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Wife Swap Sex On A Trip To Jaipur

This is a wife swap sex story of two childhood friends Ravi and Saurabh, and their wives Shruti and Ruchi, respectively. Ravi and Shruti live in Lucknow, whereas Saurabh and Ruchi live in Delhi. Ravi and Shruti have one child of two years, whereas Saurabh and Ruchi have none.

The story began when Ravi and Saurabh planned to visit Jaipur with their family. Ravi reached Delhi airport along with his family, where Saurabh was there with Ruchi to pick them. Let me describe the stats of Shruti and Ruchi.

Shruti was fair in color with a height of 5ft 4 inches. She is a little bulky with a 38-32-36 figure. One could not take their eye away from her boobs and buttocks. Both were big but firm. Ruchi is a little dusky with a height of 5ft 5inch. Her stats are 34-32-34. She was tall and lean but looked sexy.

When Ravi reached Delhi, Saurabh hugged both Ravi and Shruti. Shruti was a bit uncomfortable. But she smiled and said hello to Saurabh. Saurabh then introduced his wife to Ravi and Shruti.

Ravi’s narration:

Saurabh was amazed to see Shruti. His eyes had stopped on her face and boobs. He also felt the softness of her boobs while hugging her. I ignored that, though it’s common in Delhi.

It was the first time I had seen Ruchi. She was a bit dark but had a perfect figure. She had worn sleeveless kurta and jeans, which added to her appearance. She just said ‘Namaste,’ but I had extended my hand to say hello. She also extended her hand, and we had a handshake.

My god, I thought I had touched an electric wire. Her hand was soft, and the warmth of her hand was not letting me leave that. Meanwhile, Shruti came forward and hugged Ruchi, and greeted her.

Saurabh said, “I have my car ready, so let’s don’t waste time here. Let’s rock on to Jaipur.” We put our luggage in the dicky. I sat on the front seat along with Saurabh, and both the ladies sat at the back. Saurabh was driving.

We left the airport area and started for NH8. Meanwhile, my son Ayansh started crying. Shruti tried cooling him, but Ayansh was in no mood to stop crying. Ruchi said, “It seems Aayansh is hungry.”

Shruti said, “But the problem is that Cerelac is in the luggage.” For that, we had to stop the car, which was impossible in the traffic of Gurgaon. Shruti was wearing Jeans and a T-shirt. She was a bit hesitant as she was not wearing a dupatta. She looked at me with a questionable face.

I signaled her to go ahead. I was like. It’s ok. It doesn’t matter. She got the confidence, pulled up her T-shirt along with the bra on the left side. Her left breast popped up. It was like vanilla ice cream with a cherry on top. I saw Saurabh’s eyes wide opened as he was peeking through the back mirror.

I patted him on his shoulder and signaled him to look in the front to avoid an accident. He laughed, and I also smiled. Shruti was feeding for around 10 minutes. Saurabh kept on peeping through the back mirror now and then. I ignored. This happened a couple of times, but I again ignored it.

Finally, in the evening, we reached Jaipur and checked in to a three-star hotel. I, along with Shruti and Ayansh, checked in to room no 308. Saurabh and Ruchi checked in to room no 309, which was next to our room.

I retired on the bed, saying I was very tired and had no plan to visit anywhere today. We will have dinner in the room itself. Meanwhile, Shruti arranged the luggage in the room, took out our clothes on the bed, and asked me to take a bath.

I said, “I am holding Ayansh. You go and take a bath.” She said, ok. After 10 minutes, she came out wearing a sleeveless crop top and hot pants. She was looking damn hot. I kissed her and said, “You are going to kill today. Saurabh is already flat on you.”

She blushed and said, “Anything.” I laughed and said, “You are like that, my Tajmahal.” She laughed and pushed me into the bathroom. While I was bathing, the doorbell rang. It was Saurabh. He was shocked to see Shruti in crop top and hot pants. He was frozen for a moment.

Shruti broke the silence and asked him to come into the room. She said, “Your friend says he is so tired that he won’t go anywhere.” Saurabh came to his senses and said even he was tired. Hence he had come to talk about the drinks and dinner plan.

His eyes were stuck on Shruti’s milky thighs. Shruti caught him looking at that, but she ignored it. Meanwhile, I came out and said, “Hey, Saurabh.” Saurabh asked, “What is the plan now? When and where to open the bottle?”

I said, “Yaar, feeling tired. Let’s have a party in the room itself. You order the bar to bring whisky for all four of us.” I then corrected myself. “I hope Ruchi drinks.” Saurabh said, “She drinks but doesn’t have much capacity. What about Shruti?”

