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Wife Swap Sex On A Trip To Jaipur – Part 2

Scene 1:

The next morning Shruti woke up with the crying of Ayansh. She tried breastfeeding him, but Ayansh kept on crying. She felt that both her breasts were empty.

Meanwhile, Ruchi also got up and said, “Good morning. What happened? Why is he crying so much?”

“He is hungry, and my breasts are empty. It looks like Ayansh had been feeding the whole night.”

“Ayansh or some else?” teased Ruchi.

“Shut up,” said Shruti, “Get up and help me in making Cerelac for him.”

Ruchi rose to help but felt something unusual between her legs. She was without panty, and there was a bit of burning sensation in her vagina. Ruchi informed Shruti. Shruti also checked and found that she, too, is without panty.

“Hey, how is that possible? How come we both are without panties?” asked Shruti.

“Hey, can I tell you something if you won’t laugh?” asked Ruchi.

Shruti – What?

Ruchi – I had a dream last night that I was having sex and came twice during it.

Shruti – Hey, I also felt that Ayansh is continuously sucking my boobs one after another, and my boobs are empty. I also felt that I had been penetrated. It seems something strange has happened while we’re drunk and sleeping.

Ruchi – Check your boobs. Are there any marks on it?

Shruti pulled up her top and took out her boobs, and started checking. Ruchi also came near to check. Shruti’s boobs had marks on them.

Shruti – What kind of marks are these?

Ruchi – They are love bites, dear. These have not been given by Ayansh.

Shruti – What do you mean?

Ruchi – It means someone was more hungry than Ayansh.

Shruti – Shut up. What about you, do you also have any marks on your body?

“I think I also have marks,” said Ruchi and pulled up her dress and asked Shruti to check. Ruchi’s thighs and bums were full of marks. “Seems someone was very hungry in your case also,” said Shruti jokingly. Both laughed.

“Looks like the boys had serious fun with us last night. Hey, wait, you said yesterday that Ravi could hold for a long time,” asked Ruchi.

Shruti – Yes, Ravi normally stands for more than 10 minutes, but why are you asking it now.

Saurabh hardly stands for 4-5 minutes. I usually come only once with him. But I came twice yesterday which means, I was fucked by Ravi. Also, Saurabh had an eye on your boobs. I am sure he is the one who emptied your boobs and would have fucked you also.

Shruti looked confused and surprised. “How is it possible, yaar? How could they swap us? Didn’t they feel any shame?”

“Shame, huh, rather they had enjoyed us. Bastards, they took advantage of our drunk situation,” shouted Ruchi.

Shruti was numb. She didn’t know what to say and how to react. She was hurt, but at the same time, she felt her vagina was reacting to the thought of Saurabh working on her boobs and emptying them.

She had noticed Saurabh ogling her boobs yesterday and had enjoyed that. She had teased him also with ample cleavage.

“Shruti, Shruti,” called Ruchi,

Shruti came to her senses.

Ruchi – Don’t you have anything to say. Aren’t you feeling bad?

Shruti – Oh yes, what they did is a crime. But Saurabh’s act of emptying my boobs is not going out of my mind, and I am wet down there with the thought. I am feeling embarrassed.

Ruchi laughed at this innocence of Shruti and said It was Saurabh’s one of the fantasies to suck the milk of a woman from her boobs.

Shruti – O, I see.. and he fulfilled that with me.

“Yes my, dear, You have got such a nice pair of boobs that no one can resist,” said Ruchi smilingly,

Shruti – And you have got sexy legs. I saw you showing them to the boys yesterday. Ravi is an animal. How would he leave such sexy prey without eating?

“Indeed, he is an animal,” said Ruchi. Both the ladies laughed at that.

“So what now?” asked Shruti.

Ruchi – Why should boys have all the fun? Now it’s our turn. Let’s play with them.

“Won’t be it a sin?” asked Shruti.

“No way,” screamed Ruchi. “We are not cheating anyone. Nothing is being done against their wish. So chill and enjoy, let’s have fun. I am not saying that we would have open sex as revenge but let’s tease them and see what happens next.”

“Ok, that looks fine.”

Scene 2: From Ravi’s point of view

We woke up with the sound of a call bell. Saurabh opened the door to find Ruchi there. “Good morning guys,” she wished, “Come on, you guys, freshen up. We have to go sightseeing today.”

After around an hour, we were ready and assembled in my room. Shruti has worn a low-neck sleeveless top and Capri, whereas Ruchi has once again worn a sleeveless one-piece dress above knees. It seems she knew her legs were her asset and used that.

