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Training Lousy Indian Husband To Love His Wife Again!

Hey guys, this is your sexy big ass bhabhi Simraan again who is horny again! Let me stimulate your big cocks with this thrilling incident of how I rekindled the sex life of a couple.

One Saturday morning, I met my college time girlfriend in the gym. Since it was a pleasant meeting, she cajoled me into visiting her house. After ringing the doorbell, my friend looked at my tight curvy body in gym clothes and continued staring with a worried face.

Her husband opened the door and instead of greeting his wife, he too kept staring at my body!

My friend caught my arm and took me inside. We both walked inside her bedroom balcony. While going inside, I looked behind and saw that my friend’s husband was checking out my jiggling ass like a pervert.

My friend and I were seated at the breakfast table on the balcony. For a moment, she looked at me as though I was an anathema to her (I felt genuinely guilty). Then, she held my arm tightly and began to cry.

Me: What’s the matter, Nisha? Is it your married life? (I asked taking a guess of course).

My friend shook her head in agreement while still sobbing and trying to speak. I comforted her, and after a few minutes, she was able to talk about the problem. I listened to her problems without being captious about her condition.

Nisha: My husband has lost all interest in me. He doesn’t even bother if I am there in the house or not.

I was hoping that my friend would adumbrate her problems, but she was straight to the point. Since my acumen on dealings with men never disappoints me, I asked her.

Me: Is there a woman involved?

Nisha: It’s more like WOMEN…He has started to flirt with women in our society, in his office… in… (started crying again).

I once again had to comfort my friend. As the matter turned out to be serious, I acted with alacrity by sitting next to her, putting my arm around her shoulder and holding her hand. She responded to my care instantly by cuddling me.

The case was a common one; of that of a husband who is developing a liking for other pussies. I thought of a plan to bring my friend’s husband back on the marital track. She hesitated for a moment when she heard the plan, but I picked up the naughty glow in her eyes which was invitation enough.

Me: Alright then, now ask your college friend to come here.

I knew about my friend’s college time lover and wanted her to invite him into the house. It was then time for stage two.

We walked outside in the hall room. My friend’s husband was lying on the sofa. He got up the moment his eyes caught my sight.

Me: Nisha, I hope you don’t mind if I borrow your husband for a few hours. You see, Shambhu isn’t home, and I need someone to help me relocate a few kitchen items before the renovation starts.

Before Nisha could say something, Anand got up and spoke with excitement walking towards me.

Anand: Oh, I am quite an assiduous helper of anyone who requires my assistance. It’ll be my pleasure, Miss… may I know your name, please?

I introduced myself to Anand who was having a hard time maintaining eye contact with me. We left for my house soon and it was then time for stage three.

While Anand was driving me home, Nisha called me and I received her call on the speaker mode on purpose.

Nisha: Hey Simmy, glad you took Anand just in time. You know Mohit, right? He had called me a few days ago. I was busy then, but now I have invited him here. Just call me soon after Anand leaves your house. See ya!

My friend’s husband’s face turned serious after the call. I noticed his heavy breathing and hesitation to speak to me, so I took the liberty of adding fuel to the fire.

Me: Mohit is her college-time lover, by the way…

Anand didn’t say anything, but his condition grew worse.

Me: Oh, don’t worry! Nisha will be safe. She will not abscond with Mohit with all the cash and jewelry (chuckled).

Anand too made a desperate attempt to laugh. I saw the reason for his worries and was quite delighted to know that everything was going as planned.

After reaching home, Anand was walking behind me all the time. I often caught him adjusting his trousers to hide his erection. I stepped on the ladder and pretended to look for something in the upper cabinet. Anand was holding the ladder and enjoying a close view of my warm big round ass in tight gym clothes.

Since I was moving my hips purposely to tease him, he became aroused and began to do mischiefs. I felt my friend’s husband’s warm breath on my ass and every time he brought his nose closer, I would touch it with my booty.

The sexual intensity proved too much for that desperate man. He pulled my track pants aggressively and stuck his face on my asshole grabbing my ass cheeks! I pushed my friend’s husband’s face behind pressing my foot against his forehead.

Me: That’s not how I would like my lover to approach me. (I said teasingly.)

I walked down the ladder and pulled Anand behind me holding his collar. He placed his palms on my ass cheeks, but I slapped him gently giving him a serious look.

