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Trapped By Dominating Cousin Sister – Part 2

Hi all, this is Kumar and I am back again. I hope you enjoyed the first part of my story. Please do read the first part before reading this story.

Let me come to the story now. So, after that incident, my cousin Archana would occasionally check on me in college. She used to check whether I was wearing panties or not and I was scared to disobey her and wore panties constantly.

One fine Friday, Archana called and told me to shave off my pubic hairs and go to her house the next day. Furthermore, she also told me to inform at my home that I would be staying overnight. As she would be alone, since her parents were leaving somewhere.

I got the idea that she was up to something. And I was also in a place where I cannot decline. So I cleaned myself as she told and went to her house the next day. Surprisingly, she welcomed me with a smile and unzipped my pant as soon as I entered her house.

Then she checked my panties and my clean-shaven cock and pressed my balls slightly and gave a small peck on my cheeks saying –

Archana: That’s a good boy.

Then she told me to feel at home and started doing her chores.

After some time, the bell rang. It was my classmates Ishwarya and Dhanya and both had that stupid giggle after seeing me. My sister came and asked me to take a rest after having lunch as I will be having a long night. Saying this, she went out with my friends.

Then I woke up startled by my phone ringing and it was my cousin sister. I picked up my phone and she asked me to open the door. I was greeted by the 3 ladies and they had a small gift for me. They also had a bag with them.

My cousin sister then went to take a bath. After getting refreshed, she ordered me to take a bath and wear the gift they had brought for me. I was not surprised to see a red panty inside the gift. I took a nice bath and came out wearing red panties and a towel on my waist.

Now I was surprised to see the room set with proper lighting and my cousin sister was alone sitting on the bed. She was wearing a slip crop top and hot pants. My dick became rock-hard seeing her sexy navel.

My cousin sister slowly adjusted her hair to one side, revealing her spotless armpits. My dick started paining now due to the tight panty. Then she pointed her forefinger towards me and asked me to come near her. I followed her like an obedient boy.

Archana signalled me towards her left foot which was crossed over her right one. I got the cue and knelt before her. I kissed her left foot and started sucking her toes. Then I kissed her sole and licked them. She had smooth soles as she had maintained them.

Then I proceeded to do the same to her right foot. I slowly went up to her calves and bit her shapely calves and went up licking her smooth skin. Then I kissed her inner thighs over her hot pants and sniffed her aromatic pussy.

Before I could lick her pussy, she held my hair pulled me upward and guided me to her armpits. I licked them happily and sucked her smooth hairless armpits, which had a mix of her perfume and sweat.

Intoxicated by her smell, I slightly bit her armpit after licking thoroughly, which led her to moan! I continued my worship to her other armpit and she was impressed. She lifted me after she was satisfied and patted my head saying, I was a good boy and asked me what I wanted for a reward.

I replied that I wished to see her boobies. She told me to stand back and slowly stripped her slip straps off her sharp shoulder blades. I was waiting for my reward as the slip was hanging there covering her boobies without any support.

Then she slowly removed her slip, revealing her cute titties. That sight just mesmerized me. They were like two huge oranges with brown nipples. I couldn’t resist and took my tongue directly to her nipples only to be stopped.

Archana squeezed my balls over the red panty, making me wince in pain. Then she pushed me to her pussy, saying that I will have to earn it. Not only that, but she asked me to remove her hot pants and panty using my teeth to which I happily obliged.

My happiness knew no bounds after seeing her love peach. Then my dominating cousin pushed my head toward it and I started lapping it up like a hungry dog. She guided me to her clit. I sucked her clit and gave a small bite. In return, she slapped me hard and pushed me to her asshole!

Then I put my tongue tip through the circumference of her asshole and made her shiver. She locked my head with her thighs and started massaging her clit herself. After lapping my cousin sister’s asshole, she adjusted my mouth towards her pussy. She was near her orgasm and locked my head tightly. I put my tongue inside her pussy and started swirling it inside, making her scream and flush her juices on my face.

Once I cleaned her pussy, she pulled me up and let me feast on those milky oranges. I went wild and started mauling them and sucking them out to my heart’s content. I put my tongue tip on her nipples and flicked them, making her moan.

Then I went overboard and bit her left nipple, making her angry. Now it was my turn to face her wrath. She held my balls and squeezed them hard, making me let go of her boobies and showing who was the boss.

I rolled up on the bed wincing in pain while she got up and started fiddling her bag. Then I saw a rubber penis dangling between her thighs when she turned around. It shocked me. Archana had an evil smile on her face as she came near me and brought the rubber penis near my mouth.