Till now, there hasn’t been any discussion about last night. Our hearts were beating fast, but ladies were surprisingly bold and outspoken. They were continuously giggling and using lots of double-meaning words. We were confused, but still, we went to see Jantar Mantar and City Palace.

Saurabh couldn’t resist eyeing Shruti. He was trying his best to be around Shruti. He had Ayansh in his lap while sightseeing to remain close to Shruti. Shruti was also responding to him. She was very much comfortable with him. She was constantly talking and laughing with him.

This gave me the chance to spend time with Ruchi and feel her sexy legs and thighs. Soon she became frank and careless, displaying her legs more than I thought of. I wanted to remove her dress and eat her legs, thighs and pussy right there. But I controlled just with occasional touch during sightseeing.

After about an hour or two looked for Saurabh and Shruti. Ruchi said she had seen them going to the first floor towards the gallery. We moved upstairs, towards the gallery where a surprise was waiting for us. Saurabh and Shruti were sitting on a sofa, and Shruti was breastfeeding Aayansh.

Saurabh was sitting close to her, and they were laughing about something. Her top was up due to breastfeeding, exposing her stomach and left boob. Only the nipple was in the mouth of Ayansh, and the rest was fully exposed. Surprisingly Shruti was not at all bothered about this. She was just laughing and talking.

When we reached there, Ayansh stopped feeding and turned around. This exposed even her nipples which were hard and shining. She tried persuading Ayansh for more. But perhaps Ayansh’s stomach was full, so he was not interested.

I heard Saurabh saying, “He won’t feed now. He will play with his uncle.” He took Ayansh from Shruti. During the process, he touched and pressed her bare boob. Shruti just smiled and then covered her boob.

I was in shock at her boldness. She was enjoying exposing her boobs to Saurabh.

Day went like this only. Boob show, legs show and accidental touches. But by the time we came back to our hotel, we all were frank and comfortable with each other.

Scene 3

Back in our hotel, we freshened up and assembled in our room. I ordered a whisky bottle, snacks and other things. The ladies were looking hot. Shruti was wearing hot pants and a sleeveless top. Ruchi had a mini skirt and spaghetti.

Both the ladies were sitting on the bed along with Aayansh. Ayansh had his Cerelac and was about to sleep. Ladies were trying to make him sleep.

Saurabh and I were sitting on chairs. I said, “It seems you ladies have planned to kill us today.”

“How come?” Asked the ladies.

Me – With your looks.

Saurabh – Why do we need whiskey when we have two sexy ladies here?

We all laughed and continued talking and flirting. The waiter came with a whiskey bottle, icebox, soda and glasses. Saurabh made the pegs and gave us. Ladies were slow today. Saurabh and I finished our pegs and went for another one.

I asked, What happened? Why are you two so slow today?”

Shruti said, “We don’t want to sleep like yesterday and miss the fun.”

I asked, “What fun?”

Shruti – Which you guys had yesterday.

Ruchi immediately tried to cover.

Ruchi – She means to say we slept early na so we couldn’t continue with you guys and missed the company.

I was getting a feeling that these ladies know what happened last night. That’s why they have been behaving strangely since morning. What was more surprising was that they had not created a scene. Rather Shruti is enjoying with Saurabh and Ruchi with me.

It means they are somewhat ready for the swap again. We only needed to push it. But since they have not talked to us openly, an open discussion could backfire. I made a plan.

“Hey, let’s play spin the bottle with dare acts.” All agreed.

The game started, but the acts were more of singing and dancing. After half an hour, I said – Aren’t you guys bored with this regular stuff? Let’s take it to the next level.

“What next level?” asked Ruchi.

I said, “What about adding an x-factor?”

“You mean x from xxx?” asked Saurabh. I said, “Yes if all agree.”

“What is that?” asked Shruti. Saurabh said, “Act like kissing, lap dancing and a bit of stripping.”

“Stripping?” asked Shruti surprisingly.

“Not fully,” said Saurabh, but up to your comfort level. The ladies were a bit hesitant. So I insisted – “O come on, don’t behave like behan ji, I said, That would be fun.”

“Ok,” said Ruchi, “Let’s play. But we won’t do anything we are not comfortable with.”

Meanwhile, we prepared another peg for everyone. The game started again. This time it was my turn, and it pointed to Ruchi. I asked her to give a lap dance to both the boys. She agreed. We played the music, and she started to dance seductively.

She first went to Saurabh, held his head, and sat on his lap, dancing like a pro. Shruti and I were hooting and shouting, “Ye Ruchi, come on.”

