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Vedayana, the Hot and Sexy Teacher – Part 3

Varun squeezed Vedayana’s soft boob hard, she moaned, and Varun’s cock grew bigger.

Vedayana, in a soft nervous voice: Varun, please let me go now, don’t do this with me.

Varun: Where do you want to go? To your husband and ask him to fuck your wet pussy. Or push you against the wall and drill that sexy ass? Or go and unzip, take his sweaty cock, and suck it till he cums in you? Well, don’t worry, babe, we will do everything tonight.

Varun was horny like hell, and her nervous requests made him want to feel her breasts even more. He held her perky nipple between his fingers and pinched it hard. The room was filled with her Oohs and Aahs, and Varun played with her sexy body.

The touch of her soft nipple made Varun crazy. He kept twitching, rubbing and pinching her nipples hard using his two fingers. Vedayana’s slow moan was a catalyst for him, and Varun kept playing with her spongy tits.

Varun: You know what’s the best thing about you? Though you are asking me to leave you, not once have you physically tried to stop me. Not that you would be able to. But the fact you aren’t trying tells me the slut in you loves to flaunt her cleavage.

Varun: Every day in school, everyone enjoys your big soft tits jiggling in your blouse. Tell me, am I right or not. I have seen so many times in school when you bend to pick up something, your pallu falls, exposing your cleavage. But you rarely get up quickly or pick up your pallu.

Varun: You know very well that even the school cleaner/guard is watching you. Tell me you feel good making others hard. Do you fantasize about them when your husband fucks you? Are you those who have a fetish for low-class men to fuck you? Tell me, you slut.

Vedayana was quiet, and Varun took her silence as the green light to move ahead. Varun enjoyed her soft silky body, squeezing them as much as possible. But now, he wanted to see her naked. He immediately took out his hand out of her blouse and left her. He went and sat on the bed.

Vedayana turned around slowly. Standing with her pallu down and her sleeveless low neck blouse, barely able to hold her big milky boobs. There were drops of sweat on her cleavage, making her even more slutty and hot.

Varun: Look at you, sweaty and sexy. Why don’t you take off your saree for me?

Vedayana: Varun, please don’t make me do this.

Varun: Come on, you have your blouse and petticoat. You don’t need that. Come on now, don’t make me take it off your body.

Vedayana slowly started to pull it off her body, and within moments she let the saree fall off her body completely. As she stood there in her petticoat, her flat abs with sexy navel were displayed.

Varun checked out her body, and Vedayana knew how horny he was. Her sexy figure was evident now as she stood in that sleeveless low cut blouse and petticoat.

Varun: Do you drink, Mam?

Vedayana was quiet and didn’t respond.

Varun: Come on, there is no point staying quiet. Tell me, what do you like to drink?

Vedayana : (Softly) Vodka and Rum.

Varun: Oh, the slut drinks Vodka and Rum. Why don’t you go down and make two drinks for us and bring it up?

Vedayana: What? Varun, no. I don’t want to drink.

Varun: You know, babe, you have to loosen up. The night is young, and you are still almost clothed. So go down and get us drinks.

Vedayana: Varun, your dad is down there. I can’t go in like this in front of him.

Varun: Oh, come on, he won’t mind. Moreover, even he should know that his son has grown up, big enough to have a drink with his sexy teacher.

Vedayana slowly started going down, and as she went down, she could hear someone talking over the phone.

Mr. Malhotra: Arrey, pata nahin kya kar rahi hai woh Varun ke room mein. (I don’t know what she is doing in Varun’s Room.)

The moment Mr. Malhotra saw Vedayana, he hung up. He was shocked to see his son’s teacher wearing the low-cut sleeveless blouse and a petticoat that was so low that it hung just on the hip bone, showing her sexy navel.

Vedayana: (In a soft voice) Excuse me, but I need two glasses of Vodka.

Mr. Malhotra was busy estimating the size of her tits and didn’t hear her. She repeated herself louder this time.

Mr. Malhotra: Oh, ok, Madam. Don’t worry, I will make it for both of us, and we can sit and have.

Vedayana: Actually, it’s for Varun and me.

Mr. Malhotra was surprised.

Mr. Malhotra thinking: Oh Behnchod, yeh launda kar kya raha hai? Sala yeh Varun toh avval darje ka harami nikla Khair beta toh mera hi hai. Sala main socha saali maal mera saath daru piyegi, thoda iske naram kamar par haath sehlayenge. Hai upar se neeche tak jawani ke rass mein doobi hui hai.

(What the fuck is this boy doing? This Varun is a number one bastard. Anyways he is my son. I thought the sexy lady would drink with me, and I would feel her soft waist. Uff, she is a fucking sex bomb.)

Mr. Malhotra: Ok fine Mam. Please make the drinks from the bar and go. Also, take the bottle, just in case you may need it.

His eyes were constantly on her boobs. As she turned towards the bar, he checked out her ass—soft, round and perfect shape. Vedayana made the drinks and took the bottle, and started to go up. Meanwhile, Mr. Malhotra took out his phone and messaged Varun.

Mr. Malhotra: Don’t forget I pay for everything you do. Goodnight!

What were Varun and his father up to? Find out in the next part and also enjoy my other stories here.

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