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The Passionate Family – Part 4

Let’s embark on what happens next when we visit the family.

The next day – Day 3

Annapurna calls the guys.

Annapurna – Hi, I am Sai’s mother. I wanted to talk about the case you filed against my son with the police.

Guy 1 – Madam, there is nothing to talk about. The boy did wrong, and we lodged a complaint with the police. Are we wrong in doing that?

Annapurna – No, my dear. However, I request you to please consider his career and life and withdraw the case – an earnest request from a mother. Please come, and we can discuss this like adults.

Guy 1 – OK madam, we can come in the evening. Please send us your address.

The phone disconnects.

Evening 6 pm

Phone rings. Annapurna answers the call to know the guys are coming to talk like she requested. The guys reach within 30 minutes at her home. She was pacing around the house, nervous.

The doorbell rang, and she ran towards the door. She welcomed them inside and gave them some soft drinks. And then the conversation began :

Annapurna – Well, you guys know why I wanted to talk to you. It’s a request to both of you to please consider withdrawing the case. He is a young boy. And you understand they sometimes lose their way at this age. However, it’s a matter of his career. So, I request you please consider my son.

Guy 2 – How will you handle the police?

Guy 1 – Yes, even if we withdraw the case. Such cases will not be unseen by the police.

Annapurna – Don’t worry about the police. That is my headache to deal with them. Please consider your withdrawal. I will somehow work it out with the police. Also, my husband will be returning in a day or two. That’s our family headache now.

Guy 2 – Where is your husband, mam?

Annapurna – He is on work duty and out of town.

Guy 1 – That’s cute. He earns for the family, and his son wastes his money.

Annapurna – Please don’t say that. Kindly consider the situation.

Guy 2 – Mam, I think there is one way we might consider.

Annapurna – What’s that? I am ready to settle it outside police and court. I can also give you a bit of money to help the situation.

Guy 2 – Mam, if you want to settle outside, we have no objection.

Annapurna – Yes, please. How much cash do you want?

Guy 2 – Not cash.

Annapurna – Then?

Guy 2 – We both will love to taste you

Guy 1 – Yes, why don’t you become our sex toy!

Annapurna – (extremely enraged) You fucking piece of shit. I will call the police on you and have you arrested right away. Who in the world do you think you are? Coming to my home and saying all these rubbish things?

Annapurna picks up the phone to call the police.

Guy 2 – You should watch this video before saying anything to the police. Else your family will be in more trouble.

Annapurna – What video?

Annapurna’s world turned upside down in an instant, and the phone dropped from her hands.

Annapurna – What the hell did you do to my daughter? Where is she?

Both the guys told her everything that happened behind her back – everything about her daughter’s experience over the last few days.

Guy 2 – Your daughter is sexy. She loves to do with both of us now.

Annapurna – Shut Up! You blackmailing thieves! What did we do to you? Why are you doing this to my family?

Guy 1 – We are very pleased to know that you will be joining in with your daughter’s adventure with us.

Annapurna – Shut up

Guy 2 grabbed her boobs from behind.

Guy 2 – So where is your bedroom?

Annapurna – (crying) Please don’t do this!

Guy 2 – Mam, you wanted to settle outside! We are just going to do that ‘like adults,’ just as you wanted.

Annapurna, sobbing and heartbroken, got dragged to her bedroom by the guys.
They tore her dress and threw her on the bed. Without wasting any time, the guys got naked and jumped on the bed with her.

Guy 1 – This is the bed where you and your husband fucked and both your children were born, right?

Guy 2 – Obviously

Guy 1 – Then this is the same bed where you will be fucked again, this time to save your son.

Saying this, the first guy immediately inserted his dick in her pussy without any foreplay. Annapurna didn’t expect it and screamed out.

Annapurna – Aaahh!

Guy 1 – Nice pussy, not as tight as your daughter, but still quite hot nonetheless. Let’s get you ready for the proper adventure.

In the meantime, Soundarya and Sai were unaware of what was unfolding with their mother. Sister went to visit her brother in jail. She spoke to the police about the release they mentioned the previous day.

After getting all the details and meeting her brother, she made her way back home. She reached home and rang the doorbell. No one answered for a while. She rang the bell once again. She could now hear whispers from the opposite side of the door and wondered who it could be at her home.

The door finally opened, and she saw her mother. Then she was shocked to see that she was completely naked. She got inside and was about to ask what she was thinking, answering the door like that.

However, her eyes fell on the 2 guys who were behind her. They were also naked. She was shocked and stunned to see them there at her house in that state with her mother.

Soundarya – WTF are you guys doing here with my mother?

Guy 1 – You still haven’t learned to properly address your sexual care givers.

Soundarya – Fuck you both

Guy 2 – It seems your mouth needs to be trained properly, you foul-mouthed brat.

Saying that, the second guy rushed to her, forcefully pinned her down on the floor and put his dick in her mouth and started mouth fucking her.

Annapurna – (crying) Please, please stop, don’t do that to my daughter, I beg you, please. Do whatever you want with me, please leave her.

The second guy didn’t pay any heed to her and kept fucking Soundarya’s mouth in front of her mother. The first guy grabbed Annapurna, forcefully pushed her down to her knees, and put his dick inside her mouth. He started fucking her mouth.

Guy 2 – Like Mother, like daughter!