I said, “Same here. In one or two pegs, she is down.” We all laughed. Then I asked, “Where have you left Ruchi?” He said. “She is in the room, taking a shower.” I jokingly said, “See, in a new city, you have left her alone. Someone might kidnap her.” We all burst into laughter.

Saurabh called the bar and ordered eight large pegs of whiskey. In the meantime, we again heard the doorbell. This time it was Ruchi. She was wearing a sleeveless one-piece till knee. She was looking damn hot, and her toned legs were like choco bar ice stick.

Ruchi and Shruti sat on the bed and started playing with Aayansh and talking to each other. Saurabh and I were talking about our good old days and other friends. In between, we were not leaving any opportunity to glance and flirt with each other’s wives. They were also enjoying themselves.

I asked Shruti to feed Ayansh with Cerelac. Ruchi helped her, and both of them fed Ayansh. Meanwhile, the doorbell rang, and the waiter came with whiskey. He put the tray on the table got our sign on the bill. He asked us whether to serve, on which we said thanks, we would serve ourselves. He then went.

Ayansh, after eating, was sleepy. Shruti got engaged in getting him to sleep. Ruchi came and sat beside me. We three got into a discussion regarding their baby. Ruchi was seemingly upset. She said, “Saurabh is not keen on having a baby.” Meanwhile, Ayansh slept.

Shruti also joined us in the discussion. She was sitting closer to Saurabh. Saurabh looked a bit upset as everyone was charging at him. So I changed the topic and said stop these discussions and enjoy the whiskey to our friendship.
Pegs were ready, and all of us said cheers.

We were talking, cracking jokes, laughing, and having fun. At times I was siding with Ruchi in pulling legs of Saurabh. When he was reacting, we were giving hi-fives. We were discussing various topics. Women were talking freely now. Pegs were showing the effect.

Two pegs were down, and women were a bit drunk. Their voice was trembling, and they were laughing at everything. They had become bold and careless. Ruchi was sitting on the bed so that her one-piece was above her thigh. We had a glimpse of her brown panty.

I was not letting any chance to see her and touch her. Similarly, Saurabh was ogling Shruti and occasionally touching her thighs in the pretext of some stupid works. We were now out of whisky. Saurabh said, “ Bro, nothing has happened with these two pegs.”

I also said, “Yes, we need more.” The women said they had enough now. But we said we all would drink till we all are out. I called the bar and ordered more drinks, and I also ordered dinner. Meanwhile, the discussion moved towards one of our common friends’ married life.

Saurabh said they didn’t have a good sex life. This moved our discussion to the hottest topic, sex. Since women were two pegs down, they also started discussing openly without any inhibition. I jokingly asked Ruchi what their sex frequency

She said it is only two-three times a week. I joked, “Saurabh, you have Bipasha Basu with you, and you do it only twice a week.” He annoyingly said, “As if you don’t leave Shruti for a single moment.” We laughed at that.

Ruchi then asked how many times you guys have sex in a week, on which I said 4 or 5 times. Shruti jumped into that and said, “Lie, lie, lie. Only twice or thrice.” But then Shruti said, which I had never imagined.

She said, “But he is amazing on the bed. He does everything which is shown in porn and stands for around ten minutes.” Saurabh surprisingly looked at me. Ruchi instantly said, “Wow, you lucky girl! Saurabh is also good at sex. His penis is also big and thick.”

Saurabh and I were looking at each other with blank faces. What were these women talking about? But we were enjoying that. We knew with two pegs, and the women were in full mood.

Suddenly the doorbell rang. The waiter was there with more whiskey and dinner. He put that on the table, took our used plates and got our signature on the bill, and left. Saurabh arranged the dinner, and I made the pegs and offered the glass to everyone.

We continued our sex talks and, at the same time, started our third peg along with dinner. Women were now completely drunk. They were not even able to complete their food. Shruti was sitting beside Saurabh, and Ruchi was sitting in front of me.

Suddenly Saurabh said to Shruti, “You are not eating anything. Take this paneer,” and he took one paneer to offer. Shruti, instead of taking the paneer, opened her mouth. Saurabh happily put that paneer in her mouth. Ruchi and I were a bit jealous, but we smiled.

I took her whiskey glass and offered her, which she took from my hand and gulped all whiskey in one go. She was completely out then and was about to fall from the bed. But I stood and caught her arms. She said, “Sorry I can’t stand, please get my hands washed.”

I was holding her. Meanwhile, Saurabh came and took her to the bathroom to get her hands and mouth cleaned. Shruti also was out, but she tried to stand. She told me that she was also done, but she couldn’t stand properly. I held her and got her hands and mouth cleaned.

Ruchi, meanwhile, lay down on our bed and said, great party, enjoyed a lot, and slept. Shruti also lay on the bed and feeling sleepy, but still, she was trying to talk with us. Saurabh and I started our pegs again. Shruti started taking a nap in a sitting pose.

