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Kinky BDSM With Lousy Hubby And Horny Thug

Hey lusty guys, if a sexy lady wanted you to bang her pussy behind two parked cars in the middle of the night near a pub, then would you fuck her hard or make an excuse?

My husband once got such an opportunity, but he refused to pull out his penis because he wanted to take a piss very badly! At least that was the bloody excuse he gave me.

My husband and I had gone to a local pub with our friends on a Friday night. I’ll tell you what provocative cock and pussy game I had in the pub in my next story.

Now, let me tell you what took place when I came out of the pub.

My husband Shambhu and I were walking on the pavement. I was feeling horny and the sight of the two parked cars in a discreet corner of the parking line had turned me on. Since I was walking with a cock (my hubby!), I began to grind my ass on it to turn him on.

“Why can’t you fuck your hot wife right here if she wants it badly? You’re such an asshole!”, I shouted with frustration at my lousy husband Shambhu. My shy husband didn’t have the balls to enjoy quick sex with me behind the privacy of the cars!

Shambhu: I need to go to the washroom. Besides, this place isn’t private enough. Anybody can walk in on us!

Me: Masturbate in the washroom while you are at it because I’m not having sex after reaching home! Now, get lost!

Shambhu walked inside the pub with all the grace of a loser. While I was thinking about whether to go to my lover or go home, I heard two men arguing in a low voice in the nearby lane. I sneakily looked standing against the wall and saw two thugs fighting over their small loot.

The thug facing me caught me sneakily looking at them! He let go of his hand from the small wallet and rushed toward me. I didn’t hesitate since he was quite lean and didn’t look harmful. He took my hand and pulled me inside the lane.

Thug: Come here, bitch! I’ll show you what happens when you mess with me. (Looking at the other guy) You! Get lost with that wallet…Now, I will enjoy this tasty looking loot of mine.

The other thug (who was a little overweight) didn’t move an inch and began to check out my figure in awe. He handed the wallet to his partner who refused to accept it.

Another thug: How about you take this wallet and share this rather tasty looking loot with me?

Thug (who had caught me): Fuck off! Keep dreaming about this you fat turd!

The chubby turd felt insulted and he decided to test his strength. The adrenaline rush was high and the thug who had caught me quickly moved to counterattack the chubby thug’s laughable attack.

I intervened and walked in between them to stop their pathetic dog fight.

Me: Guys, guys! Now wait…Let me take care of this situation in my way.

I grabbed the lean thug and curled my arm around his neck tightly. He struggled to get away, but he didn’t have the strength to unlock my hold on him.

Me: Calm down! I’ll teach you how to behave with me. (Looking at the other guy) You! Start running you fat fuck before I puncture your belly.

The chubby thug was low in self-esteem because he followed my order without hesitation. Whereas the lean thug who had the balls to frighten me was trying to get away from me.

I calmed him down by whispering soothingly in his ears to stay relaxed. He immediately stopped struggling and allowed me to take control of his body. I unzipped his pants and pulled out his shriveled penis.

Me: O my! Even with my presence, your cock isn’t stiff yet? (Giggled).

Thug: Try stroking it, bitch!

Me: Watch your mouth when I have got you by your balls. Now, let’s see whether we’ve got a hung horse or a scared turtle.

I began to pull his cock and stimulate it which only I found pleasing at first. The thug was making funny noises as the skin of his penis rubbed against the zip of his pants.

He pulled his pants (no underwear!) and portrayed his skinny legs and almost flat buttocks. However, he had enough juice filled in his rough hairy balls. His penis began to grow stiffer with every jerking movement.

Me: Wow! That’s such a nice cock for a thug. I believe you don’t get enough pussy to please. Well, today is your lucky day! (I smiled cunningly).

I instructed the thug to kneel and rub his nose against my pussy area. He got on his knees quickly and began to grind his nose roughly against my jeans. I noticed that he was enjoying my odor, so I decided to make him aware of how things were going to be.

Me: Worship me! Worship me while you are doing it. I want to see how much you adore my body. Here, these will motivate you.

I removed my casual shirt buttons and showed the thug my hard tits held tightly in a red bra. His eyes shined at the sight of them and he started praising my body abundantly.

“I love this pussy, you are the sexiest woman I have ever met. I am a lucky bastard to worship such a beauty!”

The thug went on and on with his praiseful chants about my curvy body and big firm boobs. So, I unzipped my jeans and pulled them to reveal my red panty and a thick camel toe. He touched the side of my pussy with his tongue which tickled me sexually, but I was furious that he didn’t take my permission.

Me: How dare you lick my body without begging for it? C’mon, beg for it. Show me that you are desperate for this pussy.

The thug joined his hands and began to beg desperately to me.

“Please let me taste your pussy. Let me make you happy while I lick your juicy pussy” he kept saying until I allowed him to do so.

The horny guy hungrily stuck his tongue in my pussy crack and began to lick the moisture around my vagina making it even wetter. His tongue was strong, and his pussy licking skill was preparing me for a strong orgasm. I began to moan loudly when the thug started licking my clitoris.

