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Vedayana, the Hot and Sexy Teacher

This story is about how a teacher ends up in a situation that makes her reputation less than reputable. I am Vedayana, and 42 years old teacher in one of the topmost colleges in the country. I teach English in junior college. And my son studies in the same college. This story happened a year back.

In the college during a break:

Varun: Shit yaar, Vedayana mam is a hot sexy cunt. Dude, just look at her. She’s dressed like a fucking hot model.

Sahil: Dude, she makes my cock so fucking hard. I can’t believe she is wearing such a tight white shirt. It’s showing her big round soft tits and that short black skirt. Oh, I want to grab that ass and squeeze it so hard. I bet it’s super soft.

Varun: What her ass or those massive tits?

Sahil: Her ass! Those fucking round ass!

Varun: Well, she has a milky white body with silky smooth skin. I think her ass is soft like fuck. But I am certain those massive tits are so soft that you just want to squeeze and suck them the whole day!

Sahil: Wait, how are you so certain?

Varun: Well, I got something hot. Check this.

Varun gave his iPhone to Sahil. Sahil was shocked at what Varun had recorded. It was Vedayana mam in a tight sleeveless blouse with a deep cut bending down to pick up her files that had fallen.

As she bent down, her pallu fell, showing the deep milky cleavage between those two soft boobs. As she had bent and the blouse was so tight that it had created a perfectly round shape falling due to gravity. Between those soft sexy tits was her gold mangalsutra dangling.

While all this, her sexy soft straight hair had fallen onto her face. Vedayana mam moved her sexy black hair with brown streaks to the right side of her neck, giving a perfect view of her sexy neck flowing down to her boobs. Finally, she got up, pulled her pallu up, and walked away.

Sahil: Fuck dude, how did you get this?

Varun: Bro, just enjoy, haha.

Sahil: Fuck man, I wonder how her husband would be drilling that hot body.

The break ended, and both went to the class. A few days later, Varun and Sahil talked near the basketball court when someone shouted, “Hey you bastard, give me your phone.”

Varun: Who the fuck are you?

Ajay: You son of a bitch, you record my mother and show it to everyone.

Varun: Wait, are you Vedayana’s son?

Ajay: Just give me that damn phone. Let me delete that video.

Varun: Are you an idiot? I will let you delete the hottest video I have of that sexy babe, and you want me to let you delete it?

Ajay: I am telling you for the last time.

Varun comes close to Ajay.

Varun: Look, you piece of shit. Each night I take my dick out, rub it on your mom’s tits and cum till I unload myself. Why don’t you ask your sexy mom to suck my cock, and then perhaps I will delete this video.

Varun and Sahil started laughing after saying this. They didn’t realize that Ajay had lost his cool. Ajay immediately kicked Varun in his crotch. Varun fell holding his penis, and Ajay started kicking him.

Immediately others came to see what had happened, and the Guard had also come. He immediately took Ajay to the Principal’s office, and Sahil carried Varun away with him.

A few days passed, and Vedayana was finally called to the Principal’s office.

Principal: Vedayana, please come in.

Vedayana: Thank you, Sir.

Principal: Vedayana, I am afraid Ajay will be suspended till further notice.

Vedayana: But Sir, you know what Varun did.

Principal: I know, but Ajay should have come and told me. He should not have hit him so bad. I am afraid Varun’s dad will be filing a police case also.

Vedayana: What? Sir, Ajay is just a boy.

Principal: Vedayana, I tried to explain him, but he was very adamant. I would suggest you speak to him and try to resolve this issue. I am sorry.

Vedayana talked to Mr. Malhotra (Varun’s father). He invited her over to his house. Vedayana reached the Malhotra Kothi (A huge bungalow). Mr. Malhotra was big business with political and police connections.

Security guard: Yes Madam

Vedayana: I have come to meet Mr. Malhotra.

Security Guard: Please go in. He is waiting.

As Vedayana entered the Kothi, she was shocked to see such a huge house. As she entered, there was a huge hall with a bar counter. Mr. Malhotra was sitting on the bar counter having a drink and reading a newspaper. As soon as she saw Vedayana, he got off the chair and checked her out.