Saurabh and I started our next peg. We were talking regular stuff, suddenly Ayansh started crying. I went to bed and tried pacifying him by tapping him, but he didn’t stop. Shruti, while sleeping, only took him in her lap, pulled her top up, and started feeding him.

I came back in my chair and saw Saurabh was continuously looking at her. He said that babies do trouble a lot, and that’s why he doesn’t want to have one so soon. I said it’s nothing like that. And we started our pegs and discussion on babies.

Meanwhile, Ayansh had his share of milk. He slipped to his previous position on the bed. Shruti was drunk and sleeping, so she couldn’t cover her breast. Her breast was huge. It was milky white with green veins visible. Her nipple was big and hard. Both I and Saurabh couldn’t take our eyes away from the scene.

After few minutes, I told Saurabh, “Bhai, finish your drink, enough of sightseeing.” He smiled and gulped his peg in one go and then again started looking at the boobs. Whiskey had made effects on him also. Whiskey mixed with boobs show has taken him to trance.

He had lost his mind about what was wrong or right. He kept on looking at the breast. I said, “How much would you see? Haven’t you seen any breasts before?”

He then came to his senses and said, “Sorry, bhai. I have seen so many breasts but don’t know why I cannot concentrate anywhere else. Shruti’s boob is amazing. I am not able to take my eyes off.”

In a bit of angry mode, I said, “Just nearby is Ruchi. Go and see her boobs.”

Saurabh: Bhai, she doesn’t have such big and milky white boobs.

Me: I don’t agree. She seems to have fairly big boobs also, and it looks firm.

Saurabh: Nah, she has smaller boobs in comparison to Shruti. Yes, her boobs are firm and tight.

Meanwhile, Ruchi changed her position, and her one-piece came up. Now her panty was completely visible. She had a nice round and firm bums, and I was now glued to that.

Me: Ruchi has nice toned legs and round and firm bums. You lucky chap.

Saurabh smiled and said, “So you also have a sight to see? Hahaha. She has nice pair of legs, and she loves exposing them. That’s why she has worn one piece of knee size.” I said, “Hahaha. True Yaar, it’s amazing.”

Now we were openly talking about each other’s wife’s bodies. We had started enjoying that due to the whiskey effect.

Saurabh: Bhai, can I say something? I hope you won’t be angry.

I said, “What?” He said, “First, you promise me that you won’t be angry.” I said, “Ok, I won’t be angry, now tell me.” He said, “Shruti’s boob is amazing. I want to have a good look and feel of it.”

I was shocked. I said, “What are you saying?” He said, “Yaar, I am not able to control myself. I want to touch it, feel it. Please let me hold her once.” I was a bit hesitant for Shruti, but Ruchi’s legs were irresistible for me. I didn’t say anything.

I went near Ruchi and said, “I also want to see and feel Ruchi’s boobs. You pull them out and then can feel Shruti’s.” Saurabh smiled and said I knew where you were focused, you bastard.” I smiled and said, “And what about you? You have been eyeing Shruti since morning. You pervert.”

Saurabh said, “You mother fucker,” and then he did the unexpected. He went near Shruti and put his hand on her popping boob. Then he climbed the bed and came near to Ruchi and kissed her. Ruchi was in a deep sleep, so she didn’t respond.

But Saurabh was in problem. He was not able to pull out Ruchi’s boobs. He said, “Yaar, it’s not coming out. You enjoy with some glimpse of it.” I said, “Ok, Shruti is feeling cold in AC. I am getting her covered.”

He was irritated but again tried pulling out the boobs but remained unsuccessful. He looked at me with a questionable face, but I signaled him that nothing less than her boobs. With not getting any success, he again did the unexpected. He took her top out.

Ruchi moved, but due to the whiskey effect, she could not wake up. Now she was in her bra and panty – firm boobs in black color bra, flat stomach, glowing skin, brown panty, and toned legs. I couldn’t control myself. My eyes were popping out, and my penis was trying to tear my shorts apart.

He said, “You bugger, now happy?” I signaled no and pointed towards her bra. He abused me loudly and then opened her bra and asked, “Happy?”

I jumped on the bed above Ruchi, sat on my knees (Ruchi was in between us), kissed Saurabh, and said, “Love you, yaar.” He laughed, said, “I don’t want this, I want that,” and pointed towards Shruti’s boob. I said, “Go fulfill your dream.”

Saurabh went closer to the boob and kept watching that for a while as if counting the veins. Then he put his hand on that and started caressing. In sleeping condition, Shruti tried to pull her hand away, but he was adamant. Finally, Shruti lay properly and stopped opposing.

