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Unexpected Flashing Leads To Sex With Father-in-law – Part 1

Hi friends, this is a real story that happened in my girlfriend’s life. Her name is Smitha. Read the story to know how a sexual relationship took place between her father-in-law and her.

My name is Smitha. I am 33 years old with 36-30-34 stats. I work in a private company and my office timings are 9 am to 6 pm. I am fair in color and I am married. My husband works in a software company. His office timings are 3 pm – 12 am.

We stay in a 2BHK house. My husband and I stay in one bedroom and FIL and MIL in another bedroom. I love sex a lot and I never leave a chance to see any man’s penis, it can be any relationship. My husband is not good at sex, but my boyfriend is very good at sex, and we enjoy it a lot.

Now, coming to the story.

My husband’s father is 70 years old and stays at home. He wears only dhoti and banyan at home and nothing else. I have seen his penis many times. Whenever he sits on a chair, his penis would be visible. I have never made any advance toward him because I didn’t know how things may change and if he tells my husband, it will be a mess.

My MIL is always sick and sticks to her bedroom or TV in the hall.

As my office is in the morning hours, I get up at 6 am to finish cooking and get ready for the office. My husband gets up at 8 am or sometimes after I leave the office. Daily in the morning, I will be alone in the kitchen cooking and having tea in the hall as everybody will be sleeping. In the evening, I come back home at 7 pm. My FIL and MIL remain in the hall or bedroom at that time.

Then I prepare tea for myself and have it in my room, freshen up, and then start preparing dinner. When I am at home, I only wear a nighty or t-shirt and track pants without inners. Sometimes, I even go to the office without a bra with a dupatta covered. This is my routine life.

As most of the time in the morning and nighttime I am alone in the kitchen, my BF and I do video calls. I normally remain in track pants or sometimes nude or topless. He gives me challenges to roam nude in the house early morning and have tea with the only t-shirt on a balcony. I enjoy doing all these challenges.

One day it so happened that I came late from the office. My father-in-law and mother-in-law were sitting in the hall and watching TV. I greeted them and went to the bedroom to change my dress.

I don’t have the habit of closing the door because nobody comes in. Then I removed my top and was only in leggings and bra. Just then, my FIL entered to enquire why I was late. He saw me like that and I didn’t know what to do! I was also like that and didn’t try to cover. Then, I broke the ice and asked him –

Me: What happened?

Fil: You change, I will come later.

Me: It’s ok, I am fine. You can ask.

Fil: Why did you come late?

Me: I had some work in the office, so I came late.

Fil: Ok fine, next time call us and inform us when you are going to be late.

And he left.

All the time, his eyes were on my body, checking me out. I also took the chance and stood like that. My heart was pumping at full speed. Then I changed immediately, had some water, and relaxed.

At night, I prepared dinner and served them. My FIL behaved normal. I also finished my dinner and went to my room.

My father-in-law has the habit of watching TV till late at night and my MIL sleeps after dinner.

I went to my room and informed my boyfriend Varun what had happened. He was excited and told me to continue it.

BF: If he is interested, you can seduce him more.

Even I felt excited to seducing my husband’s father and I wanted to see his full nude body. The next day, I came home, as usual. I felt that somehow my father-in-law would come when I would be changing.

This time, I removed my leggings and was standing on top with a side cut. My panty was visible from the side. So, I waited for some time, but he didn’t come. So, I went to the kitchen like that, kept tea on the stove, and came to the room to change. As I was about to remove my top, my FIL came in. There was a spark in my eyes.

Me: What happened?

FIL: If you are preparing tea, then I also need one cup.

(This time, he was comfortable seeing me bottomless and didn’t move at all.)

Me: Sure, why not. Just wait here, I will get it for you.

Then I went to the kitchen like that. I prepared 2 cups of tea and came to my room. I gave one cup to him and one I kept on the table.

FIL: Thanks. Hope I am not disturbing you.

Me: No-no not at all. I was about to change my dress. (All the while, he was observing my dress and panty.)

Fil: Oh sorry. I will leave, then you can change.

Me: It’s ok, you can finish your tea and leave. I can wait.

Just then, an idea flashes in my mind. I removed my panty in front of father-in-law and kept it aside and then took the tea from the table. He saw it but didn’t react much.

I was having my tea wearing only a top and bra. My bare legs were exposed fully to him. I don’t know how I got this daring step to do, but I was enjoying it. Even my FIL was enjoying seeing my legs and he also didn’t react. No talks, only look. Then, he finished his tea and left.

I changed, prepared dinner and served them. I also finished my dinner, came to my room, and started chatting with my BF. I shared everything which happened that day with him. He was also very excited about listening to the story and advised me to do more and spend more time with him. I took all his ideas and decided to spend more time with my father-in-law, whenever he was available.

The next day was routine. Nothing much happened. The next 2 days were weekend and my husband was at home. I was like a good girl type at home.

Then came Monday. I was eagerly excited for the evening to come and show my father-in-law while changing.

I came home at 7:00 pm and went to my room to change. I removed my top and was standing only in my bra and leggings and was waiting for my FIL to come. As expected, he came and saw me like that and didn’t move at all. Then I asked if he needed anything.

He said: I need pain balm.

As his legs were paining. I knew he was making some excuse to come to my room. I also took my own time and delayed as if I was trying to search for the balm. Then I showed him my body from all sides in that bra. After that, he took the balm and left.

We finished our dinner and as per my plan this time instead of going to my room, I went to the hall to spend time with my FIL. He was alone in the hall watching TV. He was sitting on the sofa, so I sat opposite him on the floor.

I was able to see half of his penis and some part of his balls from his dhoti in this direction. We both were watching TV silently nothing was happening. So I started talking to him,

Me: What happened, you have asked for pain balm?

FIL: I had pain in my right leg, so wanted to apply.

Me: Then, did you apply the balm? How is the pain now?

FIL: No, I could not apply. I asked your MIL to apply, but her hands were paining, and could not apply.

Me: Then, you should have asked me. I would have done it for you. Ok fine, give me the balm, I will apply for you.

FIL: No-no it’s ok, I can manage.

ME: How can you manage the pain? I will do it for you.

Saying this, I took the balm and sat near his legs and started applying pain balm to his right leg. I started applying from his toe and slowly, I was moving my hands up. Then I moved his dhoti aside and most of his penis was visible.

Due to my hand’s movements, I could see that his penis was growing slowly. I was enjoying the view. I moved to the knees and was massaging his legs smoothly. He was also enjoying it. I tried to move further, but he stopped me and said –

FIL: It’s better now and thank you.

I also didn’t want to make any move, so I stopped.

What happened next, you’ll get to know in the next part.

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