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My Mom’s Extramarital Affairs (With Her Gym Trainer)

Hi guys, I am Lakshmi, coming from a small family consisting of myself and my parents. My dad works in the UK, and my mom is a housewife. His name is Shanker, and her name is Ambika (Ammu).

She is a fitness freak and spends a lot of her time in the gym and spa. This was evident in her physique. Unlike usual Indian housewives, she has a well-toned body and a flat belly.

She was very fair and had all features to make any man crave to get her on his bed. I had often seen men ogling at her and trying to get her attention when we went shopping. I could not get so much attention even at my age.

I was even jealous of her physique that many thought of my mom as my elder sister when we went out together. She used to wear modern dresses, and they suited her nicely.

My mom was 40 years old when this happened. This incident transformed my outlook on my mom. I thought her to be a traditional woman who considered extramarital affairs taboo. But it was not so.

She was also waiting for a chance to quench her hunger for sex. My dad comes only once a year for a 1-month vacation.

My mom spends most of her time in the gym in the mornings after I go to college. It is ladies’ exclusive time in the gym from 10 am to 3 pm. So, she goes during this time and does all the workouts and steam-bath.

One day, when I reached college, I realized that one of the faculty in our college had passed away, and it was declared a holiday for students. I headed back home and entered home with my spare key. As expected, my mom was not there, and I knew that she would have gone to the gym.

Then I went to my room upstairs and worked on my assignments to be submitted later that week. By 11.30 am, I heard the sound of my mom’s car entering our compound. I could see it through the window in my room.

But to my surprise, she was not alone. Someone was accompanying her in the front seat. It was not clear who it was. I waited for him to get out of the car so that I could see who it was. To my surprise, it was Imran, her fitness trainer.

Until then, I did not doubt her. But when I saw her bringing him home, I had a suspicion. Even though this was the first time I saw him, I had already heard a lot about him through her. She used to show his photos on Facebook and told me that he was her trainer.

He was also working as a model, and she used to show me his photos. Once on her mobile, I saw his pic in only underwear. When I asked her about it, she told me it was his new ad project for an underwear company. I doubted whether this was true but didn’t question her.

He was in his late 20s with more than 6 feet. He had a well-built body, evident from his broad chest and shoulder. He was not very fair but looked handsome. My mom was wearing her gym wear with a black jacket and black yoga pants. She opened the door and entered the hall, and he, too, followed her.

She was unaware that I had returned from college and watched them from the top floor. I hid behind a huge flower vase kept there and could watch them clearly without noticing me. As soon as he entered, she closed the main door and locked it.

He then sat on the couch, and she smiled at him and went to the kitchen and brought him a glass of juice. He then took the glass from her hands and pulled her, and made her sit on his lap. “You naughty, why are you in such a hurry. We have a lot of time for us to enjoy to the fullest,” she said.

I was shocked to see my mom sitting in his lap without any objection. He then kept the juice aside and kissed her on the back of her neck. She was happy in his arms and enjoyed all that he was doing. He then started to move his hands all over her body, pressing her boobs over her jacket.

He slowly then turned her face towards him and started to lip kiss her. She responded to his kiss by opening her mouth and allowing his tongue to enter her mouth. He meanwhile was pressing her boobs and slowly unzipping her jacket that she wore.

She then removed it and threw it into a corner of the room. She was now standing in front of him wearing just a pink Nike sports bra on top. The bra was looking perfect fit on her ample bosom. He then held her hand, made her lie on the couch, and started kissing her.

She was lying on the couch with her eyes closed while he was kissing every inch of her body. He then slowly lifted her bra, exposed her 36 sized boobs and started to suck it. She was enjoying what he was doing and moaning on his every sucking.

He started to suck one nipple while pressing the other boob. He was also biting her nipples in between, for which she responded with a hissing sound.

She was in such pleasure that she started to let out moans. She then told him, “Please wait, dear, I am all sweaty after my workouts. I will get fresh and come. You have juice, and wait here.”

He had a naughty smile on his face. He was in no mood to leave her and said, “It is ok dear, I know a place in your body which can give me more tasty juice than this. I am longing to taste that. I want to be with you now, and we both can get fresh later together.”

She then hugged him hearing this, lifted his t-shirt and threw it aside. His well-built body was on full display, and I was amazed to see such a strong man. He had a six-pack body of a model and had only a few hairs on his chest. “You look handsome like this. You have such a wonderful body,” she said.

He smiled hearing this and removed her bra also. Both of them were now topless and kissing each other madly. He was kissing her on her flat belly and licking around her navel. He was licking inside her navel while moving restlessly due to pleasure.

Her body was shining because of his saliva, and he was licking every inch of her lovely body. He then lifted her hands and started to lick her cleanly shaven armpit. She was enjoying it and, in the meantime, smiling due to the tickling sensation.