He then caught her top and pulled it up. Her second boob also came out. He pulled the top completely and made her topless. Now he was mad, two milky white boobs full of milk and long protruding nipples. The show was enough to make anyone mad, and so was Saurabh.

He forgot I was there. He put his mouth on his left nipple and started sucking. While sucking, he was playing with the right boob. Meanwhile, I was engaged with Ruchi. I was crushing her 34 size firm boobs. I was all over her. I was kissing her. I was licking her. I was caressing her.

When I saw Saurabh sucking Shruti’s boobs, I also started sucking Ruchi’s boobs. That was tasty. But my mind was continuously going towards her bum and legs. I could not hold myself longer. Without waiting for Saurabh’s approval, I removed the panty of Ruchi and threw that away.

Now she was all nude. Her cunt was hairless, as if she had got her vagina properly waxed. Later I came to know that she had gone for a full-body chocolate wax.

I saw Saurabh. He was still busy sucking Shruti’s boobs and playing with nipples. Shruti was sleeping, but various sounds were coming from her mouth. I then put my nose into Ruchi’s cunt and sniffed that. My god, what madness. It was a mix of pungent and some soap’s fragrance. It was driving me crazy.

I now put my mouth on it and started kissing and licking. Ruchi shivered but didn’t open her eye. She made some sounds that attracted Saurabh’s attention towards us. He saw me licking her wife’s cunt. He was shocked.

Then he also pulled the hot pant of my wife along with panty and had a look at Shruti’s cunt. He lost himself in Shruti’s pussy. Shruti had shaved a few days back, and hence she had a bit of hair on it. Her regular parlor at Lucknow doesn’t offer V area wax, so she used to shave only.

Shruti was moaning with Saurabh’s tongue movement. Here I had turned Ruchi. Now I could have a view of her ass. I started kissing and biting her thighs and bums. It was a heavenly feeling. Ruchi was also responding to the bites, but her eyes were still closed.

Meanwhile, I started licking her asshole. I was taking my tongue from her asshole to the lower vagina, and with every movement, her bums were bouncing. Once I thought she was awake, but she lay still when I stopped for a moment.

Meanwhile, Saurabh had thrown away his clothes and had become nude. He had 7 inches penis and was quite thick also. I remembered Ruchi talking about Saurabh’s long and thick penis and said to myself that she was right. Saurabh again fixed himself to Shruti’s boobs, licking and sucking one by one.

All of a sudden, he positioned his penis on Shruti’s pussy and pushed it. It went deep. Shruti moaned in pain. I thought she was awake now, and she would create a scene. But she kept her eyes closed. Saurabh started pushing his penis in and out.

Here, I saw Ruchi was trying to turn. I let her turn completely. I again started caressing and sucking her boobs. I also threw away my shorts and became nude. My penis was six inches long and thick but not as thick as Saurabh’s.

I put my penis in the hands of Ruchi and found that her hands were encircling my penis but not properly. It was hard enough like a rocket and had started hurting because of a long erection. I took my shaft from her hand, positioned at her cunt opening, and pushed it in.

I again felt shivering in Ruchi, but she was still sleeping. The fucking has started. Cunt was completely wet, and the penis went in and out with a ‘fuch fuch’ sound.

Meanwhile, Saurabh was fucking Shruti vigorously. He has increased his pace, and I thought he would discharge anytime from now. After a couple of minutes, he was discharged and lay on Shruti with his face on her boobs. I saw Shruti’s hands were also on the back of Saurabh, but her moaning had stopped.

Meanwhile, my fucking was on. Ruchi started moaning. With each thrust, her moaning was increasing. Her hands were moving up, and she held me tightly. I understood that she was near to her orgasm. I increased my pace. My hands were crushing her boobs, and my penis had become an express train.

Suddenly her hands started putting more pressure on me, and her moaning increased. With a shudder, she fell. Her grip loosened, and her hands fell on the bed again. She had an orgasm. I kept on fucking. Saurabh was watching all this. He asked, “Saale will you keep on fucking till morning?”

I smiled but kept on fucking. After few minutes, I felt Ruchi has again started moaning, and her body had tightened. I was also nearing my point. My pace increased, I put a hell of a lot of pressure on her boobs. She started moaning in pain and pleasure.

I felt my veins boiling up. And with force, I ejaculated. I felt she also ejaculated with the flow of my semen. I fell on her and remained in that position for five minutes.

When I stood up, I saw Saurabh was ready with another glass of whiskey for both of us. He hugged me and said it was amazing. I said, “It was unforgettable.”

We then decided to let them sleep nude, and we two should sleep in another room as the bed couldn’t accommodate all four of us.

About the best wife swapping experience that happened the next day, we would read in another story.

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