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Hi, I am Niharika. I have explained about myself and my husband Nikhil in my previous posts. In my last post, I described how I became pregnant. As against my promise, I have not shared all 10 days and night events with you guys. But it is not easy for a housewife to get time to write so much.

I am writing again because something happened around 4 months back, which I want to share with you guys. But before anything else, I must inform everyone, while writing this article, I am trying to write my emotions with complete honesty. It is not just a sex story.

To better understand the incident, I have divided it into parts.


After the birth of my baby, things were immediately changed in our life. I remained too tired as I had to feed the baby every 3-4 hours. So my day and night were all about the baby. This reduced our sex life. Our sex frequency reduced from 2-3 times a day to once in 7-10 days.

During the first 6 months, sometimes we did once a month. It took almost a year to reach a point. We had sex at least once a week and sometimes twice. Although our frequency has increased, time continues to decrease. Now Nikhil ejaculates in 3-4 minutes.

I don’t know whether it’s medically possible, but his penis length also decreased. We discussed it and concluded that it’s age factor and work pressure.
During sex, as soon as I start feeling something, Nikhil finishes his job. I never showed him my disappointment, but he understood.

Once during intercourse, when I started feeling something, he finished immediately. I asked him, “You done?” He replied, “Hmm.”

“Hmm, very fast this time,” I said while wearing nighty back.

“Now, I will have to hire someone to spend more time,” he replied monotonously.

“Good idea,” I replied with a naughty smile to cheer him. He also smiled.

Then after 2-3 weeks while cuddling, he ejaculated in his underwear even before we removed our clothes. I was very disappointed. Again very next week, we got a chance. He kissed me on my neck. He licked there. He knows how to make me horny in seconds.

His one hand was on my butt cheeks, and the other pressed my boobs. His tongue was still on my neck. I can feel his hard dick. I removed his underwear with the help of my leg while he was still on me, licking my neck. I tried to grab his dick.

But he immediately moved down and started sucking my boobs, licking my nipples. Now I sat between his legs. I started licking his scrotum. He was messaging my scalp. He does it when he likes my act. Now I moved up and started sucking his dick.

While I was sucking his dick and making a few strokes, he released it in my mouth without informing me. It was the first time he released in my mouth. I rushed to the bathroom cleaned my mouth. When I came back, I asked him furiously, “Can’t you control?”

“I want to, but I can’t. It just happened with lightning speed,” he replied. I can sense the embarrassment in his voice. I didn’t want to make him feel bad, but I was frustrated this time.

“You should do something. We can’t do like that forever,” I said to him in a calm voice so that he would not be hurt.

When I reached the bed, he came to me and said jokingly, “If you need, I will hire someone to do it for hours.” I smiled to make him feel comfortable.


After a few weeks again, he finished immediately.

“1 and half seconds more this time,” I teased him.

“You feel bad. I cum early nowadays,” he asked.

“Nah, I am used to it now,” I replied, teasing him more.

“I gave you an offer. If you need someone who can spend more time than me, I can hire. This is the best I can do for now,” he said.

“You serious? I thought you were joking,” I asked him.

“I am offering you what I cannot do now,” he replied.

“Will you be ok if another man does it with me?” I asked him seriously.

“You deserve enjoyment. If I can’t give you that, I must not stop you,” He answered my query.

“So it means you are ok if someone else touches my naked body? Rubs his naked body to my naked body? Grabs my boobs, sucks my nipples, fingers my pussy? Come between my legs? Spreads my pussy lips, puts his dick on it and inserts it completely inside me and fuck me?”

I pushed it further to make him understand what he was suggesting.

“No, but you should not suffer due to something I am not able to control,” He replied.

“You know I talk to other men, have males in my friend circle. But this I do with you only. Sex is something that is exclusively for us. If I do it with someone else, then you and others will not remain different for me,” I explained my point to him.

He said nothing.

“And what if I get used to it? I start doing it with my friends because you have allowed me,” I continue on my point.

“This is what I am afraid of. My continuous failure in bed may lead you to attract toward other men. Maybe someday, you get comfortable enough to do so with some known person. This will lead to a series of unavoidable events if that person is in the circle.”

“He knows others as well. What if he tells anyone else? What if he starts blackmailing you into doing it again and again against your wish? If hiring a person, it will not have any strings attached. It will not happen out of your wish. And yes, I don’t want you to cheat on me,” he explained his point of view.

Both of us remain silent for the rest of the night.


After a few days, when he was fucking me, I asked him, “With whom I can do it?”

“Someone unknown that we will hire,” he replied while pulling out his penis with a filled condom from my pussy. “Do you want to avail the offer?” he asked me.

