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Vedayana, the Hot and Sexy Teacher – Part 2

She slowly turns around and walks towards Varun, standing with his back against the study table. Vedayana comes and stands in front of him. Varun looks at her and this time without any shame or shyness. It’s as if Vedayana mam was his personal property now. They both are looking at each other.

Varun: Wow, you look so fucking hot. But I always wanted this fucking pallu off your gorgeous breasts. Mam, show off your sexy tits.

Varun immediately removes her pallu off her shoulder and let it fall. Vedayana now stands in the black sleeveless blouse, showing her huge boobs separated from the deep valley. Her cleavage was a site that would make any cock go hard, and Varun’s cock was no different.

Her bare milky white arms, along with her sexy neck and cleavage, made her look seductively hot. Vedayana noticed the bulge in his jeans. Varun was already charged. Any normal person would. Vedayana standing with her pallu down was something a person could only dream of.

Here she was, standing willingly, allowing Varun to see her. Vedayana looked at his hard cock, creating a tent, and then looked at him.

Vedayana: So what do you want?

Varun: Not so fast, baby doll. Gosh, look at that sexy cleavage you’ve got. I can’t believe I am seeing it right in front of me. Tell me does your husband suck these juicy tits of yours?

Vedayana was silent. She stood there with her pallu down with her student talking dirty about her. But she knew that her predicament could not be avoided. Varun slowly walked and stood behind Vedayana.

He came close to her ear and whispered again, “Mam, you didn’t answer me. Does your husband suck your juicy boobs?”

Vedayna, in a slow, soft voice, “Let’s just get done with what you want from me.”

Varun: Oh, not so fast, my sexy babe. The entire school wants to see you naked, play with you, grope you, kiss you, fuck you, and you want me to get done quickly. Hell no. Tonight I am going to play with you. You are going to lie naked on my bed while I lick every inch of your body.

Varun: You have no idea how many nights I have masturbated thinking about your sexy body. I used to envy your husband thinking that bastard gets to strip you naked. But tonight, I will make you my dirty whore, Mam.

Vedayana tried to turn and face Varun, but he pushed her towards the wall.

Varun: Ah, just stand there. Let me check if you have any harmful weapons on you.

Vedayana: Of course, I don’t have.

Varun placed his hands on her naked waist and said, “Well, then let me frisk your body, my baby doll.” He hit his legs on her legs, making her spread her legs.

He slowly moved his hands, upholding her soft arms and raising them above her head. Vedayana was now facing the wall with her legs spread and arms raised above her head.

Varun whispers, “Let’s feel your body for any weapons you may have got. To be honest, I don’t mind soft spongy weapons on you that will make me hard.” He starts laughing, “Oh, I can’t believe I get to frisk the sexiest teacher in the school.”

Varun brings his hand down onto her waist and gives a soft squeeze. “Oh, sexy curve. Gosh, not enough fat but enough to hold you and drill you the whole night.”

Hearing Varun talk dirty made Vedayana feel weird, but she just went along. He slowly moves his hand down and bends down to feel her leg. He sees that she is wearing high heels.

Varun: Oh Mam, no need to stress your legs by standing on heels. Anyways I will be making you naked. Why the hell do you need these heels?

He lifts her legs and takes off the heels, and throws them. He then comes close, pulls her left leg back, and puts her left foot on his hard bulge over his jeans. Vedayana gets imbalanced. Varun immediately puts his hand on her ass cheek over her saree and holds her.

This was the first time he held her ass, and he felt the soft sexy round ass. As soon as he feels her ass, Varun lets out a moan. “Oh, Vedayana, you sexy babe, can’t believe how soft your ass is.”

Varun was feeling her ass over her chiffon saree. The silky texture of the saree was making this ass grab even more sexy for him. Vedayana was yet to realize that Varun had just squeezed her ass when she felt her left feel moving over something hard.

She turned and saw Varun holding her left foot and moving it over his jeans to make Vedayana feel his hard cock. Vedayana tried to remove her foot, but Varun was strong and didn’t let her move it.

Varun: Oh, come on, Mam. I got to feel your sexy ass. I won’t let you miss out on any fun. Here feel how hard I am for you, my babe.

Varun forces her feet to rub against his crotch. It was as if someone was rubbing your cock with her hand, but in this case, it was just her feet. This was the first time a part of Vedayana was feeling his cock, which made Varun even harder. He rubbed it harder and then let her foot down.

Varun came closer. “How did you like it? Bigger than your husband? Don’t worry, babe, you will get to feel my cock when I let your soft juicy lips suck it.”

