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Tinder date of South Delhi Girl & a Middle-class Boy

Hello, I am your erotic sex writer by the name of Dreamcatcher. I am well built, tall, dark and handsome. This story is about a girl born and raised in posh society in Delhi and a guy from a middle-class family like Tyagi/Sharma, who met on a dating app.

They managed to have an amazing sex life though having sky-high differences.

Girl profile in dating App:-
Tanya, 26 – Consultant in Deloitte
– 5 pics in sexy bodycon and backless saree in pubs, restaurants, and Mountains
– Interests – Badminton, Gardening and shopping
– Hometown – Delhi > In,Delhi

Boy’s profile in dating App:-
Varun, 27 – IT Engineer in IT Engineer
– 2 pic, one in formal attire and another of trekking in the mountains
– Interests – Painting, Shayari, travelling, and Cycling
– Hometown- Delhi > Cuttack, Odisha

Varun ends up swiping every possible girl in his preference range of minimum to maximum age every day. Tanya knew she had many desperate guys to swipe left into the garbage.

One day Varun ended up writing an inquisitive introduction message to Tanya. Fortunately, it caught her attention. Tanya scrolled through the profile and found nothing interesting. Even the guy was dark.

She thought her friends would laugh at her when they knew her dating standards were underground. She imagined ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ a million times. But what actually made her swipe right was a genuine intro message. Varun cracked a cheesy joke and asked for a moment to interact.

From that instant, Varun and Tanya started texting almost every day. They even shared their sexual preferences. One fine evening, Varun asked Tanya for a date, and as he knew what Tanya likings, he booked a nice corner for them in a pub in Hauz Khas.

Though Varun wanted to maintain high standards, he was haunted by the feeling of being broke that evening. But he assured himself by saying, “Aab karega toh karega.”

He took an auto, reached the entrance gate before time, and waited for her. He saw a white Creta swift to the parking bay and Tanya getting down from it and walking towards him. He had a gradual smile and an instant boner with a mere look at her.

He hid his erection as Tanya was dressed in a white crop top, a black mini skater skirt, and white sneakers. They went to the pub and enjoyed the music. Varun tried out all his talent from Pandora’s box to impress Tanya. But Tanya was distracted by hot guys winking at her, and she was enjoying it.

Varun noticed this. He placed his hands over her crossed thighs under the table while Tanya was busy gulping her Vodka shots. Though she was high, it caught her off guard, and she turned toward Varun. They started having a nice, eye-to-eye, funny conversation for a while.

Varun knew she was now in the zone. But he wanted to show authority over all the men ogling her in the pub. He took her to the dance floor, grabbed her by her waist, and made sensual moves to the music. Tanya turned around and danced by rubbing her ass on Varun’s crotch.

Varun had an erection, and Tanya felt it. She grabbed his hands and wrapped them around her waist. She pushed herself further close and swayed in rhythm. She turned around and whispered in Varun’s ear to get out of there.

They sneaked out of there and went straight to her car. Both of them were not able to keep their hands off each other. They were kissing, and Varun slid his hand inside her skirt, to which she said not here. They went inside the car, and it was already dark by then.

Once they went inside, Tanya sat in the passenger side seat. She locked the door and swiftly lifted both her legs wide open, showing a sexy piece of black lingerie to Varun. She grabbed his head and directed him to get down. He slid her panty and found a creamy white pussy already oozing love juices.

He started to lick them slowly and gradually increased his intensity as Tanya’s moaning became much more evident. He then crawled one of his hands up towards his boob. Tanya slapped and said that was not permissible. Varun felt agonized, and he bit her pussy while licking.

Tanya moaned harder, slapped Varun, and pushed his head further to lick her. Varun inserted a finger and gradually increased his speed while he was licking her clitoris. He then inserted 2 fingers which felt tight.

He gradually felt her vibrating to an orgasm and crashing down in the seat with still her legs wide open on the dashboard. With bated breath, she said, “Let’s go to my place.” Varun drove to a nice bungalow and was amazed by its design.

Before he could catch a better glimpse of that, Tanya dragged him inside and went straight to her bedroom. She sat down in a recliner and asked Varun to strip completely in front of her. Varun stood naked. Tanya checked him as a chocolate candy from top to bottom while rubbing her pussy over her skirt.

She then took her panty and threw that on Varun. She asked him to wear that. Varun wore Tanya’s panty and tried to hide his dick inside the tiny triangular front covering. Varun was sexually dominating. So he went straight to Tanya, squeezed her cheeks, and said, “Now you taste my flavours too.”

He grabbed his hair, pushed his erect dick straight inside her, and asked her to suck it. However, amazed Tanya was a pro sucker. She was giving Varun a deep throat, and it felt amazing. He lifted her crop top, grabbed her boobs, and gently fondled them.

He then grabbed two of her headscarves and tied her hands behind her back. He blindfolded her with the other one. He lifted her up, went to the kitchen, got chocolate syrup, dipped his dick, and asked her to suck again. This time she sucked until Varun ushered his cum inside her mouth.

He then took some choco syrup and spread that on her nipples and pussy lips. He licked it until she again started oozing. Varun pushed her up the bed. Then he climbed her in missionary and pushed all his length at one go inside Tanya’s pink pussy.

Though blindfolded, Tanya moaned loudly and scratched Varun’s chest to bang her harder. He turned her into lazy, soggy style and spanked her ass, which was damn bouncy and fluffy. He pushed his dick inside and started banging her by clenching her hair from behind.

Varun continued doing so. Tanya got out of his blindfold, pushed Varun behind, and climbed over him in cowgirl style. She was now moaning in rhythm, and so was Varun, busy fondling her boobs and playing with her nipples. She was ramming hard, started clenching her hair, and started getting stiff.

Varun understood it and started ramming her while she was completely out of control. She then went down and started sucking Varun till he had his orgasm. Later Varun explored Tanya’s house before her parents came back home.

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