“Are you sure it will not affect our relationship?” I asked him.

“As long as you enjoy it and not feel guilty about it,” Nikhil replied.

“I am not sure. I guess we can try,” I replied hesitatingly.

Then we slept that night.

After more than a month, he planned a holiday in Jaisalmer. He showed me pictures of a few guys and told me to select one. I selected one, and then after a week, we left for Jaisalmer.

In Jaisalmer, we stayed in a five-star hotel suite. This suite has 2 rooms, a bedroom and separate living room with dining table, sofa and a big couch. When I saw the room, I started figuring out where we could do it. The dining table and couch were looking good.

We roamed around the city in the daytime and returned to our hotel by evening. Nikhil informed me that the guy would come by 10, so I should make the baby sleep before that.

As time was coming closer, I was getting nervous. I thought I had made a mistake. I love Nikhil unconditionally. I should not do it, I told Nikhil about it, and he replied, “I love you too. I am happy if you enjoy it.”

We sat together quietly for some time then he asked me what are you wearing tonight.

“Something comfortable and easy to remove,” I replied with a smile.

Then I kissed Nikhil. He put one of his hands on my boob while still kissing me. My hands were under his shirt, my hand exploring his hairy chest. Then I come down between his legs. I pull his pajamas down a little and his underwear as well.

Now I start sucking his dick. After a few strokes, he said, “I am cumming.” I raised my speed. Then he exploded in my mouth, but I wanted him to do so this time. My mouth was full of his cum. I went to the bathroom to clean up.

“This time, you took it by yourself,” he said.

“I like it this time,” I replied.



The doorbell rang, Nikhil went to open the door, and I went to the bathroom to change.

When I came back, Nikhil was sitting on the dining table chair and talking to the guy sitting on the sofa. He looked smart and well-mannered in the way he dressed.

On the other hand, I was wearing a satin front opening gown. It only has a satin belt to keep it close. I was not wearing anything under it. I was looking slutty. As the gown was very short, it revealed more than hide. At this point, I want to end it quickly. I don’t know why I was doing it then.

“Good evening, ma’am,” the guy greeted me when I entered the living room.

“Evening,” I replied.

I sat on the couch. I was feeling butterflies in my stomach, which was the opposite feeling that I had a few seconds back.

“So, how long can you fuck in full speed?” I asked confidently, showing that I am used to it.

“About 30 in full speed continues and around 1 and half hour in variable speeds continuously keeping my dick inside,” he replied.

“Show me the length,” I ordered him. “Strip, actually,” I corrected myself.

“Do you want to lead, or should I lead,” he asked.

“Ok, I’ll follow your lead,” I replied.

He stood, came to me, offered his hand. I grabbed it and stood up. Then he wrapped his hands around my waist, I felt awkward, but I did the same. Then he very gently touched my butt cheeks bottom with his feather-like fingers. He moved his fingers with the shape of my butt.

I couldn’t bear it. My legs were shaking. My knees bent a little. Then he opened his shirt button and pulled the satin belt of my night gown. I blushed and looked at Nikhil. He was looking at his phone and completely avoiding us.

My gown was open now, barely hiding my nipples, but my pussy was exposed now. He asked me if I wanted to remove his shirt. I came on his backside, pulled his shirt. Then I hugged him from the backside. I rested my head on his back. My hands were feeling his chest, his nipples.

My bare front was rubbing against his bareback. I deliberately rubbed my nipples on his back. Then I moved one of my hands down while the other was still on his chest. I can feel his big penis under his pants.

“Strip naked,” I said while rubbing his dick over his pants.

He immediately removed everything. I was still standing at the back. I touched his bare penis with my finger. I slid my finger from his balls to his dick top. It was longer than Nikhil’s best time dick. Then I grabbed it with my hand. It was a little thicker as well. Now my heart was pumping high.

I was touching another man. I walked towards the dining table where Nikhil was sitting. On my way, I dropped my gown behind me while walking. Now my naked ass was facing him and naked front-facing Nikhil. I rested my hands on the dining table.

I looked at Nikhil like I was saying, “It’s all your fault.” He looked at me with an embarrassed smile. I looked back over my shoulder and said to the guy, “I am all yours now.”

The guy came to me to wrap one of his hands on my stomach, and with the other, he was exploring my body. His dick was touching my asshole. He held me tightly and kissed my shoulder. Then he started licking my neck. He touched my weak spot with his tongue.

“Hmmm,” I moaned while tightly squeezing Nikhil’s hand. The guy rubbed his hand on my neck, squeezed my boobs, pinched my nipples. He brushed my pussy with his fingers while licking and biting my neck.

