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To The Ends Of Incest Lust And Love – Part 2

The next morning, Abhimanyu was reminiscing about what had happened last night while working out. He was a morning-workout person and today he was getting distracted by all kinds of thoughts.

A mother-son relationship is made up of love. For the last few years, Abhimanyu had not even talked to his mom with love and respect. And he was not lusting for his mother.

But why did something like this happen suddenly last night? He wanted to know more, why a sudden love and lust for his mother about whom he did not even care about till yesterday.

Then, after finishing his workout, at the gym he went home. He was welcomed by his mother and there was a sudden rush of feelings inside Abhimanyu. It was a kind of feeling when a guy would see his crush. Abhimanyu blushed upon looking at Nisha.

Nisha: What! (Nisha giving a big smile.)

Abhimanyu: Nothing, you look beautiful.

Nisha had just come out of the shower. She had a towel wrapped around her hair. She was wearing a black kurti and leggings. The leggings were sticking to her legs and her tight kurti was making her bosom visibly big. Abhimanyu was mesmerized by looking at his mother.

Nisha: Is this love being shown because of last night’s treat? (Nisha laughingly said.)

Abhimanyu was silent. He had gone into deep contemplation. Nisha looked at her son’s face, which had a sense of nervousness and anxiety.

Nisha: What happened, Abhi?

Abhimanyu looked into his mother’s eyes and broke down. Nisha surprised took hold of her son’s hands.

Nisha: Abhi, what happened bachha, did anyone say anything?

Abhimanyu: You are so selfless and caring mom. I just could not give you that support and affection. You always made me the center of your world but what did I give? I am a terrible son mom. I am a terrible human.

Nisha took Abhimanyu to the sofa and made him sit. Then she brought water for him and consoled him to stop crying.

Nisha held Abhi’s hand.

Nisha: A mother’s love is such my dear. She does not seek anything in return. For all these years, I have been alone. Deprived of love and physical affection. Yet I always thought that giving love will make me feel happy. And it did make me feel good. You are the center of my world Abhi and there is nothing more important to me than you.

Nisha: Don’t blame yourself for anything. Young men are often caught up in the social drama of their teenage and youth. It’s okay. What’s important is that you have your life to make up for things.

Abhimanyu: Then why did it happen? What happened last night? Why feelings of love and lust are coming for you in immense?

Nisha: What’s meant to be, can happen in a moment. Love and lust can happen in a moment. but it takes time to nurture it, and grow it. Maybe it was supposed to happen last night.

Abhimanyu was confused and still trying to figure it out.

Nisha: Abhi, honestly speaking I have been lusting for you for quite some time.

Abhimanyu: Really!?

Nisha: Yes, seeing you shirtless in the house and your charismatic behavior. All these things made me lust for my son. And a little bit of jealousy.

Abhimanyu: What? (smiling)

Nisha: A lot of women in our apartment have a crush on you (jealous tone). They always talk about you when I meet them

Abhimanyu started laughing loudly.

Abhimanyu: Wow!

Now there was a brief silence in the room. Nisha was still holding his son’s hand. She was gazing into his eyes and so was Abhimanyu. Both of them gave a slight smile. A smile of approval from both of them.

Then they leaned toward each other and the time stopped for them. Mother-son were kissing intensely, putting each other’s tongue into their mouth and passionately. Abhimanyu held his mother’s waist and was pushing himself into her. It was a crazy moment. Their saliva had mixed and they could feel each other’s lips as one.

Then Nisha pushed Abhi back and made him realize who was the leading lady.

Nisha stood up and sat on Abhi’s thighs. She positioned herself in such a way that is too erotic to describe. Then she started kissing him again and held his head with both her hands. Abhimanyu grabbed his mother’s ass with both hands and was enjoying what his mother had to offer.

After a few minutes of kissing, Nisha looked into Abhimanyu’s eyes and asked-

Nisha: Want to see your mother’s breast?

Abhimanyu’s mouth fell wide open and his tongue came slightly out. Nisha laughed at this. Then she unhooked her kurti and removed it. She unclasped her bra and was topless in front of her son.

It was the first time that Abhimanyu was seeing a woman’s breast for real. He had a look of amazement on his face. He was seeing the breasts of his mother. The ones which he had sucked when he was an infant and now he was going to do it again. Then Nisha smiled and said-

Nisha: I know they are not as good as the ones you see in porn. But they are definitely real and better sucked.

Nisha had medium-sized breasts but looked big enough. She had big brown areolas and nipples. Her breasts were shaped well because of the yoga she did. Abhimanyu was still staring wide-eyed at her mother’s breast. Then Nisha said-

Nisha: Go on. Feel them.

Then Abhimanyu put his right hand on his mother’s right breast and made his fingers traverse upon it. He grabbed both of his mother’s breasts and started playing with them like a kid.

Nisha: You have to do everything for your kids these days.

Then she positioned her breast near Abhimanyu’s mouth and asked him to suck it.

Nisha: Suck it like a man (tauntingly).

Abhimanyu’s ego got hurt by her these words. He preyed upon his mother’s breast like a beast now. He started sucking nipples on one of her breasts and played with another with his fingers. Nisha was happy but also pleased. Her son was sucking her breasts wildly and she was oozing out gasps of breath.

“Aaah…” Nisha gasped, as her son was becoming wilder and wilder with his mouth. Then Abhimanyu stopped his breast sucking and kissed Nisha. Nisha’s breast had hickies and her nipples swelled up and poked out. Abhimanyu was proud of what he had done.

Nisha: That was a hell of a sucking Abhi.

Nisha got off her son and removed his shorts. Abhi’s cock sprung out as soon as she removed his underwear. Nisha was mesmerized by looking at her son’s cock again. Then she sat down on the floor, Abhimanyu was on the sofa and waiting to get sucked by his mother.

Nisha circled his tongue around it giving initial buildup to her son. She then gently put her lips on the tip of her son’s cock and took every inch of it inside her mouth in one go.

Abhimanyu: Ahhh, mom you are so good at it.

Nisha looked up and smiled with her eyes. She then started sucking her son’s cock pushing herself towards it. She went berserk and started doing it rapidly. Nisha was so good with her sucking that Abhimanyu cummed in minutes.

She took every drop of her son’s cock into her mouth and gulped it. Abhi stood up and made his mother stand up. He then started kissing her. Abhimanyu grabbed his mother’s ass and tried to lift her.

Nisha (excitingly): Abhi, stop it now!

Abhimanyu: What? I am taking you to the bedroom.

Nisha: Don’t you have college to attend?

Abhimanyu: I will skip it.

Nisha: But I can’t skip my work babe.

Then Nisha took her clothes and kissed her son on the lips.

Nisha: Take a shower and get ready. We will have breakfast together.

And she walked off to her room.

Abhi was still standing looking at his mother go, watching her bareback and ass sway up and down.

Abhi (in his mind): Tonight, will be the most memorable night for your mom. And I intend to make it special for both of us. Breaking all the limits.

To be continued.

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