officer was enjoying the view of her figure and rubbing his penis. Annapurna’s eyes fell on his dick. She spread her legs, touching her boobs and pressing them with both hands.

Officer (laughing) – That’s like my good bitch. How did it feel to get touched by a real man all over your hot sexy body?

Annapurna – Good.

Officer – You were moaning hard. Your neighbor might have heard your moaning. You’re a hot bitch.

Annapurna – Please don’t say that.

Officer – Aren’t you hot now?

Annapurna – Yes.

Officer – You’re my bitch now, right?

Annapurna – Yes, Sir

Officer – Then you’re a hot bitch. You need to feel and know what a real man is like!

Saying that he jumped between her legs and inserted his big black cobra in one go inside her valley of no return. His dick seemed to be lost in a dark alley of pleasure.

Annapurna screamed hard. She didn’t expect he would be so rough and do that. On top of that, she hasn’t had sex for a long time, so she is quite tight between the legs now.

Officer – Ahhh! Hot, juicy tight pussy! I love it. I want to hear you scream!

The officer started to fuck Annapurna. She was tight. But within minutes, her pussy walls got adjusted to his big black dick. Her scream converted to sweet moaning, which echoed within the confinement of her bedroom. It also might have leaked outside.

Officer – Yes bitch, tell everyone how a real man feels. Moan and moan and moan while enjoying your second honeymoon in your bed.

Annapurna – Officer…

Officer – What is it, bitch?

Annapurna – Harder, fuck harder!

Officer – Why?

Annapurna – Please, officer.

Officer – Hahaha, ok! That’s like my bitch. I would enjoy making you my permanent bitch for life!

Annapurna – Harder officer, fuck me harder.

The officer fucked her around a good 40-45 minutes. He was enjoying not only her hot juicy pussy, but also her sweet moans and her soft and sexy body. He finished and cummed inside her pussy. Annapurna was scared. However, the officer advised her to get a pill. Everything will be fine.

Both were tired and resting on the bed. The officer was playing with her ass and started licking. It was the first time in her life that someone was eating her ass. She was enjoying it and started to touch his dick.

Officer – Delicious!

Annapurna – Please, officer, another round?

Officer – Wow, bitch! You’re the most unsatisfied lady I ever had.

He fucked her for another half-an-hour. She enjoyed the whole thing and had an extremely satisfying and calm look on her face.

Annapurna – Thank you for the lovely time, Sir.

Officer – Whenever you need me, just call me, bitch.

Annapurna – It’s ok Sir, it was for my son!

Officer – Really? What about the second round, then?

Annapurna was silent.

Officer – Haha, I thought so. And I am sure your neighbors heard your screams. If any female neighbor asks about it, tell them a real man took you for a ride and then introduce them to me. I will be happy to give them a free ride and make sure they don’t tell anybody.

Annapurna was silently listening to this, and suddenly her deal with the officer struck her mind.

Annapurna – My son? When are you leaving him?

Officer – Madam, I will make sure there will be no trouble. He will be fine. The only thing is the people who had made the complaint. It would be best if they take back the case. Then nobody will have to face any issue.

Annapurna – Sir, give me the contact number. I will talk with them and request them to withdraw the case.

She took the number of the guys. The officer got dressed and left. Annapurna took a shower and was relaxing. In the meantime, Soundarya returned from the police station.

Soundarya – Mom, I was at the police station, and I spoke with the officer. He said they would leave Sai soon.

Annapurna – Yes, he also told me beta. Let’s eat dinner and rest. It might be they will leave Sai tomorrow.

Soundarya – That’s great news, mom!

This concludes the third part of the story of Sai, Soundarya and their family. However, will Sai be left so easily? Much more is to be revealed in the future parts. Keep tuned in for more.

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