Anand slept on the bed when I told him to do so. I then took out bondage handcuffs from the drawer and secured his arms and legs. His jaw dropped when I stood naked on the bed removing my sports bra and track pants.

I began to tease my friend’s husband by moving my foot on his hairy chest and stomach. His heavy breathing indicated that he was in a wild state of pleasure. Even his throbbing hard cock created a bulge in his trousers.

Me: Oh! Before we proceed, let me call Nisha and tell her that her husband will be busy with me all day (smiling seductively).

Anand too responded with a naughty smile but little did he know that his excitement was soon going to turn into shook. I called Nisha and once again kept the mobile phone on speaker mode. Nisha answered the call saying, “Simmy, I am a bit busy right now..will call you back..”

I placed the phone on the table next to Anand without disconnecting the call. Anand was interrupted by his wife who was not talking to me though.

Nisha: Mohit! (talking teasingly) You said we should simply sit nude in front of each other, stop touching me then..

Mohit: I want to get your pussy wet, that’s all, baby. Come and sit on my lap..

We heard Nisha playfully resisting Mohit and then Anand got the shock of his life.

Nisha: Stop penetrating me, Mohit! I am a married woman now. I am already feeling shy sitting nude on another man’s big cock.

Mohit: In college days, you would suck it like a lollipop. Why don’t you try that again? And allow me to eat your pussy and asshole.

Again, Nisha was heard giggling and trying to resist Mohit’s naughty acts. Anand’s face went pale, but his hard cock was as straight as an arrow.

Nisha (giggling): Not inside my asshole, Mohit..

I muted the phone call and rested my naked ass cheeks on Anand’s chest. My friend’s husband was more concerned about this wife getting anal sex from her lover.

Me: It looks like both of you have got good company. Shall we begin, my ass worshipper?

Anand: Let me go! That bastard! Untie me now!

Me: Don’t shout at me! Remember, you too are cheating on your wife, so don’t get jealous.

Nisha was heard moaning, “Harder..harder Mohit! Fuck your bitch harder, yes! Just like that..Fuck my asshole..

Anand: How dare he spanks her ass like that!

He broke out crying and it was time to make him realize what a lousy husband he had been.

Me: Well, I guess you didn’t take care of your wife, so she called her former lover to do your job. Stop crying like a baby and enjoy this new kinky adventure.

I turned around and began to twerk my ass on my friend’s husband’s face. His cock began to grow hard and so did his interest in having sex with me.

Me: Worship my ass! Go on, talk about my big round booty or else I will send another man in your house.

Anand: Please bump your ass on my face, your seductive beauty! I don’t even care about my wife’s moaning. I want to kiss your perfect ass, my queen!

Me (I slapped Anand teasingly): You better call me your ‘Mistress’.

With some effort, my friend’s husband began to kiss my ass cheeks which I held high to make him earn his reward. I grabbed his hot cock and started stroking it casually to increase his pleasure.

Me: I wonder why this cock can’t satisfy your wife? Don’t lick my asshole unless you are my dog.. (chuckled).

Anand: I want to be your dog, my big booty mistress. Please let me worship this lovely fragrant asshole while my wife is getting her ass fucked by her lover.

Me: Desire, Anand. It is all about desire. If you hadn’t lost the desire in your wife, it would have been you pounding your wife now.

While Nisha was heard screaming at the top of her voice with pleasure, I was bumping my wet ass cheeks on my friend’s husband’s face while sucking his cock. I had to pull his testicles time and again as the sexual intensity was too for him.

We heard Nisha and her lover Mohit climax after a quick but hardcore session of adulterous anal sex.

Nisha: It’s been a long time since you came inside my asshole. I wish my stupid husband would do that.

Mohit: Don’t try to finish this, baby. I will fuck your pussy in round two.

As soon as Anand heard that, he ejaculated all his cock juice on my face!! I was furious because I hadn’t even started yet. But looking at his nervous excitement, I realized that he learnt his lesson.

I untied him and watched him leave my house in a hurry.

A few days later, Nisha called me to brag about her loyal husband who took great care of his beautiful wife. She told me that he sometimes called her ‘Mistress’. She asked me what I had done with him, but I didn’t tell her that part of the plan.

That’s it for today, guys. If I made your cute cocks hard and if you want to have a hot cam session and fuck me on cam, join me immediately by clicking here! 

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