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Trapped By Dominating Cousin Sister

Hi all, this is Kumar from Bangalore with a story to please you all. I am sharing a story that one of my readers shared with me. Let’s start the story from his view from here on.

Life was going in its routine – college, home, ISS, and self-satisfaction. Let me give you a warning here if you are not into domination and humiliation, you can leave now.

I used to have a cousin sister who used to talk with me occasionally. Her name was Archana. She was a little chubby and fair. Her boobs were 34, and she didn’t have that much fat in her belly, but it was chubby enough. She had a fat ass complimenting her body.

One fine day, my cousin sister casually texted me and asked me what I was doing. As I was so horny that day, instead of ignoring her, I replied to her saying, “Boys stuff.”

Archana got curious and asked me what. Then I told her that I was reading stories on ISS. She then asked me what am I doing while reading these stories.

Inside my mind, I was like, “Let me try my luck” and I sent a picture of my tent! My cousin sister got more curious and asked me, “What’s inside that? Can I have a look?” My cousin was literally asking for my dick pic! Since I was also in the mood, I sent her my dick pic.

Suddenly, she started laughing. When I asked her why she was laughing, she said that my dick was too small!

Then, after a few days, I saw her in college with one of my classmates. My sister was also in the same college, but senior to me. They both were laughing as and when they saw me. I didn’t know why, and I also didn’t know that my classmate knew about this.

Her name was Ishwarya. She was also very fair, but she was fit and had a perfectly toned body. She had perfect boobs, maybe 32, and a cute and firm ass like apples.

I asked them why they were laughing and my classmate showed me her tiny finger and continued laughing. I did not understand and followed them. They led me to the parking lot which was huge.

After reaching there, I asked them again why they were laughing and without any hesitation, they asked me to remove my pant and underwear and show my dick. I was like, what the fuck!

For that, my cousin sister showed me my dick pics and told me she will put it in our class group.

I removed my pants and showed them my dick. They started laughing again and started playing with my dick. They squeezed my dick and laughed.

Cousin sister: Your dick is so small, even my nipples are larger than your dick.

Classmate: This won’t even fit in my asshole.

I somehow enjoyed their humiliation. I got aroused and my dick got erect!

Cousin sister: Oh, you are getting horny because of all this? You better don’t wear underwear from now, you wear panties hereafter.

Saying this, Archana took my underwear and went off. Before leaving, she said, “Hereafter you should do as we say.” She went off.

As I did not have any other option, I left with my pant alone with no underwear inside. I thought that they will not do anything more, but they had their evil plans already.

The next day, my cousin sister called me and asked me to go out with her. When I went to the place mentioned by her, she was there with two of my college classmate girls. One was Ishwarya and the other was Dhanya.

Dhanya was like a milf even though she was a college girl. She was like a mature woman, had massive boobs and a big ass. She must have had a chubby belly, but her dress was not showing it.

All three of them were discussing something, watching me come, and were laughing. Then they went to a lingerie shop and started buying lingerie for my size and came out. Since there were no trail rooms there, I thought everything was over. But they went to another shop which had trial rooms.

My cousin posted my classmates as guards and entered a trial room with me. She asked me to try those lingeries which she bought earlier. I first tried refusing but she insisted. Then I told her I will do it in my home, but she was not taking no for an answer.

So, I stripped my pants and was in my jockey. She was fuming the moment she saw my jockey. She stripped my jockey and crushed my balls. I hissed in response. There was a kinky pleasure in all these and I was enjoying it inside.

My cousin sister held me by my mouth and told me not to shout. She warned me by saying that she will tell everyone outside that I tried to force her. She squeezed my cock and said, “Don’t you know that you have to obey what elders say?”

She crushed my balls using her other hand. I bit my tongue but I didn’t want to stop her. I told her that I will listen to whatever she said hereafter.

Then dominating cousin sister left my cock and said, “Hope you learned your lesson, now wear your lingerie.”

I wore the panty she had brought for me. She was staring at me wearing the panty. She pressed my cock above the panty and said, “That’s a good boy” and left the room. I too left the room after wearing my pants over the panty.

All the three college girls were discussing something and laughing again. The moment I came out, the three of them stared at me and moved their eyes to my crotch area. I came to know that everyone knew now what happened inside.

We roamed the mall for some time. And the whole time, my classmates seized each and every opportunity to touch my crotch and feel the panty inside it and were laughing the whole time! I was totally embarrassed by the time we left for home.

While leaving, both my classmates hugged me and whispered, “See you soon” in my ears. I was shocked hearing them say that. It seemed as though they had their plans ready for my next visit.

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