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To The Ends Of Incest Lust And Love – Part 1

It was a beautiful but hot afternoon in Ahmedabad. Nisha was returning from grocery shopping and was sweating profusely because of the heat. Nisha was a 40-year-old woman who was an architect. She was a widow, her husband has passed away 10 years ago. She was very young at that time but somehow managed the emotional distress.

Nisha has a son named Abhimanyu and she has been living alone with him for the last 10 years. She was a single mother who took care of every little thing. Her son though didn’t care much about her mother. That was what Nisha thought.

Coming back to today, Nisha was returning from grocery shopping. She reached home, Abhimanyu was watching football on tv. Abhimanyu had some currents going inside his body by what he saw with his eyes.

Her mother who was sweating removed her saree pallu to clean all the sweat. Abhimanyu was amazed by the cleavage of Nisha which had a deep line cutting towards her blouse. Veins being seen in those sweaty tits was a sight for which any man would be weak on his knees. Abhimanyu spurted out “WOW” from his mouth as he watched her mother.

Nisha unaware of the fact that her own son was seeing with lusty eyes managed her blouse to clean inside of her tits. Abhimanyu couldn’t take it anymore and just sneezed loudly just to let her mom be aware that he was just a few feet away. Nisha asked Abhimanyu –

Nisha: God bless you, Abhi!

Abhimanyu in his mind thought, “I don’t know about me, but God did bless you by giving you those amazing tits.”

Abhimanyu: Yeah, I am fine mom, thanks.

“By the way, what’s up with so much sweating and cleaning”, said Abhimanyu sheepishly.

Nisha (laughing and putting her pallu back): Oh, it’s so hot out there son, unbearable heat, don’t you go out.

Abhimanyu: Sure thing, mom.

They both continued with their respective work. Abhimanyu was going to take a shower in his room and suddenly, his mom came.

Nisha: Abhi, do you mind if I use your bathroom, mine has a less flow of water, don’t know why.

Abhimanyu: Well mom, I was going but you can go, I’ll wait.

Nisha: Oh sorry Abhi, but I don’t mind going together (laughing).

“But that is some muscles you have built (touching Abhimanyu’s body).

Abhimanyu: Oh stop it, mom. Just go already. (Mix of awkward and shyness on his face.)

Nisha went on for showering and Abhimanyu sat on his bed scrolling through Instagram. He was only in his towel wrapped around him. As he was scrolling through some hot photos of a girl, a tent started building on his towel. He managed it but was unaware he actually managed in such a way that his cock was springing out of the towel.

Nisha came out of the shower and saw what a mother wouldn’t want to see of his 20-year-old son. Abhi had a rock-hard cock springing out and he was simply unaware of it as he was scrolling through Instagram.

Nisha had been a lonely widow. It was after more than a decade that she was seeing a real cock. The hard meat was too much for her to resist. She wanted that thing inside her. With all these thoughts running inside her mind, she came back to her senses. She just left the room abruptly telling Abhimanyu he can go take a shower now.

Abhimanyu got up and went on to take shower unaware of what had happened. As Abhi entered the bathroom, he got goosebumps from the different smell in his bathroom. He knew it was her mother’s fragrance. While taking the shower, he remembered what had happened a few hours back. That cleavage of her mother. That sweaty cleavage.

After having dinner, Abhimanyu went to his room. He closed his room door slightly and set an atmosphere for the obvious thing. If there is one thing common between every single young guy is that their nighttime routine is fixed.

Abhimanyu got in his boxers and started watching JAV porn. He was gathering fetish of Japanese milfs. Well, readers do check them out. Nisha was in her room getting changed into her nightdress.

Even though Nisha was a lonely widow, she had all the desires that a woman has every night. She was starving for sex and after what she had seen after showering, she was having more sensual desires of having sex.

Nisha went out to drink some turmeric milk. While she was going she decided to have a look at Abhimanyu’s room to check if he was asleep.

It was midnight and Nisha was in a satin silk nightdress which showed ample cleavage. She had milky white skin and a beautiful face. Her body was toned because of the yoga she would do. She had perfect fat where it should be. Medium breasts, a round ass, curvy hips and a healthy navel. She was a goddess.

She was checking up on her son Abhimanyu’s room and was shocked by what she saw. Abhimanyu was masturbating comfortably on his bed enjoying self-pleasure!

Nisha just stood startled by what she was seeing. She went in a little bit but Abhimanyu was unaware that he is being seen. Things continued like that for another 2 minutes after which Abhimanyu had cummed. He was in a relaxed state and his eyes turned toward the door.

There was a pin drop silence for 2 minutes. Abhimanyu had got dressed and cleaned himself up and Nisha was standing near the door processing what she had seen.

Abhimanyu: I am sorry, mom.

Nisha walked toward Abhimanyu and sat opposite him on the bed.

Nisha: It’s okay Abhi, it’s perfectly normal for anybody to masturbate and there is nothing to be sorry about it.

Abhimanyu: But you saw things that were just.. I don’t know. I should have closed the door.

Nisha: Well, a bathroom is a better place.

Abhimanyu (cutely): Yeahhh!

Nisha laughed and after Abhimanyu realized what he had said he laughed too. The atmosphere got light and they were talking to each other in a good way after a long time.