Both the guys started laughing at this comment and continued till they cummed in their mouths. Then both the ladies were taken to the bedroom. Soudarya was stripped, and the guys started double penetrating her. At the same time, her mother requested not to double-penetrate her.

Giving the offer that one of them can take her and one of them can have her daughter. So both get to have pleasure simultaneously without having to wait. The guys, for now, accepted the offer and took turns fucking the ladies alternatively for around 30 minutes.

The guys were talking amongst themselves.

Guy 2 – It’s nice to have 2 sex toys to play with. Now we can enjoy after office whenever we want.

Guy 1 – Yes, both the mother and daughter are quite hot and can handle the good pounding.

Guy 2 – Yes, maybe we can do a lot more than pounding them

Guy 1 – Like?

Guy 2 – (with a sly smile) We can definitely make good cash and not be worried about work

Guy 1 – Nice idea, let’s get to it ASAP!

Guy 2 – Leave that to me.

Annapurna – What are you guys whispering? Anyways, you got what you wanted. Now I hope you will withdraw the case. Please do that.

Guy 2 – Yes, I think we will do that. It will be great to make him watch while we have fun with both of you.

Annapurna – Please withdraw the case. We will do anything. Please.

Guy 2 – OK! Then it’s settled. I will call the police to withdraw the case and do the needful.

The second guy calls the police,

Guy 2 – Hello Sir, we would request to withdraw the case we had done on the boy.

Yes Sir.

OK Sir

Alright, Sir, I am sending the address now. Please come immediately. We will sign the papers!

OK Sir

Thank you.

Hangs the phone!

Annapurna – …?

Guy 2 – You’re lucky. The case will; be withdrawn. Have to sign a couple of papers, and the police will close the case. So, I told the police to come to the address I am sending and to bring the papers

Annapurna – Oh, thank you very much!

Guy 2 – Suck my dick to thank me.

Annapurna happily came and started to suck his dick.

Guy 2 – Aah, yes, good! Just listen to us, and everyone will be happy and rich.

Soundarya – Rich? Will you guys do that webcam shows again with us? Please don’t do that.

Guy 1 – You don’t want us to do a webcam? Then come and suck me now!

Soundarya dived between his legs and started to suck his dick.

Guy 1 – Keep sucking until we tell you to stop.

Almost after an hour, the doorbell rings. Annapurna and Soundarya were dead scared that who could come at a time like this? Also, they were naked on the bed with the 2 guys.

Guy 2 – It must be the police. I will get the door – no need to worry. You can stay naked.

Annapurna felt relieved. However, Soundarya was still very scared of what would happen if the police saw them in that condition.

The Officer, accompanied by a constable, entered the house, the second guy signed the papers. Now the first guy needed to sign it too.

Officer – Where is your friend? We need his signature too.

Guy 2 – He is inside, let’s go to the room, and he can sign the papers.

The 3 entered the room.

The constable was dead shocked, and so was Soundarya!

Constable – What is this? What are you all doing?

The Officer was looking at Annapurna and smiling. She also looked at the Officer and was blushing.

Guy 2 – Don’t worry, Sir, we are mutually settling everything together.

Constable – Mutually? Oh really?

Officer – First, sign the papers, then do what you want.

The first guy signed the papers. The Officer told Annapurna that he would process everything and leave Sai tomorrow. Annapurna was happy to hear that and thanked everyone.

Constable – (to Annapurna) Why don’t you thank us like your thanking these guys?

After saying that, the constable stripped down and started playing with her boobs. The Officer enquired who the other girl was. He was excited to see another young girl. He was happy to know that she was Annapurna’s daughter.

Officer – Great! So, Souyndarya, ready to feel a real man between your legs?

Soundarya – If my brother comes out from jail, then OK. But Sir, please don’t tell others.

Officer – No one will know, just be a good girl, like your mother.

Soundarya – OK, Sir.

Officer – You’re only mine now. Others can have your mother.

Annapurna was shocked to hear that she would have to take 3 guys. It was raw sex and chaos in the room for the next hour. Soundarya was scared seeing the Officer strip. His big boy came out, and her jaw dropped, seeing its length and girth.

The Officer sucked her whole body from head to toe and then started fucking her in missionary. He switched between her ass and pussy continuously. She was screaming and moaning in the room, while her boobs were also at the mercy of the Officer’s hand and mouth.

The Officer held her down under his body and had his way with her for more than an hour. Everyone was sure that the sounds could be heard outside, and the neighbors definitely heard them. On the other side of the room, there was no sound.

3 guys, 3 dicks and 3 holes. All filled. Constable and the 2 guys double penetrated her with one in her mouth for more than an hour. They were taking turns and exchanging positions fucking Annapurna like a cheap whore. She was thirsty and could do anything for dicks.

After an hour, Soundarya and Annapurna lay on the bed, looking dead tired and unable to move. Soundarya’s face was covered in Officer’s cum, bite marks on her boobs and neck. Annapurna bathed in the cum of 3 people, cum dripping out of her pussy and ass.

The whole body is red and swollen with cut and bite marks all over. The police and the guys got dressed and left. Annapurna fell asleep on the bed. Soundarya somehow managed to get up, lock the door, take a shower and fall directly on her bed.

A family’s life turned upside down. A cyclone just hit them, and their lives are now in the hands (dicks) of others. How will the fate of the family turn out eventually?

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