She said, “You naughty, it is not clean as I am coming from a workout.” He said, “You are so addictive dear, the smell of your sweat is driving me crazy.” She was very happy to hear this, and she then gave him a long lip kiss.

This smooch lasted much longer while her hands ran on his back. She then got on top of him and started to kiss his body. She was now was kissing and licking his body. She, too, was playing with his nipples biting and sucking them. He was enjoying it with closed eyes.

She was slowly moving down and licking inside his navel. I feel. She slowly put her hands into his track pants and touched his cock. She then removed the knot of his track pants and pulled down his track pants. He, too, lifted his butt for her, and she removed it completely.

He was now wearing only small blue underwear, which could barely cover his throbbing cock. His cock had formed a huge tent in his underwear and was waiting to come out of it. She was happy to see it, which was evident from the sexy smile on her face.

She then put her hands into his underwear and took out his cock. It looked as if she was amazed at that sight. It was a huge penis of at least 7 inches and good width. The site of such a large penis was giving me also some itchy sensation in my pussy.

She even said, “Wow, you have such a large cock. I have no idea how I am going to take that into me.” I now understood that this was their first meeting. She then told him, “Come, let us go to the bedroom. It will be more comfortable there.” They both stood up from the couch.

She held his erect cock in her hands and walked in front as if holding the hand of a kid. He was laughing and walking behind her to the master bedroom. I thought the show was over for me and cursed my ill fate as they decided to move into the room.

But to my luck, she just entered inside and did not even bother to lock the door. She thought she was alone at home. I then tiptoed down from the top floor and sat in a position near the door to see what was happening inside clearly. She then made him lie on the bed and switched on the AC.

She then removed his underwear and threw it away. She then started to stroke his dick in her hands. Her hands could barely hold his erect tool as it had good girth. She then looked at it and told him, “I am seeing such a large dick for the first time, and that too a circumcised dick.”

She then held the cock in her hands and started to suck the tip of his cock, which had already released pre-cum due to her stroking. She sucked it clean and slowly started to take his cock into her mouth. He was also enjoying every moment of her sucking as he lay on the bed with eyes closed.

She was sucking it deeply, and she kept on taking it deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was stroking and sucking it at the same time. She looked like a pro in this skill and had a good experience.

He was saying, “Yes Ammu, like that, don’t stop, keep sucking, yes. You are too good at this. The best cocksucker I have been with.” She was sucking it without any hesitation. She even gagged one or two times when she tried to deep throat it. Still, she did not stop doing it for another 5 or 10 minutes.

He was also thrusting into her mouth as if he was mouth fucking her. He then told her to stop for now or else he would cum in her mouth. He then made her lie on the bed and pulled down her black yoga pants from her waist. He removed it fully down, and her milky white thighs were exposed.

She was now wearing just a small pink panty. He then started to kiss her toes and suck the fingers of her legs. “You are so horny, darling,” she said. He then came up kissing and started to kiss her inner thighs.

She liked it, and it was evident from her facial expressions. He then spread her legs wide and came near her panty, and started to kiss her pussy on top of her panty. He started to put his nose and lips near the pussy and started to play there.

He was teasing her, and she was enjoying every bit of it. She was moaning in between when he played with his fingers there. He was circling his fingers near her pussy and asked her, “Your pussy seem to be drenched now, dear. What happened?”

She smiled at this and said, “Please don’t tease me like this. I can’t take this teasing anymore. I want you inside me.” Saying this, she removed her panty and threw it away. Now both of them were stark naked, and she was lying on bed under him.

Now her clean-shaven pussy came to his view. It was very clean with no tufts of hair seen. I was shocked to see my modest mom waiting with her legs spread to get her pussy drilled. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. The sight of her pussy made him crazy, and he started to suck her pussy.

He slowly started to suck each lip of her pussy. She was moaning in pleasure. “Oh, Imraan. It feels so good. Please don’t stop. Keep sucking, baby.”

She was pushing his head into her pussy and making him suck her longer and deeper. She had kept her legs crossed over his head, and he was sucking it thoroughly. He took each of her pussy lips and chewed and played with it separately while stimulating her clitoris with his index finger.

They both looked really hot as they were well built and looked like porn actors. He also spread her pussy lips. He was inserting his tongue in and out of her pussy as if he was fucking her with his tongue. She was moaning. Her breathing had started to gain abnormal speed seen from her chest movements.

She then said, “Oh, baby, I am cumming, I am cumming, please don’t stop. It feels so good. You are my man,” she was moaning in pleasure. I understood that she had an orgasm. “Wow, this was the juice that I was talking about earlier. It tastes yummy, and I feel like tasting it all day;” Imran said

She then said, “Please, darling, don’t keep me waiting anymore. Please put it into me and show me real pleasure. I can’t stand any longer.” Hearing this, he smiled and asked her teasingly, “What do you want me to do? Tell Ammu. It stimulates me more when women say something like this.”

She acted shy and told him hesitantly, “Please, dear, continue to enjoy my body.” He then said it was not enough and asked her to tell clearly.