Varun goes down again. This time he feels her left leg over her saree. Varun just slowly rubbed his hand up and down, feeling her leg. He slowly inserts his hand underneath her petticoat and puts it in on Vedayana’s naked left leg.

The touch of his hand immediately sends a current down her body. She tries to move, but Varun holds her leg from moving.

Varun: No, you can’t move, my darling. It’s just a routine check.

As Varun moves his hand up her naked leg, he feels her soft silky skin. Vedayana was quiet as Varun felt the silky smooth leg and slowly moved his hand. He had never felt soft silky legs before, and his cock had already started to feel the rush of blood.

He slowly raised his hand he got to the sensual thunder thighs of Vedayana. Soft, tender and fleshy made him mad, and he started pressing it hard. Vedayna let out a moan and asked, “Varun, please stop, don’t do it.” Varun had reached the part of her body that tempted Varun and was sensitive for Vedayana.

Varun’s touch was making her feel something between her legs. Varun was very close to reaching her ass, and he caressed her soft juicy thighs. He slowly stands up with both his hand inserted inside her saree and petticoat and places it on her ass, and squeezes them.

Vedayana, though she felt embarrassed by being fondled by her student, couldn’t stop moaning. Her soft, slow moans turned on Varun even more. He immediately started crushing her soft sexy ass with his hands. It was the softest, sexiest thing he had ever felt, and he was mauling them.

Vedayana: Varun, please let me go now. You have touched me now.

Varun comes close from behind and whispers near her ear, “You, my sexy lady, cannot be just left by feeling your hot body. I will slowly undress you and make you do everything I have desired since the day I saw you.

Vedayana: I am a married woman and mother too. Please don’t ruin me.

Varun: Not ruin, baby, but make love to you tonight. You will have my love juice in you tomorrow morning, seeping through your love holes. And trust me, baby, you will get to drink lots of it.

Before Vedayana could say something, Varun moves his hand in front, inserts it in her panty, and places it right on her clean-shaved pussy. The touch of his hands on her pussy ran a shiver through her body. Vedayana let go of her body and let her head fall on Varun’s shoulder for the first time.

Varun slowly parted her pussy lips and gave a slow rub. As his fingers slid between her soft pink pussy lips, he felt the heat oozing out of her pussy. Meanwhile, Vedayana was on him with her head on his shoulder. Varun moved his lips towards her neck and kissed her, slowly pulling her pussy lips.

Vedayana moaned in a slow seductive voice, and hearing her moan, Varun gave a soft bite on her neck. Vedayana was one of those sexy women you see and feel like pushing on the bed, holding her hands and just rubbing your lips all over her neck and kissing, licking and giving soft bites.

When women like her moan, you can hardly control yourself, and you end up feeling her sexy body even more. Varun was no different. With his right hand playing with her pussy lips, he raised his left hand and placed it under her left breast.

Vedayana had big boobs. Tight but soft. He tried to push his left hand above against her left boob. He could not only feel the heaviness of her boob, but he also realized how soft it was. Each time he pushed his knuckles up, her boob pushed down.

The force of her soft boob pushing against his hand made his cock rock hard. He always wanted to grab her boobs and crush them. But he realized before that he wanted to feel the lower part of the boob and enjoy the soft pillowy dough.

Each time he pushes knuckles with more force, making Vedayana’s breast move up even more. Vedayana, with her breast and pussy caressed, moaned even louder.

Both Varun and Vedayana were dressed, but both had their sexual hormones running at peak. Vedayana was leaking, and Varun was enjoying every moment while seducing her. Vedayana had come to get her son free but ended up allowing her sexy body to be used by her student.

She knew each moment her pussy was rubbed and boobs caressed, her son had more chance of being out of jail. Her hot body was satisfying the lust of a boy who had fantasized each night of fucking her like crazy. But now, when Varun had her, he was taking it slow and wanted to play with her.

With Vedayana now moaning a lot, Varun slowly placed his left hand on her big soft breast and caressed it hard. Her moans filled the room, and Varun was squeezing them real hard.

Vedayana: Softly Varun, please.

Varun: Shut up bitch. I know you like it, so don’t act as if you don’t. Your pussy is leaking.

Immediately Varun inserted his hand through her blouse and bra and grabbed her naked boob. For the first time, he felt Vedayana’s milky white soft boob. It’s as if he had fulfilled a dream that Varun was squeezing her boob like mad.

Vedayana moaned as if her hidden desires were being fulfilled. Varun had gone crazy feeling the soft silky breast.

To be continued.

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