Vedayana saw him looking at her from top to bottom. Vedayana wore a light red chiffon saree tightly wrapped around her body and a sleeveless and backless black blouse. The blouse was a modern one. It was shaped like a bra, which means just wrapped around the boobs, showing deep cleavage.

Vedayana mam had perfect-shaped boobs, and it looked amazing in that blouse. Vedayana noticed him checking her out, but she didn’t say anything. She was, as usual, the confident, sexy woman.

Vedayana: Hi, I am Vedayana.

Mr. Malhotra: Hi I am Viren Malhotra, Varun’s dad.

He shook her hand and asked her to sit.

Mr. Malhotra: Would you like anything to drink?

Vedayana: Umm, no thanks.

Mr. Malhotra: Tell me how I can help you.

Vedayana: Well, I wanted to check if you can drop the idea of filing a police case.

Mr. Malhotra: Your son hit Varun very badly. I think he deserves it.

Vedayana: Well, you know what your son did. So is it a surprise why Ajay hit Varun?

Mr. Malhotra: Hmm, I know. But I will let Varun decide. If he is fine to let it go, I am ok to drop. Do you want to go up to his room and talk to him?

Vedayana: Yeah, that’s fine. I can speak to him.

Vedayana goes up to his room and opens the door. Varun was listening to music. As soon as Varun saw her entering, he stood up.

Varun: Mam, what are you doing here.

Vedayana: I came to speak to your dad to see if we can settle the matter without filing a police case. He said to talk to you. So here I am.

Varun: So you want me to let it go.

Vedayana: Well, yes. There is no point in dragging all this. What is done is done.

While both were talking, Varun was checking out Vedayana mam. She noticed but didn’t react.

Varun: So, are you mad at me for the video I have on my phone.

Vedayana: Well, let’s not talk about it. I am here to make sure that there is no police case.

Varun: No, but are you angry at me?

Vedayana: Varun, I am just here to end this.

Varun: End this? That fucker kicked me in the penis and then hit me too. And you want me to forget.

Vedayana: You know it was an impulsive reaction from him. So yes, let’s get over it.

Varun: What do I get in return?

Vedayana: Oh, what is it you are looking for in return.

Vedayana looked at Varun, looking at her body from top to bottom, especially around her boobs.

Varun: Well, something to make me happy.

Vedayana: Well, I will give you good grades on your English paper. Happy?

Varun: Lol, grades. Really! You can give me whatever grades based on my answers. Something else.

Vedayana: What do you want?

Varun goes close to Vedayana mam

Varun: Mam, why don’t you check if everything is fine where Ajay hit me.

Vedayana: Excuse me? What?

Varun: You heard me. Why don’t you check if everything is fine where Ajay hit me.

Vedayana: Varun Shut up. I am your teacher, so behave yourself.

Varun comes very close to Vedayana and stands in front of her.

Varun: Just once, take your soft hands to feel me there. Slowly just move your hands caressing my balls and penis.

Vedayana: Are you out of your mind? Do you want to get suspended?

Varun: Haha, really Mam. You come here to make sure your son is not sent to juvenile jail and then threaten me with suspension.

Vedayana: Varun, stop with this nonsense. I am leaving now.

Varun: If you leave now, Ajay will be taken by police by tomorrow evening. Do you want him to be in jail?

Vedayana: Look what you are asking me to do in insane. I am a married woman.

Varun: And that is what makes you fucking sexy.

Varun slowly walks past Vedayana and stands behind her. It comes close to her ear and whispers, “Trust me, you are one fucking sexy bitch. My balls are swollen. Why don’t you just caress them with those soft sexy fingers?”

Varun comes and stands against the study table, looking at Vedayana. Vedayana has a worried look on her face. She just pleads with him.

Varun: Mam, if you are not going to, please leave.

Vedayana turns around and starts walking towards the door.

Varun: Fine, your loss. Ajay will have a great time in jail.

All of a sudden, Vedayana closes the door.

To be continued.

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