Saurabh held her waist closer to him and kissed her lips, but Ruchi moved out. We cheered. She then moved towards me, held my shoulders, and sat on my lap. My penis was fully erect, and I am sure Ruchi must have felt it. I tried holding her, but she moved away. Everyone praised her for her performance.

Next round. This time Ruchi had to give a task to Saurabh. She asked him to remove his t-shirt and remain like that, which he happily did. We all shouted and cheered for him. Now Saurabh was sitting in his shorts, and this act has opened the way for stripping.

Next, it was Saurabh who won, and it pointed to Shruti. He also asked her to remove her top. “No way,” said Shruti. “You are breaking the rule,” said Ruchi, “Saurabh did this. You also do that. Everybody has seen what is there inside, so not to worry.”

“Shut up,” said Shruti and slapped Ruchi on her arms playfully. Shruti saw me helplessly, I nodded in affirmation, and she removed her top.

“Wow,” everyone shouted at the same time. Shruti was looking damn hot in a bra. Her big milky white boobs were eager to come out. Ample cleavage was added to the hotness. Saurabh’s eyes were popping out.

Next was again Shruti. Saurabh was all smiling. She thought Saurabh would ask her to remove her bra also. But Saurabh said, “Cool down, I am not asking you to remove anything. You need to give a lip kiss to both the boys.

Shruti shouted, “No,” but Ruchi and Saurabh went after her. They started cheering. I also joined them. Looking at this Shruti, stood and gave a kiss on my lips. I held her and started smooching her. She tried to come out, but I held her tightly.

Saurabh and Ruchi were hooting loudly. After a minute, I left Shruti. She was embarrassed and gave me a playful slap. She then moved to Saurabh. We started cheering her. She bent down, held Saurabh’s head, and kissed him on his lips.

But instead of just giving a peck, she smooched him. We all cheered for them. Shruti left him, moved to her place and emptied her glass in one go.

I prepared another round for all of us. Ladies were over with their second peg, but surprisingly, none was sleepy. But the whiskey was showing its effect. Ladies were bolder and enjoying the acts.

In the next few rounds Saurabh, I and Ruchi also became topless. The ambiance was very hot by now. Ladies were comfortable sitting in front of us in just a bra. Just then, I won, and Saurabh lost. Ladies shouted for some special act

I asked him to request the ladies to give you her panty or else get slapped by them on your bare ass. Ladies shouted in excitement, and they laughed,

Saurabh gave me a killing look and then went to Shruti and pleaded with her with folded hands to give him her panty. She denied. Saurabh was left with no choice but to lower his pant to get slapped. Shruti slapped him hard.

“Ouch,” cried Saurabh. “Oh, sorry,” said Shruti and then she caressed his ass to soothe him.

Saurabh said, “If this is the reward, I would like to get more slaps.”

Saurabh then went to Ruchi and asked her for the panty. She said, “I could have given you, but I am wearing a mini skirt. If I give you my panty, it will expose my everything.” Saurabh then again lowered his pant to expose his ass. Ruchi slapped him but playfully.

In the next round, I again won, and this time Ruchi had lost. I asked her to remove her skirt, which she removed without any resistance. My god, what a sexy body she has – toned legs, flat belly with tight boobs. I wanted to fuck her right away but had to control for a better moment.

When we were going for the next round, Ayansh started crying. Shruti took him for feeding. She pulled up her bra and took out her left boob. The nipple was hard, and the boob was swollen, which may be due to sexual feeling or excitement.

Saurabh’s eyes were glued to that. Ruchi said, “Wow, that looks sexy,” pointing to her bare boob. Shruti blushed. Ayansh started feeding. I announced it was time for the next round and prepared another peg for everyone. Ladies were three down, and we were four.

Ayansh slept again, and we were again ready for the game. This time Shruti won, and I lost. Shruti immediately asked me to remove my shorts, which I removed. Now Ruchi and I were in our undies only. My penis was hard, and that could be seen from my underwear.

Ladies started giggling. Ruchi teased me. Something is super exciting. All laughed. Ruchi again won the next round, but this time Saurabh lost. He was also asked to remove her pant. He removed his pant, and his thick dick could be easily felt from the bulge appearing on his pant.

Next, Saurabh won, and Ruchi lost. Saurabh asked her to smooch him and me for one minute sitting in our lap. Shruti exclaimed loudly. Ruchi stood and first went to Saurabh. Sat in his lap seductively and started kissing him. Saurabh was also super excited by then.

He held Ruchi by her waist, and both of them got engaged in kissing. While kissing, Saurabh’s hands moved in Ruchi’s panty, lowered it and cupped her bums. Ruchi’s bums were exposed. Saurabh was pressing them very hard. I thought now it was time for the real show.