She then said, “Please Imran, fuck me, fuck me hard with your large cock. My pussy is aching to get it. You can’t imagine the pleasure your tongue has taken me today. I want to feel your meat inside my wet pussy.”

I was amazed to see her ask a man to fuck her hard on the bed she is supposed to share with my dad. He then said he wanted to hear that and asked her to widen her legs. She then spread apart her legs. I could see that her pussy was shining due to his saliva and her juices.

He then positioned himself between her legs and started to push his cock into her wet sloppy pussy. She was moaning heavily as he was piercing into her. He was slowly entering his 7-inch long circumcised cock into her. In a single thrust, the entire crown part of his cock went inside her pussy.

She gasped a breath and shouted, “Oh, dear, it is too big for me. I don’t think I can take it in. I feel it is tearing me apart. It is paining baby, or else please use some lubes that are kept in that shelf pointing towards the shelf.”

He went towards the shelf, took a gel, and applied it to her pussy. He also applied it to his cock and started to push it into her. It was more comfortable for her now, and she enjoyed the pleasure more. Within the first few strokes, he entered completely inside her pussy.

“Wow, Ammu. Your pussy is too tight for a married woman. It seems like it has not been used properly. Don’t worry, Ammu, from now on. I will take proper care of your needs,” he said.

“Oh, God. That is true dear, my pussy was not used by anyone for the past few years. My husband is not much interested in sex, and I bought this lube when we planned our meeting as I imagined such a situation might arise,” she replied.

He told “You won’t require this anymore after our few more meetings,” and started to fuck her. His paces slowly increased, and her moaning got louder on his every thrust. She enjoyed to the maximum, thinking they were alone and need not worry about anyone.

His fucking started to increase speed and kept pumping in and out of her pussy. She was also enjoying now. There were no strains of pain on her face but only signs of pleasure. He was fucking her harder, and she was hugging him tight close to her body.

The sight of his erect cock ramming her pussy made my pussy leak. I knew I was leaking underneath. “Oh, my God, Please don’t stop, keep going. I never knew a man could make me feel so good. You are showing me real pleasure that I have never experienced in my whole life.”

The sound of his balls hitting her pussy was audible even for me, who was peeping from outside. He kept on fucking, and she let out another huge moan saying, “I am cumming, baby, please don’t stop. I am all yours,” she blabbered.

He then took out his cock and asked her to suck it clean. She was ecstatic that, without any objection, she started to give another blowjob. She was tasting her juices from his cock. She then sucked his cock clean for another 5 minutes. He made her stand in a doggy position and started to pump her pussy from behind.

He was fucking her pussy while his hands were fondling her boobies. I slowly slid my hand into my panty and started to stimulate myself. It was feeling so good that I never felt so horny.

He then suddenly stopped fucking, got on the bed, and asked her to get on top of his cock. She then came on top and slowly adjusted her position to fit his erect pole into her pussy. He started to ride on his cock. She was moaning and still moving in a steady manner.

She was tired by now, and her speeds started to decrease. Seeing this, he made her lie on the bed and fired her base with his tool. Both of them were sweating even in that AC room. I could see drops of sweat rolling from his forehead to her face while he was fucking from top.

She enjoyed lying under him, and he was also fucking her hard. Within a few minutes, he made a grunting sound and shouted, “Ammu, I am about to cum,” and she told, “Yes, Imran, cum inside me and fill me with your cum.”

Within the next few strokes, he released his entire load into her pussy and lied on the side of her. She was also looking so happy and content after sex with him. She slowly turned to lay on his chest with her boobs resting on his body.

She was leaking his juices from her pussy, and the bedsheet had a stain of the cum that overflowed from her pussy. Both of them were gasping for breaths, and she started to speak with him once she gained her breaths.

“Wow, Imran. I am amazed at your stamina. How did you fuck me so long? This was the most intense sexual encounter in my life. My husband would be lying on my chest within minutes after starting to fuck me. Now I know how a real man can satisfy his woman,” and kissed him on his lips.

By now, it was 1.30 pm. Then she lay on the bed, hugging him and took her phone. She asked him what he wanted for lunch to order it through Swiggy. They then ordered some food, and she slowly got up from his chest, saying, “I will go fresh up and come.”

He, too, then got up and followed her to the bathroom, saying, “We can get fresh together.” Both of them were naked. She went into the bathroom and filled the tub with hot water. She then entered first, and he followed her into it. He sat in one corner, and she started to apply soap and wash his body.

He played with his cock while soaping her boobs and pussy with soap. They were cleaning each other’s body, and his cock was already erect again by now. I lost the count of orgasms I got today, fingering and seeing them in action.

I slowly went back to my room, took my college bag, and came down. I then came out through the main door and decided to make an entry now as if I was coming home from college. I then went out and rang the doorbell.

What happened after that will be explained in my next part. My next part will be based on the response that I am receiving for this narration.

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