Nisha: Do you have a girlfriend, Abhi?

Abhimanyu: Mom!!

Nisha: What, I am just asking, and it’s okay for a mother-son to discuss such things.

Abhimanyu: I don’t have a girlfriend. Happy? (irritated)

Nisha was laughing.

Nisha: For a handsome man like you, it is quite unbelievable. Well, you are not a virgin at least, right?

Abhimanyu: Well, your son is still a virgin.

Nisha: You got to be kidding me.

Abhimanyu: No mom, I am just a big loser in life, who cannot score girls, cannot even talk to her mother respectfully and adding to all the misery, I just masturbated in front of my mother.

Nisha held Abhimanyu’s hand. “ A mother sees purity in everything that his child does.”

There was a brief silence in the room and both mother and son were holding their hands strongly and looking into each other’s eyes with love.

Nisha broke the silence.

Nisha: You know what son.. Nothing, just leave it.

Abhimanyu: What happened mom, tell me?

Nisha: To be very honest with you, you know how things have been for me since your father died. There is a void in my life. Emotional void, (Nisha gathering courage), physical void or should I say sexual void..

Abhimanyu was listening keenly not knowing where all this was leading to.

Nisha: And in these years, many people have told me to get married again. But I am not capable of it anymore. And to release my sexual frustration, my friends have also suggested to me things that I thought were nasty. I don’t want to hoe around and have casuals with men around. But there is one person who has the capability to fill all my voids. And that is you, Abhi.

Abhimanyu was startled by what he was hearing

Nisha made her son stand up from the bed. She was looking straight into the eyes of her tall son. It looked like a very romantic moment unless it wasn’t.

Nisha: Abhi, your mother is here to give you pleasure which a woman can give, but are you ready to give me what I want?

Abhimanyu who was in shock of everything that her mother had said just whispered four words.

Abhimanyu: You have the control.

Nisha smiled and gave a hug to Abhimanyu. It was a long hug. Nisha then looked into Abhimanyu’s eyes and said, “Never mention this to anyone.”

She then slowly took off his boxers. Abhimanyu did not do anything, he even had his arms aside. Nisha had full control of the situation. And she was building it up very sensually.

Nisha was constantly staring into her son’s eyes and teasing his dick with her hands. Abhimanyu’s body was electrifying with every touch of her mother. The feeling of his own mother, a person who gave birth to that flesh and bone was playing with his flesh and bone today.

Nisha was slowly and sensually teasing Abhimanyu by touching his dick. She slowly removed his underwear. Abhimanyu’s dick sprung out and Nisha asked her son to sit on the bed. Abhimanyu followed that as her mother was in control for the moment.

Nisha sat down on her knees on the floor. Abhimanyu was bewildered by the view. His mother sitting down on her knees about to give him a blowjob. Through the eyes of Abhimanyu, what he was seeing was his mother who was looking at him with naughty eyes.

Her cleavage being seen in ample amount and the way she was sitting her round ass was the one that he wanted to bang all day all night. Abhimanyu had only one word coming out of his mouth, “Wow”.

Nisha laughed. And slowly put her son’s hard cock into her mouth. The feeling took both of them to cloud 9. For Abhimanyu, it was the feeling of the first touch by a woman and for Nisha, it was a long-awaited pleasure of a man.

Nisha slowly twisted her tongue around his son’s cock. She was slowly taking it inside her mouth and sucking it like candy. A blowjob by a mother is not the dream of any guy. But those who get this privilege in their life are truly the ones who are lucky!

Nisha was giving a slow and sensual blowjob to her son. Abhimanyu was just enjoying it. He let the goddess do the work. Nisha increased her pace and Abhimanyu had small “Uhh..and aahh” coming out of his mouth. Nisha went berserk and just sucked his son’s cock deep into her mouth.

Abhimanyu: I am going to cum.

Nisha: Ummhmmm..

Nisha went on performing the art and soon her son cummed. Abhimanyu tried to pull it off but Nisha held onto it and took all of his son’s cum inside her mouth. Abhimanyu relaxed and fell onto his bed. He had just experienced his first blowjob and that too her mother gave it to him.

Nisha got up and swallowed all the cum.

Nisha: Hmmm..tasty!!

Nisha climbed upon his son who was lying down on the bed. She put herself into a cowgirl position, letting her pussy touch his dick. Abhimanyu instinctively grabbed his mother’s ass and Nisha immediately took his hands off him.

She placed both his hands together above him as if she was going to tie it. But she let them be and went near her son’s ears and whispered, “Did you forget who is in control?”

Abhimanyu: No, ma’am.

Nisha: Call me ‘Nisha’. Just Nisha

Abhimanyu: As you wish, Nisha.

Nisha had a gentle smile and she got off his son and out of bed. She walked towards leaving the room.

Abhimanyu: Mom…sorry Nisha. What happened, where are you going?

Nisha: That’s it for today young man, I decide when to do, what to do…Now, sleep, you have college tomorrow.

Abhimanyu little disappointed gave a wry smile. Nisha saw that and walked up to his son. She kissed her son on his cheeks and said goodnight to him. Abhi was blushing hard and got dressed up.

Abhimanyu: What a woman, or should I say, goddess?

To be continued.

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