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Young Bride With A Curvy Ass – Part 2

Kishan was getting increasingly frustrated over the last few weeks. Although he had managed to get Shreya into bed, she still resisted his attempts to penetrate her. Shreya was trying her best to enjoy without getting the tag of being a slut.

As the daughter-in-law of a rich family, she wasn’t supposed to let a cheap watchman fuck her. She was holding on to the last shred of her dignity. Kishan was trying every trick in the book to seduce her. But she did not give in.

Kishan would slide his raging hardon between her legs every day. But as much as it turned her on, she did not reveal her feelings. Kishan sensed that she wanted it too by noticing how wet she would get every time he would rub his cock over her pussy.

But she was looking for some excuse to reveal her slutty side. So Kishan came up with a cunning plan to push her over the edge. He knew that she wouldn’t let him enter her pussy because she couldn’t risk her getting pregnant. Since any sign of pregnancy in her husband’s absence would raise doubts.

But this didn’t rule out her ass. If he were to fuck her ass, there is no way anyone in the family would find that out. So he decided to put his plan into action the very next day. But he also knew that he had to be sneaky. If Shreya were to sense any mischief, she could end all his adventures.

That night he had Shreya lying on the bed as usual with her face down. That day he also decided to put a pillow under her belly so that her ass was sticking out. He sat over her ass, and while in that position, he started massaging her butt. He proceeded to spread her ass cheeks with his palm.

Then he started rubbing her asshole with his thumb. Shreya flinched as this was a new sensation for her. Seeing that she wasn’t resisting, Kishan soon turned the rubbing into poking. He spat on her butthole and lubricated it with his saliva.

After warming her up, he tried to slide in the tip of his thumb as gently as he could. Shreya gave no reaction. “She must not have felt the slight intrusion,” thought Kishan.

Kishan didn’t want to startle her, so he pulled his thumb out and again rubbed her hole. Shreya enjoyed all the attention her ass was receiving from his fingers. She began wiggling her ass in sync with his poking and tried to squeeze his thumb between her ass cheeks.

Kishan saw that she was vulnerable and pushed his thumb further in. This took Shreya by surprise, and she lept out of his grip. She turned back to look at him with surprise.

Shreya: What are you doing, Kishan? Haven’t I told you that I couldn’t cheat on my husband? But you always keep pushing for more.

Kishan: I was only trying to please you, Shreyaji. I understand that as a faithful wife, you can’t let me penetrate your pussy. But a woman’s virtue is not determined by her ass. There is no harm in having some foreplay with your butt. I saw how much you were enjoying it.

Shreya: You don’t understand, Kishan. Wouldn’t my husband find out if you poke my ass?

Kishan: Trust me, Shreyaji. Unmarried girls nowadays do anal sex all the time. They do it because their future husbands can never find out about that. They can only tell if a girl had vaginal sex or not by checking their hymen.

Shreya wasn’t fully convinced. But Kishan was in no mood of stopping. He could see that the fruit of his hard work was within reach. He pulled Shreya back and mounted her ass. He knew once she started enjoying this foreplay, there was no going back.

Without waiting for Shreya’s permission, he spread her ass apart and shoved his face in. He finger fucked her butthole while his tongue was busy tasting her pussy. This double strike was getting too much for Shreya to handle, and she started squirming. Seeing Shreya was in a trance, Kishan increased his pace.

Shreya let out a gasp. This was Shreya’s first time getting penetrated by Kishan. She was overwhelmed by his intensity. She was biting down hard on the pillow to avoid making any sound. Kishan could hear her whimpering sound as she neared her orgasm.

He was giving his best. He wanted to make this the best experience of her life. If she enjoys this, she will let him do this again. This intense fingering gave Shreya her first experience of squirting. She looked back, embarrassed at Kishan, who was sweating from all the work.

He knew he had hit the jackpot. Now she will be begging for more. Over the next few days, Kishan slowly began inserting 2 fingers up her ass. It was difficult at first, but soon her ass warmed up to that. His target was to soften up her ass for the final day when he would stick his cock up her ass.

That day, he sneakily replaced his fingers with his dick without Shreya noticing. He placed the mushroom head of his cock at the entrance of her ass hole and gave it a push. Shreya’s ass had been trained by now, and it gladly swallowed his dick without much resistance.

Kishan couldn’t quite believe his luck. His dick had finally inside Shreya, and she didn’t even know it. His dick was aching to push all the way, but he knew he had to be patient. He had to prevent Shreya from seeing what was happening behind her back, so he placed one hand on her neck.

Now he gently thrust his cock even further inside her. He waited in that position for a few moments. He couldn’t help but savor that moment. There was a sense of achievement at being able to ass-fuck a rich lady and that too his mistress. In his quest to fuck her pussy, he managed to get inside her ass.

This was his dream come true. He tightened his grip on her neck as he started pulling out, but his dick didn’t want to leave the comfort of her ass. So instead of pulling out completely, he stayed inside and started giving short thrusts.

Shreya: I love what you are doing with your fingers, Kishan. Why haven’t you tried it before?

Kishan (panting): Well, if you like it so much, we can do it every day.

Shreya whispering her approval to him made him even hornier. He gave the final few thrusts and pulled out. He couldn’t risk cumming inside her as that would alert her. He grabbed her waist and turned her over. Placing his dick above her pussy, he bent forward and started sucking on her nipple.

He was just about to cum when he pulled out. So after a few moments of grinding on her navel, he ejaculated. Even after the orgasm, he continued rubbing his limp dick on her belly.

Shreya had never seen him so passionate. She could feel the warmth of his cum on her belly. She had never allowed him to cum on her body before. But today, he didn’t ask for her permission. “He must have been hornier today,” she thought.

She tried pulling her nipple out of his mouth, but she couldn’t push his face away. He sucked on her tits like a child who hadn’t been fed in days. Kishan wanted to have a complete love-making experience. He didn’t want to quit so soon.

But seeing Shreya was getting restless, he finally got up and put on his clothes. He didn’t know how long he would be able to keep this secret. But no matter how long it would last, he would try to make the most of it. All this risk was worth it if he could get just one more opportunity to shove his dick inside her.

Over the next few days, Kishan realized that his plan was foolproof. As long as he could keep Shreya from turning around by holding her neck, there was no way she was going to find out what he was putting inside her.

The time he had spent finger fucking her ass had helped him gain Shreya’s trust. She was too busy enjoying herself instead of checking on him. But he also doubted that Shreya secretly knew that her ass was getting fucked every day.

She would always be suspiciously calm while he was inside her ass. And not even once tried to turn around and check on him. Pretending to be unaware allowed her to enjoy all the pleasures while still maintaining the facade of a faithful wife.

Kishan sensed the dilemma she was in and decided to take advantage of the situation. He no longer tried to hide what he was up to. He stopped holding her neck and started giving long hard thrusts up her ass. He wanted to see how far she would take her act of innocence.

But Shreya pretended not to notice anything. This gave him further confidence. He started grabbing her breasts from behind while ass fucking her. He wanted to give a clear signal that his fingers were not inside her.

But still, there was no reaction from Shreya. So he took the final step that he had always dreamt of and started cumming inside her. Shreya let him do that. After their daily session, she would avoid eye contact but pretended like she hadn’t noticed anything unusual.

Kishan was now free to grope her however he wanted. He had finally converted the faithful wife into his slut. But their daily routines weren’t going unnoticed. Someone else had found out about their secret, and things were about to get very spicy.

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