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Work date with Tinder match in Gurgaon

Hello readers. I hope you all are healthy and safe. I am Chirag, 32 years of age and based in Gurgaon. I am a product manager by profession and working in the IT domain. This is my 2nd story on this platform. So without wasting your time, let’s begin with the story.

One fine morning I was using a dating app and was browsing profiles. Luckily, I got matched with a beautiful dusky woman who also happened to stay near my place. Let’s call her Priya (name changed for obvious reasons).

Priya was new to Gurgaon and had recently shifted due to a new job. She was 34 yrs of age (2 years older than me). She rented an apartment for herself which was staying alone. We started having conversations and started to know each other.

During our initial conversation, she told me that she is divorced and is not looking for anything specific on this dating app. We both were talkative and hence had good chemistry from day 1 itself. We used to take time from our busy schedules every day to chat and get to know each other well.

Till then, we haven’t met each other, nor have we exchanged phone numbers. We knew we were too involved in each other, and it was time to take the next step. So I decided to give her a small surprise. One fine evening, I finished my work early and planned to pay her a surprise visit.

I knew the society where she was staying. I took a flower bouquet, reached her society, and texted her that I was at the society gate. She was awestruck by my surprise. Priya was not expecting that I would come unannounced. She took 10 minutes to get ready and came down.

Finally, we met. I gave her a bunch of flowers, and she was blushing. I could see the spark in her eyes. She loved my surprise visit. I insisted she walk with me in the society premises, and we started talking.

Let me tell you about Priya. She was 34 years old, dusky in colour but was very fit. She was a natural beauty. She also used to do theatre in her free time. We roamed around in her society for 30-45 minutes, and I asked her permission to leave.

She asked me to come upstairs for coffee. But I denied it since it was our 1st face to face meeting. At night, we started chatting again. This time, it was a little different. She was more open and excited to talk to me, and we had a very good time talking to each other.

That night we also discussed our sex lives, and both knew where the conversation was leading. I asked her openly whether she would be interested in having sex with me. To which she replied that she was a shy person. “Whenever we meet next, you must take the 1st step.”

Two days later, we planned to have a work date. Since we both had to work from home, we thought we would take our calls separately. If we had time, we could also talk in the middle. So as decided, I reached her place at 9:30 AM along with breakfast.

She opened the door in a crop top, exposing her navel and a small pair of shorts 4 inches above her knee. As soon as I saw her in that dress, I knew something steamy would happen today. I was already prepared with a handful of condoms in different flavours.

So she invited me in, and I grabbed a chair in the drawing room. We both had our early morning calls, so we took calls from separate rooms. We got a bit free by 11 AM. We had breakfast at 11 AM and went to the balcony. She was standing very close to me.

But even then, I was hesitant to make the 1st move. She kept touching my hands and shoulders while talking to me, but still, I didn’t take any initiative. At 12:30, she said she was preparing tea for both of us. I followed her to the kitchen. She put the pan on flame and added water and tea leaves to boil.

Suddenly, I came across a handbook which was kept on the platform. I started to open that book. As soon as she saw me opening the booklet, she rushed onto me to snatch that book from my hand. I tried to read what was written in that. This is the 1st time she has been very close to me.

Within a few secs, I kept the book on the platform and pulled her very close to me. She was almost in my arms, which was the moment we had both been waiting. There was a pin drop silence, and she was just 1 inch away from me. We both kept looking into each other’s eyes.

I sensed that she was breathing heavily. She started to look down. I put my finger on her chin and lifted her face to look into my eyes again. As soon as our eyes met, I asked her, “Can I kiss you?” Without wasting a second, she put her warm lips on my lips, and we started kissing like mad.

I lifted her and made her sit on the platform so that I could kiss her better. After a few minutes of kissing, she switched off the gas flame. She asked if it would be okay to have tea a little later. I lifted her in my arms, took her to the bedroom, and threw her on the bed.

I came over to her and started kissing her wildly. While kissing, I asked her if I could touch her boobs, to which she replied, “You don’t have to ask for permission. You can do anything you want.” I became super horny after listening to this from her, and we started intense kissing again.