While I was enjoying the stimulation and adulation from a horny thug, my husband came searching for me! He was calling my name and his voice grew louder with every call. I grabbed the thug of his hair and took him next to the wall. His tongue was stuck inside my pussy and he enjoyed the hair pulling and the sudden movements.

I bent forward and faced my husband who had no idea that there was a man kneeling with his face stuck against my naked clean shaved pussy!

Shambhu: I thought that you left without me. Thank God you’re here. But what are you…

I interrupted him by telling him to shut up and get me a towel or lots of tissue papers. I interrupted him again and told him to get lost quickly when he asked why I needed that.

Me: That was my husband. If you want to enjoy even more, then start worshipping my big ass before he returns.

The thug crawled quickly behind me and pulled my panty to get an erotic view of my tight round booty. He stretched my moist ass cheeks apart and aimed his tongue directly inside my wet asshole. He was really hooked onto my beautiful ass.

While he was licking my asshole and caressing my ass cheeks, Shambhu returned with a small hand towel. As he came closer, I showed him my big boobs and teased him to come to me.

Me: Come here, baby! Press these melons and spill your juice on them. I want to taste your cock juice badly.

The thug thought I was speaking to him. I had to kick him in the nuts softly to make him stop replying to me. Shambhu hesitated to stand next to me and he kept requesting me to stop exposing my naked boobs. I was really enjoying the control I had over those two men.

I turned around and showed him my big ass. He was looking all around to see whether someone else wasn’t enjoying his wife’s tantrums. While he was occupied with his worries, I shoved the thug’s penis inside my pussy and began to push it inside.

Me: Don’t touch me and do not make any noise if you want to enjoy fucking me.

I warned the thug to obey my orders and he followed them to the word. While I was enjoying the thrusting from the thug’s big hard cock, my husband was getting a fit watching me standing naked outdoors.

Shambhu: Please darling, quit playing! Someone will think you are having sex over there. Please wear your clothes and let’s go home.

I liked the way Shambhu provoked me with that thought. To tease him a little, I began to moan and groan with pleasure loudly.

Me: Oh yes! fuck my pussy like that! Let my husband watch his hot wife getting fucked by another man. Fuck me harder!

I grabbed the thug’s flat buttocks and pushed him harder against my body. He had gone into a sexual trance by then penetrating my pussy. I was enjoying teasing my husband when the thug began to moan a little. Before he squealed any louder, I turned around and bent forwards.

Me: Come here, Shambhu! Watch me get fucked from behind. I can even suck your cock now!

I pulled the thug closer by grabbing his cock. He stuck it inside my pussy and continued fucking me sneakily. He was standing still, and I was bumping my big ass against his hard penis.

Me: O darling! Why don’t you come and join me with a threesome? I want both of you to cum on my face.

I could see the bulge my husband was getting on his pants with my dirty talk. He had the strongest urge to jerk off his penis, but he didn’t have the balls (once again!).

Shambhu: Stop saying that, honey. Please wear your clothes and come out from there. Why did you even go there?

Me: I came here to get fucked by a man whose cock works. I told him that my husband is useless and that I need to get fucked hard. If your cock works, then jerk off listening to me talk dirty, do it right now!

Shambhu hesitated but since he knew how adamant I was, he pulled his cock and began to stroke it gently.

Me: Harder!

After I said that, the thug began to fuck me harder while my husband jerked off his cock wildly. I asked my husband to tell me how it felt watching his wife get fucked by another man. He was silent for a few seconds, but then he spoke his heart out.

Shambhu: Nice! It feels great to be a cuck. C’mon honey, ask that lover of yours to fuck your pussy harder. I am getting such an erection watching you naked on the streets…

The thug must have got overexcited with my generous mood. He slapped my ass cheeks twice and continued to fuck my pussy. In return, I kicked his balls gently to make sure that he held on to a bit longer and didn’t ejaculate inside me.

Shambhu: Oh! I am about to cum… Let me shoot it on your face…

The moment Shambhu began walking toward me, I kicked the thug and made him run for his life from behind. His pants were lying nearby, and he took off without them! But then I had to control my husband who has the audacity to shoot his load on my face.

Me: Hold on here! How dare you ejaculate on my face? Let me deal with it.

Shambhu was busy looking in the lane to see whether someone was actually fucking my pussy. I grabbed his cock and stroked it a few times to make it discharge the cumload. Obviously, I spilt it on the ground.

Me: There you go! That’s where you belong. If you can’t obey your wife’s urges, then this is what you get.

I was adjusting my clothes and while putting them on, Shambhu’s hand touched my back which had a few drops of cum. I hadn’t realised that the thug ejaculated a little on my back before he dashed in a hurry.

Shambhu’s face went cold after touching the cum drops. I looked him in the eye and told him to follow me. That’s how a lousy husband gets treated!

So, there you go guys; that was how I dealt with a thug and taught a lesson to my lousy husband who refused to fuck me when I wanted him. Next time, I’ll tell you what had happened inside the pub. 😉

How would you have treated me? Let me know in the comments section.

That’s it, guys. Hope you all enjoyed my hot BDSM experience. If anyone is looking for an erotic sex chat, or share your BDSM fantasies while seeing me naked and cumming for you

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