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Wife cheated with young boy

Dear ISS reader. Here I come out with a real story that happened to my life. I got to know later by my wife and that guy in this story. Let me narrate the story from my wife’s point of view. She told it to me a few months after the incident.

My name is Saras with the age of 31. I’m married to Rajesh. We are almost 4years in marriage life now. When in the 2nd year, my husband and I had a lot of arguments and fighting. Our relationship was not like our love time.

Nowadays, we do not care for each other, and I started to surround by loneliness. He does not care about me at all. Every night I was spending time crying, thinking of my life. We both were busy with our daily work during the day.

In my workplace, I did not talk with strangers guys. But at that time, there was a young guy named Munis. His age is 21, that is 10 years younger than me. He is very quiet and doesn’t have many friends. He always comes and talks to me during work time.

Since he treats me as a sister, I don’t have any hesitation to talk with him. I forgot to mention about me. I am a very quiet and conservative person. I don’t have many friends also. My husband is a very possessive type of guy who used to control me in everything.

I’m the type of person who loves different clothes, but my husband doesn’t even let me wear sleeveless. Most of the time, we have arguments because of this. I have a slim body which can perfectly fit all types of clothes. I am short and have a petite body.

My figure is around 34B-27-34. My small tits and ass are perfectly fit for my little slim body. I am very lightweight. Anyone can carry me. I always wear tight jeans, which make my ass visible to its round. No guys will miss the chance to have a glimpse of my bubble ass.

Let me go back to the story. Daily, I talked with Munis, and we started to spend more time. Every time for lunch, we wait for each other and eat together. Day to day, our relationship gets stronger. We used to message on mobile even after we went back home.

Whenever my husband is late from work, I talk to Munis on the mobile. Without our knowing, we slowly started to share our problems. Normally he will tell about his girlfriend, who is always suspicious of him. She is a control freak like my husband too. We felt like we were trapped in a shit relationship.

One day we had a company hike within our work team. I’m the one Indian women on the team, and there were around 6 Indian guys. The rest of the others were of other races. Since I have no partner, Munis joined with me by avoiding other of his friends.

I felt very comfortable when he was with me. I enjoy a lot spending time with him. Every time I feel tired, he encourages me and gives me some massages on my shoulder. I feel very much protected when beside him. It was a cold hill. We both walk separately from the other team to have some private time.

I want to grab his arm and walk side by him. But I’m sure he is not confident about holding a married woman’s hand. So I make the first move. I tried to hold his hand and told him that it was very cold. I can see his face turn bright when I touch his hands.

Slowly I held his arm like my own boyfriend and walked with him. He was very happy. After some days from this incident, we start to get closer. One day I found that he was not coming to work. Normally, he will inform me of anything, but he didn’t tell me anything this time.

I cannot concentrate on my work at all. I kept calling him, but no response. In a few hours, I received a call. I was happy to see his call. When he talks, I can understand he was totally upset but not sure what the problem was. I wanted to help him solve the problem. At least with me, he can share it.

I inform them half-day at my workplace and ask him to fetch me. His face was down, and I could feel he was disturbed. We drove to the nearby park, and I started to ask him what is the problem. He told me that his girlfriend was troubling him again, and he started to cry.

I wanted him to forget all his problems, so I pulled his head to my shoulder and slowly cared about his hair. He held my hand gently and started to cry, expressing his feelings. That place was with very few people only. Unfortunately, it started to rain, so no people were around.

I want to comfort him, so I slowly hold up his face and move my lips to his face. I could see his face was desperate for something. I give a slow kiss on his lips. This was the first time I kissed another guy, then my husband. He starts to gain his confidence and deep kiss me.

I gave a good response to his kiss. Our saliva was exchanged from mouth to mouth. I feel a different sensation in my body. Without knowing, my body starts to respond. I slowly move his hands to my tits. He gently presses my tits, my heart pumps, waiting for the next move.

Since he is very young than me, he is still confident to make his move. I’m sure he is a true gentleman. I slowly lift my shirt for him. My cute tits stuck under my red lace bra are on view for him. He was shy and did not look at my face also.

In a low tone, I whisper in her ears, “Want to taste it?” He nods his head and pulls down my bra. It makes my erect round nipples visible to him. I feel shy since I have not shown it to anyone else. During my relationship with my husband, we have done a lot of romance in cars and hotels.

But this is a different feeling. Munis is 10 years younger than me, and I’m a married woman. I can’t imagine how I am doing this now, but I can’t control my feelings. I just let him take whatever can comfort him. He starts to lick my nipples which makes me moan.

I want to feel his rough hand squeeze my tits and suck them like a hungry animal. I’m sure he has not done this before with his girlfriend. I let him suck as much he wants. I was in heaven also when he did it. My legs were closed tight in a horny feel.

In 20 minutes, I am about to reach my climax. Just only his touch, I was about to reach climax. I stopped him and pulled back my shirt down. I can see a satisfying feeling on his face. Even his pants were bulky out in mood. I gave a bunch of kisses on his face and went back home.

Since then, I have always thought about Munis. Even though he is 10 years younger than me, I can feel a comfortable feeling when I’m with him. I feel like he is better than my husband in caring for me.

I feel like my relationship with Munis is already moved on to its next level. Even though he called me sister, our inner feeling is different from that. I started to be very protective of my body from my husband. I do not even change my clothes in front of him after that. No sex at all.

We are a married couple for society only. In the house, we are like strangers. Whenever I get a chance, I meet Munis without my husband knowing. To be continued.

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