I refused to open my mouth. Then she in turn pinched my nipples and made me open my mouth. Although there was no point in me sucking the rubber penis, she made me do it as she enjoyed pinching and pulling my nipples, while I was sucking the rubber penis.

Once she was content, she removed the penis from my mouth and said –

Archana: Let’s get to the fun part.

My cousin went and brought some lube from her bag, while I was laying down wondering what she was up to. She came back and asked me to get into the doggy. Although it was scary for me to do, I didn’t have choice.

Then she removed my panty gave me a hard slap on both the ass cheeks and moaned juicy while pressing my ass cheeks. She applied a large amount of lube and inserted her middle finger in my ass. I screamed my lungs out in pain.

Archana again slapped me hard on my ass and asked me to shut the fuck up. My pain slowly subsided, as she started drilling my ass with her finger. I was enjoying my ass drilling when suddenly she forced a pillow on my face.

Then she removed her finger from my asshole and started inserting two of them, stretching my asshole. The pain started to come back and I wanted to scream, only to be contained by the pillow. I could hear her enjoy drilling my tight asshole.

Archana did this for 5 minutes and soon she adjusted her fingers in my asshole. But still she was going to do more. Then she placed the rubber dick on my asshole and slapped my hole using the dick. She teased me by asking-

Archana: Do you want it, baby?

Even though stretching my asshole was a painful affair, I was on a different level of ecstasy and moaned “yes” when she asked it.

Archana then slowly started inserting her dick into my asshole. The moment the head was inside my hole I regretted my decision and started screaming in pain, only to be muffled by the pillow.

Then she started inserting the whole cock by giving slow to and fro motions. Three-fourths of the cock was inside my asshole now. She held me by my waist and pushed the last part of the cock. I could feel her soft thighs grazing my ass cheeks. But the pain was unbearable and I started crying, making the pillow wet.

Archana was in no mood to stop and started ramming my asshole like a wild beast. Then I started pushing my ass backwards as there was a mix of pain and pleasure to me now. She came forward and hugged me from the back, pressing her boobs into my back.

Even though there was no physical pleasure for her, there was so much passion in the way she fucked my asshole. Then she held my neck and kissed me hard while increasing the speed. It was as though she was reaching her orgasm.

Then she lay down exhausted and removed her rubber dick. I knelt beside her, mesmerized by her glowing and sweaty body. She pulled me towards her by holding my erected cock and started stroking it. The next few words that came out of her mouth were like honey to my ears.

Archana: You have been a good boy tonight. Now enjoy your reward.

I went berserk hearing those words from her mouth. Then I immediately positioned my cock near her pussy. My cock was already well lubricated from the precum. I spat on her pussy and smeared it all over her pussy, only to realize it was wet from all those orgasms.

Then I positioned my virgin cock on the entrance and slowly tried to push it inside while holding on to her love handles. My cock slipped and brushed all over her vagina. She started laughing at my innocence. My cock was glistening due to all the juices from her pussy.

I held my glistening cock in one hand, spread her vagina using my thumb and forefinger and started inserting my cock while guiding her with my hand. My cock’s head was inside her pussy. Then I started inserting my cock slowly inside my cousin sister’s pussy. Her pussy was engulfing my cock like a monster. I was in little pain as my foreskin got pulled since it was my first time and moaned.

Even though her pussy was not tight, it had the right amount of friction to take me to heaven. Now my whole cock was inside her pussy and she started moaning as I started stroking my cock.

Then she locked me with her legs around my back and started synchronizing to my strokes. It was a wonderful experience stroking my cock in and out of her warm vulva. I was nearing my orgasm in 5 minutes, as it was my first time.

I started increasing my speed. She sensed it and told me to pull out and not cum inside her pussy. I pulled out and blurted a huge amount of cum on her mound and belly. She collected it and licked it from her fingers.

Archana asked me to lick her pussy, as she didn’t have her orgasm yet. I started licking her juicy pussy. She pulled my head and made me lick my leftover cum on her belly and mound. Then I put a finger inside her pussy and started sucking her clit. Archana enjoyed it and was moaning.

Then I removed my fingers put my tongue inside her pussy and started swirling it. She was near her orgasm and held my head tightly and gushed out her juices on my face.

After that, I lied down tired near my hot cousin. Now that all our moaning had stopped, I could hear some giggles. I saw my friends were watching the whole show from window and this shocked me.

I’ll continue the story in the next part.

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