Saurabh and Ruchi remained for around two-three minutes and then separated. Ruchi adjusted her panty.

Shruti shouted – Wow yaar, what was that? Amazing, that was damn hot. Ruchi blushed a bit and then wanted to sit back to her place when Shruti reminded her that she had to smooch me also.

Ruchi then came to me, sat in my lap, and started smooching me. I held her tight and started caressing her back. Shruti and Saurabh were, as usual, cheering and shouting. I also cupped her bums and started pressing.

“Time is over,” shouted Shruti. Ruchi left me and went back to her place. “You are an amazing kisser,” Shruti said. Ruchi blushed.
Next, Ruchi won, and Shruti lost. She straightway asked her to remove her hot pant. Now Shruti was also sitting in bra and panty only. Next, Saurabh won, and Shruti lost. “It’s time for the payback, dear,” exclaimed Saurabh. Ruchi and I laughed.

Saurabh asked Shruti to remove her bra or get her bare ass slapped by all three. Shruti was three and a half peg down. She gulped her remaining peg, said ok and removed her bra. Every one of us shouted in excitement.

Her big and milky white boobs with erect nipples and green veins were too hot for us, but she was cool. She asked us to prepare another glass which I did for everyone.

The nudity has just started. Hormones were on fire. Shruti looked so hot that even I forgot about Ruchi and wanted to suck those melons and fuck her right there.

The next round started, again Saurabh won, but this time I lost. He asked me to go and plead with Shruti to let you suck her tits. I went to Shruti and asked her, but she was in a playing mood. She said no. I then asked Saurabh what if she did not agree.

He said, then I have to remove my underpants and dance for us. Ladies started laughing at that. I again pleaded with Shruti. This time she agreed. I started sucking her tits. She started moaning and held my head tightly.

“Time is over,” said Saurabh. I moved away. “Wow, you are a good sucker,” said Ruchi. I smiled. I said the time for the next peg. I prepared another round of pegs. We were staggering, but the sexual excitement was not letting us go down.

The next round was won by Shruti and lost by Ruchi. Shruti asked her to remove her bra. Ruchi removed her bra. The next round was again won by Shruti and again lost by Ruchi.

“Ruchi, you were praising Ravi for his sucking skill, now go and feel how he sucks.”

Ruchi hesitated a bit, but everyone cheered. She came and sat in my lap with legs apart. I started sucking her tits. Ruchi started moaning loudly. I put my hands in her panty and started squeezing her bums.

This was more than enough for Saurabh. He stood and started smooching Shruti. Shruti also responded. While smooching, Saurabh started pressing her boobs. Shruti started moaning.

Here, I pulled down the panty of Ruchi. She was stark naked now. She pulled my head up and started kissing me. After an intense smooch for about two minutes, she removed my underpants and caught hold of my penis. It was hard as a rod. She started stroking it.

I pulled her up a bit and put my finger in her vagina. She shouted and held me tightly. I kept on finger fucking her. She lost her patience, took my finger out, positioned her vagina over my penis, and started fucking me. My penis was going in and out with a ‘fatch-fatch’ sound.

There, Saurabh was sucking the boobs of Shruti. He was drinking the milk. He emptied the left boob and then moved to the right one. But Shruti stopped him, saying, “Leave the milk this side for the baby.”

Saurabh then removed the pant and panty of Shruti and went on his knees to taste her juicy pussy. He kissed it and started sucking and licking. Shruti went mad. She lied down on the bed, and Saurabh continued eating her pussy.

Here Ruchi had increased her speed. Her nails were piercing my back, and she was nearing her orgasm. She held me tightly and screamed and fell on me. We remained in that condition for a couple of minutes. Then I put her on the bed.

Her pussy was full of juices. I wiped that and then started sucking it. In a few minutes, she got charged again and started moaning. Then I turned her and started kneading and eating her bums. She went mad with that and started shivering and moaning.

I pulled her up, inserted my dick in her pussy from behind, and rammed her. I was slapping her ass and going very fast. Suddenly I heard Shruti screaming. Saurabh had put his monster in Shruti’s pussy and was fucking vigorously. Shruti was moaning loudly.

After a few minutes, Shruti declared that she was coming. She held Saurabh tightly and came. Saurabh kept on fucking for a couple of more minutes, and then he also cum with a loud moan. He fell on her, and they lied there hugging each other.

Here, my speed had increased, and Ruchi was also moaning loudly. She declared she was coming and then jerked herself. She came, and so did I. Her pussy filled with my semen.

We also lay on the bed, holding each other. We slept like that, only on the same bed.

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