This time our tongues were also involved while kissing, and my hands were all over her body. I started pressing her boobs, and she started moaning wildly. Within a few secs, I took away her top and her bra. She was lying topless in front of me. Her boobs size was 32C with small brown, pinkish nipples.

She tried hiding her boobs with her hands, but I didn’t let her do that. I pressed her naked boobs and started kissing and licking her neck. She went crazy by this act and started to moan heavily. I could sense that she was having a great time after a very long time. I was trying my best to please her to the fullest.

After licking her neck, I went down to her boobs and started sucking vigorously. She was jumping with ecstasy. Her moans were getting louder every minute. I started to lick her nipples in a circular motion and bit them slowly at regular intervals.

She was going crazy with such foreplay and had the time of her life. I slowly went down to her shorts and tried to slide them down. She helped me by raising her hip. Now she was just in her jockey panty, and I was still completely dressed. I again came on top of her and started kissing her lips.

While kissing, I was rubbing my dick on her pussy. I asked her if she could feel my hard dick near her pussy. She said she was dying to have that hard piece of meat in her. Saying that she pushed me away and took charge herself. She took off my t-shirt and vests in a single go.

She looked into my eye and said, “It’s my turn to pay back. Just lay back and enjoy.” She unbuttoned my jeans and took them away. Now we both were in our undies. She grabbed my dick above my undies and looked me in the eye. I didn’t know that she was going to blow me (she was a shy kind).

Slowly she slid down my jockey, and my hard dick sprang right in front of her eye. She gazed at it for 10-15 secs and then pulled the foreskin down. She looked me in the eye, gave me a naughty smile and took my dick in her mouth. It came as a shock to me as I wasn’t expecting it at all.

I was on cloud 9. I closed my eyes and started enjoying the moment. She was also massaging my balls in between and licking the complete length of my dick from top to bottom. I asked her to stop in a couple of minutes as I was about to cum. But instead of stopping, she increased her speed.

I cum into her mouth. She went to the washroom to spit my cum. As soon as she was back, I apologized to her for cumming in her mouth. I was constantly warning her, but she didn’t stop blowing me. She said, “We don’t have condoms right now, and I don’t want to risk anything without the condom.”

Hence she made me cum so that I could also be relaxed. I quickly opened my bag and showed her the condoms. She became super happy and hit me on my arm for not informing her that I was carrying these many condoms. She took my dick in her hand again and started to give me a gentle rub.

Within a few secs, my dick was ready again. She picked a Durex air extra-time condom and asked me to put this on. I asked her if a condom was her choice, so she should roll it. She opened the pack and rolled it over me. She took off her panty, and her pussy was completely shaved.

She said she wanted to ride me 1st. She held my cock adjusted on her pussy, and sat over my dick. With a little difficulty, it slid in completely, and she left out a very loud moan. I saw that my complete dick was inside her, and she started jumping on my dick.

Her bed was not very strong and made noise, adding more pleasure to the act. She was exhausted in a couple of minutes and asked me to change the position. This time we tried a missionary position. I put both her legs on my shoulder for deeper penetration.

She was slim and very flexible, I fucked her for the next 7-8 minutes with her legs on my shoulder, and then we changed the position again. This time we tried doggy style. Within this time, I made her cum three times, but I was not even close to cum. She asked me why I was not cumming.

I told her that my 2nd shot is usually never-ending, and I will take time to cum. She said she was completely exhausted and could not take it more. Somehow I convinced her for a couple more minutes, and we returned to the missionary position.

After 20 minutes of intense non, stop fucking, she pulled my condom off my dick and gave me a handjob. I cum within 2 minutes, and we both crash on the bed, all tired. We both were breathing heavily but were satisfied completely to the core.

We kissed each other for a couple of minutes and then got dressed. She told me that this was a fuck of a lifetime, and she loved it.

I checked my phone, and there were multiple office phone calls. We both started to work again. We had our lunch together, and then at 5 PM, we had our much-awaited tea. At 6 PM, we wrapped up our work and had 1 more intense fucking session before we called it a day.

After that, we had many such work dates and many amazing sessions. Now she has moved to Pune, and we are still in touch.

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