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The Unusual Mom Son Sex Story

The mom son sex story. Believe it or not, this real miraculous incident happened last year in 2021 during the lockdown.

Hi, I’m Neil 21-year-old undergraduate student. We are a total of 3 members in my household, mom, dad and me. My dad is in service and was posted outside another city for 4-5 months due to lockdown.

My mom is 44 years old and is a school teacher. Her size is 38-28-38. She is a little bit chubby but is very fair and sexy looking. Both mom and dad were regular doing sex before lockdown. But she was a little upset and nervous since dad posted outside the city.

I was attracted to my mom from childhood. This grew after puberty, and I started watching incest porn. Mom normally does not wear a bra at home, sometimes even panty. She has bouncy attractive boobs that I saw in their sex video. It was recorded by mom and dad as a fantasy.

I commonly touch her boobs and ass for fun. But I never dared to get beyond that but always had a fantasy to watch her fully naked in life. One day, Mom suffered back pain due to overwork. So I applied pain killer cream on her waist. That’s when I saw her panty and a little bit hairy back.

I got an immediate erection and couldn’t control it. I tried to touch her ass by putting my hand under her panty. But she didn’t allow me, and I got scolded. But thinking about her very soft and fair back and waist, I masturbated multiple times after that incident.

I somehow managed my emotions and got to work. But her waist and ass view didn’t leave me and my dick. Since we were only two, I was sleeping with mom at night. I mustered courage and somehow tried to seduce her. I told her she looked beautiful and had a very sexy figure.

I tried to grope her abdomen and then tried to touch her breast. But I got an erection, and she probably felt that. So she put my hand away and pushed me away from her, and told me to sleep peacefully. I was embarrassed by this act and tried to get away from that.

The next day after breakfast, when she was washing utensils, I grasped her from behind in a lovely manner. I told her it was a very good breakfast. Meanwhile, I tried to grope her buttocks, and she got really upset. She asked me what was wrong with me.

She shouted at me loudly, scolded me for my act and told me to go to study. I tried to study but wasn’t able to. I got a very hard erection thinking about the mom and started masturbating.

In the evening when she was watching TV, she called me and told me she shouldn’t have shouted at me. I replied, “No, mom, don’t say sorry to me. It’s my mistake. I should say sorry to you.”

Mom replied, “It’s okay,” and rested her head on my shoulder. She also kissed my forehead. But I mustered courage and told her, “Sometimes I get an erection thinking about you. I can’t control that. What to do?”

Mom told me, “It’s very wrong and inappropriate and wasn’t expected of you.” I asked, “Mom, can I ask you something? Please don’t get angry.”

Mom said go ahead, and I asked, “Please, mom can I watch you once, only full naked?”

She got very angry with me. She asked me, “Are you in your senses? What are you talking about?” She gave a tight slap to me on my cheek. She warned me that she would tell this matter to my father.

I got very worried, anxious afraid and got to the room. I couldn’t study and couldn’t concentrate. After that horrific time, somehow, she called me at night for dinner.

I couldn’t have eye contact with her but finally gathered courage and said sorry to her. “I got very horny thinking about you, and that’s why I got carried away.”

Mom said, “It’s okay, beta.” She said sorry to me because she slapped me. Mom pulled me in her arms and said, “I’m your mom and can understand this as you don’t have gf, but you should concentrate on studying right now.

After that, 3-4 days were passed boringly. But I was still not able to suppress that intense urge. One fine day, I somehow mustered courage during lunch with mom. I asked about dad, “Are you missing him? It’s been 4-5 months now.”

Mom replied, “Yes, beta, I’m missing him a lot. I got very anxious and tense thinking about him.”

Me – Mom, can I ask you something?

Mom – Yes, ask me directly – no need to worry.

Me – Mom, I think you must be hungry in terms of sexual need.

Mom – Why are you asking such a stupid question to me? Don’t you have any manners?

Me- Mom, please don’t scold me. I know you are really hungry. I know you, Mom. I’m your son.

Mom replied, “What’s wrong with you, Neil. Are you gone mad? Why are you talking like this?”

I replied, “Sorry to say to you, mom, but I’m started sexually liking you. You are also hungry. Don’t hide your face from me now. I’m grown up now. I have seen your sex video. In that, dad just finished in 1-2 minutes only. How would you be satisfied then?”

Mom replied angrily, “How dare you talk about both of us like this? You are gone out of your mind.”

I replied cautiously, “Mom, I can’t see you unsatisfied like this. What’s the problem with me? I’m your son, not any outside person. I have grown up now. I’m not a kid anymore.”

Mom- Never in my life did I think I would be hearing this filthy speech from you. You are a pervert boy. Oh god, please save me. What kind of punishment are you giving to me? What sin is done by me?

Then Mom started crying.

Finished! I was finished. I couldn’t see tears in her eyes. I felt very bad yaar ye mene kya kar diya? (What I did this rubbish?) I took mom’s hand in my hand and tried to convince her.

“Mom, you are 44 now, and I can’t see you unsatisfied like this. Yes, you both have a healthy sexual relationship. But don’t you want to spice up your monotonous married life. I’m your grown-up son, and I should take care of you in every possible way. It’s my duty, mom.”

Mom didn’t say anything and just walked away. I also tried to get myself busy studying. I promised myself never to get this subject in my head and home. The whole day both of us didn’t utter a single word.

At night mom called me for dinner. I said, “I can’t have dinner with you. I’m very sorry for my behaviour and feeling very guilty.”

Mom just told me – I don’t know whether you are perfectly right or wrong. But the points you made are somewhat true up to a certain extent. We will do dinner first and talk about this matter after dinner.

This was the first part of the story. I’ll try to upload the next part very soon. Thanks for reading. If you liked the story of a young son’s lust for his mom, please do comment about it.

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