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The Passionate Family – Part 5 (A shocking sex session)

Day 4

Annapurna goes to the police station following a phone call from the officer post lunchtime. Sai was going to be released, and she had to sign some papers.
All the formality was done. It was around evening time. Mother and son can now make their way home together.

They reach their home. Sai enters to find his sister moaning in the bedroom. He rushed to see what was happening. Unaware of the events at his home, he was shocked and angry. All he could do was burst out, but with tears!

His mother came from behind and hugged him.

Annapurna – Don’t cry, it’s going to be fine.

Sai – But it’s all my fault.

Annapurna – Don’t worry.

The first guy comes and holds Annapurna’s hand and puts it on his dick.

Guy 1 – Drop your dress and get on the bed

Guy 2 – Sai, you watch how we show your sister and mother how to please guys.

Sai – Why are you doing this? Why are you destroying our family? Please, leave us, and let us live!

Guy 2 – Shut up, kid, we are the man of the house. Sit and watch!

Annapurna was stripped down in front of Sai, who was extremely ashamed and sorry. The first guy made her kneel and put his dick in her mouth in front of her son. Sai turned his face away, ashamed.

Guy 1 – Watch, kid, how your mother is sucking a dick. She is again a young woman now playing with my dick. Watch!

Sai didn’t look.

Guy 2 – It seems you still don’t understand the situation. We told you, we are the man of the house. We will be fucking these 2 ladies every day from now. And you have to watch this every day.

Sai started crying and sobbing more, hearing that. He knew he was the one responsible for all of this.

Guy 2 – If you don’t want to watch, pick up my phone and record everything. Record how I fuck this beauty, your sister, on your bed.

Sai unwillingly had to obey them. He somehow walked up to the second guy took the phone from his hand. It was already recording him fucking Soundarya. He started to record them.

The guy was fucking Soundarya in the ass. She was now accustomed to taking it in her butt and didn’t scream as much from the first day. To some extent, Sai felt his sister was enjoying it more. Her eyes were closed, and her hips were moving with the rhythm of the guy’s dick.

The guy was fucking her in the doggy style. Her hair pulled back in one hand, and one of the boobs was being crushed in his other. After a while, the guy laid down and pulled her on top. Soundarya started to jump on his cock, while her melons were crushed in the hands of the guy.

She rode him till she was exhausted. Then the guy pushed her down, got on top of her in missionary, and started pounding her pussy hard. Soundarya held him tightly. Her nails dug deep on his back. Her legs held his waist, and she was moaning hard.

Sai was recording, and his dick was now awakening, slowly watching all the action. He fucked her for 10 more minutes, pulled out and sprayed all the cum on her face.

Guy 2 (to Soundarya)- Enjoy the facial, baby.

Guy 2 – (to Sai) – Take a closeup of her face

The first guy calls Sai and tells him to record her mother sucking dick. He again had no option but to follow their every command. Sai records everything from giving blowjobs to her mother getting her pussy and boobs licked by both the guys.

Finally, being double penetrated by them. Sai now had a full erection, visible from the tent on his pants.

Guy 2 – Getting hard watching your mother?

Guy 1 – Don’t worry, she can suck your dick too.

Sai – No, she won’t.

Guy 1- She will. After we are done.

Both the guys fucked and cummed one by one all over her body. The first guy took the phone from Sai and told him to sit down on the bed.

Guy 1 – Your mother will help you relax. You’re tense after being in jail. Won’t you, Annapurna?

Annapurna – What? Are you mad? He is my son!

Guy 1 – Go suck your son right now!

Annapurna was reluctant to move. The guys dragged her to her son and made her kneel in front of him.

Guy 2 – Get naked and put your dick in her mouth.

Guy 1 – We don’t have time. Tear his clothes, and let’s get them going!

The second guy was coming to tear his clothes. Observing that, Annapurna herself started removing Sai’s clothes.

Guy 2 – Yes, be a good mother and help your son relax.

Annapurna removed his pants and then his underwear. She held his dick in her hands.

Annapurna – Don’t look, beta.

Annapurna started sucking his son after telling him that. The guys encouraged her to go hard on him and then take his cum and swallow it. She kept on sucking with her eyes closed, trying to ignore the guys.

After a while, she felt a couple of hands feeling her ass. She was about to turn and see. However, the first guy held her face and told her to keep on sucking. He entered her from behind while she kept sucking her son.

Guy 1 – Keep her silent just like you did with your sister

Sai was about to say something when his mother told him to stay quiet with some hand sign. She kept sucking and getting fucked in front of her son. The guy fucking her alternatively slapped her ass, pulled her hair and pressed her boobs. All the while making sure that she had her mouth filled by her son.

They were being recorded by the other guy, who was getting a blowjob by Soundarya. Sai cum shortly, and Annapurna had to swallow it done gulp after gulp. Her head was being held in place by the guy fucking her.

The guy also cum after another 5-7 minutes of hard fucking. Annapurna lay on the bed trying to catch her breath, and the guy got on her sucking her boobs.

Guy 2 – Come here, kid, now your sister will give you a blowjob!

Sai walked up to her and stood silently as Soundarya was sucking the guy. Her hand reached for his limp dick and started stroking hard. He got his erection within minutes. The guy pulled out of her mouth and cummed all over her face and boobs.

Then pushed her face towards her brother’s dick and told her to suck him. Soundarya sucked her brother while the guy fingered her and recorded the action. Sai was almost about to cum, when the second guy stopped Soundarya.

Guy 2 – Sai, lie down on the bed.

Sai laid and was waiting for his sister to resume sucking.

Guy 2 – Soundarya, ride your brother’s dick.

He dragged Soundarya and pushed her on the dick. And it ended up entering her pussy. The action was so swift that no one had time to react to anything.

Annapurna – Please don’t make them do this. They are brother-sister!

Guy 1 – Shut up, we are the man of the house, and we will decide what happens here.

Annapurna – Please not them. We are doing with you without resistance. Don’t do that, please.

Guy 1 – You need to shut up

The first guy put his dick in her mouth and started fucking it. The second guy joined Annapurna, and he inserted in her pussy and started banging.

The brother and sister were left alone to enjoy each other’s body however they wished. Soundarya slowly started to ride her brother, in a few minutes she was jumping on him like crazy!

Guy 2 – God, look at them go! Fucking like rabbits, those two!

He started recording the siblings fuck each other while himself fucking Annapurna. He cum soon, and so did the other guy. Annapurna was on the bed watching their kids fuck, and tears were flowing down her cheeks.

Both the guys went and joined Soundarya. She was now taking her brother’s dick in her pussy. The guys were licking and sucking her body, boobs, ass, neck and lips. They encouraged her to show her brother everything she learned from them.

Soundarya was also riding very fast, eyes closed, nipples sucked and pinched. Sometimes kissed, sometimes bitten. She savored the moment now, unknowingly, unconsciously flowing down the dark fantasy.

In the end, she had a hard orgasm and collapsed on her brother. Heavy breathing, tired, swollen pussy, bite marks all over.

A voice from the door – What the hell is happening here?

Everyone was shocked to hear screams from the door.

What happens next? How did this family’s life change in a few days? How much more darkness do they have to face?

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