My eyes were closed. I was enjoying it now. I don’t know what was more enjoyable, whatever he was doing or the fact that I was naked in front of two-man.

Then he moved down. His hands were still pressing my boobs. He licked where spine ends, and ass starts. Then he slowly comes up while licking my spine line like a dog. This made me melt. I released my breath and immediately kissed Nikhil.

By doing so, I bent on the table. It caused the guy to move forward toward me so that he could keep on licking my spine. When he came forward, his dick was trying to part my ass cheeks to move forward as well. I broadened my legs, and then his dick poked my ass hole a little. This made me crazier.

I tried to undress Nikhil while remaining in the same position, but I could not. So Nikhil immediately stood up and undressed completely. The guy was now moving downwards while licking my spine. Now I was bent on the table. My legs were broadened. This gives the guy a clear view of my ass hole.

He licked me there. I grabbed Nikhil’s dick, pulled him toward me and started licking his dick. Nikhil now took the camera and started recording. Now the guy moved further and licked my pussy with his tongue. I also started sucking Nikhil’s dick.

My legs were shaking as the guy was licking my pussy vigorously. I was sucking Nikhil’s dick with speed. He already ejaculated something back, so he was taking time now. I was between two men now like a whore. To my surprise, I was enjoying this thought at that time.

After a few minutes, Nikhil cum in my mouth. But this time, I was in heaven as the guy was fucking me with his tongue. I didn’t want to stop him, so I swallowed the cum completely. After a few more minutes, I could hold more. So I said, “Now fuck me.”

The guy lifted me in his arms and took me to the couch. He laid me there. Now he sucked my boobs one by one while rubbing his dick on my pussy lips. I moaned and raised my hand to wave Nikhil to call him near me. As soon as he came, I grabbed his hand.

Now the guy inserted his dick inside me. I acknowledge his entry.

Initially, it was normal as his dick was slightly thicker than Nikhil’s. But then he moved further, and I could feel it where I had never felt anything before. It was significantly longer than Nikhil’s. I felt a little pain.

Now he gently started fucking me, and the pain disappeared slowly. Now I was enjoying it. I wrapped my legs around his waist so that he could go deeper. He slowly increased his speed. I was moaning with his every push. I was enjoying the fuck, my eyes rolled up, and I was started moaning louder.

“Faster, fuck me,” I was becoming crazy. After a long time, I was getting fucked so long and fast. I was talking madly while holding Nikhil’s hand tightly. I was shouting.

The guy was fucking me faster and harder. I put my hands on his hips to push him further. I had not fucked like this for more than a year. I don’t know how long he fucked me, 30 minutes or one and half hours. But it was the longest in the last year.

After some time, my body tightened. I tightened my leg’s grip on his waist. I scratched his back with my fingers. I felt the orgasm. I held him tightly. He understood my stage and lowered his pace. Then he pulled back his dick. To my surprise, his condom was still empty, which means he hadn’t cum yet.

I was breathing heavily. I pulled Nikhil in front of me while lying on the couch and hugged him tightly. “I love you,” I whispered near his ear. Then I gained some breath and drank water. Nikhil stopped recording. The guy was standing there, drinking some water. His dick was still tight.

“Are you still on?” I asked, pointing towards his dick.

He smiled.

“You want round two?” Nikhil asked.

“First, let me have some breath,” I replied. “What have you recorded?” I asked Nikhil after a few minutes of silence.

He attached the camera to the TV. I was watching my porn. I see the dick inside my pussy, how it was parting my pussy, my facial expressions, my moaning, my dirty talk. It ignited me again. I stood up and hugged the guy.

“I am going to sleep, you guys enjoy,” Nikhil left by saying so and putting the fees on the table for the guy.

“Fuck me again,” I said to the guy as soon as Nikhil closed the bedroom door.

That night I fucked two more times before the guy ejaculated. I was also fully exhausted. I was lying naked on the couch when the guy left the room. I slept there for some time as it was almost 5:30 am.

In the morning, Nikhil came to the living room. I was sleeping naked on the couch. He kissed my butt, which woke me up. I sat on the couch. He sat with me. I put my head on his chest and said, “I love you.”

“I know,” he replied.

I don’t know whatever I did that night was right or wrong ethically, but physically it was not wrong. Our body has some requirements, and suppressing those desires due to social obligations may lead to mental stress. I released my stress that night.

I love Nikhil and respect him more now as he put his male ego aside for my physical requirements. His consent in this regard let me enjoy everything during and after that night instead of feeling guilty for anything.

Thank you, everyone.

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